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Currency Translator

+15    Convert between currencies and see the value not only in numbers but also in words. Select the scale factor for easy calculation, like millions, billions & trillions. The wording for currencies based out of Indian number systems like (Lakhs, Crores).    2 MB    Views 3202
0    Anywhere your cell phone or mobile device goes, your banking can too With First Dakota eMobile Banking, you are able to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, make deposits, manage your card(s) and receive alerts from the convenience of your ...    23 MB    Views 2883

SMC tabtrade Equity

-1    SMC Tab Trade is an advance,secure and user friendly application for Apple tablets . It Provides real time stock market information with trading capabilities even on move. Registered User of SMC can trade in Equity, Derivative , Currency and Commodities ...    45 MB    Views 2115
Related Apps banking farmers mobile bank click view tab service device
+25    Farmers bank Mobile Banking is state of the art banking right from your mobile device. Farmers Bank mobile banking is fast, safe, and secure. Our mobile banking solution enables customers to use their Apple device to view alerts, check balances and ...    66 MB    Views 3931

Table Tab

+4    Table Tab is the easiest hassle free way to split the bill. Take a picture of the bill or get one from your photo library, pick a color, tap your items. Tip can be adjusted on the Totals page. You ...    17 MB    Views 7095


+4    Salinas, Allen And Schmitt, L.L.P Certified Public Accountants Business And Tax Consultants For over 60 years, our trusted professionals have helped clients make money and keep it. Founded in 1949, the firm has grown to serve the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with ...    10 MB    Views 5086
+15    This application is for the sales staff and so on. This application helps you to reviewing the new goods price or to check the profit of existing goods. You can check the sales and profits in the chart if you input the ...    980 kb    Views 8318
home property tab american agency title service commercial professionals mobile
+26    The American Title Service Agency Mobile App serves home buyers and sellers, real estate professionals, loan originators and servicers, commercial property professionals,Attorneys, home builders and others involved in residential and commercial property transactions with products and services to suit their ...    17 MB    Views 8532


investment stock time model monte data price estimates risk daily tab
+26    MCarloRisk3D: MCarloRisk with 3D viewing options for better understanding of the estimated probability surface. Stock price risk analyzer app for the common man. Now with optional Black Swan events and tunable forward volatility. Estimates future price distribution using random walk theory. 
Background discussion: ...    581 kb    Views 8540

Currency Center

0    Currency Center provides the latest exchange rate information for over 100 currencies It's very simple & easy to use Great for when you watch several currencies you want. Great for forex traders. Great for travellers.    10 MB    Views 3388
Related Apps search panel tab service details contact number displays oracle
+14    Mobile Oracle Service for Oracle Service module is an iPad application wherein users can make use of Oracle Service Application with various key functionalities such as Contact Center in Oracle EBusiness Suite R12.X. Oracle Contact Center Application can be used to search ...    19 MB    Views 6031
Related Apps banking mobile submit tab
+1    Bank onthego with Coatesville Mobile Banking. Check your account balances and history Transfer funds Pay bills Locate the closest branch office or ATM Coatesville Mobile Banking is free and secure. To access Coatesville Mobile Banking, download the app and then enroll in ...    617 kb    Views 2415


currencies european
+13    This app converts 32 currencies easily and adfree. The app uses rates from the European Central Bank (ECB). Supported currencies: all European currencies plus many important world currencies (Dollar, Yen, Yuan etc.).    5 MB    Views 4449
Related Apps currencies currency converter
+7    Currencies Currency converter is the best travel iPhone Are you in London and want to splurge? With Currencies know exactly what you pay for You are in Rome and want to know if you're making a deal to buy a dress ...    5 MB    Views 238

Pachi Plot

graph number data tab
-7    PachiPlot is a tool to predict the nail adjustment of pachinko. Pachinko becomes a big element in which nail adjustment influences victory or defeat. However, the number of capture has variation.  Moreover, since the exchange cycle of a machine is early, judgment by ...    2 MB    Views 492
rent spending waste register items balance tab chart check costs
-6    This app can check wasteful spending quickly. Do you have experience frustrated in household account book? I always can't last for two reason. 1. Registration is troublesome > Need tap several times to display the input screen. 2. Vain > When register all, such ...    563 kb    Views 4884


