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Botswana Post

+17    Buy Prepaid Electricity straight from BotswanaPost. This application is easy to use and easy to buy.    2 MB    Views 7899

Xtreme SalePrice

0    SalePrice is a simple and easy to use. It is designed to calculate the sale price of any item that you may want to buy. This can even take tax, set by you, into account. Simply just type in the ...    341 kb    Views 2761


+24    中原證券MagicTrader能在智能手機以原生應用程式運行,其極佳的運行速度、穩定性、流暢度,給予無可比擬的用戶體驗,WAP/WEB瀏覽器界面產品望塵莫及。金融資訊流動化已進入新紀元,受惠於智能手機設備的熱賣,流動即時股票報價的需求正不斷增加。 證券買賣無疆界 無論何時何地 冗長會議、乘車等船、食晏歎下午茶,即使在國內外公幹,投資者均能查閱即時股價; 由於已與交易平台整合,投資者可即時發出買賣指示。 彈指間獲取全面資訊 股票報價及主要市場資訊; 股價圖表,可橫直向顯示,及切換多個時段; 股票排行:網羅二十大活躍港股,包含升跌幅榜、升跌幅率、成交量及成交額等; 投資組合全掌控:投資者能於iPhone手機查閱其持股量、交易狀況及過往紀錄、購買力。 投資者可自訂多個監察組合,而每個組合最多可包含20隻股票。當股價到達心水價位,投資者只需輕按手機螢幕即可落盤,分秒不誤 Mobilization of financial information has come to a new era. Thanks to hot selling of iPhone, demand of mobile real time stock quote software has increasing. Centaline Securities MagicTrader is a native ...    7 MB    Views 5777


+4    AusProperty app give you the access to suburbs profiles, suburbs history sold median price, properties sold history, top 50 value suburbs and top 50 growth suburbs in Australia. The app provides a range of information that the home owner, investor, property ...    3 MB    Views 6282


+1    Dedicated application to trade on Bittrex exchange, now for Iphone Bored to enter your 2FA code every 5 minutes or to use the mobile interface ? This application is for you Use it every time your have 2 minutes to follow ...    7 MB    Views 1087
london bullion clear display mobile trading buy sell platform
+9    Tung Shing Bullion (Brokers) Limited is pleased to announce that an allnew bullion mobile trading App (IOS version) has been launched, which offers you the most convenient way to manage your bullion account around the clock and to trade wherever ...    2 MB    Views 885


time market carbon trading trade legal global buy
+17    This is a APP for carbon trading. As the global is getting warmer by the rapid industry developing, human must do something to stop or decrease the trend, carbon trading is the best choice currently. Just require one of your legal email ...    6 MB    Views 284


+3    Plazzo is a smartphone based deal, loyalty and payment app geared towards small local businesses. With Plazzo · You can do away with punch cards · Buy and send gift cards · Earn rewards every time you spend. You will love the cheap finds, coupons, ...    6 MB    Views 911

Money Tree.

information buy sell securities
0    Multiple researchers working around the clock to find early stock picks about to move BIG The assembled information disseminated by is for information purposes only, and is neither a solicitation to buy nor an offer to sell securities. does expect ...    25 MB    Views 1290


-3    MySGX gives you the live update on SGX stock prices. Features include: 1. Stock Watch 2. Profit & Loss 3. Straits Times Index STI 4. Top Gainers 5. Top Losers 6. Top Volume If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know at    2 MB    Views 9075
Related Apps investors trade mobile buy sell application
0    Bonanza Trade Mobile is a application developed based on Investors experience to facilitate the investors of Bonanza. Real time information allows investors to monitor the position and take decision to buy and sell from application. Registered users can trade on ...    73 MB    Views 1914


Related Apps iphone stock top stocks world move orders trade buy
-7    CRMT1 for the iOS gives you the freedom to buy and sell stocks safely & easily, anytime, anywhere in the world. Designed with convenience in mind, this iPhone application provides you with all the necessary information and functions to trade ...    512 kb    Views 7101


-6    Connecting Shareholders with market intelligence is faster than ever. Get live access to hot market insights before it gets in the news Learn what top verified shareholders are doing Gauge your your own views and questions with top analysts Get ...    3 MB    Views 8541


lifestyle top free paid
+7    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + 【薯片方便咗】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Paid Lifestyle app (21/11) + + 【睇路傳呼機】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Paid Lifestyle app (15/4) + + 【搭車我至叻】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Free Lifestyle app (17/11) + + 【睇路我至叻】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Free app (30/12) + + 【夜歸我至叻】進佔: + Top 3 in ...    4 MB    Views 7374


signals sell trading engine buy based generated patterns currencies
+1    iSignals FX is an app oriented to individual, traders and other professional investors that want to receive buy/sell signals generated by a professional trading engine. The trading engine follows the evolution of 22 different currencies (all versus USD) generates a buy/sell ...    1 MB    Views 2451
top bank mobiliti state
+7    Round Top State Bank has Mobiliti Mobiliti allows customers to check balances, transfer funds, set account alerts, pay bills, and deposit checks all from their mobile device Mobiliti™ is a trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates.    3 MB    Views 6105


