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+1    Allows an easy and fast calculation of value added tax (VAT), rebate and cash discount. Universal application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Manage standard conditions in different projects for faster access, e. g. different tax, rebate and cash discount percentages. ...    246 kb    Views 1154
+2    Currency provides uptodate exchange rate information for over 100 currencies and countries    153 kb    Views 7479


+23    CalV2 software is software that supports calculations, display interface designed as intuitive mathematical equations. The advantages of software: calculation expression is shown on the screen, so that the test results were more favorable. When should the test calculations with different values, ...    3 MB    Views 7688

Builders Buddy

+28    Builders Buddy is a construction cost estimator & calculator for new houses, renovations & additions or extensions. The calculator gives a preliminary estimate of building costs. It is only suitable for use before any detailed plans are made. Features Unit of measure: ...    10 MB    Views 8305
calculator mate percent percentage calculation values website
+4    From the developer of Miles The Classic Mileage Log and Refill (Fuel Economy and Emission Logbook). Percent Mate is a 10 in 1 percentage calculator, suitable for every percentagerelated calculation you could possibly need like vat/sales tax, gross/net, ...    311 kb    Views 72

RRBI Silver Wallet

+3    Have a drawer full of change and think it's worth more than face value? Need to know how much pure silver is in a bag of old change? This application gets the current spot price of silver and lets you find ...    10 MB    Views 5054

Janus Calculator

calculator side values
+4    Twosided calculator. Side A uses Standard Notation, Side B uses Reverse Polish Notation. Both calculators are programmable, include various finance and scientific functions, and the values of 45 physical constants. Also includes a BlackScholes option calculator, including calculation of implied ...    187 kb    Views 8721
-6    NoteCeption is now free NoteCeption is a brand new way of organizing your life, here's why: The value system, with which you can assign every note different values. The parent note automatically calculates the sum, average, maximum or minimum of ...    8 MB    Views 8490


program ratio charts gold values days ratios chart percent mode
+29    GoldRatioLite is the free lite version of our app GoldRatio. It draws ratio charts of five different commodities (gold, silver, platinum, palladium and crude oil). For example gold/silver ratio or gold/oil ratio. Two ratios can be compared in the same chart. The ...    5 MB    Views 9921


+1    SOUTH AFRICA: This Zakah application was developed by the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF). It will help you calculate your Zakah as well as gets the latest gold and silver prices to work out the current Nisaab value. The ...    4 MB    Views 3931
Related Apps family time zakat assets view calculation enter simple values details
+1    • Is it difficult for you to calculate zakat of your diversified assets and liabilities? • Do you forget the details of your zakatable assets? •Do you want to note down your zakatable assets anywhere and at any time? • Do you suspect ...    154 kb    Views 3978
Related Apps currency tab conversion updated values button rates click server currencies
+12    All in one currency converter which supports 160 + currencies For simple currency conversion , always use the first tab . Just select the base currency, target currency , amount and then click on convert button Second tab contains a set of ...    8 MB    Views 5558
people education members credit cooperative union unions member financial benefits values
+5    The Credit Union was founded in 1946 in Springfield, Illinois with 27 charter members. Today, Heartland Credit Union is a source for more than just credit. We are a home town institution offering complete member services for every financial need. ...    33 MB    Views 4199


investment tax rss cash flow lite analysis ratio values rate
-5    Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis is one of the most useful economic decisionmaking tools in investment management. REIFA Lite is a real estate investment analysis application based on DCF analysis method. With REIFA Lite you can set multiple parameters and review analysis ...    1 MB    Views 8114
Related Apps calculator emi payment values
+3    EMI Calculator is the only application that allows you to calculate any of the following values by inputing all other values. 1. EMI 2. Loan Amount 3. Interest Rate 4. Period Other Features includes 1. Table of payment split up. 2. A pie chart depicting the breakup ...    5 MB    Views 7176

Price A Product

Related Apps business price mark user set cost product values
0    Price A Product, is a business application to help set price for the product. App gives user two options to set price Mark Up and Mark Down. Mark Up User can set a mark up price on top of their ...    16 MB    Views 4483

