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+3    We stand for making you MORE UPWARDLY MOBILE We know our Members are on the go and banking isn’t topofmind, so SFCU’s Mobile Banking moves with them Get fast access to your account information and have the ability to complete financial transactions ...    19 MB    Views 6492

Card Info

+12    Card Info is an application to help you check validity of a credit card number and get information about issuer. The application does not store any entered card data and does not connect to the Internet to obtain issuer data. It checks ...    9 MB    Views 2881

UPS Capital Connect

Related Apps card iphone process credit check compatible ups swipe debit payments
+7    UPS Capital Connect enables businesses to instantly process credit card, debit card and check payments from their customers directly from their iPhone. Take a picture of the customer’s check and process it electronically. Process both swiped and keyed credit and ...    1 MB    Views 813
+13    This application provides its operator with a powerful tool to supervise his/her credit cards balances. Thus done under 5 separate accounts, as each account represent a credit card. The user can store the credit card issuer name, credit card number, ...    110 kb    Views 554

Swirl Card

+15    Access your Swirl MasterCard Online Account quickly and easily while you're on the go by downloading the Swirl Card App. You can check your balance, view recent transactions and find Payzone retail locations where you can load your card or purchase ...    NAN    Views 4548


card credit device payment mobile view
0    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the Westerly Community Credit Union Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: • View recent and pending transactions. • View next payment amount and due date. • Make a payment to your ...    2 MB    Views 9373

Credit & Debt Calc

+8    "Credit & Debt Calc" Collections of 7 calculators. This app help to determine; how the future payments affect your financial status. By using these calculators a credit card user may budget the money in such a way that how much is to be ...    5 MB    Views 702

AmeriCU Credit Card

Related Apps card credit payment device mobile view easy
-5    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the AmeriCU Mobile Credit Card app. With one touch, you can: View recent and pending transactions. View next payment amount and due date. Make a payment to your card. Report ...    2 MB    Views 5384

My VISA Card

+25    FREE for a limited time ONLY Get headache on spending too much on your credit card every month? Use this App to control your expenses on Credit Card by setting your maximum budget per month. Record your daily expenses by only three ...    8 MB    Views 2595
0    Personalize your card using PMC Mobile from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using Picture My Card™ Mobile from Beehive Federal Credit Union. Choose or take your favorite photo, crop it, and view a preview of your card. Submit your request when ...    13 MB    Views 8306

Credit Card App

card credit transactions debit edit entries delete savings
+28    Ever wonder how to keep track of your creditcard (as well as debitcard) billings, especially if you have multiple credit cards from several banks? Look no further Credit Card App has been designed with this in mind to help make life ...    2 MB    Views 5037


card credit application merchants
+4    UBanker is a mobile credit card processing application. The application enables small and medium merchants to accept credit card payments on the go. with the collaboration with one the biggest banks in Spain, we are able to give our merchants the best ...    3 MB    Views 4981
card microsoft nav dynamics credit
0    Requires Microsoft Dynamics NAV with ChargeLogic Payments and an active ChargeLogic Connect subscription. App will not function without these requirements Mobile credit card processing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Enter Sales Orders from the road, trade shows, or the show room ...    2 MB    Views 2045

Give by Billhighway

cards card credit give users event accept
0    Give – a better way to accept credit cards, anywhere. Billhighway Give is the mobile solution that provides a faster, cashless and more convenient way to accept credit cards. Enable people to safely and securely swipe their credit or debit card ...    10 MB    Views 5128


Related Apps card cashflow daily accounts dropbox simple export transactions credit transaction
+9    The 'CashFlow' is a simple asset management software. You can manage your daily cash income/outgo, bank, credit card accounts. Features of CashFlow: 1. Simple and easy to record transactions You can easily input your daily transactions. You can choose description of transaction from history, ...    6 MB    Views 6107
card cards credit accept reader receive free merchant terminal
-8    Transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a mobile credit card terminal and accept payments anywhere. Upon approval you will receive a free credit card reader to accept all the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Simple set up: 1. ...    11 MB    Views 7248


