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Visma eAccounting

+3    Access your customers’ and suppliers’ contact details, make notes, get important reminders and stay in control of your business wherever you are. This is a musthave app for anyone using Vismas Internetbased ERP solution, Visma eAccounting. Features: My eAccounting Alerts and reminders, ...    7 MB    Views 4429


+4    The first Bitcoin payment processing app for Mexico. Cobros allows you to accept Bitcoin payments from your customers and receive the equivalent Peso amount in your bank account. No fees for the first 10,000 Pesos of Bitcoin payments. Why accept Bitcoin? Bitcoin is ...    5 MB    Views 7975

Auto iEstimator

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+10    Track your customers and improve your customer's service experience. Create worksheet for the entire vehicle, get an authorization from the customers. A perfect appointment/reminder method to assist an estimator or service adviser to provide a better customer service to their ...    5 MB    Views 8540

State Bank Buddy

+10    State Bank Buddy is the first Indian Mobile Wallet Application available in 13 languages. It comes with several features like Send Money to registered and new users, Ask Money and Send reminders to settle dues, transfer additional cash into an ...    NAN    Views 5719


+28    With X3app for Sage ERP X3, you can view all your business information in realtime, like customers id, addresses, contacts, due documents, and sales stats by customer and company. Follow the progress of your business, with this application available for ...    23 MB    Views 494

mobilePOS Sacombank

customers payments accept
+1    Sacombank mobilePOS is the latest innovation for small/large business that want to accept card payments on the go. This product provides some features that you will really like, such as: Allowing merchants to accept International & Domestic cards payments, letting your ...    3 MB    Views 3605
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0    EASY to Accept Credit Card Payments on your Phone, Online or via Invoices. No card reader required. Low fees and deposits in 12 business days. Free invoicing. Easy to sell items online. Track it all in one place. Simply, 1) Download ...    13 MB    Views 7965

Yodo Mobile Payment

mobile payments merchants merchant customers registered locations
-4    Yodo's Mobile Payment and content delivery service allows merchants to engage and transact with customers and customers to enrich their shopping experience with special offers and discounts. Users selfregister themselves and can immediately begin using the service to make secure ...    5 MB    Views 3366


card payments receive customers merchants confirmation debit credit enable
+20    We at ftcash enable payments via credit and debit card for your daily utilities Milkman Newspaper Tuitions Maintenance fees Fruits & Vegetables. Car Garages etc ftcash enables you to receive invoices and initiate payments via credit and debit card directly to merchants. No need to store money ...    10 MB    Views 3502

Loyalty Manager

-3    AppSuite's Loyalty Manger Our Loyalty Manager brings the key features that are available in our Customer Care Portal (CCP) in an easy to use mobile application allowing you to manage your loyal customers all from your smartphone. The key features that ...    3 MB    Views 3230

Control for Stripe

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+30    Control for Stripe is the most popular Stripe management application in the App Store. With Control, you can create and manage your Stripe payments on the go, staying up to date on what’s happening with your business. Monitor key payment activity, ...    21 MB    Views 7939
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-2    Introducing the Big Sky App; check balances, make payments and transfers, change PIN and more. The Big Sky Banking and Payments App gives you 24/7 access to keep you in control. Big Sky customers can use this App to: Check balances Transfer money Pay ...    23 MB    Views 3239


banking transactions msb customer emobile customers features salary financial
+22    Welcome to Mobile banking services (MeMobile) for corporate customers. With Mobile Banking, Maritime Bank brings Customer a completely different experience. In the first phrase, MSB focuses on deploy applications to meet the emphasis demand of approval level on approving financial transactions. Only ...    12 MB    Views 2701
banking mobile service customer customers contact bank account american
+17    To access mobile banking, you must be an American Pride Bank Online Banking Customer. To sign up for online banking, please contact customer service at 4787841448. Our mobile banking product enables our customers to use their mobile device to initiate routine transactions ...    17 MB    Views 6308
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+6    ADP Payments for Small Businesses allows you to accept credit card, debit card, or ACH (eCheck) payments from new or existing customers & manage your business when on the go. FEATURES Quickly collect payments over your device’s network connection or WiFi ...    16 MB    Views 7507

