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+30    A simple and reliable way of shopping without a physical credit card Now with the renewed Parakod, you will enjoy shopping by using nonIsbank credit cards as well. You may start shopping instantly after adding the credit cards (both Isbank and nonIsbank), ...    64 MB    Views 9062
0    Bookkeep: a new household account book app that turns a chore into a pleasure Record your transactions and maintain your household accounts while enjoying life Bookkeep is a free household account book service sponsored by Financial Academy, a popular money school boasting ...    15 MB    Views 8707
card microsoft nav dynamics credit
+8    Requires Microsoft Dynamics NAV with ChargeLogic Payments and an active ChargeLogic Connect subscription. App will not function without these requirements Mobile credit card processing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Enter Sales Orders from the road, trade shows, or the show room ...    2 MB    Views 2045
+21    Ever wondered how much it actually cost you to buy something with your credit card? Or what do you save if you pay an extra 10 or 20 per month? This app is designed to provide you these answers quickly ...    618 kb    Views 6249

My Money for iOS

+3    A new approach to managing your money, this app gives you the answer you want right upfront. How much money do you have to spend? A single number lets you know how much disposable income you have for spending. My Money ...    6 MB    Views 5005
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+12    Checkbook is a simple yet powerful app for managing your personal finances on the go.The app is beautifully designed with a sleek simple layout and built with a precise user interface that is both enjoyable and comfortable to use Balancing your ...    3 MB    Views 7655


Related Apps card cash expenses transactions credit data control wallet
-3    Wolla is a digital wallet, the ideal assistant against the economic crisis Wolla helps you keep your expenditures under control by recording all daily transactions such as cash expenses, credit card payments, cash withdrawals, and much more New functionalities: Dropbox Synchronization ...    5 MB    Views 8856

Daily Expenses

Related Apps email iphone card wifi program photo expenses daily report income summary types user
+2    Daily Expenses has received the following accolades & reviews: "What's Hot" section on the App Store. "A handy financial management application for the common man out there." From Daily Expenses app exports your daily expenses and income data into spreadsheet program via ...    4 MB    Views 1921

OLT Estimator

tax refund owe income credit 2014 information estimate
+3    Tax season can be filled with questions we can help Download our FREE app KNOW YOUR TAXES: Get a quick estimate of your 2014 federal income tax refund/owe anytime. Estimate your 2014 income tax refund/owe by completing simple information. Comprehensive App estimates Earned ...    1 MB    Views 2049

Card Info

+1    Card Info is an application to help you check validity of a credit card number and get information about issuer. The application does not store any entered card data and does not connect to the Internet to obtain issuer data. It checks ...    9 MB    Views 2881
Related Apps money card expense manage track expenses pocket categories income delete
+1    Feel challenging to recollect How much, where you spend your money. Maintain tracking of money you borrowed or viceversa, Want to track your daily expense, here is the easy and common solution. Pocket Expense is one of the best tool to ...    6 MB    Views 4204

See Who Pays

card pays tap play game roulette player credit
-3    Play a game of credit card roulette on your iPhone See Who Pays is a model of the classic game of credit card roulette. Here's how it works: 1. Launch the See Who Pays app and put your phone in the middle ...    3 MB    Views 9047
card cards credit validator numbers validate
+23    Credit Card Validator lets you validate credit card numbers on the go when your credit card terminal is not available or when you just want to hold a card number as a security deposit to charge later. Credit Card Validator uses ...    513 kb    Views 5934


Related Apps card processing credit
+9    PayFox is an iOS credit card processing app. Download this app once you've received your setup activation code for your Transaction Express credit card processing account. For a complete list of mobile devices that are certified to work with a card ...    6 MB    Views 1205

Swirl Card

Related Apps card mastercard online control view easy credit purchases
+3    Access your Swirl MasterCard Online Account quickly and easily while you're on the go by downloading the Swirl Card App. You can check your balance, view recent transactions and find Payzone retail locations where you can load your card or purchase ...    NAN    Views 4548
money card personal chinese cash transfer liabilities assets income credit 000 monthly
-9    * 2.99 special price (original 4.99) * 【INTRODUCTION】 MyAsset is a simple but useful accounting app; you can manage individual finance easily You can also check your daily or monthly incomeexpense anytime and anywhere;in addition, you can control your personal asset and liabilities. Subjects ...    3 MB    Views 4901

