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+4    Open house signin sheet is designed for all real estate agents to assist with getting potential buyers or sellers to signin and obtain all of their information, and also track their properties. It is a great introduction and rapport builder that ...    5 MB    Views 470

CEMIG - 2014 Report

report 2014
+4    The app comprises the publishing of the annual and sustainability report of CEMIG for the year 2014. CEMIG is one the largest energy utilities in Brazil and is listed on NYSE as tickers CIG and CIG.C.    47 MB    Views 5384

Client Axcess

+2    Connect and collaborate with CCH Client Axcess. Client Axcess brings collaboration with your accounting professional in the palm of your hands. Quickly and easily provide document management to streamline your interactions with your account professionals. With the ability to take a ...    6 MB    Views 1333
+10    Sustainability Report is published annually as an annual Danamon publication dedicated to provide a more comprehensive and balance information on economic, social and environmental aspects and data on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and performance pertinent to Danamon’s business, in ...    66 MB    Views 2148

MLC Insurance app

+1    Increase sales and efficiency. The MLC Risk App is a tool for advisors looking to improve their personal insurance client engagement process. It allows advisors to collect client information (fact find) and display a programmable 'house view' of policy recommendations for ...    NAN    Views 8368


stock usa client
-2    SpeedTrader is a division of Stock USA Execution Services, Inc. (Stock USA). Stock USA is a New York based broker/dealer and a member of FINRA and NFA. The company specializes in the electronic trading field. Our goal is to provide the ...    2 MB    Views 6940


+3    This App is specially designed for the small business. Set up your client files in a simple manner. List individual client details. Create invoices and financial reports. Print invoices wireless. Make your own invoice layout. Enter up invoices.    13 MB    Views 8424


+3    LifeCashPro is a financial planning app for financial advisors from The LifeCashPro App is an informative and innovative way of presenting your recommendations to your clients using the iPad. Cash flow has never been easier to present. At a touch, clients ...    NAN    Views 5034


+14    It is a simple Amazon affiliate report browser. The track record of a fixed period (1) can be checked easily /last month yesterday / 1 week / this month. It corresponds to the report of Japan, the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, ...    929 kb    Views 1064
market report
0    Aberdeen Livestock Market Report This is an easy to use snapshot of the weekly market report created in house by Aberdeen Livestock Sales Inc.    9 MB    Views 2400

Store Master Pro

0    Store Master is designed for store owner to manage their inventory and sales with iPad. It has almost all features you need. It's easy,quick and flexible Main functionality Estimate, Invoice, Purchase order, receive, delivery, Pay order. Sell,Purchase,Relocate stock,Add stock, Unstock, Refund, ...    12 MB    Views 9053
2014 consolidated report annual
+10    Explore our interactive 2014 Annual Report on your iPad. Features Letter to Clients and Shareholders Client Testimonials Complete Products and Services 2014 Consolidated Statement of Income 2014 Consolidated Balance Sheet And more    243 MB    Views 4809
2012 report corporate
-2    In the Henkel Corporate App library you will find the annual report 2012 and the sustainability report 2012 as pdf and further reports from 2011.    5 MB    Views 9522

Rapid Financing

financing client rapid
-5    The Rapid FinancingTM B2B app from IBM Global Financing can provide Business Partners financing options in their client deals quickly and easily while on the road. Be more responsive to your client's needs and give yourself a competitive edge. Simply ...    12 MB    Views 2770
+7    Take the Power of Liberty with you and stay in touch with Pollock Advisory Group anytime and from anywhere. Representatives and RIAs rely on Trust Company of America to provide the information they need to manage client accounts and respond ...    890 kb    Views 8893

Tercero Mobile

Related Apps information portfolio access mobile data client
+9    Tercero Mobile allows you to view your Tercero account online. If you are a client, Tercero Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you can access your client’s details and ...    20 MB    Views 6075
+28    You can report your company financial status report on ipad, you can follow daily change instant.    3 MB    Views 1049
+4    Myddleton Croft Mobile allows you to view your Myddleton Croft account online. If you are a client, Myddleton Croft Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you can access your ...    20 MB    Views 2635

BL Banking VEU

banking signature orders bank client ebics
-5    An EBICS client for using the Distributed Electronic Signature (VEU). An existing installation of BL Banking Client is required. BL Banking VEU allows to fetch a list of orders from a bank over an EBICS connection, for which a signature can ...    4 MB    Views 7837


Related Apps ipad partners financial access client application authorized
-7    The Birchwood Financial Partners iPad application enables authorized Birchwood Financial Partners clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Birchwood Financial Partners client that has ...    1 MB    Views 2929
2013 report annual
-9    Puma Annual Report 2013    69 MB    Views 1505