Handepay MobilePAY

card business people security money payments mobilepay customers pin customer cash
-1    Handepay are a provider of credit & debit card processing services to independent businesses in the UK. Founded in 2006, the company has over 100 employees, 20,000+ customers & aims to help businesses save money & grow through its services ...    NAN    Views 6783
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0    “There is so much to look forward to.” Doha Bank is committed to offer its customers the best in class products and services. As committed, we are pleased to release an enhanced version of our New Mobile Banking Application. It’s fast ...    26 MB    Views 6274

looped in merchant

hardware sale customer merchant phone enter consumers pin payments define
+23    looped in merchant is a fast, secure, and easy mobile payments application that allows you to accept payments from looped in consumers anywhere without any hidden fees or special hardware. looped in consumers can use the application to pay for ...    5 MB    Views 5052


-2    ID Mobile allows you to read and authenticate the customer identity using the iPhone. Designed to prevent Identity Fraud, save time and costs associated to the Know your Customer requirements, while providing a good user customer experience. This Application will allow you ...    2 MB    Views 6632


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+29    Milsoft provides more than a thousand electric utilities and their consultants and vendors with powerful engineering, operations and customer service software that enables them to do their jobs better. Milsoft software will equip you to plan and operate an electrical ...    16 MB    Views 3812

Orrstown Mobile

Related Apps banking home person mobile view bank payments account customer
+15    Orrstown Mobile Banking is a free service that gives you the convenience of personal mobile banking anywhere and anytime you wish. Using Orrstown Mobile Banking you can: Transfer funds between accounts View and make bill payments View and make remote deposits Person to Person ...    31 MB    Views 3230
analytics business shopping sales customers desktop month products revenue customer
+1    This app Putler Now is companion app to Putler desktop app and shows you current month's sales reports on your iOS device. Key performance indicators for Sales, Products and Customers are included. Some of the stats you can see ...    3 MB    Views 7194
customer mobile insurance
+1    DevesLite , A mobile application for customer to file claim, our new service to enhance customer satisfaction and conveniences. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere via iPhone and iPad.    8 MB    Views 2408


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0    It is time to make your clients life easier One of the problems facing businesses today is collecting payments for services provided. This can be particularly difficult if the business operates “on the go”, and do not have access to ...    71 MB    Views 8742

Credibles Business

+21    THIS APP IS FOR MANAGERS OF PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES. CUSTOMERS SHOULD USE THE APP CALLED "CREDIBLES" INSTEAD. Credibles Business is for small food businesses and producers that accept Credibles prepayments. Credibles is a crowdfunding service that helps small local food businesses raise funds ...    16 MB    Views 6490

SAP Kollections

business finance map organization relationship time customer sap customers contact payments portfolio solution providing
-4    "SAP Kollections Goal: Accelerating receivables by increasing Customer collaboration Description: SAP Kollections solution engages Sales, Finance and Business leaders by providing contextual insight to the Customer portfolio. SAP Kollections extends SAP Kollections at your context by providing an engaging platform to track receivables ...    5 MB    Views 9644


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-7    The most important tool in your trade. Enhance your customers experience and run your business efficiently with a professional payment processing system, one that is with you at all times. It’s a very competitive market and your business is judged on its ...    10 MB    Views 8017

SADAD Payment App

-3    The speed and ease of SADAD's payment kiosks is now in the palm of your hand. Using your phone, make instant payments, anytime, anywhere. You can pay for your phone, internet, and electricity and water bills, or you can recharge ...    16 MB    Views 1534

g360 CRM

management crm marketing customer sales devices customers multiple projects plan
-6    G360 CRM offers you a complete customer relationship lifecycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Inventory activities in a single team. Nuclear of g360 CRM is a database system for customers synthesized by the Sales department. G360 CRM ...    4 MB    Views 5107