-5    Share a tab with friends and keep track of your part of the tab. Enjoy your night out and let drinklist be your accountant    1 MB    Views 5565
Related Apps bitcoin mining pool tab rewards
+12    A Bitcoin Monitoring iOS App For The Pool (Slush's Pool) Features: Score and shares in current round Hashrate (Mhash/s) Send threshold Estimated Rewards Unconfirmed, Confirmed and Total Rewards Worker Stats Automatic QR code generator for your wallet To use, enter API ...    7 MB    Views 4039
+6    Featured by Apple as the 1 Travel Companion App in the App Store Simplicity is a virtue. Tally aims to be the simplest, fastest, and smartest currency conversion app you've ever used. Just type in "45 NZD to USD" ...    19 MB    Views 5017

Your Car Manager

car time manager tab track expenses faster gas enter
+28    Nowadays life becomes faster and faster, the problem of free time becomes more essential. In order to save your time we’ve created Your Car Manager app just for you Here you can find a lot of useful functions for better ...    10 MB    Views 1186

Budgets & Bills

Related Apps bills budget money time budgets tab financial goals account setup accounts
+3    NOTE: some features not working under iOS8 Do you want to have more money available to spend on the things you really want? Budgets&Bills is a simple and easy to use app that helps you to control your expenses so that ...    11 MB    Views 3803

Cool Currencies

Related Apps currencies currency convert
-3    Very simple, yet extremely useful currency convertor Allows to convert one currency into many Allows to convert many currencies into one Converting many currencies into one is a very handy function when traveling. You can always find out how much are all those ...    8 MB    Views 7928


currencies currency convert
-6    Free for a limited time Need to quickly convert to another currency? Now you can do it with style with Eurrency. It's the best app for it. Most currency converters let you convert between two currencies easily, but when you ...    1 MB    Views 1199


time members easy tab
+2    Ever borrow money from a friend while out to lunch? Or trade off inviting a colleague to a cup of coffee? iCashBox is an App that makes managing your deposits and withdrawals with friends easy. No matter what kind of ...    1 MB    Views 7835
0    The Washington Update is now available at your fingertips. Stay connected with our newsfeed, member sign in, and website. Not a member yet? Receive our regular free updates using the \"Subscribe\" tab. Do you want to reach Andy Friedman or ...    15 MB    Views 3377

Lead Tab

Related Apps time market calculator tab lead price choice currencies check prices support
+20    Lead Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are Aluminum Tab, Gold Tab, Oil Tab, Platinum Tab, Silver Tab, Palladium Tab, Copper Tab, Nickel Tab and Zinc Tab. Tracking lead ...    5 MB    Views 6426


Related Apps time application currencies real
-2    ExchangeGenius is a simple application 1. the realtime calculation for any two currencies 2. the realtime trend for any two currencies. 3. the application support more than 100 countries currencies, including gold, silver, palladium and other precious metals prices All the infomation in this ...    243 kb    Views 1240


0    The easiest way to pay your bill without your wallet. No more forgetting your credit card at the bar after a big night out. Why bring the credit card or cash when you can simply flash your phone? Open a tab, flash your ...    NAN    Views 5330


tab open smartphone split view restaurant
+15    Payr Restaurant payments made EASYR With Payr, you can open a tab, view your tab REALTIME, split your tab with friends, and pay your tab right from your smartphone Keep the wallet in your pants and the cards at home Check ...    6 MB    Views 1951

TAB Bank Mobile

Related Apps banking bank tab check transfers checks deposit accounts mobile
-5    Start banking wherever you are with TAB Bank Available to all TAB Bank online banking customers, TAB Bank Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, and deposit checks. Available features include: Accounts Check your latest account balance and search recent transactions ...    5 MB    Views 2729
time ipad irr interest tab rate calculate investments
+26    Download Coller Capital’s FREE IRR HD App for iPad to calculate the internal rate of return and interest rate for all of your investments Coller Capital’s Free IRR HD App was specifically designed for the Private Equity industry and specifically designed ...    946 kb    Views 7539

