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+11    Financial terms dictionary provides clear, easytounderstand definitions of over 15000 financial terms that every financial students, professionals and consumers need. Look up a financial definition, term or abbreviation in a blog or article or news story that you aren't sure ...    6 MB    Views 3373


+2    WealthBar makes online investing simple and easy. Our expert portfolio managers manage your investments for you using timetested diversified portfolio strategies and at a cost that is a fraction of what expensive mutual funds and traditional financial advisors charge you. ...    15 MB    Views 1974


tax time return information easy refund financial phone simple
+22    Tax return headache? The answer’s right in your pocket FlashTax is a mobile and tablet based app that lets you lodge your Tax return using your mobile device in only 10 minutes Take pictures of your crucial Tax documents on your phone ...    NAN    Views 782
+11    This new free finance and tax app has been developed by the team at ClearSky Pub Solutions to provide the licensed trade with access to important financial information and tools 24/7. It’s packed with features to make the lives of busy ...    24 MB    Views 9438
+29    Wing Fung Securities Smartphone Trading App lets you instantly capture every investment opportunity at anytime anywhere. You can also set up your own “Stock Watch” list to monitor the performance of your portfolio. Highlights include : [Market Information] HK, China & ...    18 MB    Views 8859


+3    Chinese Currency Suitable for China's foreign exchange banking employees and customers Converter [Support Bank]: China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, ICBC, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Huaxia Bank, Shanghai ...    13 MB    Views 476
+23    I. China Statistical Yearbook 2011 is an annual statistical publication, which reflects comprehensively the economic and social development of China. It covers data for 2010 and key statistical data in recent years and some historically important years at the national ...    8 MB    Views 6643


china investment 100 guarantee earnings owned flexible state 4009221111 professional
+4    中投融,中国最专业的投融资交易平台! 【投融中国·殷民阜财】 1、国资背景 公信力强:国资吉贸集团联合上海阜兴集团入股,注册资金1亿元; 2、收益稳健 期限灵活:基准年化收益稳在8%13.5%,特定活动标最高16%,1—24个月灵活期限,支持债权转让、随时提现,优质企业债任你选; 3、三级风控 100%保障:银行、国有交易所专业资审,第三方担保机构100%本息保障; 4、快捷操作 全新体验:界面贴心设计,便捷式操作,财富增长就是这么简单! 【为您服务】 1、 进入更多> 意见反馈,留下您的宝贵意见和邮箱,我们渴望倾听您的声音。 2、咨询热线:4009221111 版本 1.0 中的功能 1、注册/登录,账户管理、投资理财、充值提现等功能。 Ztrong,one of the most professional financing platform in china 【China Investment and Financing·Wealthy people】 1.Stateowned background,Strong credibility:JIMAO group shares ShangHai FUXING group,Registered capital of 100 million RMB. 2.Robust earnings,Flexible Term: The base year of earnings ...    27 MB    Views 2134


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+14    China Forex, a magazine supervised by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, specializes in covering developments related to China's foreign exchange policies and regulations. The magazine aims to promote better understanding of China's foreign exchange regulatory environment by examining theoretical ...    11 MB    Views 2118

-4 Read China news on the go. offers wideranging, uptotheminute news about China and a wealth of information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture. Features: l Access the latest news from wherever you go. l Automatically download stories on launching the app. l ...    3 MB    Views 8314
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-9    China Tax Calculator 2014 is an app to help people who are working in China to calculate how much tax they need to pay for their monthly salary. The app integrated with below features: Implement with latest algorithm published by ...    2 MB    Views 1541
business china finance news agency financial world global information
-9    Xinhua Finance Agency TM is chartered by Xinhua News Agency AsiaPacific Bureau as the official channel to provide China’s business news, financial data and information to financial institutions worldwide. XFA is the gateway for the global community to gain true access ...    10 MB    Views 8685


sale ipad workflow tax time business china product support easy order query super purchase customer vendor
+2    SuperStore register for small retail business and owner managed shops to manage Inventory, Purchase and Sales on iPad. It is Easy to Customize, USE, QUERY, STATISTIC and ANALYSIS. ========================================================================== July/21, 2013, SuperStoreLite was awarded new iPad App recommendation under Finance in China. ...    72 MB    Views 1693

