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GST Calc

+11    An amazingly handy tool for your business or personal life, GST Calc enables you to calculate Goods and Service Tax instantly. Input either the GST exclusive price, GST, or GST inclusive price. The other two are calculated automatically. Furthermore, you can calculate ...    21 MB    Views 4550
0    Calc VAT is an easy to use VAT Calculator, designed to make your Value Added Tax calculations much faster than using a traditional calculator. Simply enter the amount you wish to calculate in the Input Amount field and select if you ...    2 MB    Views 3634
-1    5 Stars. “I can't tell you how often I use it, probably about as much as the phone app" CharlieW, President. Waterman & Company (Real Estate Investment and Development) “This is the first 12C type calculator for the itouch that has ...    19 MB    Views 8793

Calc touch

+1    It's a design calculator that useful and easy. Could you please, watch this demonstration? Calc touch is useful, it can modify expressions simply. If you would like to remove expressions, you simply touch it and press 'C'(Clear) button. Of course, another expressions are still ...    395 MB    Views 7948

Mortgage Calc Pro!

+26    Calculate fixedrate mortgages easily with Mortgage Calc Pro Enter your basic loan information, and the calculator instantly shows you the monthly payment. With support for additional information, such as annual insurance and other monthly fees, you can see what your ...    304 kb    Views 651


sale shopping calculator price calculate taxes original calc
+29    SaleCalc: Sale Price Calculator There's a BIG Sale event in the Shopping Heaven shopping mall. OK, original price is 49.99 and 20% off, then................ ? And plus tax..........? We all have been having hard time to figure out the sale price. It's been more ...    216 kb    Views 90

Calc ME

calculator design history ipad calc calculations features amazing save
+30    Calc ME Is a full featured scientific calculator for iPad. It turns your iPad into a lifesize calculator with amazing mechanical design. Save and comment your calculations for later use. Features: standard scientific calculator features landscape and portrait modes calculations history with ...    7 MB    Views 298


email list view send calc touch button single calculation
+2    CalcuList is an updated form of the printing calculator, ideal for mobile bookkeeping and any operation that requires an audit trail of a calculation. CalcuList replaces the print roll with a List view showing a history of calculation. The user can ...    163 kb    Views 5374

EMI Calc

calculator email emi loan amount application calc
+5    EMI Calc is EMI Calculator Application for iPhone. It helps the user to calculate EMI for the loan. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment. This is the amount paid every month as long as the loan amount is outstanding. The ...    137 kb    Views 2427

Tip Calc

+24    Tip Calc is a brand new tip calculator designed specifically for Apple Watch and iPhone. Calculate the tip for a check fast and easy with only a couple of gestures. There aren't any numbers to type Just turn the digital crown to ...    819 kb    Views 9835

Rehab Calc

property money loan costs profit hard change calc closing
-9    Description The perfect tool for investors, rehabbers and realtors deciding which property to purchase and how much it will cost to carry the property using Hard Money Loans (Interim Financing) until it is sold or rented and refinanced. Rehab Calc is ...    486 kb    Views 6609
Related Apps calculator exchange rate calc
+5    Public Release, an electronic calculator with "Exchage rate conversion" This App is useful for shopping abroad 【Calculator】 Memory %,√,plusminus,Delete const calculation mode HowTo page of the calculator (o)/ 【Exchange rates】 Three kinds of currencies: JPY, USD and EUR. There is a function of ...    5 MB    Views 9048


holidays work labor days turned calc
+8    LaborCalc is an easy to use tool for calculating the number of work days or hours in a given period and the cost given an hourly rate. It allows you to select the start and end dates from 1 January ...    512 kb    Views 2480

Life Calc

life calc protection indicative advisers results analysis
+18    Life Calc is a Protection needs analysis App for Openwork financial advisers. Life Calc will help you quickly assess your client’s protection needs (indicative only), based on their current circumstances. Results are presented graphically and can be emailed to the client, ...    5 MB    Views 819

Sheep Calc

Related Apps money piggy bank calc amount enter questions goal
+2    Sheep Calc is one of the Animal calculation app series by NZW31. Sheep Calc is a calculation app for the people who love sheep You can also use this app as a piggy bank. Whenever you put money in the piggy ...    2 MB    Views 9389

Hip Tip Calc

Related Apps personal tax tip tipping calc amount base bill
-4    Without a doubt, The BEST Tip Calc app available in any App store. Won Best Tipping App Award 2 times Simply The Easiest & Funnest Tipping app in the world. A must have for restaurant goers everywhere. Never look cheap or over ...    3 MB    Views 2656