How Much??

calculator field payments monthly auto easy values amounts calculators include
-7    "How Much??" is a calculation tool for some of the common payments people have. Provided calculators include: Monthly auto loan payments Monthly auto lease payments Monthly mortgage payments Tips "How Much??" was designed to be easy to use. Simply enter the ...    345 kb    Views 2593
benefits values page cost real
-4    With this app you can calculate real cost to hire a new employee. The calculations are based on the selected state. The tax rates for the states are predefined, but you can edit the values. You have two sections with Required ...    794 kb    Views 2557

Sell Buy Plus

0    A very useful application for sellers and/or buyers. Great for real estate agents to quickly summarize a client's sell and buy situation. Setup rules for sales costs, down payment, closing costs, and down payment Automatic calculation is performed using rules, where ...    240 kb    Views 9211
Related Apps calculator margin markup price values calculated cost remaining option selling
+25    This app is ideal for anyone working it sales or anyone who owns their own business. The Margin and Markup Calculator calculates sales figures in an instant. It helps you make quick decisions when you don't have time to enter ...    248 kb    Views 3391

McMahon Osborne

core financial advice achieve professional values understand
+15    McMahon Osborne Group – Easy to understand advice, that works. Download the app and view what specials McMahon Osborne has to offer Accounting and Tax Register for Events Business Development Superannuation Financial Planning Advice Contact Information Our mission is to provide the ...    12 MB    Views 767
discount apps tax calculate free sales separate screen discounts download values
+5    This is the Lite Version of the Calculate Discount & Sales Tax App. This app does everything the full version does except, you cannot change the background color of the app, and you get to see a few ads and popups. You ...    4 MB    Views 5722
Related Apps currencies crypto convert coin values bitcoin quickly
+13    Now with support for PayCoin Use Coin Convert to quickly and conveniently convert the values of your cryptocurrencies between each other and conventional currency. The quick and easy to use user interface lets you select between more than 75 altcoins including ...    4 MB    Views 3361
tax calculator desk ultimate set infinite rounding precision values currency
-7    Ultimate Desk Calc is a full featured desk calculator. It follows all the conventions of an office calculator and uses infinite precision arithmetic. Also has large easy to read display and big buttons. In infinite precision mode there are no ...    2 MB    Views 5374


+12    Touch the graphs to pan back and forth, move from date to date, and read individual values. This app displays graphs of London Interbank Offered Rates (LIBOR) based on U.S. Dollar values for the current and prior 5 years. The top line ...    6 MB    Views 6488

Best Bonds for iPad

Related Apps calculator investment time bonds bond yield determine values calculate maturity gain
-3    Best Bonds is a simple to use, yet powerful calculator for the fixed income market. It provides the most calculator options available in an iPhone application. Best Bonds calculates price, investment return, yield, duration and other commonly needed values. It is ...    1003 kb    Views 6574

Overtime Calc Lite

Related Apps work calendar overtime ability add adding values easy event lite
+5    Overtime Cal application enables you to easily control your work together with overtime. It also allows you to remember your work done in the past and proper accounting for your employer. The opportunity to add a new event to the ...    4 MB    Views 183

CURRENCY for iPhone

+3    • • iOS 8 SUPPORT • • The best currency exchanges & exchange app. Features: √ Trusted source for accurate and uptodate data √ Over 100 countries and currencies √ High Definition visuals √ Easy to use    569 kb    Views 5775
tax calculator sales including price quick calculated canada excluding values
+17    Canada Sales Tax Calculator is the fastest and most straight forward sales tax app on the App Store. Simply enter your value in one of three/four boxes, and the other values are calculated as you key in the numbers. This app ...    1 MB    Views 6595

