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Empire Mobile

+1    Get The Listing. Close The Deal. Simplify Your Workflow. Empire Title's new mobile app brings you the real estate tools you need, including: Property Searches Buyer and Seller Net Sheets Real Time Access to Critical Transaction Alerts Mortgage Calculators Title Order ...    3 MB    Views 3650
+22    En Français dans le texte Simulation of investment profitability for the French rental realestate market. Estimation immédiate des rendements brut, net et netnet (après impôts) d'un investissement immobilier locatif, à partir de quelques données essentielles. Outil indispensable pour les professionnels de ...    2 MB    Views 804
+7    Introductory universal price of 1.99 Accept credit card payments anywhere you are on your iPhone/iPod/iPad FEATURES: Charge Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, EnRoute, and JCB. Refund or void charged transactions. Works with the Authorize.Net payment gateway. Card present or card ...    5 MB    Views 1932


+4    Record bank account statement of the net, so can not be viewed on the site after a certain period of time, I never troubled not check the history of ancient deposits and withdrawals? This app, record transaction details can be downloaded ...    NAN    Views 3072

Global Net

0    Bienvenido a Global Net, la red de cajeros más grande del Perú. Ahora podrás saber que tan cerca tienes a nuestros Cajeros, Monederos y Cajeros Plus con sólo tocar este botón. Agradecemos tu preferencia.    8 MB    Views 8671

Profit Story

+11    Profit Story is a calculator that allows users to calculate Sell Price, Cost Price, Gross Profit Margin, Markup and Break Even analysis for product pricing purposes using Unit and/or Case information. Quickly see the impact of changing one measure on the ...    1 MB    Views 2617
check net
+19    Visiting GammaDynacare is now easier than ever. Let your name wait for you, while you do more important things. GammaDynacare utilizes ICS Net Check In™ to allow you to check in for a service using your phone, iPad or via ...    2 MB    Views 4064


sale profit calculate reports sales price margins inventory gross monthly
+15    Prophit is accounting in its purest form. It is a simple application that allows users to calculate sales price, cost basis, gross profit margins, markup, and even monthly sales reports right on your phone. With Prophit, there are no more complicated ...    3 MB    Views 4500

Hoboes Bundle

calculator work trade tap enter net type labor result
0    To honor the mobile workers who road  the U.S. railway freight car system most prominently after the United States Civil War, we have named our app, Hoboes Bundle™. Hoboes Bundle™ contains tools that will assist you  in finding and getting work. ...    2 MB    Views 2827
+30    Tax Calculator is built to make personal finances easy &9733;&9733;&9733;&9733;&9733; Calculate Australian Individual Income Tax Uses official 2012 tax data from ATO Accurate and incredibly EASY to use Best design and user experience NO Ads ====================================== &9733; Everyone can calculate their Tax and ...    717 kb    Views 9829


Related Apps worth net
+1    MH Next gives you a complete picture of your financial life, securely and in one place. View all of your account balances and pull in live transaction data by connecting your current and savings accounts, loans, credit cards and investments. • Gain ...    NAN    Views 8986
Related Apps salary gross factors monthly income receive annual net earn
-5    Would you like to know your net monthly salary for a determinated gross annual salary? Are you negotiating your salary and do not know how much gross salary to request? In this great application you may know what salary you will ...    491 kb    Views 7510
sale calculator price vat rate 2011 net application enter
-6    The VAT Rise Calculator allows you to easily enter your current 17.5% sale price and see what the sale price should be under the new 20% VAT Rate which comes into effect from January 2011. Simply enter your old Sale Price ...    92 kb    Views 8002
tax business health gps income include gross mileage calculators
+7    The Burgis & Bullock mobile phone app will help you with your taxes. From a list of important UK Tax Tables, to useful tax savings and the handy and easy to use Tax Calculators. The UK Tax Tables include the main ...    15 MB    Views 3747


metal net www mobile
-9    With MetalsMarket Mobile, you can watch base metal market prices (London Metal Exchange) and Forex quotations in realtime. Website is Service is streaming and online, not in a refreshing mode. Subscription is required with MetalsMarket Mobile is Londra Metal Borsasi ...    2 MB    Views 5933