Piccolo Payments

card view details transactions credit system lets
-6    Lets cab drivers that are using Piccolo's dispatch system view details about past credit card transactions. Lets managers that are using Piccolo's dispatch system view details about every driver's past credit card transactions.    813 kb    Views 3789

Breeze Nigeria

banking card breeze mobile discover application credit chartered standard
+9    Breeze is mobile banking made easy and more powerful. Explore Breeze and discover a whole new world of mobile banking. Banking has never been faster, simpler and easier. Breeze was designed with the mobile and you in mind. It is an intuitive ...    6 MB    Views 6202
+26    Transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a mobile credit card terminal and accept payments anywhere. Upon approval you will receive a free credit card reader to accept all the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Simple set up: 1. ...    11 MB    Views 7248


card credit device payment mobile view
+3    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the Westerly Community Credit Union Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: • View recent and pending transactions. • View next payment amount and due date. • Make a payment to your ...    2 MB    Views 9373
email cards facebook card management transactions expenses data income devices application account unlimited filters
+8    This application allows you to keep track of expenses and income with extreme precision and simplicity. With iCloud you will be able to maintain synchronized data across multiple devices automatically, alternatively you can use the bidirectional synchronization. It is possible to insert ...    8 MB    Views 2894
bills cards time apps track recurring expenses credit multiple income
0    Buckist is a fullyfeatured personal finance app. Track your accounts, credit cards, expenses, incomes, bills, and set savings goals all in one app. It's easy to migrate from other apps with the import feature. Come and join our bunny on ...    20 MB    Views 9551
Related Apps card credit
+23    Free quick and easy interface for accepting credit card payments. eBizCharge account required.    16 MB    Views 5507

Payfirma HQ

Related Apps card business web support payments credit reader
-4    Payfirma turns your device into a secure terminal for accepting payments, with plenty of business insight. Accept credit card payments, and even plug in Payfirma's credit card reader to your iPhone, iPad or iPod for the fastest transactions possible. Once ...    21 MB    Views 4068

HybridPOS 4 Connect

0    HybridPOS 4 Connect is a 'third party' paymentprocessing app. The 'client app' initiates the transaction, and then calls the 'hybrid app' to process the payment. The payment data is processed in the 'hybrid app', then the results are sent back ...    6 MB    Views 3612

Give by Billhighway

cards card credit give users event accept
+4    Give – a better way to accept credit cards, anywhere. Billhighway Give is the mobile solution that provides a faster, cashless and more convenient way to accept credit cards. Enable people to safely and securely swipe their credit or debit card ...    10 MB    Views 5128
Related Apps card manage pay bill credit
+11    For long time I've been looking for an app for manage my credit card's purchase. Something to help me see how much I would have to pay in the next bill and stuff. So there it is, I've created myself. ...    13 MB    Views 115

CreditCard Expense

-6    CreditCard Expense is smart tool for keep track of your credit card expenses, especially if you have multiple credit cards from several banks. You can keep cards information such as card number, card type, expiration date, support phone number and ...    2 MB    Views 1511


money budget finance card expense income transaction cash set notes user review
+2    Do you like to manage your finance? Money Notes is your first choice. According to suggestion, trace your income and expense is the first step to construct a wholesome finance. You have to analyze your expense habit, and then set budget ...    3 MB    Views 9890
Related Apps card union credit
+19    Personalize your Visa card from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using Picture My Card™ Mobile from Alive Credit Union. Choose or take your favorite photo, crop it, and view a preview of your card. Submit your request when you are finished    3 MB    Views 3230


card purchase credit shipping offline application address
-2    Richster is application for online and offline paying with credit card via QR codes. Richster allows to do purchases over network and offline instantly, simplier and safer then ever. How it works: 1 You install the application, bind credit card, fill in your ...    2 MB    Views 2148
Related Apps banking card bank valley credit commercial mobile
+26    Available to Silicon Valley Bank commercial banking customers. Manage your SVB commercial banking and credit card accounts, deposit checks, schedule and approve payments, make a credit card payment and transfer funds securely with Mobile Banking from Silicon Valley Bank. Simply log ...    15 MB    Views 9297