Calc RPN

rpn calc stack values memory
+29    Simple yet powerful Calculator in RPN mode. Why RPN? Fast and convenient way to compute Stack of values and memory Why Calc RPN? Streamline design with large buttons and digits Direct visibility of all RPN stack registers All values and memory stored ...    187 kb    Views 2655
personal home calculator loan emi values calculate
0    EMI Calculator is the only application that allows you to calculate any of the following values by inputing all other values. 1. EMI 2. Loan Amount 3. Interest Rate 4. Period Calculate Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) for Home Loan/Housing Loan/Car Loan/Personal Loan easily.    6 MB    Views 9855
money calculator dollar peso cash counting rupee krone values
-1    Always know how much money you have. Calculators are not very efficient at counting money. Use this app instead. If you want to know how much money you have in your wallet, your cash drawer, your purse, your bag, or ...    3 MB    Views 3645

FGL Pathfinder Life

retirement tax life product insurance account benefits values solve information
-9    Fixed indexed universal life offers a secure way to protect the family, ensure a stable retirement, transfer wealth to heirs or fund an important cause. The permanent life insurance series, FGLife Choice and FGLife Elite provides three core benefits that ...    89 MB    Views 3522

iStock Market

stock market time stocks real min quotes values istock
0    In stock market, time is valued the most. If there is a delay in the recent sale prices, the outcomes faced by you are missed opportunities and lost profits. You do not want this to happen with you in any way iStock ...    6 MB    Views 148

Option mc

Related Apps option application values rate
-1    Option mc is an application that computes option prices and delta values given the spot and strike price. The application uses the Black Scholes formula to determine values for a European style option. The application uses default values (which can ...    62 kb    Views 456
Related Apps calculator interest full loan values results support beautiful great
-1    A loan calculator app that's been properly designed from the ground up to be easy to use and beautiful to look at. Fully gesture based and real time, just swipe over the numbers to change them and watch the results change ...    3 MB    Views 7090
clock simulation foreign option exchange volatility rates values currency bottom tap
+5    OptionFX is designed to value foreign exchange options (FX options) based on the Nobel prize winning 'Black Scholes Option Pricing Model'. It calculates the domestic currency value of a call/put option into the foreign currency. The values are calculated as ...    531 kb    Views 1285

Option Profit

-2    Option Profit is a fast calculator to quickly help you calculate: amount of money needed to make an option purchase break even option contract price accounting for commissions and 1 contract = 100 share conversion preTax profit & percentage postTax profit & percentage Input is ...    658 kb    Views 1966


card time cards reward information rewards points miles values programs
-6    Smorecard lets you get the most out of your credit card programs. If you have multiple cards in your wallet, this app tells you which of those cards you should use to maximize your rewards. Smorecard uses realtime location information ...    965 kb    Views 1508


rate years interest balance real inflation monthly expenditure values
+11    The Simple Financial Simulator App (SimFinSimApp) is intended to give some sense of the financial context involved in saving for retirement. It provides values for 4 common savings scenarios. Note however these are mathematical/algorithmically, along with simplifying assumptions, derived values ...    2 MB    Views 8581
apps screen calculate values download discounts pay sales separate
+1    You can either pay for separate apps to calculate sales taxes and discounts or FOR A LIMITED TIME, you can get one simple app that does both for the low price of 1.99. ONLY app on app store that lets you ...    14 MB    Views 9433

Random $

random values monetary currency dollars
+5    This program is designed to generate random currency values. Unlike other random number generators, Random has options which are specifically tailored for generating monetary values, including rounding results to even dimes, quarters, halfdollars, or dollars, and choosing between linear ...    2 MB    Views 2895


Related Apps bonds values savings series bond easy number create portfolios
0    Permusoft's MyBonds helps determine the value your U.S. Savings Bonds. The values of the various types of Savings Bonds are set by federal law… volumes upon volumes of federal law. Why dig through all that legalese or make a trip to ...    10 MB    Views 3025


marketing calculator based calculations values month orders federal
-9    Milkpay is a calculator for use with the six United States Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMMOs) that pay for milk produced, based on the weight of components in the milk. Milk from these Federal Milk Marketing Orders represents 54% of ...    2 MB    Views 1014


cards values key
+2    iCoordCard is a coordinate / key / code card management application. Coordinate cards are used in many banking intranets as an operation confirmation method. iCoordCard allows you to: Manage key or coordinate cards, whether they are list or table type. ...    525 kb    Views 6281