China Gold Price

china gold price account rmb dollar silver platinum
-4    China Gold Price provide realtime China gold price for you. If you are concerned about China gold market, you can not miss China Gold Price. China Gold Price covers following, 1. World Gold spot price RMB / g U.S. / ...    2 MB    Views 8718

Homily Chart

Related Apps market investment stock investors software singapore china chart analysis data technical version indices
+9    Including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia market data. Homily software came into the world in August 8, 1998 when China stock market and information technology were in the ascendant. Its investment philosophy — Index, first; stock, next. Longterm, first; shortterm, next. ...    14 MB    Views 9883
china investment gold 120 trading wing 400 online fung 852 999 2303
+15    「永豐金融集團」為香港金銀業貿易場行員(會員編號:34),同時擁有「金條集團」資格,鑄造本港認可的999.9及99永豐金條。集團已成為香港大型金商之一,涉足貴金屬實貨業務逾三十年,而成交量更連年穩守前三名。永豐致力發展成爲更專業及全面的金融機構,提供一站式金融投資服務,包括金銀投資、證券、期貨及外匯服務。 永豐金銀網絡交易平台智能手機程式為你提供一站式網上金銀投資(金銀易)及999.9金條買賣(實金易)服務。 「金銀易」是全自助式的貴金屬網上交易帳戶,讓客戶可參與市場罕有金、銀、鈀、鉑保證金投資服務,交易平台操作簡易,安全快捷。 安全可靠24小時網上貴金屬保證金交易 交易平台操作簡易,有限價、止損等多項交易指示,安全快捷 0佣金,交易兼享有回贈計劃 「實金易」為黃金實貨買賣的帳戶,買入指定數量黃金後,更可提取實貨金條。 網上買賣999.9金條,並可提取實貨金條或回售給永豐 投資門檻低,一両便可入場 免去持有實金所需的買賣手續費、保險費及運輸費等缺點 此外,永豐金銀網絡交易平台應用程式,設有多種交易指令、分析圖表等功能,隨時隨地緊貼市況,使投資更具靈活性,強勁功能如下: 「工作列表」方便查閱下單指令,輕鬆配合多變的投資策略 「走勢圖」及「消息」 緊貼市況 如您已成為永豐之網上交易客戶,即可以現有之登入名稱及密碼登入。閣下如欲於永豐開立網上交易服務,請即致電客戶服務熱線查詢: 香港 : (852) 2303 5577 免費中國專線 : 400 120 1022 電郵 : “eBullion Physical” is a convenient way to buy & sell physical gold bars online. You can redeem the Gold Bar once you buy ...    191 kb    Views 116
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+8    China Everbright Securities Hong Kong Golden Sunshine (International) is a platform connecting the China network with the Hong Kong securities market. This platform is simple and userfriendly, with allarounded stock quotes, news and trading functions.    19 MB    Views 1346
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+2    WBP Online Economic Calendar App is a musthave tool for all Forex, CFD, Commodity, Futures and Stock Traders. Economic indicators pushed in realtime, no refresh needed. As a prime source agency, we provide you with the fastest data, so you ...    10 MB    Views 2807


0    StatChina© is the official database App for National Bureau of Statistics of China which demonstrates the indicators of China's national economic and social development by interactive charts.The medias, investors, market research institutions and individuals can query China's statistical data anytime ...    9 MB    Views 2754