Citibank HK

Related Apps card time banking citibank credit instant offers mobile nearby accounts
-1    Citi Mobile offers you the most convenient way to bank while on the move. The application gives you instant access to search for: Nearby hottest Citibank Credit Card offers and Mobile Treats telephones & addresses, etc Rewards calculator Instant card ...    10 MB    Views 7372

MLS Zip Runner

card credit process payments check mls zip debit
-3    MLS Zip Runner enables businesses to instantly process credit card, debit card and check payments from their customers directly from their iPhone. Take a picture of the customer’s check and process it electronically. Process both swiped and keyed credit and ...    2 MB    Views 2568
Related Apps card debit credit issuer number
-9    iValidCard allows you to detect fraudulent credit and debit cards by validating the integrity of the credit or debit card number sequence. iValidCard also identifies the card issuer without transmitting any information. iValidCard does not validate the account of the credit ...    3 MB    Views 7406
Related Apps card mobile union team credit
+8    Personalize your Visa Debit or Platinum card from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using Picture My Card™ Mobile from Team One Credit Union. Choose or take your favorite photo, crop it, and view a preview of your card. Submit your request ...    31 MB    Views 4791

My VISA Card

Related Apps card budget expenses month credit amount
+9    FREE for a limited time ONLY Get headache on spending too much on your credit card every month? Use this App to control your expenses on Credit Card by setting your maximum budget per month. Record your daily expenses by only three ...    8 MB    Views 2595


+4    Accept credit card payments through your iOS device with ems+ Empower your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to accept payment, transforming your everyday device into a complete credit card processing machine. Swipe or key enter credit card transactions without the ...    18 MB    Views 440

Locus On The Go

Related Apps apple market credit suisse disclaimer income markets conditions terms access
+10    Credit Suisse LOCUS OnTheGo delivers key content and functionality from the award winning LOCUS Platform.    This app provides access to the key LOCUS content when you are away from your desk, allowing you to monitor Fixed Income markets. With the LOCUS ...    12 MB    Views 9381


card credit data scanned process scanner
-9    InfoCard is a credit card scanner App, which turns your customer’s smart device into a mobile credit card scanner. Credit card number, expiry date and cvv data are easily scanned placing your credit card in front of your device’s camera. ...    10 MB    Views 2324

Pay 24/7

card pay credit invoice payment payer offers
+3 is a wholly owned business of Bill Buddy Pty Ltd which has been operating since 2003 and is a market leader in providing Customer Payment Solutions for small to medium sized businesses. offers a series of convenient ways to ...    NAN    Views 3695

Bank Card Checker

card data bank credit number database issuer financial
+30    Bank Card Checker tells you the Bank or Financial Institution that issued any given credit/debit card by checking its huge internal database. Additionally it validates the card number. Do you run a shop or office where you need to take orders ...    3 MB    Views 6428
card cards social facebook education planning expenses financial control manage credit daily income
+1    Mobills Financial Education is a financial control application that aims to manage all expenses and expenditures, working as a manager of personal finance for iPhone, iPad and iPod. With Mobills, all your expenses and income are categorized and presented in graphs ...    11 MB    Views 8244


card list credit partners
+20    Bolkart app makes management of your Bolkart credit card easier than ever. Features include: Credit card balance and limits info Full list of your transactions, debts and repayments Online credit repayment Partners list List of Payment terminals, ATMs and branches of ...    45 MB    Views 4482


card credit choice community visa access
-6    Crave convenient credit card management? Let’s get together TM The Community Choice Mobile Credit Card app offers simple, onthego access to your Community Choice Visa credit card accounts. You can easily: • Explore recent and pending purchases • View your current balance and due ...    4 MB    Views 5068
money card personal chinese cash transfer liabilities assets income credit pay 000
+11    * Upgrade Pro 2.99 special price (original 4.99) * 【INTRODUCTION】 MyAsset is a simple but useful accounting app; you can manage individual finance easily You can also check your daily or monthly incomeexpense anytime and anywhere;in addition, you can control your personal asset ...    5 MB    Views 8304