Related Apps aim buy sell
-3    Automatic Investment Management: Let this app show you how to make money in volatile markets. Developed in the 1970's by R. Lichello the AIM algorithm manages your positions like any good shopkeeper would. Buy low, sell high. Buy more lower, ...    303 kb    Views 6752


stock instrument instruments test ideas systems settings stocks buy trading
0    CONFIDANT is a tool for putting your stocktrading ideas to the test, allowing you to see if those ideas can be profitable. With CONFIDANT, it's all about "your" stocktrading ideas...not ours. That's why we don't provide any precanned systems or ...    8 MB    Views 7921

Stock Up!

+4    Each day we collect all publicly available information and key statistics on almost every Stock symbol on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX exchanges. This app allows the user to find stocks they otherwise would not know about based on the stocks ...    8 MB    Views 6853

Shopping Manager

Related Apps shopping manager buy
-1    When you go shopping do you forget what you wanted to buy? Well no more with Shopping Manager you can make yourself a quick and comfort shopping list, and even if there are a lot of kinds of products you can ...    657 kb    Views 6122

TLS Forex

manually stop limit close buy
+4    + Open, close and edit manually traded positions. + Automatically execute your selected trading systems’ signals without monitoring the markets 24hours a day. + Diversify risk among multiple currency pairs and strategies. + Places/removes working orders (buy/stop, buy/limit, sell/limit,stop/loss, take profit) + SMS and ...    7 MB    Views 6978


gallon didn price costs buy
+1    My wife came home from the hair salon with a bottle of shampoo. I looked at the price tag and said, "You paid that much for this? Do you know what that stuff costs per gallon?" She replied calmly, "But ...    528 kb    Views 9047

BizValue SP

business buy unique study sell
+11    If you are a business owner, someone who wants to buy a business or someone who wants to sell a business you need to buy this app. It contains functions that will allow you to determine the value of a ...    1013 kb    Views 5567

Stock Expert

stock market stocks analysis buy expert sell top
+6    سوف تجد هنا تحليل فنى لاسهم البورصه المصريه مع نصائح يوميه لافضل الاسهم للشراء والبيع This app brings you daily recommendations of what stocks to buy and what stocks to sell along with a complete technical analysis done by top Egyptian ...    NAN    Views 6666


+7    Use your thumbs to earn your way to the top Fire up GreenThumbs at the beach, the mall, at home or anywhere else you have some free time to compete for the highest rewards Tasks for ranking to the top include: Watching ...    81 MB    Views 4412

rates exchange buy published sell currency
+9    Latest exchange rates of all major local banks and exchanges summarized in one place. Save money in currency exchange for business and travel. This app give you the published rates in a easy to view table. No more fiddling with numerous websites ...    7 MB    Views 7473

Top dividend

dividend top information
0    The 'Top dividend' app provides information on some of the best dividend companies in the world. You have access to over 500 detailed profiles with daily updated information. Each profile gives information about the dividend, price and fundamental ratio's. Beside the top list ...    2 MB    Views 2438


-8    Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Unique features you will enjoy: 1.) Calculate how much car you can buy. Input how much you want to spend per month for how many months and it will calculate how much car you can buy. 2.) Calculate ...    550 kb    Views 1567

DrivePlus App

driveplus policy direct line buy
+10    Want to try telematics before you buy a DrivePlus policy from Direct Line? Download the free DrivePlus App and see whether you are a safe driver. When you've recorded 200 miles, the app will show you the discount promotional code ...    NAN    Views 5050
Related Apps stock investment horizon trading llc securities risks sell members buy
+11    Get Stock Horizon live alerts on your phone This program requires a subscription to the Stock Horizon 100% automated day trading alert service. visit our website for more information. If you experience any issues, please be sure to email with them, ...    2 MB    Views 2892
social investors people facebook investment trading top follow invest
+12    eToro’s revolutionary and awardwinning OpenBook is now available for iPhone & iPad Invest in the markets including Stocks, Indices, Commodities and currencies. eToro OpenBook is the world’s largest social investment network. With OpenBook you can see, follow and automatically copy the ...    NAN    Views 4916
Related Apps ipad top mobiliti state bank
-4    Round Top State Bank has Mobiliti Mobiliti allows customers to check balances, transfer funds, set account alerts, pay bills, and deposit checks all from their iPad Mobiliti™ is a trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates.    21 MB    Views 6079