Fidelity Mobile

investment china market management fidelity offer funds latest authorized
+29    This app is designed for clients of FIL Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited. Access valuable market insights from Fidelity's experts and monitor latest updates for your favourite Fidelity and nonFidelity managed funds (as available through Fidelity's FundsNetwork) on the go. Key ...    NAN    Views 6464
Related Apps china kong platform hong securities
0    China Everbright Securities Hong Kong Golden Sunshine (International) HD is a platform connecting the China network with the Hong Kong securities market. This platform is simple and userfriendly, with allarounded stock quotes, news and trading functions.    16 MB    Views 6748
calculator home china house mortgage monthly easy calculate costs loan quickly
0    This is a Chinese special mortgage calculator, if you have a house or ready to invest in China's real estate in China, you'll need it The perfect tool for brokers, realtors, and home hunters alike. Mortgage Calculator is a simple and ...    NAN    Views 8538
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+13    This powerful App has been developed by the team at Solomons IFA to give you key financial information at your fingertips, 24/7. Now you can have instant access to your latest business and personal accountancy facts, dates and calculators. Using the ...    18 MB    Views 3721


tax china income individual data liability grand
+5    Individual income tax liability in China is calculated according to three factors: 1; the source of an individual's income; 2. whether an individual is determined under Chinese law to be domiciled in China for tax purposes; 3. and the length of their stay ...    15 MB    Views 7393

Shares Investment

+15    Shares Investment / 《股市资讯》: a trusted source of financial information for all listed companies in Singapore since 1995. Singapore, Malaysia, China, United States and Hong Kong (upcoming) stock market news & prices, listed company research, insights & analysis on the ...    7 MB    Views 836


time ratios return financial feature employee debts index summary indices
-8    With this application you can calculate, using data from the financial statements of a company, a large amount of financial ratios in order to control, monitor and evaluate the profitability of a company. The feature that distinguishes it most is ...    6 MB    Views 9254
finance chinese banking china financial pro
-2    "Financial Chinese Pro" is designed for professionals, job seekers, investors and literally anyone who want to learn speaking Banking & Finance Mandarin Chinese in action. It prepares you to work in China or any Mandarin speaking companies and seek jobs, ...    9 MB    Views 1228


+29    Fonestock gives you a refreshing experience in mobile financial information accessing and digesting. With realtime streaming and Fonestock interpretation, your next logical step is often just one stroke away, whether it is indepth analysis, cross reference or news updating. Features of ...    9 MB    Views 9061

Expenses Tracker

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+30    Expensit is a simple and beautiful utility to help you keep track of your financial inputs and outputs. It provides matrix summaries that will let you browse your expenses yearly, monthly, daily and finally a list of all the entries. In ...    1 MB    Views 7411


+14    !!特别提示:掌中投3.0及以上版本只支持iOS7及以上版本 请iOS6及以下版本用户不要升级,或使用金中投高端版、超强版。!! 央企全资控股大型证券公司 中投证券出品!安全,正规! 无需开户亦可免费使用,所有功能永久免费! 专业又易用! 炒股,装备趁手最重要 极速行情,随手在握。 丰富资讯,自由定制。 官方应用,对接后端交易系统对接更稳定。 掌中投可能不是功能最多的,但可能希望能成为您最趁手的炒股装备。 因为专业,所以简单 摆脱繁琐的功能列表,现在开始体验炒股新感觉。 流畅操作助您遨游股市。 掌中投团队认为炒股不应该是个复杂的事儿,打开就能上手的应用才是好应用。 告别广告 厌烦了“老师指导包涨停”的小广告? 担心有的骚扰电话? 掌中投只为你提供你需要的。 省电省流量 不再担心装上后莫名其妙电量下的很快。 不再担心看着流量占用欲哭无泪。 掌中投经过严格测试,尽量减少消耗您手机的宝贵电力和流量。 联系方式 公司网站: 服务热线:95532 意见反馈    7 MB    Views 5983
chinese china software time management security gold price prices users download
+14    Hello everyone, in the new year to continue for the majority of the new and old customer service, Chinese gold prices really happy, the price of gold is designed for Chinese around the world need to focus on the price ...    623 kb    Views 1247
time research stock stocks analysis fundamental load data financial potential
-2    Stocks+ is the most powerful stock analysis tool on the iPhone. If you are a sophisticated investor who uses fundamental analysis, Stocks+ is the app for you. Stocks+ was created by a team of equity research analysts from top investment banks, ...    11 MB    Views 1120