Margin Calc Pro

business apps margin user calc featured
+1    Featured in the UK top 50 paid and UK New and noteworthy business apps April 2011 Featured in iTunes What's Hot iPad UK Business Apps May 2012 Margin Calc Professional is an essential tool for all serious business people. ...    2 MB    Views 940

Income Calc

tax calculator office money work time income calc levy medicare calculate figures tables salary
+21    Now updated for the 2015 financial year Income Calc – An allinclusive Income Tax Calculator “Tax is Complicated, using apps is not” As tax time quickly approaches wouldn't it be nice to know how much tax you will need to pay? The Income ...    NAN    Views 2707
-2    Calc is a simple calculator app. ■Features ・Fundamental rules of arithmetic operation. ・Memory function. ・Copy to buffer with the long press on the result. ・Consumption tax calculation. ・Changing background color. ・Setting wallpaper. ■Manual ・Shows Settings screen with the swiping to the left. ・Shows Information screen with the swiping to the ...    554 kb    Views 2509

History Calc

history time calculator calc input line delete version currency
+5    "History Calc" is a calculator can see the history of the calculation. Erase the history line by line, the only app. To avoid mistakes many people make two calculations. Using this application, by checking the input history, allowing accurate calculation once. In ...    8 MB    Views 3389

IVA 21 Calc

iva con dell calc
+15    IVA 21 Calc ora è FREE se ti interessa invece l'aliquota 22... passa a IVA 22 APPLEMOBILE dice : L’applicazione ha una grafica chiara, la calcolatrice, e i suoi colori, ben si integrano con l’interfaccia del ...    1 MB    Views 5450


history display list mail result function information calc calculation sending
0    This application is a calculator that displays the history. The value can be corrected by the history confirmation the result on the way of the calculation. The time of the recalculation due to the inputting error can be greatly decreased. Calc history and ...    227 kb    Views 3949
history tape paper accountant calc upgrade key line full basic
+3    Accountant Calc Basic & More. An affordable calculator with paper tape history (and no ads). Upgrade within the App to the full version of Accountant Calc. ========================== Accountant Calc Basic & More What you get when you download ○ Export a PDF ...    NAN    Views 2169

Insurance Calc

calculator money insurance calc financial required calculators
+3    "Insurance Calc" Collections of 6 calculators. Generally Insurance is an arrangement with a company in which you pay them regular amounts of money so that you or your family will receive money if your property, car, etc. gets damaged or stolen, or ...    2 MB    Views 5304

Calc Basic Pro

+13    Calc Basic is the Calculator application was designed to be simple, userfriendly and easy to use. Features: + Functional and easy to use + Scientific notation + Supports to 16 digits + Beautiful UI (in pro version) You would like to download it    938 kb    Views 9257

Shift Calc

calculator history iphone buttons shift big input button calc screen desk
+3    Shift Calc is a calculator which has big buttons, and a shift button to switch to the second screen to input operation buttons. Because of the big buttons, it's very easy to input numbers, even though you need to push a ...    193 kb    Views 7927
calc cost calculators
-2    CalcBox is 15 great calculators in one app Included with CalcBox : Compound Interest calc Paycheck info calc GPA calc Calorie burning calc Drive to work calc Miles per gallon calc Estimated trip time calc Net worth calc Phone cost per min calc Monthly bills calc Renting cost calc Drinking calories calc One rep ...    595 kb    Views 5454

Retire Calc

retirement retire calc saving live specific works order income
+1    How much income do you need to be able to live comfortably? How about when you retire? Are you saving enough now to make sure you can retire comfortably? With the future of Social Security in question, proactive planning and ...    4 MB    Views 7030

Babysitter Calc

calc add hour pay remember
+11    Have you ever stood at your own front door, after a good night out, trying to calculate how much to pay the babysitter? If you have, Babysitter Calc is the app for you. Calculating how much to pay a babysitter, on ...    8 MB    Views 4814

Tax Calc Aussie

tax income aussie calc
+8    Tax Calc Aussie is a quick and easy way of estimating your income tax. Using a userfriendly and straightforward interface, calculating your income tax in the last five years has never been easier so download now    2 MB    Views 1581


Related Apps time calculator tax vat calc rates real price calculate including save excluding
+24    VAT CALC has been selected as one of the 10 best Business Apps by a major European Bank Easily calculate in realtime the value added tax (VAT) from the price excluding or including the VAT. VAT CALC 2013 is a ...    166 kb    Views 3557
Related Apps calculator tip watch amount calc
+10    0.99 LAUNCH PRICE Tipy Calc is a wonderful and simple tip calculator for your watch. Simply type the bill amount, the tip amount and you're given the tip and total. Happy tipping from your watch    6 MB    Views 6791

