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0    Convert the fastest unit converter on the App Store Main Features: • TEXT ENTRY: This is where Convert is different than any other conversion tool on the App Store. Whatever you wish to convert, just start typing and see the results ...    8 MB    Views 2164


silver conversions gold
+12    BarterCalcPro does Gold and Silver conversions to Dollars, Pounds and Euros. It does currency conversions, shows charts of the current gold and silver prices and allows you to login to your Bullion Vault Account. It allows one to quickly enter ...    9 MB    Views 7361

My Travel Expenses

+11    My Travel Expenses gives you an easy and intuitive way to manage, track, and report your business travel expenses. Some features include: •Tracking remaining per diem values •Snapping pictures of receipts and attaching them to an expense claim •Creating expense reports and sending ...    996 kb    Views 1920
units easy conversions touch
+13    TOUCH CONVERTER is the easy to use tool for units conversions Easy to use interface Accurate calculations. Can be operated by all ages. Conversion available for various units Some of the conversions: Time Area Mass Angles Volume Distance Pressure Temperature A lot more…………..    1 MB    Views 9459
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+2    FREE FOR LIMITED TIME Units Converter is an app which lets you convert from various units into lots of others easily. Units Converter supports Apple Watch so it'a a perfect app for currency conversions on holiday or any other calculations ...    7 MB    Views 378
history traveling search currency 142 stored conversions currencies conversion rates network
-1    CurrencyHIST Keep a record of all the currency conversions you have ever made 142 Currencies Available CurrencyHIST has a very simple, easy to use interface for users to get their conversion rates in a jiffy. You can select from 142 ...    2 MB    Views 8061

Forex Guild

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+3    Forex Guild is an easy to use currency conversion tool that provides Forex in an interesting and useful format. User can view number of currencies against a base currency set. The application shows the how much the base currency is ...    815 kb    Views 606
calculator math library history apps language business finance time templates conversions calculations share hundreds create
+1    Powerful financial, business and real estate calculator includes algebraic, RPN input and over 400 free calculations. Create your own, keep a history and share with others. ● Multiple time Apple staff pick including Best of 2010 ● "The créme de la créme ...    4 MB    Views 4742

Compare and Convert

+4    Have you ever wondered if it's a better deal to buy that twelve pack of soda or the liter of soda? The threepound bag of oranges or the oranges by the pound? You could take the time to do the ...    675 kb    Views 4474
+11    Featured in "What's Hot" in ITunes Russia, Singapore, Canada, and the United Kingdom Smart Chef Conversions will make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier by allowing you to use any measuring device you have handy, regardless of the units ...    1 MB    Views 7186


body sale tax conversions length area volume calculators bmi metric unit
0    AllCalc is an allinone compilation of several frequently used calculators, including calculators for Tips, Sales Tax, Sale Prices, Amortized Mortgages, Body Mass Index (BMI), and Wages. Also included are numerous unit conversions. AllCalc includes: Calculators • Amortized Mortgage • Body Mass Index (BMI) • Tip • ...    790 kb    Views 5906
calculator planning apps family calculations financial conversions note loan auto units
+10    CalcMadeEasy is one the BEST multipurpose Apps on AppStore. App makes it easy to do financial calculations/decision making, scientific/mathematical calculations, unit conversions and automatic notes. It’s like 4 apps in 1 at one low price, with builtin autonote taking capabilities ...    10 MB    Views 4752


traffic affiliate website reporting converted conversions merchants tool efficient
+10    The VeMerchant iPhone App is the world's first reporting tool dedicated to reporting abandoned transactions that are captured, remarketed to and converted. The App allows online merchants to check how their websites are converting, live and in real time. VeMerchant is ...    3 MB    Views 7398
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