china finance news

Related Apps rss china news finance push
-2    china finance news rss push 注意: 下载app后,请选择分类进行订购,这样才能收到push. rss 订购来源 华尔街日报,新浪财经,人民日报 可以按照分类来订购不同子分类 可以设置不同通知音调 通知方式 1。你首先选择分类,订购成功后,系统返回给你订购成功 2。一旦订购成功后,服务系统一旦收到有最新的rss 内容标题,就会通过push 方式发送到你的手机。 注意: 服务时间是你下载订购的一年内。 1.建议订购的分类不要超过5个。 2.push 功能有占用流量,如果使用iphone ,请检查流量。 3.请打开push 服务。 联系邮件: 我們其他類似應用 quick rss for china (中國新聞),push rss( 美國新聞),臺灣新聞,香港新闻.    3 MB    Views 827
china chinese rate exchange cash buying selling note banks foreign supports currency
+5    If you want to change RMB with other currencies,how can you get the most benefit? The App provides the Chinese banks real exchange rate, helps you decide witch bank you can exchange RMB with it that you can get the most ...    53 MB    Views 434


stock time news market china real securities quotes detailed service financial
+1    CASH Financial Services Group Limited (“CFSG”, stock code: 510.HK) is a leading financial services conglomerate in China. Celestial Securities Limited, a subsidiary of CFSG, is glad to launch “CASH RTQ” mobile app to provide realtime quotes, securities trading service and ...    5 MB    Views 4051


sale ipad workflow tax time business china product support easy query order super vendor category purchase
-3    SuperStore register for small retail business and owner managed shops to manage Inventory, Purchase and Sales on iPad. It is Easy to Customize, USE, QUERY, STATISTIC and ANALYSIS. ========================================================================== Lite version can help you to try and experience all features of SuperStore ...    72 MB    Views 495

Speech Calculator

speech chinese french calculator china apple spanish english function czech dutch
+24    A Simple Speech function Calculator now available on Apple Watch Speech function not support Apple Watch. this is the list with the supported languages: Arabic (Saudi Arabia) arSA Chinese (China) zhCN Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China) zhHK Chinese (Taiwan) zhTW Czech (Czech Republic) ...    1 MB    Views 7983
-3    CapitalVue Mobile Terminal Pro provides CapitalVue Financial Terminal subscribers all of the data, news and information needed to stay connected to the Greater China marketplace – delivered in realtime. This is your CapitalVue Financial Terminal, accessible on your supported mobile device. CapitalVue ...    14 MB    Views 8953


time background color financial incomes expenses statistical red
0    Extremely simple. Slight slide down to record expenses/incomes. Background color will be changed along with your expenses/incomes. You can tell your financial status directly from the background color. Pay attention if your background color turns red or deep red. ...    3 MB    Views 3194
banking china market mobile branch application ccb information coupon
0    中國建設銀行澳門分行手機應用程式讓您於手機上感受非凡的理財體驗。 特別推介新功能: MCoupon 手機專享優惠 應用程式特點: 捷徑連結至建行澳門分行流動理財服務 最新市場資訊 中國投資智庫 分行 / 自動櫃員機位置 流動理財服務: 戶口查詢 轉賬 證券買賣 市場資訊 捷徑功能 China Construction Bank Macau Branch mobile application brings you an extraordinary banking experience on your mobile phone. Recommended New Function: MCoupon Exclusive offer on your mobile Application Features: Shortcut to CCB ...    13 MB    Views 7920


china chinese iphone provider accounts track phone bill
+12    Phone Bill was designed and created to track balances, data usage and messages from your telecom provider on your account. Particularly useful for foreigners in China who aren't able to understand native Chinese and wish to avoid going through tedious ...    3 MB    Views 3698
audio money time kids financial book life step
+21    Find out why The New York Times says, "The 8 Pillars of Financial Greatness hits the nail on the head. Brian Nelson Ford breaks the trend and delivers an educational, enjoyable, and refreshing read for anyone who wants to get ...    143 MB    Views 5254