Related Apps capital brokerage information clients client
-8    VTRADE is a powerful direct market access (DMA) trading and portfolio management system for clients of Verdmont Capital, Panama's leading international brokerage firm. Verdmont is regulated and supervised by Panama's National Securities Commission and licensed to operate as a Brokerage House. ...    9 MB    Views 5901

NJ Client Desk

application advisors wealth report client network desk
0    NJ Group launches Client Desk Mobile Application. This application helps you to check your Networth, Valuation Report, P&L Report and Last 10 Transactions while on the move. Note: To access this application, you require loginID & password provided by NJ Wealth ...    2 MB    Views 2044

My Mortgage Report

Related Apps home report mortgage costs
-6    My Mortgage Report is an easy, fast and efficient way to see the total bills for any and all locations you are living or considering to live. It is fully customizable for each and every persons individual costs, and you can ...    730 kb    Views 4343
report 2013 annual
+29    Russian Agricultural Bank 2013 Annual Report, facts and figures, regional branches addresses    29 MB    Views 5287
-6    Join us as at the 2013 Alegeus Technologies Client Conference as we highlight recent market developments, regulatory updates, emerging business opportunities and upcoming product enhancements. Network with peers about the issues you are facing today and participate in presentations by ...    8 MB    Views 9135
report annual walmex 2013
-1    2013 Walmex Annual Report    298 MB    Views 7381
planning retirement client
-1    A retirement planning app designed to make your daily work quicker and easier. RetireMax takes all the confusing and complicated calculations surrounding a wide range of planning decisions. Answer client questions quickly and efficiently; draft consistently high quality retirement plans; and save, ...    12 MB    Views 8388


chinese support pdf client goods
+3    This app helps business traveler on the move and needs to create the account sales document for your client instantly. ( This is one of the "goods on consignment" 's procedure. Statement of Goods Sold) QuickAcctSales creation in PDF format, ...    2 MB    Views 8609

AR 2011

2011 report annual company
+26    Cementos Lima S.A.A publishes its Annual Report 2011 in a version exclusively designed for iPad devices. This Annual Report summarizes the most important events affecting the Company during 2011 and up to the 2nd of March 2012, the date on ...    42 MB    Views 5945
sustainability 2013 report
-5    Vnesheconombank Sustainability Report 2013    94 MB    Views 5453
report annual
-7    This is the Autoliv App with 2014 Annual Report, Quarterly Reports, Key Ratios and Financial Tables. Read more about the Autoliv offerings within Active and Passive safety and our passion for saving lives.    12 MB    Views 7651


+4    The official client for the service. Check out your sales dashboard with a UI and resolution tailormade for the iPhone, and save time with the autologin. NOTE: you need an account for the website to use the client app.    447 kb    Views 7602


2012 report
+29    The 2012 Sustainability Report by UNACEM (the result of a merger between Cementos Lima and Cemento Andino) seeks to provide transparent information on its economic, social and environmental performance. For the ninth year running, UNACEM has produced a report for its ...    50 MB    Views 6619


retirement tax design age cash balance plan client plans contributions
+8    CashBalancePRO is a smart mobile tool for financial advisors, CPAs, TPAs and other retirement professionals who want to grow their businesses with Cash Balance plans. App features include a calculator showing maximum qualified plan contributions based on a client’s age, ...    19 MB    Views 8153

Baillie Gifford

-4    Baillie Gifford presents ‘Looking Back. Going Forward’, an app which delivers relevant thought pieces from senior Baillie Gifford investors to our institutional clients. To access this service you have to be an institutional client of Baillie Gifford and have a registered ...    3 MB    Views 6518
publications report 2013
+14    The Bühler Publications App gives you a convenient mobile access to Bühler publications, e. g. the Bühler Annual Report 2013, the Book of Innovation, the Sustainability Report as well as the Financial Report 2013. All publications are available in English; ...    2 MB    Views 4264

RMS Wealth Mobile

rms information wealth portfolio mobile access data client
-8    RMS Wealth Mobile allows you to view your RMS Wealth account online. If you are a client, RMS Wealth Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you can access your ...    11 MB    Views 6040

Singletrack Mobile

research platform client side edge mobile
+4    iPhone app for the Singletrack Edge platform offering mobile access to key data and core functionality. Singletrack Edge is a flexible, ondemand platform that enables sellside firms to maximise the return on their sales, research and corporate services in an increasingly ...    7 MB    Views 4923

Store Master

email stock order transaction report client customized purchase log cash sales view
+24    Store Master is designed for store owner to manage their inventory and sales with iPad. It has almost all features you need. It's easy,quick and flexible Main functionality Estimate, Invoice, Purchase order, receive, delivery, Pay order. Sell,Purchase,Relocate stock,Add stock, Unstock, Refund, ...    12 MB    Views 3988