Related Apps card cards holders credit view accounts
-9    With BCEL One application, card holders can access their card accounts which can be both ATM and credit cards that issued by BCEL bank in Laos. The app will allow the card holders view their card information and on top ...    11 MB    Views 6527
card surcharge rate credit paying calculate percentage fee interest option
+26    An easy way to find out how much you are really paying when purchasing something with your credit card. It quickly calculates the surcharge based on a purchase amount and surcharge percentage rate (or flat fee), and compares this to ...    4 MB    Views 3987
-7    Personalize your Visa Debit card from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using CreataCard Mobile from Central Credit Union of Florida. Choose or take your favorite photo, crop it, and view a preview of your card. Submit your request when you are ...    5 MB    Views 1805

See Who Pays

card pays tap play game roulette player credit
-1    Play a game of credit card roulette on your iPhone See Who Pays is a model of the classic game of credit card roulette. Here's how it works: 1. Launch the See Who Pays app and put your phone in the middle ...    3 MB    Views 9047


card credit data scanned process scanner
-8    InfoCard is a credit card scanner App, which turns your customer’s smart device into a mobile credit card scanner. Credit card number, expiry date and cvv data are easily scanned placing your credit card in front of your device’s camera. ...    10 MB    Views 2324

SC Telco CC

Related Apps card telco mobile view credit device payment
+1    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the SC Telco Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: • View recent and pending transactions. • View next payment amount and due date. • Make a payment to your card. • Report a ...    2 MB    Views 2235
banking card mobile branch atm offers asia trading credit
+3    China Construction Bank (Asia) mobile app makes it convenient to manage your money anytime, anywhere. Features: Mobile Banking Shortcut to CCB (Asia) Mobile Banking, which provides comprehensive mobile banking services including account enquiry, funds transfer, bill payment, stock trading, gold trading, credit ...    16 MB    Views 6537


card credit choice community visa access
+8    Crave convenient credit card management? Let’s get together TM The Community Choice Mobile Credit Card app offers simple, onthego access to your Community Choice Visa credit card accounts. You can easily: • Explore recent and pending purchases • View your current balance and due ...    4 MB    Views 5068

iConnect Pay

+4    Mobile MagStrip Reader. Mobile Credit Card Electronic device. iConnect Pay Allows Mobile Devices to turn into a fully encrypted mobile credit card terminal.    6 MB    Views 6382

HybridPOS 3 +PIN

Related Apps card pin enabled payment multi credit user works processing
-7    HybridPOS 3 +PIN – Introducing the Mobile Payment App from First Equity Strategy LLC With this app, you can swipe and enter a PIN to process a PINenabled payment using a credit or debit card. You can also manually enter or ...    6 MB    Views 8407
Related Apps card mobile union team credit
-1    Personalize your Visa Debit or Platinum card from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using Picture My Card™ Mobile from Team One Credit Union. Choose or take your favorite photo, crop it, and view a preview of your card. Submit your request ...    31 MB    Views 4791
+27    This easy to use app will validate credit card numbers and supply the card type for all valid cards. All card types supported, including: American Express Visa Master Card Diners JCB ...    347 kb    Views 59

Breeze Nigeria

banking card breeze mobile discover application credit chartered standard
0    Breeze is mobile banking made easy and more powerful. Explore Breeze and discover a whole new world of mobile banking. Banking has never been faster, simpler and easier. Breeze was designed with the mobile and you in mind. It is an intuitive ...    6 MB    Views 6202


card transactions address credit
+27    MobileCause is the first mobile transactions app for MobileCause customers. The MobileCause app supports swiping a credit card and inputting credit card information directly, as well as receiving data like the phone number, email address, and home address. Assign a ...    8 MB    Views 2143

SNL MasterCard

Related Apps card mastercard credit
-5    PLEASE NOTE: This is a banking app to complement the SNL MasterCard credit card. It should not be confused with the SNL 40th Anniversary App. The SNL MasterCard app is your onestop destination for unlocking the potential of your SNL MasterCard ...    31 MB    Views 4412