WeakRisk FX

Related Apps market time strategy work system financial analysis
0    What is WeakRisk FX? WeakRisk FX is an innovative tool for trading on the Forex market, able to identify , 24 hours per day, the main trends of the market in both phases: directional and lateral. This algorithm is property of ...    13 MB    Views 3398
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-6    Access the power of the Chinacentric CapitalVue Financial Terminal, your unique window into China’s financial marketplace, and remain enabled with onthego information, realtime market data, statistical data feeds and analytical tools. CapitalVue Mobile Terminal allows financial professionals, researchers, academics and ...    14 MB    Views 3453


news time market real financial breaking moves
-3    BE ON TOP OF ALL BREAKING FINANCIAL NEWS & RUMOURS WITH THIS FANTASTIC APP Bring the power of the market leader for realtime financial news and analysis to your fingertips More than 20,000 professional traders around the world trust RANsquawk to give ...    3 MB    Views 1301


china time market news stock afe index fund sold bought flow information stocks hang
+29    Company Background HKSMN is a new generation stock information system jointly developed by PCCW and AFE Solutions Limited (a joint venture of Thomson Reuters Hong Kong Limited). AFE Solutions Limited is the leading information provider for realtime prices, news and analytics ...    8 MB    Views 3853

Time Vault

time iphone money vault data financial future csv bank
+3    Useful calculator or just art? It is believed the Time Vault mechanism was left by an ancient alien civilisation or it may have crossed over from a parallel universe. Its origins are uncertain but if you can crack Time Vault, ...    15 MB    Views 2376
Related Apps investment london china wing fung trading bullion orders financial forex gold 2303
+21    Wing Fung Financial Group 永豐金融集團 永丰金融集团 「永豐金融集團」為香港金銀業貿易場會員(會員編號:34),同時擁有「金條集團」行員資格,鑄造本港認可的九九金及九九九九永豐金條。集團已成為香港大型金商之一,涉足貴金屬實貨業務逾三十年,而成交量更連年穩守前三名。近年,永豐致力發展成爲更專業及全面的金融機構,提供一站式金融投資服務,包括金銀投資、證券、期貨及外匯服務。 永豐金銀投資有限公司提供24小時不間斷貴金屬保證金交易,除本地倫敦金(LLG)和本地倫敦銀(LLS)之外,還有港金(99金)、鉑金及鈀金等投資服務,捕捉每個黃金機會。 永豐外匯有限公司的24小時網上槓桿式外匯交易,可涉獵全球超過十多種主要貨幣合約,買賣差價更低至1點子!輕鬆掌握國際貨幣匯率變動玄機,洞悉投資先機。 此外,永豐金銀外匯手機交易平台應用程式,設有多種交易指令、分析圖表等功能,隨時隨地緊貼市況,使投資更具靈活性,強勁功能如下: 1. 「IfDone Order」預先設定開倉、止賺及止損平倉指令,讓您不分晝夜作出部署 2. 「工作列表」方便查閱下單指令,輕鬆配合多變的投資策略 3. 「走勢圖」設有詳盡及多元化技術指標,以多角度分析金、匯圖表走勢 如您已成為永豐之網上交易客戶,即可以現有之登入名稱及密碼登入。閣下如欲於永豐開立網上交易服務,請即致電客戶服務熱線查詢: 金銀投資 (+852) 2303 8686 或免費中國專線 400 120 1080 外匯 (+852) 2303 5518 或免費中國專線 400 120 1018 Wing Fung Financial Group 永豐金融集團 永丰金融集团 “Wing Fung Financial Group” is the member of The Chinese ...    190 kb    Views 8237


business china entrepreneurs networking ceo singapore learning eagle company success
0    ABOUT MOC CEO CLUB We teach entrepreneurs how to manipulate capital and IPO their company within 3 years. We connect them to venture capital funding. MISSION A noble self mission to encourage growth among fellow entrepreneurs through networking, continuous learning and brand recognition. DESCRIPTION About ...    23 MB    Views 9560