LifeStar Brokerage

life top independent
+9    Free App designed for Independent Life Insurance producers, Independent Life Producer's supertool; instantly compare rates of all top life carriers, start the application process online via our FastApps technology, and order exams; top commissions backed with service guarantee to issue ...    2 MB    Views 6717


Related Apps decide hold buy sell
+4    Buy? Sell? Hold? Can't decide on a position? Let iTradeDecider decide Unbiased Pick from two dial faces Spinning pin will always land on a buy, sell or hold. iTradeDecider is not accountable for any losses or profits gained from the decision of ...    1 MB    Views 7750


stocks trading buy real learn won teach
-5    Learn how to trade online with stocks or teach anyone the basics of stock trading with "dTrade" You can do that "dTrade" helps you learn or teach how to buy and sell stocks with the look and feel of a serious ...    10 MB    Views 4365

Homes by Denise

top estate
-2    Denise Marks has been a Top 1% Nationwide Platinum member in the real estate and has had MultiMonth Top Sales at Pinnacle Estate Properties in Calabasas. She attended California State University Northridge and has been a licensed realtor for the ...    17 MB    Views 4220


market time trading real top touch
+4    Jupiter MPro unleashes the power of touchtrading for the convenience of dynamic investors anytime, anywhere Capitalise on the extraordinary iPhone technology for you to access realtime trading and be in control of your stock investments. Stay with the market, TouchTrading on ...    10 MB    Views 1872


-4    Malacca Securities now offers free M+Online App for your iPhone and iPad M+Online App is a revolutionary application suite that features comprehensive trading, market monitoring on mobile platform. With convenient, fast and secure access to your trading account, you can monitor your ...    9 MB    Views 4430

Save For It HD

Related Apps iphone screen ipod items list save buy
+7    With this app you can find out how much you would have to save, per day, per week, per month or per year to get what you want without financing it. Features • Up to date info. • Enter amount saved. • Add items ...    4 MB    Views 1982

Buy or Rent?

rent home costs buy renting
0    Should you buy or rent a home? Use this iPad app to compare the costs of buying versus renting. Enter your anticipated costs and see the results in an easy to understand chart. Change the expected inflation rates and number ...    2 MB    Views 3156


amount target saving buy
+30    This piggy bank supports "If you stick sweets, buy the game" and "If saving the juice once a day, something can buy", for the purpose of "saving". Main function ·You can set the target amount ·You select the image of the target And recording ...    277 kb    Views 4436

Top Buy

market time trade smart trading buy top share real experience
+26    Receive a daily share trading buy recommendation for the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Our recommendations change in realtime with the market. What is Tradesmart? Trade Smart is a tried and tested system for share market investors with little to no trading experience. ...    771 kb    Views 7298
Related Apps sell buy
-2    스마트하나HT(Happy Together)는 최고의 접속속도와 Easy 컨셉적용을 통하여 쉽고 편안하게 화면을 이용하실 수 있습니다. 또한, 한번의 주문으로 매도까지 가능한 특화주문(Buy>Sell 주문등) 뉴스를 조회하지 않아도 보유종목 뉴스가 발생하면 자동으로 알려주는 보유종목 Push 서비스등을 타사와 차별화된 컨텐츠를 제공하고 있습니다. 하나금융투자의 멘토스 서비스의 주요기능 및 종목상담기능을 제공하고 있습니다. 더불어, 주식정보와 ...    34 MB    Views 8029


card progressive policy view insurance buy
-9    Insurance that's quick and easy to buy and use—anytime, anywhere. That's exactly what you get with the Progressive App. You can use the Progressive App to: • View coverages, ID cards and policy details for your vehicles. • Report a claim, and take ...    29 MB    Views 1802

One Stock A Day

Related Apps stock day technical recommendation indicators buy sell company trading
-3    One Stock A Day happy trading One Stock A Day is a sign based on technical indicators that is a good time to buy or sell. In addition to the technical indicators, company's porfolio is accounted for 3040% of the ...    9 MB    Views 3733


stock market monitor iphone top features date listing prices buy
0    Welcome to Maybank Investment Bank iPhone Trading Platform PowerBroking Mobile Trader is a revolutionary application suite that features comprehensive trading, market monitoring on mobile platform. Now, iPhone is on the go This free app allows Power Broking clients to login anywhere, keep ...    7 MB    Views 9678