Dollar Converter

Related Apps currencies converter supported dollar
0    This simple currency converter displays how much 1 dollar costs in any of the supported currencies. The supported currencies includes all major currencies as well as the top 30 currencies in the world. You can also customize the background color.    2 MB    Views 343

Local Sales

search sale sales local content items agree number tab produce
0    Local Sales is a marketplace app that is designed to help you quickly and safely buy and sell items around you. There is no username or password to use Local Sales, meaning that discovering items for sale near you is ...    3 MB    Views 7018
Related Apps calculator tab divide groups bill restaurant group sort tip
+25    A restaurant calculator that’s fast, simple to use, and fun. It's here Just enter the tab, set the tip slider between 0%30%, and you get the grand total for the bill. Then, if you would like, you can divide the bill ...    59 kb    Views 1175
Related Apps card photo tab payment date show balance statement credit shop passcode
+22    This application is ideal for people who have credit card. It will help you easily decide on that question. "Which card should be used" Tab details: [Home] TAB:Show list of card information such as credit limit,amount of all payment, balance and ...    NAN    Views 4729
tab graph monthly energy categories totals simple table view
+1    CostMan is a simple application to keep track of your expenses. You can easily know how much you're spending on particular item every month, every year. Learn more about what you are paying for routinely such as energy costs, communication fee, taxes ...    4 MB    Views 2187

Sloane Capital

market investment tab capital dealer opportunities network representatives
+26    As an Exempt Market Dealer, (EMD) Sloane Capital Corp. is committed to helping investors responsibly build their wealth through a variety of unique, Private Placement investment opportunities. All our Exempt Market investment products undergo a rigorous approval process to ensure ...    16 MB    Views 8635

Nickel Tab

+27    Nickel Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are Aluminum Tab, Gold Tab, Oil Tab, Platinum Tab, Silver Tab, Palladium Tab, Copper Tab, Lead Tab and Zinc Tab. Tracking nickel ...    5 MB    Views 7732
een het van tab als door voor wordt
+14    TAB APP Gezamenlijke uitgaven interactief en betrouwbaar onderling bijhouden, deze unieke app maakt het mogelijk Iedereen schiet wel eens wat voor, maar achteraf blijkt het vaak lastig om dit goed bij te houden. Tab biedt daar een gemakkelijke oplossing voor door ...    8 MB    Views 1269
mortgage situation tab order
0    Terry Kilakos and his team are highly trained mortgage brokers servicing all of Quebec and some parts of Canada. Their portfolio of satisfied clients gives them a sound reputation and makes them the number one choice for mortgage advice. With ...    14 MB    Views 5866


stock design stocks price tab view loss day viewing buy profit
0    PSMonitor lets you monitor the Philippine stock market activity on the go (requires a WiFi or data connection). ▪ Stock price updates from the stock exchange ▪ Simple and intuitive interface ▪ All Stocks tab for viewing actively traded stocks by symbol ▪ Active ...    19 MB    Views 4177

Currencies 2.0

Related Apps exchange rates currencies
+7    Instantly view multiple exchange rates of numerous currencies. Download exchange rates when connected to the internet and have the exchange rates available even when offline.    6 MB    Views 3989
Related Apps currencies currency
-3    Converts all currencies with easy to use scroll wheels. Put in amount, choose currency, push calculate. All currencies available. Connects to webserver to get currencies    4 MB    Views 1930


monitor account schedule payments tab check
+6    The FuturePay Mobile App provides secure access to your FuturePay account, allowing you to manage your FuturePay tab with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at anytime from virtually anywhere. The App lets you check your balances, schedule payments in seconds ...    2 MB    Views 105

Copper Tab

Related Apps time market calculator tab copper price currencies choice check oil 150
+13    Copper Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are Copper Tab, Gold Tab, Oil Tab, Platinum Tab, Silver Tab, Palladium Tab, Nickel Tab, Lead Tab and Zinc Tab. Tracking oil ...    6 MB    Views 8764


time account real line data tab balance chart journal
+2    Now that you have real time financial data, of course you need to access it on the go. The Subledger app allows you to quickly and easily access your existing Subledger account just about anywhere. Want to see real time accounting ...    7 MB    Views 4066