XRP Alert

exchange currencies supports usd btc eur values currency
+14    This app displays and monitors the Ripple exchange rates. It will send you free push notifications straight to your iPhone or iPad when the XRP exchange rate is over or under the values you have setup. For each currency the following metrics ...    9 MB    Views 9956
tax exclusive calculate inclusive sales percentage simple values vat
+20    Easily calculate GST, VAT, CT for any amount Totally free This app is designed to calculate the inclusive of sales tax, exclusive of sales tax and the tax value for a given amount while allowing you to specify the tax percentage ...    1 MB    Views 5996


values version interest life continuous number annuities
-9    Apptuary is THE app to have if you're an Actuarial student or a qualified Actuary PARTICULARLY if you're tired of looking up values in tables of figures Apptuary is the ONLY actuarial app to feature downloadable Life Tables, and makes ...    4 MB    Views 5898

Easy Finance 1

finance easy interest buying values
+7    Easy Finance 1 is the perfect App for you to discover: What interest rate is being used in your fundings. What would be the split of a funding for given interest rates and values. See all slipt values given a ...    100 kb    Views 9476
iphone money market time business currency converter exchange update currencies live values
-1    In order to know any currency’s accurate value, you need to keep yourself up to date with current market updates. It becomes utmost crucial and essential in case you deal into foreign transactions and need to convert one nation’s currency ...    5 MB    Views 4026

PayCheque Check

calculator income values expenses easily salary
0    Find out how your new salary or added income will affect your finances quick and easily Features Input salary by Gross Income or Hourly rate Save multiple different incomes and expenses to compare and contrast life income changes Add your family ...    2 MB    Views 3006
Related Apps calculator loan questions interest payment addition amount answer values step
+16    The payoff of any loan involves four values – the loan amount, the loan duration, the interest rate, and the payment. With the Loan Calculator, the user can determine any one of these values, given the other three. Why might you ...    276 kb    Views 9615
calculator easy values currency currencies professional sell calculators set field
0    iMargin Professional is an instant margin calculator featuring a currency converter. With our easy app, you can buy in one currency, sell in another and always know your margins You can compare values with several calculators at once as well as graphic ...    3 MB    Views 2334

Stellar Alert

btc currencies exchange values alert supports
-2    This app displays and monitors the Stellar exchange rates. It will send you free push notifications straight to your iPhone or iPad when the STR exchange rate is over or under the values you have setup. Stellar Alert supports multiple currencies. You ...    565 kb    Views 3943

Cap Rate Calculator

Related Apps market property cap rate helpful rates values similar
+16    Cap rate is a very useful ratio in the real estate industry that can be helpful in several scenarios. It often is used to size up an acquisition relative to other potential investment properties. A 4% cap rate acquisition versus ...    7 MB    Views 1177


Related Apps finance time currencies values converted conversion view currency select rates yahoo
0    This application gives a facility to select one Currency and then view the value of this currency visàvis multiple currencies. The user can select the currency for which they would like to see the conversion values. User also can select and save ...    2 MB    Views 9248

values mission financial
+9    BBSL Mission statement Being a good navigator takes precision and discipline. To stay on course, we are clearly guided by our values and by our mission to help you with your financial goals. Every member of BBSL incorporates these values while ...    21 MB    Views 4885


tax money values donations database charitable item items ebay total
-9    from where your donations are worth more than you think Track your charitable donations by entering your own item values, money, and mileage donations. You can then email a neat report detailing all your donations. This basic account allows you to ...    6 MB    Views 8634


cheapest units unit optional price save values free
+8    Which is cheapest? Find out and save a buck or two This application can literally pay for itself after one use. Cheapest is a simple application designed to help you save a buck or two when shopping for what you need ...    1 MB    Views 393


stock data options option access strategies analysis values analyze
+4    Analyze stock and option data. This app allows you to download and plot stock and option data. A BlackScholes analysis tool permits the analysis of option values with respect to timetoexpiration, strike values and volatility. Comparison with historical data gives great ...    4 MB    Views 4003
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