Business Buy Sell

business buy sell study unique
-4    If you are a business owner, someone who wants to buy a business or someone who wants to sell a business you need to buy this app. It contains functions that will allow you to determine the value of a ...    787 kb    Views 8715


top paid taiwan
+14    [i理財]是一個非常易於理解和使用, 但又功能強大的財務管理軟體。界面友好、直覺、清爽, 只需極少量的數據錄入, 就能實現收入、支出、賬戶、預算等全面的財務管理功能。最快僅需點擊屏幕兩次就能添加一筆記錄, 並自動完成相應的收支、賬戶、預算、報表的同步更新。 本軟體在全球多個地區被選入財務類New & Noteworthy和What‘s Hot推薦榜 榮譽: Taiwan 全區 Top Paid 2 Taiwan 財務軟體 Top Paid 1 Hong Kong 財務軟體 Top Paid 1 Australia 財務軟體 Top Paid 2 China 財務軟體 Top Paid 2 United States 財務軟體 Top Paid 10 ...    2 MB    Views 8228


social brands data top trading products trade company
+13    LikeFolio helps you discover unique investment and trading opportunities. Our focus is how the trends on main street today will impact tomorrow's Wall St stock prices. We analyze millions of pieces of social data to determine shifts in consumer purchasing of ...    75 MB    Views 3429

Sim Trade

trade quotes sell buy trading
0    SimTrade is an application that allow traders to simulate Buy/Sell on many quotes in wold wide. This is the best place for getting familiar with the security markets. Functions: Select quotes for trading like: Google, Apple, Sony or indices like: Dowjones, ...    733 kb    Views 456

Pelican Trader

time trader signals trading service profitable subscriptions buy
-7    Pelican Trader is an educational service about buy & sell signals recommendations provided by a veteran pit trader. Signals are provided on the most liquid US equity futures (EMD, TF and ES) on an intraday basis and positions are kept overnight ...    404 kb    Views 7977


save month buy
+25    How long will it take until I can afford that new iPhone? How much do I need to save per month to be able to buy that car when I get my license? And how about that beach shack? I wanna buy ...    550 kb    Views 4199


trading signals buy
-5    Buy now and receive the trading signals 1 month for free iSignals4Fut is oriented towards indvidual and professional investor. At the core the app is a neural network using technical analysis techniques to generate buysell signals. Currently the trading engine follows ...    787 kb    Views 6242
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-7    DESCRIPTION CashOut is forex trading game that puts you in the fast paced world of traders and big money. You have no idea about trading? Don`t worry It`s easy Cashout is the best forex trading for beginners app on the market. ...    7 MB    Views 3915

How to buy shares

Related Apps stock market investing investment money trading buy shares cfd online learn step
+8    New: Plus500 manual added Learn for yourself how to trade online in shares, commodities, indexes and currencies within 30 minutes via your smartphone or tablet with this free app ‘How to buy shares’. The app ‘How to buy shares’ is ...    NAN    Views 8973
Related Apps stock market monitor iphone mobile trader top date prices buy sell
+4    Welcome to BISonline Mobile Trader; the one and only FullFledged Islamic Mobile Trading Platform provided by BIMB Securities Sdn Bhd. BISonline Mobile Trader is an iPhone application that comes with features of comprehensive trading and market monitoring on mobile platform. With BISonline ...    8 MB    Views 6885

Market Impulses

market finance credits signals buy receive trading favorite
+13    Market Impulses The first behavioral finance application that brings you clear trading ideas. Market Impulses is an interactive financial newsletter based on Quantesys’ behavioral finance algorithm, able to recognize investors’ behavior and anticipate market moves. Thanks to its clean interface, you will be ...    10 MB    Views 9374


mobile prepaid airtime top
+10    The TransferTo Airtime Recharge Mobile Application enables realtime prepaid topups to over 250 Mobile Network Operators in 80 countries. TransferTo is a Global Airtime Remittance Hub that interconnects mobile operators’ prepaid systems to deliver international topup services. TransferTo is the only fast, ...    8 MB    Views 1376


Related Apps market time instruments instrument email facebook news signals trading portfolio buy sell subscribe
-7    Buy now and receive the trading signals 1 month for free for market of your choice iSignals is using a technical analysis trading engine to generate buysell signals. The purpose of the app is 2fold: a) Create your own portfolio and fill ...    2 MB    Views 1880


bitcoin pin buy
+3    Buy bitcoin near you We have the most expansive network in the US for buying bitcoin in person. 1) Find a nearby store using the map 2) Buy a LibertyX PIN from the cashier 3) Redeem the PIN and bitcoin is immediately sent ...    9 MB    Views 8981
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