Profit & Loss Calc

Related Apps calculator profit calculators loss financial calc turnover roi rate provide
-6    "Profit & Loss Calc" Collections of 9 calculators. These Calculators are used to calculate, analyze and determine the small business commodity pricing strategies. Profit & Loss calculators is the basic tools, specifically programmed to compute values that can provide better assessment on financial ...    3 MB    Views 2165


+12    TTIT calc works as a resource for buyers and sellers of property to understand what their closing cost estimate should be.    3 MB    Views 1088
finance calc yield calculate millionaire bond
0    Finance Calc include : Millionaire Calc Calculate when you will become millionaire. Bond Yield Calculate the current yield and yield to maturity on a bond. Mortgage Calc Simply enter the amount you wish to borrow, the term over which you ...    9 MB    Views 2096


Related Apps retail management store dollar calc conversion numbers sales district chain
-1    Retailers deal too often in numbers and percentages when dollars are what really matter. Our calculators take two variable measures (suggestive selling and customer conversion) in brick and mortar retail and allow the user to determine the dollar sale increase ...    2 MB    Views 6889

Financial Calc

+4    Financial Calc is an application using which you can able to calculate your Loan EMIs, Refinance calculation, Loan affordability and Return on investment.    2 MB    Views 6530
home business iphone excel calc lite edit files user spreadsheet
+1    Like what you see but need more? Upgrade via an inapp purchase and get the ability to edit transferred files One of the most mature and powerful spreadsheets on the iPhone is now available in a Lite of charge Take ...    4 MB    Views 5749

Currency Calc

history time calculator calc input currency line delete version
-9    "Currency Calc" is a calculator can see the history of the calculation for Finance. Erase the history line by line, the only app. To avoid mistakes many people make two calculations. Using this application, by checking the input history, allowing accurate calculation ...    497 kb    Views 399

Calc My Margins

margin calc percentage version working margins features easy
-3    Calc My Margin is an easy to use Profit Margin Calculator. Tired of remembering those complicated formulas for working out your margins, then Calc My Margin is just the app for you. Simply enter the costs of the item you wish to ...    85 kb    Views 4083

Auto Loan Car Calc

Related Apps car calculator loan auto payment rates calc monthly interest credit find
+16    January 2014 – Updated the app to be iOS7 beautiful. Also fixed a few bugs. Install it today and lets us know what you think Auto Loan Car Calc, powered by, offers all of the tools you need to make ...    9 MB    Views 4866
calculator math time calculators calc create formula keys formulas statistics functions custom
-2    CALC 1 is a modern, compatible alternative to the copies of old calculators on the App Store. CALC 1 gives you multiple calculators for more solutions. Since CALC 1 uses multiple “Focused" calculators, each calculator has more functions for that ...    6 MB    Views 9593
-6    有料版「不動産電卓 返済くんCalc Pro.」に比べると、借入残高計算機能、不動産取引に便利な機能をカットしただけで、ローン計算、借入可能額逆算、電卓機能はすべて使えます。 年収に対する借入可能額は、フラット35の返済比率を基に逆算していますので、標準的な借入可能額が計算できます。 有料版では、任意に2種類の返済比率表が設定可能で、瞬時に設定・変更できるため、殆どの金融機関に対応できます。不動産業。金融業に携わっているプロの方に最適だと思います。 買い替え、借り換え時に便利な、借入残高を計算する機能も追加しています。 返済くんシリーズについて 返済くんシリーズは、不動産仲介営業担当者、住宅メーカー営業担当者、その他金融関係営業担当者が、住宅ローン、事業用ローン等銀行融資等、また、不動産業務に関する計算を簡単にできることを目的として開発したソフトです。営業担当者が望む業務ソフトを心がけて作成していますので、追加してほしい機能等あれば、email (へ、連絡いただければ幸いです。 株式会社ユアネームのデジタルフォントを使用しています。    7 MB    Views 9471

Freelance Calc

web design estimates freelance calc generate page themes switch count hourly
+5    Have you ever been asked, "How much would a small web site or design cost?" `Freelance Calc` provides that quick way to estimate your next web/print design projects. Don't miss out on that next job Download `Freelance Calc` now for free Features: ...    11 MB    Views 1334