NIBL Mobile Banking

card payment inquiry credit bill code limit block ebanking
-6    With this application, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd customers can perform a number of financial and nonfinancial transactions by sending SMS requests to +9777755 (NIBL’s short code) . Customers will be charged Telecom’s standard SMS rate while sending the SMS. Balance Inquiry Mini ...    783 kb    Views 5890


card shopping payment credit application amount
+30    This application notifies you the amount of the payment by credit card. Creka is a very simple application for logging your payment by using your credit card. Creka provides you several way to log your payment besides shopping amount. Additional ...    324 kb    Views 4631

FFCU Cards

card payment device credit access view mobile
+5    Enjoy easy and onthego access of your Founders FCU Platinum Credit Card account with the Founders Mobile Credit Card app. With this app, you can: View recent and pending transactions. View next payment amount and due date. Make a payment to ...    1 MB    Views 5942


card cards credit safe
+20    CreditCardSafe is a password protected App that stores images of your credit cards. You credit cards are available if you leave them at home or if you loose them while you are out you have their information to call the bank ...    7 MB    Views 2838
card coupon offers credit
+21    · ONE+ Coupon provides offers from various merchants, customer can access and download ONE+ Coupon latest promotion · ONE+ Coupon available anytime, anywhere at hand · ONE+ Coupon with nearby location and alert functions, offers are all around · To apply and know ...    9 MB    Views 3974
Related Apps card money credit fees save earn rewards
-5    WalletUp from is the best way to earn more rewards when you're shopping. Stay up to date on the latest credit card news, figure out whether low interest, cash back or airline cards are best for you and improve your ...    13 MB    Views 9978


-3    SwipePlus is an iPhone and iPad credit card processing application. Download this App once you have received your setup and activation code from SwipePlus. SwipePlus: •Is a mobile Credit Card terminal •Supports email receipts and tipping •Captures customer’s signature directly from the App •Offers transaction ...    6 MB    Views 7625
Related Apps card debt credit bad debts interest step pay secret lowest
+17    Discover How To Get Out of Debt Quickly and Easily You Can End the Fear and Worry Created by Bad Credit and Debt Collectors... Do you need help eliminating the bad credit on your credit card or other debt? Are you constantly ...    881 kb    Views 6056


card purchase credit shipping offline application address
+14    Richster is application for online and offline paying with credit card via QR codes. Richster allows to do purchases over network and offline instantly, simplier and safer then ever. How it works: 1 You install the application, bind credit card, fill in your ...    2 MB    Views 2148
card month credit cost quickly minimum calculation
+7    Ever wondered how much it actually cost you to buy something with your credit card? Or what do you save if you pay an extra 10 or 20 per month? This app is designed to provide you these answers quickly ...    618 kb    Views 6249

Emirates NBD

Related Apps banking card emirates mobile nbd credit application transfer details current
-8    Bringing you the future of mobile banking Introducing Emirates NBD’s new mobile banking application, created to offer you fast, convenient and useful mobile banking services. With Emirates NBD’s secure mobile banking application experience the following services: · Customize your application with various widgets. · ...    52 MB    Views 2748


money card budget bills transactions bank credit simple import
+28    Track your money BEFORE you spend it =========================== Rhombi is a unique moneymanagement tool that uses the principal of zerobalance, envelope budgeting to help you manage your home finances. Rhombi is simple and easier to use than those finance applications with tons ...    6 MB    Views 9917
Related Apps card calculator credit payoff
-1    TRY OUR APP ON YOUR NEW IPAD offers Credit Card Payoff Calculator.    58 kb    Views 5503

My Credit Card SP

Related Apps card credit payments months month easy balance interest answers
+4    Finally a credit card app that answers all of your questions. How long will it take to pay off my credit card? What will my balance be in so many months if I make these payments? How much would the interest be and ...    1 MB    Views 2767


card list credit partners
0    Bolkart app makes management of your Bolkart credit card easier than ever. Features include: Credit card balance and limits info Full list of your transactions, debts and repayments Online credit repayment Partners list List of Payment terminals, ATMs and branches of ...    45 MB    Views 4482


