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0    Convert every world currency with the Currency App. It offers live proprietary currency rates, and even stores the last updated rates, so it works when the Internet doesn't.    1002 kb    Views 6275
0    Premier Farnell IR Briefcase delivers key investor relations content direct from its corporate website to those stakeholders wishing to access content optimised for either their iPad or iPhone. The App provides the latest corporate news, reports and presentations whether online or ...    1 MB    Views 8802
+7    The App allows investors, analysts, the media and other interested parties to remain up to date with relevant online and offline fiancial and corporate information on Credit Suisse AG. The iPad optimized App contains the following features: – Home Screen showing latest ...    8 MB    Views 6605


+1    Show the current currency, the exchanged currency and the currency of credit card include fee. Caculator..    17 MB    Views 5847

Currency for iOS 8

+6    New. Simple. Amazing. Currency+ 2014 is the simplest and most powerful exchange calculator on the market. With the new OFFLINE feature and an updated interface is it easier than ever to convert + ONLINE and OFFLINE + 45 Currencies + Userfriendly interface Currency+ 2014 includes over ...    2 MB    Views 4468
+1    The QBE Insurance Group investor relations app gives you mobile online and offline access to the latest news, results, presentations, announcements and recent publications in an iPadoptimised format. Features include: Content available online and offline Updates automatically when online Latest Australian Securities Exchange announcements Results ...    14 MB    Views 4785
0    Neat, simple and functional currency converter. AUD CHF EUR GBP JPY PLN USD    231 kb    Views 1449

Momentum WIT

+28    This application provides an investment tool for financial advisers which is a simple, visual pointofsale guide for voluntary and compulsory investment products available on the Momentum Wealth investment platform. It gives you easy online or offline access to a Wealth ...    7 MB    Views 3292
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-1    Comprehensive and easy to use Currency Converter covering 72 of the most commonly used currencies. The converter supports live Exchange rates and can also be used fully offline as a your perfect travel buddy. No internet connection is needed when ...    19 MB    Views 6409

Currency RU

+2    «Currency RU» your personal financial assistant Dowing to the software you always possess the most relevant information about recent currencies, etablished by the Central Bank of Russian Federation. Capabilities of the software: ● More than 30 currencies supported ● Currency calculator ● Possibility of ...    3 MB    Views 1666

Currency +

time history currency rates exchange converter mode offline currencies
+3    Over 70 supported currencies, real time exchange rates, offline mode and much more: Currency Plus is an awesome currency converter Features: Realtime Exchange Rates Over 70 Currencies New Currencies are added by support within an hour of notification Offline Mode Exchange ...    412 kb    Views 3584

Currency Pro

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+25    Currency Pro supports over 180 countries from all around the world that you can pull in and use as you need them. Features: Work at both online & offline mode Easy to Use Best Designs Search for currencies at any time ...    7 MB    Views 4958

TCS CubbuZZ iApp

analytics videos web content feedback engagement information offline capture pages
-6    TCS CubbuZZ iApp Packages all your latest information, sales collateral brochures, videos, web content together, and presents it in a unique, compelling format. Has inbuilt autosync, feedback and analytics capabilities. Carry your collateral with you, in an engaging, easytoshare package. Add ...    10 MB    Views 6148

This is Money

money email news stories features content read offline comments
+5    Get all the latest money news, advice and tips from Britain's best financial website – with quick, easy and free access plus the ability to read it when you're offline. Our bright new app is packed with useful stories and information ...    24 MB    Views 884


+20    This app is an application to convert the currency. Handy app that can be used when I went on a trip overseas. 【URL Schema】 currencyconv:// This app is compatible with the currency of the following countries. EU America United Kingdom Australia Brazil Canada Switzerland China Denmark Hong Kong India Japan Korea Sri Lanka Malaysia New Zealand Singapore Taiwan South Africa Thailand Sweden Norway Mexico Bulgaria Czech Republic Hungary Lithuania Latvia Poland Romania Iceland Croatia Russia Turkey Philippines Columbia Argentina Chile El Salvador Tunisia Paraguay Morocco Jamaica Saudi Arabia Qatar Honduras Syria Kuwait Bahrain Egypt Oman Nigeria Panama Peru Uruguay    5 MB    Views 5979
calculator currencies currency hour usage internet offline updated
0    Convert every world currency Currencies are updated every hour and are stored for offline usage so you can use it even without internet. 168 supported currencies and counting Updated every hour Calculator OFFLINE usage Converts currencies without internet    1 MB    Views 2025
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-2    Currency convertion tool for Free    682 kb    Views 3756

Currency Wallet

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+1    Currency Wallet helps you keep track of your multi currency savings and always know exactly how much money you have in total relative to a single currency. Create as many accounts as you like in any currencies. Latest currency exchange rates ...    1 MB    Views 6997
+1    currency is the simplest,most beautiful currency converter you’ll ever find. It supports 152 different currencies from all around the world.Make you more convenient, more easy access to Currency exchange information.    13 MB    Views 4649