Zinc Tab

Related Apps time market calculator tab zinc price choice currencies check prices support
+22    Zinc Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are Aluminum Tab, Gold Tab, Oil Tab, Platinum Tab, Silver Tab, Palladium Tab, Copper Tab, Nickel Tab and Lead Tab. Tracking zinc ...    5 MB    Views 8260
Related Apps currency tab conversion updated values button rates click server currencies
+22    All in one currency converter which supports 160 + currencies For simple currency conversion , always use the first tab . Just select the base currency, target currency , amount and then click on convert button Second tab contains a set of ...    8 MB    Views 5558

What I Buy

photo search camera items expenses spent tab currencies overview purchased tap tracking
+5    What I Buy app helps you keep your expenses effectively by combining traditional way with Photo. It is the easiest way to keep you remember what you have purchased and how much it cost (e.g. by taking photo of the ...    8 MB    Views 9162


currencies currency omni
-5    "Omni Currency" uses the most popular and most up to date currencies and exchange rates all over the world. Convert between hundreds of currencies worldwide with just the touch of a button. Convenient and easy to use, whether you're traveling, ...    1 MB    Views 7259


-4    MoneyXchange A simple nononsense currency converter that has instant live access to 94 of the world's currencies... handy for both the tourist and business traveller. See how much you are going to get for either your dollars, sterling or euros along with ...    5 MB    Views 8066


Related Apps currencies exchange
+10    Get daily currencies exchange for more than 90 currencies from different countries in the palm of your hand through an elegant interface. The values of exchange can be updated at any moment. You can also edit the list of currencies ...    3 MB    Views 3294


running tab friend
+8    mooch helps you keep track of money borrowed between friends, family, or whoever. With just a few quick taps, you can record the who, what, when, and why for any friendly loan as it happens. These transactions are added to a running ...    278 kb    Views 7658
camera work virtual ipad medical cards category information financial picture tabs wallet tab roll
-3    Replace all the files and stacks of paper that you have scattered around your house Use your iPhone/iPod or iPad to store ALL your financial information securely and have it easily accessible when needed Go shopping and have your receipts emailed ...    2 MB    Views 6009
Related Apps calculator email tip restaurant tab split
+5    TipSplit Restaurant Tip Calculator The best way to tip, split the bill and email it to your boss Don't leave home without it No more typing, or counting, just spin Display the proper currency symbol based on your ...    63 kb    Views 6633
car time manager tab expenses track gold easily cars
+10    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Nowadays life becomes faster and faster, the problem of free time becomes more essential. In order to save your time we’ve created Your Car Manager GOLD app just for you Here you can find a lot of ...    5 MB    Views 9249

My Running Tab

bills running person time friends pay track tab
+14    My RunningTab is a simple way to share bills and keep track of IOUs with friends. Rather than annoying a waitress or bartender to get change for a hundred or split bills on credit cards, IOUs allow one person to ...    10 MB    Views 2418


-9    Mobiilimakse app pakub mugavat võimalust teostada mobiilimakset. Mobiilimakse on kõige lihtsam ja kiirem viis rahaülekanneteks. See töötab momentaalselt k.a. öösiti ja riiklikelpühadel. Mobiilimaksega saab raha kanda igale mobiiliomanikule, kes on sõlminud Mobiilimakse lepingu SEB, Swedpangas või Sampopangas. Mobiilimakse app töötab jägmiselt: 1) Vali ...    5 MB    Views 8588

USA Lotto Jackpot

Related Apps email numbers winning times jackpot receive tab alert
-6    Download USA Lotto Jackpot and improve your Mega Millions and Power Ball winning chances. Lotto Jackpot provides you with Mega Millions and Power Ball latest and historical winning information (1)Info tab will provide current/historical information for winning numbers, jackpots, winning city and ...    12 MB    Views 4268


ticker mercado tab shares
+15    A BHG S.A. Brazil Hospitality Group, terceira maior rede hoteleira do país, tornouse a primeira companhia brasileira a operar no segmento imobiliário especializada em hotelaria com foco em turismo de negócios, com hotéis próprios e administrados divididos nas categorias ...    20 MB    Views 9850
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