Related Apps card account view credit
+2    Stay connected to your CarCarOne account wherever you are, with the CarCareOne Mobile App. Access your account summary information, including the current balance and available credit. View your recent transactions, and make payments to your account. Find locations near you ...    17 MB    Views 2153

SCU Credit Card

card credit view device payment mobile
+3    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the Sharon Credit Union Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: View recent and pending transactions. View next payment amount and due date. Make a payment ...    2 MB    Views 8351
Related Apps card time debt payment monthly interest enter credit pay payoff
0    This calculator is designed to show you how long it will take to pay off your credit card debt and computes the interest you will need to pay. Enter your credit card balance, interest rate and your monthly expenses. You ...    1 MB    Views 4080


card spending payments due credit
+4    CreditBell helps you to keep track of your credit card spending. With statement date and due dates, you can carefully plan which card to use, to optimize your spending and payments. Additionally, it reminds you when your credit card is ...    756 kb    Views 8174
Related Apps card debt credit bad debts interest step pay secret lowest
+6    Discover How To Get Out of Debt Quickly and Easily You Can End the Fear and Worry Created by Bad Credit and Debt Collectors... Do you need help eliminating the bad credit on your credit card or other debt? Are you constantly ...    881 kb    Views 6056
tax health irs taxact free income state file 1099 refund credit
+17    Prepare & efile your simple 2014 federal AND state tax returns on your smartphone for FREE – anywhere, anytime. Just answer a few easy questions – TaxACT does the rest. Secure efile + direct deposit for your max IRS refund ...    6 MB    Views 70


card shopping payment credit application amount
-6    This application notifies you the amount of the payment by credit card. Creka is a very simple application for logging your payment by using your credit card. Creka provides you several way to log your payment besides shopping amount. Additional ...    324 kb    Views 4631
Related Apps tax calculator personal canadian employment income taxes provinces credit enter
-2    Welcome to the first Canadian personal income tax calculator in the AppStore. Tax years 2009 to 2013 included with purchase; 2014 available as an inapp purchase. Created by Canadian Chartered Accountants, the Tax Calculator is an invaluable tool for individual taxpayers, selfemployed ...    NAN    Views 9787
Related Apps card credit pay loan interest rate
+14    A Loan or Credit Card Pay Off Calculator. This app will help you determine how much you need to pay per month to pay off your credit card or loan at a given interest rate. It will also show you ...    2 MB    Views 2192


card credit application merchants
+1    UBanker is a mobile credit card processing application. The application enables small and medium merchants to accept credit card payments on the go. with the collaboration with one the biggest banks in Spain, we are able to give our merchants the best ...    3 MB    Views 4981
Related Apps card search support incomes expenses choose categories income expense credit
+30    This is a LITE version of ExpensesCheck and it is limited to 20 records. Track your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expenses and incomes in the most simple way possible. The credit card bills in the end of the month will no ...    6 MB    Views 939
Related Apps card credit union
+12    Personalize your Visa Debit card from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using CreataCard Mobile from IAA Credit Union. Choose or take your favorite photo, crop it, and view a preview of your card. Submit your request when you are finished    15 MB    Views 4942

SNL MasterCard

Related Apps card mastercard credit
+8    PLEASE NOTE: This is a banking app to complement the SNL MasterCard credit card. It should not be confused with the SNL 40th Anniversary App. The SNL MasterCard app is your onestop destination for unlocking the potential of your SNL MasterCard ...    31 MB    Views 4412
Related Apps card credit rate fee rates
-4    Credit Card rates for your mobile device includes the following information current rate, fee, fee frequency, interest grace days, credit limits and cash advance rate.    457 kb    Views 7912
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