S-net Mobile

Related Apps banking mobile access net
+11    Snet Mobile, the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg (BCEE)’s free mobile banking app allows you to: • view the transactions on your accounts and credit cards, • execute payments (Eurotransferts), • send secure messages to the BCEE and access your received ...    37 MB    Views 650
Related Apps discount calculator tax amount interest vat calculate calculation simulator rate net payment
+8    Five complete financial tools in a single app, for all your financial needs: • Mortgage simulator • Vat and Discount • Interest Calculator • Leasing Simulator • Bond Yield Calculator More in detail: MORTGAGE SIMULATOR This application helps you in all financial simulations before choosing the amount, duration, ...    7 MB    Views 1796
tax support pay salary easy net incoming input data button
+5    The most cool backboard style calculator, New tax rate support with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Support the new tax rate that passed on June 30, 2011. Support new exemption 3500 ...    6 MB    Views 2954

Income Calc NZ

-5    Now updated for the 2015 financial year Income Calc – An allinclusive Income Tax Calculator “Tax is Complicated, using apps is not” As tax time quickly approaches wouldn't it be nice to know how much tax you will need to pay? The Income ...    NAN    Views 5788

Sharpe Ratio Free

investment ratio risk gross return gain number limit price sell
-9    Increase profitability by achieving the largest return per unit of risk. The Sharpe Ratio has become one the most widely used investment ratios for measuring risk or return. Composed of only three components, the formula establishes a relationship with any RiskFree ...    5 MB    Views 2205


calculator investment time text money interest rate annuities solution present scenario net great including
-1    Great financial tools don't have to be stodgy. Get timevalueofmoney answers fast. moneytime is a powerful, easy to use, high quality financial calculator. Calculate loans, savings, annuities, net present value, and internal rate of return. Quick and convenient cost benefit ...    352 kb    Views 4733


Related Apps iphone people cost markup price costs margin sales profit gross products
-8    SalesCalc First of all, a big thank you to the thousands of people who already bought our iPhone App. We received tons of email offering new ideas and improvements and we have successfully implemented many of these suggestions in this release. ...    183 kb    Views 6281

Legacy Title

title legacy real net mortgage sheets
-2    Get The Listing. Close The Deal. Simplify Your Workflow. Legacy Title's new mobile app brings you the real estate tools you need, including: Property Searches Buyer and Seller Net Sheets Real Time Access to Critical Transaction Alerts Mortgage Calculators Title Order ...    3 MB    Views 4329
Related Apps calculator time business tax discount percentage profit margin markup percent loan rate growth net
+12    Percentage Calculator is simply the best and easiest to use app which calculates: Everyday calculations simple percentage calculator (5 percent of 40 is 2) percentage increase/decrease (5 percent decrease from 40 is 38) tip calculator discount calculator convert fractions to ...    3 MB    Views 9557
+4    At least, a salary & income app for professionals "Salary Net / Gross (PRO)" allows you to easily calculate your income from net to gross and from gross to net. Calculations are made with precision thank to employee's & employer's contributions ...    3 MB    Views 4358


mobile title real mortgage colorado escrow net sheets
+14    Get The Listing. Close The Deal. Simplify Your Workflow. Colorado Escrow & Title’s new mobile app brings you the real estate tools you need, including: Title Order Tracking Mobile Deposit for Earnest Money checks OnDemand Notifications Property Searches with Comparables Buyer ...    6 MB    Views 8857

Pay Me

time tax email pay net annual gross country
-1    Pay Me is pay and tax calculating software that lets you easily find your gross pay, net pay (after tax), annual gross pay and annual net pay (after tax). You can set your rate of pay, currency and your country of ...    1 MB    Views 2273


0    Cel mai bun Calculator Salariu: Singurul care arată ct de mult puteţi cştiga la o marire de salariu Verifica rapid ct de mult ai cştiga pe oră, săptămnă, un an Cumpara acum acest calculator bine concepute şi practică, care este absolut, ...    NAN    Views 983
net www ios
-5    [새로운 기능] 페이톡 iOS 버전 애플리케이션이 출시되었습니다. 본 애플리케이션을 통해 결제내역 및 포인트 조회, 회원가입 및 정보 변경이 가능합니다. 본 애플리케이션을 통해 결제는 불가능하며, 결제에 사용할 수 있는 바코드 생성만 가능합니다. 본 애플리케이션은 페이톡 회원으로 가입하신 분만 이용할 수 있습니다. _________________________ [Description] 일반폰, ...    NAN    Views 9488
Related Apps tax singapore calculator iphone income periods pay net report payable total
-4    This is the most uptodate and powerful Singapore income tax calculator in the App Store. Just Simply enter a few details about yourself, press "Calculate" to view concise, clear and detailed income tax report. It is very useful and easy ...    97 kb    Views 1261
work iphone tax ipad receipt receipts professional net gross finger rate
+15    mReceipt PLUS The Receipt App for iPhone and iPad The simplest way to create professional receipts with your iPhone or iPad WITHOUT hidden costs With mReceipt you have your receipt book always right next to you, in your pocket, and ...    4 MB    Views 6164