Related Apps card debit credit payment mobile account pay easy
+1    Coincode – Mobile payment Coincode makes it easy to pay with your mobile phone. Who can use Coincode? Everyone can use Coincode by downloading Coincode app and register their credit or debit card. How does it work? 1. Download Coincode app. 2. Register a debit or ...    1 MB    Views 6347

Banc-It Fraud

Related Apps card fraud expertise banc credit
+26    Want to sharpen your credit card fraud prevention skills? Bancit: Fraud Edition is designed to help you learn offensive and defensive moves, so your banking institution can better protect itself from credit card fraud. Test your knowledge of everything from MCC ...    12 MB    Views 4108

Piccolo Payments

card view details transactions credit system lets
+3    Lets cab drivers that are using Piccolo's dispatch system view details about past credit card transactions. Lets managers that are using Piccolo's dispatch system view details about every driver's past credit card transactions.    813 kb    Views 3789

Pay 24/7

card pay credit invoice payment payer offers
+21 is a wholly owned business of Bill Buddy Pty Ltd which has been operating since 2003 and is a market leader in providing Customer Payment Solutions for small to medium sized businesses. offers a series of convenient ways to ...    NAN    Views 3695
card usa credit checks log transactions access mortgage
+3    The Alaska USA app combines the most popular features of UltraBranch along with the ability to deposit checks. With this app you can: •View account balances and recent transactions •Transfer money within accounts or to another Alaska USA member •Deposit checks remotely, up to ...    4 MB    Views 588


card credit debit background load wallet cash
-2    Paying for the things you want is as easy as a snap. No need to carry cash, load a wallet, worry about your card being skimmed or wait for a credit card terminal. Powered by Standard Bank. SnapScan allows you to: Make ...    7 MB    Views 1461
Related Apps card iphone process credit payments check swipe compatible debit
-1    CenturyConnect Mobile enables businesses to instantly process credit card, debit card and check payments from their customers directly from their iPhone. Take a picture of the customer’s check and process it electronically. Process both swiped and keyed credit and debit ...    936 kb    Views 7796


Related Apps card account view credit
+15    Stay connected to your CarCarOne account wherever you are, with the CarCareOne Mobile App. Access your account summary information, including the current balance and available credit. View your recent transactions, and make payments to your account. Find locations near you ...    17 MB    Views 2153
card cards reward categories information rewards credit programs templates updated
-2    Many credit cards offer higher reward rates on rotating categories such as groceries, gasoline, movies, etc. Having multiple cards with varying rewards programs can pay big if you can remember the categories each month. This application eliminates the hassle of ...    1 MB    Views 2084


car card home credit
0    MoneyYou has all calculations for your personal loan for home, auto and credit card. You could set how much per month or price for your home. It's also a tool to find out how much monthly payment for your car ...    2 MB    Views 8784

SDCCU Easy Transfer

Related Apps card balance credit transfer easy
-3    Transferring your credit card balance to your lowrate SDCCU Visa is as easy as Balance. Snap. Transfer Simply take a photo of your current credit card bill and let the app do the rest.    2 MB    Views 5405

myCCCU Card

Related Apps card credit view payment device mobile access
0    Enjoy easy and onthego access of your credit card account with the Christian Community Credit Union Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: View recent and pending transactions. View next payment amount and due date. Make ...    3 MB    Views 3491


Related Apps card credit device accept
+15    Accept credit card payments through your iOS device with ems+ Empower your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to accept payment, transforming your everyday device into a complete credit card processing machine. Swipe or key enter credit card transactions without the ...    18 MB    Views 440


card mobile reader account charge pro processing credit
+5    Release build Version This app designed for Credit Card Processing like Square. But we used our own service provider account. The initial password is "admin" In Menu/Merchant Account screen click the Get Account (000001) it will set up with demo account. ...    23 MB    Views 3228
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