My BRR Office

access client clients
-6    The MyBRROffice mobile app provides exclusive access for Budros, Ruhlin & Roe, Inc. clients to their personal MyBRROffice account. MyBRROffice is a private client portal for the use of current Budros, Ruhlin & Roe clients. MyBRROffice provides immediate client access ...    410 kb    Views 5180
2012 report annual
-4    Qualitas Annual Report 2012 Quálitas Compañía de Seguros, S.A.B. de C.V. is an insurance company specialized in the automobile sector which offers quality service with low costs.    32 MB    Views 2984
sei client practice mobile
-6    For Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with access to SEI BusinessBuilder© from SEI Advisor Network. SEI BusinessBuilder Mobile allows you to stay connected with your clients while you’re on the move, with our new app for your iPhone and iPad. With just ...    9 MB    Views 3455
Related Apps time entries client track earnings project task report spent
0    If you are looking for a smart, easy to use and featurerich financial App to track your hourly earnings and the time spent on the job, HoursWiz is the one. With HoursWiz application, you can save favorite time entries for ...    9 MB    Views 2909

Hueber Report

+17    The Hueber Report is a grain marketing advisory service and brokerage firm that places the highest importance on risk management and profitable farming. In our app we provide a daily market update, indepth analysis of the futures markets, comprehensive weekly and ...    1 MB    Views 2784

AkzoNobel Reports

financial report
+2    Have the financial report of AkzoNobel in your pocket wherever you go, on the move. Read it whenever you have time offline, even if you have no WiFi or 3G at hand. This app provides easy access to ...    50 MB    Views 1255


investment client
+20    Oriental Patron Securities Limited (“OPSL”) is pleased to launch its iOS app (“OP Mobile”) to improve client services to seize investment opportunities with convenience, speed and ease while you are on the road. Designed specifically for Apple mobile devices, you can ...    9 MB    Views 4409


apple cash machines machine nearest report service watch
+1    Discover the new version of CashCache, with an entirely new code for iOS 8 Faster and easier to use, it is finally available in every one of our country's languages CashCache uses your location to find the cash machines that are closest ...    NAN    Views 1016
-3    2012 Financial and Social Responsibility Report    5 MB    Views 1726

HybridPOS 3 +API

payment client data api
-1    HybridPOS +API is a 'third party' payment processing app. The 'client app' initiates the transaction, and then calls the 'hybrid app' to process the payment. The payment data is processed in the 'hybrid app', then the results are sent back ...    6 MB    Views 6296

Odhen No Cash

Related Apps card products client terminals cash website purchases recharge credit
+25    Odhen No Cash is a software to be used with selfcatering terminals, reducing operating cost and diminishing queues in the establishment. Innovating your catering services, every client has a rechargeable magnetic card used for purchasing products, which can be recharged ...    5 MB    Views 6586


Related Apps clients client features application request
+27    An application for OUTsurance clients and nonclients. The application contains various features which allow clients and nonclients to interact with OUTsurance. Features: This application provides the client with the ability to: •suggest a pointsman at a certain intersection; •request emergency roadside and home assistance; •additional ...    56 MB    Views 3691

MinuteWorx Client

time server access client
0    The MinuteWorx Client app is used to connect to the MinuteWorx time clock server. NOTE: This app is intended for existing MinuteWorx users who require server access from the iPhone or iPad devices. You will need your MinuteWorx username and password ...    273 kb    Views 40
Related Apps email stock order transaction report client customized view purchase log sales supplier
0    Clothing Store Master is designed for Small clothing/shoes store owner to manage their inventory and sales with iPad. It has almost all features you need. It's easy,quick and flexible Main functionality Estimate, Invoice, Purchase order, receive, delivery, Pay order. Sell,Purchase,Relocate stock,Add ...    12 MB    Views 1516

Treasury Management

client analysis treasury
-6    This App can be used by Commercial Banks to manage the performance and risk of their Proprietor and Client desks for FOREX, Interest Rate and Money Market trading.  Analysis areas include Client and Trader specific analysis, providing a comprehensive, consolidated ...    94 MB    Views 2088
works annual 2011 report
+10    GE's 2011 annual report, titled 'GE Works', is available for iPad download. GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. ...    378 MB    Views 9093
Related Apps report sustainability
+2    This is our first sustainability report. Legally, this report is compiled to fulfill the provisions of article 66 paragraph (2) c of Law No.40/2007 on Limited Liability Companies, which requires an annual report containing reports on the implementation of social ...    25 MB    Views 6765
Related Apps personal trust advisor pocket client financial
+5    Hip Pocket Trust Advisor brings knowledge of Personal Trust concepts right to you wherever you are. Cannon Financial Institute, the leading provider of Personal Trust training in the financial services industry, has created a video library of critical trust topics that ...    17 MB    Views 1064
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