China ePay

china email payment epay customers address request currency
+13    Joining our China ePay service to get RMB (China currency) paid in currency of your choice. You can send a payment request to any China Customers with an email address Easy Payment from China Customers with UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) 1. Register ...    20 MB    Views 4075

BOOM Mobile Trading

stock market investors shanghai monitor china singapore trading view mobile kong hong online platform securities
+10    BOOM has been offering international stock trading services with its proprietary “one account, multimarket” online trading platform. It’s never been easier to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of trading across Asia and U.S. with your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. With ...    7 MB    Views 4640
china btc swipe cancel orders ltc automatically order cny edit
-7    BTC China Mobile Exchange 2.0 Trade Bitcoin and Litecoin wherever you are with BTC China's official mobile client. Key Features: 1. Three trading pairs supported: BTC/CNY, LTC/CNY, LTC/BTC; 2. Candlestick charts automatically update with realtime data; 3. Supports Market and Limit Orders; 4. Swipe ...    967 kb    Views 8901
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+22    THIS IS NOT A GAME (Sorry, we didn’t mean to yell but we wanted to make sure you knew.) This app is to be used WITH the CASHFLOW tabletop game. Breathe new life into your CASHFLOW tabletop experience Set aside your ...    4 MB    Views 9056
Related Apps market time investment china afe stocks flow fund sold information index bought basic indexes
+2    Company Background AFE Solutions Limited is the leading information provider for realtime prices and analytics in Hong Kong financial market. Established since 1983, AFE has been serving major brokerage firms and banks in HK with its high quality stocks market information. ...    8 MB    Views 1413


video web videos time relevant financial markets
+3    Video is everywhere: TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets. With so many online sources to search, and with so many devices on which to view, finding relevant video can be time consuming and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be, thanks ...    9 MB    Views 6131
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0    Totally free, safe and secure, good helper for your life Chinese gold prices can view gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, realtime spot price (including the dollar and the yuan two currencies display), the most detailed and most all varieties. ...    3 MB    Views 2605


china market chinese time london finance news forex bullion analysis hong trading kong information gold
+4    MarketMaster, the most comprehensive product of mFINANCE, is dedicated to providing 24x7 Forex and Bullion realtime information, including charts, news, analysis, economic data, currency converter, volatility/price alert and forum. With this comprehensive app on forex and bullion, you can get ...    19 MB    Views 3843

Quick Airtime

china airtime mobile quick republic united featured rica
+23    Simple, Secure and Smart Mobile Application for Mobile Recharge and Airtime Topup. Offers Multiple Topup, Recurring Billing, Reseller Accounts and Giftcodex support. Product video is available on Featured Network Operators on Quick Airtime and Quick Airtime Mobile App  Aircel,  Airtel,  América ...    18 MB    Views 2210
Related Apps china market time finance forex gold silver bullion information hong kong financial platform
-4    mFINANCE – a free real time Gold, Silver and Forex markets information center This is an mobile application that provides 7x24 Gold, Silver and Forex real time information, which include charts, news and analysis. With such an comprehensive apps on forex ...    14 MB    Views 144

Nordnet Trader

instruments time market prices real login sell financial buy
+13    Manage your portfolio faster with your iPad. With Nordnet Trader, you can see current prices, buy and sell financial instruments, and follow your portfolio's growth in realtime no matter where you are quickly and easily. Buy and sell ...    2 MB    Views 7712
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