Currency Convertor

+3    Simple but powerful currency converted. It provide up to date rates for over 118 currencies from all around the world. Free for limited time to celebrate the first release Let your feedback for new features you'd like to see in the next ...    2 MB    Views 7964
media financial latest investor key events reports results offline
+22    The Diageo plc mobile app provides Diageo investors and financial media instant access to important financial and business information. Once downloaded, files are available both on and offline. Key features are: Instant access to latest news releases and RNS announcements Interactive share price ...    14 MB    Views 5506

humble Till

management sale works cloud reporting full inventory offline point
+2    The humble Till is a cloud based Point Of Sale System that not only works on an iPad but also on an iPhone or iPod Touch Making it truly mobile. While the humble Till works beautifully online it also works ...    18 MB    Views 2465

KUO Investor

business grupo factors comments current offline investor
-1    Introducing the KUO Investor Center app for iPad. This app provides Kuo investors with instant access to important financial and business information of the Company. Key features are: Interactive share price charts showing the latest prices for Grupo KUO shares. Quarterly reports library for ...    23 MB    Views 1516
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-9    It is very easy to use calculator with the ability to simultaneously operate with different currencies. You can set for yourself currency exchange rates or get them from Internet.    696 kb    Views 8106

Lazy Exchange

0    Currency Exchange works offline. Primary currency: RON Historical data back to 2005. Track your most important currencies, compute rates within the app. View real time exchange info from top Romanian Banks.    NAN    Views 7037


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+7    With this simplicity friendlyuse Currency Converter, you are able to programmed frequently used of currencies and exchange rate in realtime. While traveling, you will have the latest exchange rates at anytime, anyplace, by simply press selected currency to have your respond ...    3 MB    Views 5522
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+8    The Helvetia Investor Relations app gives you all the latest investor and financial media information you need in an iPadoptimized App. The App allows you to get the latest share price information and corporate news as well as review financial reports ...    6 MB    Views 7035
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-3    Currency Convert is one of the most popular foreign exchange calculators on the App Store. Without Ads In Pro version. Features: • See exchange rates for 150 currencies • See currency charts for 1d, 5d, 1y, 2y, and 5y • Make quick currency calculations into ...    5 MB    Views 9235

The Economic Times

news stock business market live industry sync offline screen stories watch
+12    Get The Economic Times advantage to track latest business news and stock prices on the go and make informed decisions Features Offers a full range of News categories: Top Stories, News by Industry, Market News, Personal Finance, Technology, Opinion, Features, ...    21 MB    Views 6725


+5    EuroCalc is an easy to use currency converter. Select as many currencies as you like and convert them from one currency into another. Currency exchange rates are updated daily from the Bank of Latvia web service.    10 MB    Views 464
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+3    Currency Converter will provide you with the latest exange rate information from more than a 130 currencies. A great tool for traveling to other countries. Be prepared anytime by downloading this app t your device today    618 kb    Views 6125
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+4    "Omni Currency" uses the most popular and most up to date currencies and exchange rates all over the world. Convert between hundreds of currencies worldwide with just the touch of a button. Convenient and easy to use, whether you're traveling, ...    4 MB    Views 8478


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+4    A powerful yet simple currency converter, Currency provides uptodate exchange rates for over 150 currencies and countries Great for when you travel abroad. Currency has been the 1 currency converter for iPhone since 2008, launching as one of the first 500 ...    15 MB    Views 417
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-1    The National Grid Investor Relations App gives you the latest financial information in an iPadoptimized App. The App allows you to get the latest share price and corporate news, read Annual Reports and results announcements listen to webcasts and watch videos ...    6 MB    Views 3080
video learning people bitcoin bitcoins watch charles start offline learn
+6    Welcome to the Everything About Bitcoins course This course serves as an introduction to Bitcoin for anyone interested. This course, taught by Charles Hoskinson, features over 41 lectures and 6+ hours of free video content. At the end of it, you will ...    18 MB    Views 2435

Currency Worth

+30    convert currency online    1 MB    Views 4704

Portal FIRB

+8    Pensando sempre em melhorar o acesso de seus clientes à informação, a FIRB criou o aplicativo Portal FIRB, que traz, entre outras funcionalidades: Acesso a Agenda de eventos e reuniões, com detalhes e status desses eventos. Lista de componentes de ...    991 kb    Views 898

Bitcoin Key

digits distribution offline random bitcoin
+11    Securely generate private Bitcoin keys offline Endless stream of random hexadecimal digits Ideal for creating offline paper wallets of ultimate security Superior numerical distribution compared to rolling typical cheap dice ANSI X9.31 cryptographically secure random number generator (RNG) with 256bit ...    22 MB    Views 8843

CURRENCY for iPhone

+15    • • iOS 8 SUPPORT • • The best currency exchanges & exchange app. Features: √ Trusted source for accurate and uptodate data √ Over 100 countries and currencies √ High Definition visuals √ Easy to use    569 kb    Views 5775

Currency Converter!