card authorize net accept payments transaction merchants test
+7    Securely accept and manage payments with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Authorize.Net merchants can: • Accept card payments • Specify sales tax rate • Accept tips from customers • Include a description and price for each item • Add notes to a purchase • Send custom ...    18 MB    Views 4966


employment calculator paycheck state net free amount payroll estimate federal
-8    Paycheck Free calculates approximate payroll check from Gross payroll amount, and shows the net paycheck amount, federal withholding tax, social security, medicare, state withholding, state unemployment and state disability (where applicable). Free Paycheck Calculator is an ideal tool for anyone looking ...    2 MB    Views 3501


net vous des
0    Simulation de calcul des salaires et traitements luxembourgeois. Cette application vous permet de contrôler votre salaire net. Cela vous aidera également à effectuer des simulations de salaire du brut au net et du net au brut basées sur la législation ...    6 MB    Views 8167
tax calculator pay net calculations gross year period breakdown
+15    IMPORTANT NOTE: Some reviewers have recently said that the NI calculations are incorrect. If this relates to a director please check that 'NI on Account' is on in the Director's settings screen. Further information is available in the FAQ on ...    6 MB    Views 8716
Related Apps calculator finanzen net currencies 100 date conversion simple rates exchange
+9    Finally: the famous currency calculator as an iPhone App The currency converter is simple to use and indispensable for all travelers. The foreign exchange calculator converts well over 100 currencies for any date. Feature Overview: Simple and clear realtime exchange ...    15 MB    Views 5613


Related Apps money news net trading markets
-2    Browse in quotations, market news and financial news of the biggest markets in Switzerland, Europe and North America with the moneynet Trading iPhone App. myTrading You can use your virtual portfolio, watchlist and the SMS service for limits after a onetime, free ...    999 kb    Views 245

Taxe calculator

-5    Save your time, save your money, good organization to your life, Taxe Calculator makes you successful. Super easy to see the Gross/ Net/ Tax at the same time; Tax rates alternative, switchable and changeable; Adjustable digits for both integer & decimal (from 1 ...    2 MB    Views 3290


net 8080 shop http
+22    정식서비스 오픈을 앞두고 시스템 정비중입니다. 그 동안 일부기능이 동작하지 않을수 있습니다. 양해부탁드립니다. UserOriented Payment service 쇼핑데모페이지 들어가셔서 컴퓨터 주변기기 제품들과 기프트권 상품권 모바일티켓 제품들을 선택하셔서 시연서비스를 사용하실수있습니다. 모바일결제 시연페이지    2 MB    Views 502


budget time management deals sales access units gross tracking real
-5    Meet your sales goals, get contracts funded faster, and manage deals more efficiently with DealAlert. The industry’s first realtime variable deal management tool, DealAlert is a mobile application that delivers deal data right to your phone… wherever you are, whenever ...    14 MB    Views 4856


Related Apps gross margin markup price instantly cost profit percentage fast
-1    THIS APP NOW WORK WITH IOS 4.0. Apologies to people who have had problems. Gross Margin and Markup Calculator These days every penny counts. Accidentally mistaking Markup for Gross Margin is a sure way to leave money on the table. For fast, accurate ...    210 kb    Views 9346


Related Apps rank rich latest data net worth wealth
-8    How does your net worth compare? What does it take to make it into the 99th percentile? How rich are you compared to everyone else? See where you rank against the 115 million US households. Using the latest data from the ...    25 kb    Views 7162

NetWorth Suite

assets liabilities net worth financial cash networth suite
+25    Stay informed on what assets you own, what liabilities you owe and your financial net worth today. This simple app lets you enter the current values of your assets and liabilities including but not limited to cash and cash equivalents, ...    23 MB    Views 5241
Related Apps calculator tax vat percentage rates net standard gross countries free
+27    Opening offer VAT Plus for only 0,69 £ Simple, comfortable and chic, VAT Plus beats up the dusty world of percentage calculators. It offers all the important functions to calculate VAT, sales taxes and discounts. Standard tax rates are directly available, ...    1 MB    Views 9935