UK Sale Calc

sale price calc original vat
+1    UK Sale Calc is the app to rely on in the sales when you need to quickly and easily calculate the sale price of an item, and how much you will save compared to the original price. Original prices can also ...    2 MB    Views 7138

Calc Everywhere

iphone ipad tax history calculator email paper tape calc devices export version
-2    Calc Everywhere is a single calculator for both your iPad and iPhone. Paper tape histories are held in your iCloud account for use by any of your devices. Enter tabulations on your iPad at work, and see them at home ...    17 MB    Views 444


Related Apps calculator calc table keys
+1    Do you know how to use m+/m/mc/mr function keys of a calculator? It is very useful, but a little bit difficult. m+Calc provides you the easiest way to use "m"emory functions of a calculator in the form of a table. All results memoried ...    217 kb    Views 9477

CalC++ Free

card calculator calc payments auto monthly mortgage tip free pay
+27    CalC++ is an allinone product to quickly and easily get solutions to problems like "Calculate monthly Mortgage payments" or "How much is the interest on an Auto Loan" or "How much should I tip?", etc. CalC++ uses sliders to modify values ...    4 MB    Views 6123
Related Apps calculator cash financial 12e calc original flow upgrade
+10    More than 30 years ago we saw the birth of the most popular financial calculator ever createdyou probably had one (and probably still do). Calculator12 puts a rock solid emulation of that calculator on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, whether ...    19 MB    Views 6398

Calc touch Free

tax touch press button left calculate calc simply free simple
+20    It's a design calculator that useful and easy. and it's free. Could you please, watch this demonstration? Calc touch is useful, it can modify expressions simply. If you would like to remove expressions, you simply touch it and press 'C'(Clear) button. Of course, another ...    25 MB    Views 9301

Loan EMI CalC

Related Apps emi loan total amount interest calc monthly application payment
-3    EMI Calc is a application that helps you to calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Home Loan or Car Loan or Personal Loan…etc. You can verify the Total Interest Amount and the Total Payable Amount for a loan. Features: —>NO Internet Connection Required. —>Monthly ...    2 MB    Views 862

Interest Calc

calculator money market interest rate savings compound calc financial monthly
-8    "Interest Calc" Collections of 23 calculators. This app help to determine; how much extra money that you pay back when you borrow money or that you receive when you invest money. The main components of the interest rates, interest return, monthly payment, interest ...    4 MB    Views 2306

Calc RPN

rpn calc stack values memory
+10    Simple yet powerful Calculator in RPN mode. Why RPN? Fast and convenient way to compute Stack of values and memory Why Calc RPN? Streamline design with large buttons and digits Direct visibility of all RPN stack registers All values and memory stored ...    187 kb    Views 2655

Calc XT

memo ipad calculator apps 200 scientific 2010 mode 100 paid calc
-3    Calc XT is a full feature scientific calculator for iPad. It turns your iPad into a lifesize realistic calculator. In landscape mode, a memo pad is also available that you can jot note easily. Top 100 overall iPad paid apps ...    858 kb    Views 4877

UK Fuel Calc

cost fuel simple calc
+3    Featured in UK Finance What's Hot apps March 2012 UK Fuel Calc is a simple, clean user interfaced app that will help you determine the cost of a journey by inputting the MPG, price per litre paid and distance ...    190 kb    Views 6803

Chalk Calc

calculator math correct fast calc
-5    Chalk Calc is an easy to use calculator. Quick load times and ultra fast math will give your correct answers as fast as you can press the buttons. This calculator is for children as well as grown ups. Be smart ...    4 MB    Views 2738
Related Apps calculator mortgage loan slide year amount payments numbers rates calc
+29    Slider Calc Mortgage Calculator is not your typical, boring mortgage calculator... SliderCalc is a unique, creative financial tool designed for anyone who likes to "slide" numbers around and create "whatif" scenarios when calculating mortgage payments and loan amounts. Home buyers , ...    321 kb    Views 9

Precoa Rate Calc

calc rate
+3    The Precoa Rate Calc is the most convenient preneed insurance app available. You can easily calculate premiums, project future policy values, choose payment methods, and adjust the funeral value to target premiums—all without a WiFi connection.    2 MB    Views 1174
calculator home mortgage loan interest calc collections calculators refinance rate comparison
+13    "Mortgage Calc Collections" The collections of 29 calculators. These calculators are used to calculate, analyze and determine how much mortgage a borrower can afford according to the financial situations. These Mortgage calculators are specifically programmed to compute the values of mortgages such as ...    5 MB    Views 8617
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