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0    How to use Currency Converter: really simple and easy this app is very useful when you want to convert something example from us dollars to euros you have many different types currency in the list the requires wifi connection    507 kb    Views 8062
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+5    Currency exchange rates, noon and close rates from the Bank of Canada for your mobile device. Along with the daily rates is a cross rate table view and easy to use currency converter.    509 kb    Views 8081

Currency 2

time history currency rates exchange converter mode offline currencies
0    Over 70 supported currencies, real time exchange rates, offline mode and much more: Currency 2 is an awesome currency converter Features: Realtime Exchange Rates Over 70 Currencies New Currencies are added by support within an hour of notification Offline Mode Exchange ...    411 kb    Views 9337
ipad cold wallet key private bitcoin offline net create pro storage
0    PRO Bitcoin Offline Vault and Serverless Wallet Utilities for iPad PRO app will allow you to use offline transactions. Your private key can be in an offline iPad or computer, and never touch the Internet. Maximum security. The info can ...    5 MB    Views 5825
-8    Its Convert currency to any currency to any currency in offline anywhere. Update daily rate automatically from internet one or two time.    934 kb    Views 1229

Currency Conversion

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0    Currency Conversion is your simple and beautiful currency converter. It's created for all, with it's simple user interface and the ability to work offline. It’s a must have for all travelers and shoppers. FEATURES Works offline. Automatically updates to latest currencies making it ...    2 MB    Views 2409
maps map compass world access location places road cities favorite offline
-2    Now you can take advantage of a more convenient and versatile way to enjoy new places. Travel and discover the world no guide will ever be able to show you. You can do it all from your favorite iPhone, iPad, ...    11 MB    Views 8257

Deft Currency

-3    A clever new way to make currency conversions quickly and easily on the go perfect for travel and holidays. Use swipes and taps to get the figures you need – no need to input numbers. See a range of ...    6 MB    Views 6867


exchange currency
+16    Get the latest exchange rates on the go. Established in 1998, MoneyWay Currency Exchange Corp. is a premier Currency Exchange House in Vancouver, British Columbia. MoneyWay offers convenient, secure business solutions that put you in control of your foreign exchange needs.    4 MB    Views 4823
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-1    The BAT Investor Relations app gives you the latest financial information in an Ipad app for British American Tobacco (BAT). The app allows you to get the latest share prices and corporate news and events, view annual reports , results announcements ...    5 MB    Views 6483
dollars currency currencies
-2    Convert between major world currencies, including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollars and much more. The currency rates database is updated daily on the server side, this means that you always get the latest currencies without ...    592 kb    Views 6863
research reading publications clients street push offline application
-6    The Lombard Street Research App is an exclusive application for all Lombard Street Research clients. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly notify when new publications are available. Once downloaded clients can easily access our reports for offline reading. Features: Push notification to ...    54 MB    Views 2882
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+1    The BAT Investor Relations app gives you the latest financial information in an IPhone app for British American Tobacco (BAT). The app allows you to get the latest share prices and corporate news and events, view annual reports, results announcements and ...    5 MB    Views 2101

NJ E-sign

sign service offline documents signing document
+5    NJ Esign for iPad. NJ Esign is a service for electronic signing of documents. Norstedts Juridik provides the service together with its partner Scrive. NJ Esign features: Documents can either be signed in the app or later via email. Offline support: ...    4 MB    Views 6529
ipad news price latest share investor relations offline report online
0    The Schroders Investor Relations app, optimised for iPad, provides you with all of the latest corporate news, reports and presentations, whether online or offline, along with the latest share price. Features include: •Content available both online and offline •Financial report downloads (including the ...    6 MB    Views 201

ET Markets

Related Apps news stock time live prices markets forex data funds technical offline
+2    Get The Economic Times Markets advantage and get Latest Stock Recommendations, News and Live Stock prices from BSE and NSE, including realtime indices (Sensex, Nifty), Live Commodity Prices (Gold Silver, Crude etc), Live Forex Rates and Forex Convertor) and Free ...    24 MB    Views 2527
convertor converter currency offline
+13    Simple, easy yet powerful offline currency converter. Convertor provides the latest exchange rate for over 150 currencies. It also works when you have no internet connection. Perfect for when you travel.    2 MB    Views 4298
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-5    A Super Simple Free App to Track and Budget your money. 72 plus categories already available for quick use, you can create more and group them too. Budget and Track your expenses under categories like Bill Payments, Travel, Housing, Personal, Daily Needs, ...    NAN    Views 4042


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+10    The OmniArch Investor Relations app gives you all the latest financial information you need in an iOS app. The app allows you to get the latest information on company's various funds, bonds, news, Review financial reports, presentations and corporate videos (both ...    14 MB    Views 4117
gps weekend car aplikacja offline startup
+2    PAXI is an app that calculates travel costs (both fuel and all additional fees) for each passenger in the car.  Why it's awesome?  100% offline, so no need to worry when travelling abroad  GPS based, reliable and precise  3 modes: average, ...    1 MB    Views 6235
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