Abstract & Title

Related Apps title mortgage real sheets net
-7    Get The Listing. Close The Deal. Simplify Your Workflow. Abstract & Title of Mesa County’s new mobile app brings you the real estate tools you need, including: Title Order Tracking OnDemand Notifications Property Searches with Comparables Buyer and Seller Net Sheets ...    3 MB    Views 7530


work calculator profit selling calculate percentage price industry gross designed sales
+5    FREE until December 31st 2013 to enable owners of the existing app to upgrade for free. The Bowden GPCalculator is the essential tool for any caterer in any part of the industry. Designed by catering professionals in the business, not accountants, ...    4 MB    Views 5420
Related Apps banking abc bank mobile privacy online net
0    With ABC Bank’s Mobile Banking app you can check available balances, view transaction history, transfer between accounts, pay your bills, contact your local branch and find ATM and branches in your area. It’s your banking, on the go Fast, easy, ...    4 MB    Views 8378


pay net paycheck taxes information deductions gross year
+21    The IOIPay app makes viewing pay statement data fast, secure, and convenient with 24/7 access from any iPhone Features: Gross pay and net pay for each paycheck over the last year. Gross pay, taxes, deductions, and net pay totals for each ...    590 kb    Views 8476

Virtual Terminal

virtual authorize net lock terminal
-6    Virtual Terminal allows you to charge credit cards through You must have a merchant account with to use this app. Your Authorize.Net API Login ID and Transaction Key are stored using the Apple Keychain, which provides encryption and ...    255 kb    Views 9523


tax profile payroll deductions state amount gross guru paycheck taxes pay
+5    Payroll Guru calculates paychecks with net pay amount and applicable taxes from gross wages. =============== New in version 3: =============== Added total of 8 deductions to be used as posttax and pretax deductions with different taxation criteria (i.e. to exclude deduction amount from Federal, ...    1 MB    Views 4169
net appen med http valutakurser
-1    Enkel valutakalkulator som lar deg regne mellom en rekke forskjellige valutakurser. Kalkulatoren benytter live valutakurser, og er derfor meget pålitelig. Regne om valuta med's egen app. Appen krever nettverkstilgang for å kunne utføre valutakonverteringer. NB: Appen er foreløpig IKKE kompatibel med iOS8+, ...    3 MB    Views 2978

Gross Profit

tax profit gross information inclusive exclusive relevant fields sales mark
+4    Gross Profit is designed for anyone actively involved in the retail industry. Instead of having to continuously enter the relevant formulas into a calculator, Gross Profit allows you to enter the information on hand directly into the relevant fields, and ...    2 MB    Views 8885

iSalaryTimer Free

time http salary real change color net www
-6    1.Input your Hourly Wage or Monthly income. 2.Press the start button. 3.You can see calculated realtime salary. You can change Background color and Font color. You can post twitter,Facebook,and more. You can change Currency unit. Realtime salary is not real salary. This app is using ...    2 MB    Views 6495
Related Apps rent house family apartment rental market property home investment income net debt total gross interest ratios real
+4    REAL ESTATE INVESTOR is an important tool for any real estate investor. Whether you are investing in a two family home, a large apartment house or commercial property this application can calculate valuable information for you. Sections include: Capitalization, Debt ...    55 MB    Views 445
net retailers find mobile
-3    Welcome to the mobile application Use this app to find charities and retailers. When you find a retailer you want to do business with, show them the app to earn discounts and support charities. Be sure to check for ...    357 kb    Views 3779
Related Apps tax social security calculator salary gross contributions benefits monthly malta owed
+12    Updated with the latest 2015 Tax Rates KONNEKT Malta Tax Calculator allows users to calculate their net salary, income tax and social security contributions by inputting their gross salary and any additional cash benefits. This app uses the latest data from ...    872 kb    Views 3147
tax calculator net income calculate salary 2015
+11    This simple tax calculator can be used to calculate your net income and tax from your salary. This tool is used to calculate your net income in 2015 to 2016 financial year.    397 kb    Views 4690
Related Apps time debt national shows numbers gross data year product percentage
+2    "National Debt" provides insight into the national debts of more than 180 countries It shows the development of the national debt in realtime, and provides an overview of the yeartoyear historical development of the debt. The app has the option ...    20 MB    Views 46
Related Apps calculator tax net pay annual earnings hourly gross monthly based calculate
-4    Net Pay Salary Calculator is an elegant four function net earnings calculator designed to be intuitive and dependable. This app calculates your estimated net pay based on your filing status and your 2010 IRS tax bracket. Net Pay Salary Calculator also calculates ...    2 MB    Views 827


time http real salary color net change www
+16    1.Input your Hourly Wage or Monthly income. 2.Press the start button. 3.You can see calculated realtime salary. You can change Background color and Font color. You can post twitter,Facebook,and more. You can change Currency unit. Realtime salary is not real salary. This app is using ...    2 MB    Views 1925
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