Meadows Bank Mobile

Related Apps banking person mobile bank account initiate customers online payments
-7    Meadows Bank Mobile is a mobile banking solution that enables bank customers to use their mobile device to initiate routine transactions and conduct research anytime, from anywhere. Customers can view account balances and transaction history, view account alerts, initiate account ...    26 MB    Views 5456
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+11    Accept credit cards with your iPad. Making every sale possible. Use Chase Mobile Checkout to accept payments on the go, anywhere in the U.S., at any time. When you’re a customer of Chase Paymentech with Chase Mobile Checkout, our card reader and ...    28 MB    Views 256
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+12    LeanSwift Customer Information App is a business tool for Infor M3 ERP users to look up information about their organisation's customers and helps them to stay connected wherever they are. Users can, • Access their customers' uptodate basic and financial information with AR ...    3 MB    Views 5485
tracker income payment customer customers details
+20    The RS Income Tracker from LV= is designed for customers who are receiving payments from their Pension or Annuity. Every time a payment is processed and sent to the customer's bank the app will update to show the latest payment details. We've ...    NAN    Views 5585
tracker payments customer details payment customers
-3    The IP Payments Tracker from LV= is designed for customers who have successfully claimed and are receiving payments from their income protection policy. Every time a payment is processed and sent to the customer's bank the app will update to show ...    NAN    Views 9524

UAE Exchange

countries services customer branch
+3    Spread across 5 continents spanning 30 countries with 700+ direct offices, our penchant for quality and customercentric approach to service has given us a stronger positioning of being the World’s Trusted Money Transferrer. Our gamut of services include: Remittance, Forex, Bill ...    3 MB    Views 1113
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+2    It’s your money. Now it’s mobile  Start banking wherever and whenever with Free Sun Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch Available to all Sun online banking customers. Sun Mobile features include: Accounts Check your latest account balance and search recent transactions by date, ...    11 MB    Views 228

Westpac Get Paid

Related Apps business card westpac paid payments customers merchant facility smartphone
0    Westpac's Get Paid app by Westpac New Zealand Limited. Summary Westpac's handy Get Paid app makes it faster and easier for your business to take payments from customers, helping you manage your cashflow. Whether you'd like to take a credit card payment over ...    15 MB    Views 87


+18    SalesFocus quickly delivers the customer information your Sales Representitives need to manage, maintain and grow your Sales Pipeline. Sales Representatives can easily make appointments with their customers, analyze their customers' data, and place Sales Orders while on the road. These orders ...    21 MB    Views 185


card business sale security account days week payments customer transaction
+24    NAB Now is our mobile point of sale solution for Small Business that enables you to accept card payments from customers anywhere, anytime. Specially designed to suit the needs of small and micro businesses on the go, NAB Now uses ...    15 MB    Views 2331

PH Sun Life

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-5    The country’s first and longeststanding life insurer, Sun Life PH brings a new level of comfort and convenience to clients and prospects. Get realtime updates, branch locators, and customer care, with financial tips and lessons available for all Together, let ...    NAN    Views 6688

Bank Coop

banking downloading zone bank mobile secure payments coop higher activate customer
+13    The Bank that’s there for you – anywhere, anytime. The Bank Coop App comprises two zones: a public zone enabling callup without existing EBanking Contract and a secure zone. Activate Mobile Banking once only from EBanking direct. Having done this, you ...    15 MB    Views 8995


customer amount pos
-9    Start accepting iPAYst payments in your store today 1 Download the POS app, and register with iPAYst as a merchant. 2 Enter the Amount you want to receive from your customer 3 Present the iPad to your customer to pay ...    9 MB    Views 6337
business marketing customers customer
+19    企业资源系统是一款,信息,业务,资源全面协同的移动办公平台。支持手机,PC,平板跨屏操作,移动办公;即时通讯,事务,邮箱,短信多功能操作;移动营销,强大的功能报表分析。 In principle RMB is based on a comprehensive “ Customer Relationship Management “system,which was developed inhouse. The system aims at supporting company’s interactions with all its clients by systematically organizing,automating and synchronising business processes regarding sales and marketing activities,customer services,technical ...    12 MB    Views 74


customer identity
+14    ID_MobileMRZ allows you to read and authenticate the customer identity using the iPhone. Designed to prevent Identity Fraud, save time and costs associated to the Know your Customer requirements, while providing a good user customer experience. This Application will allow you to ...    18 MB    Views 2928
management rent hotel building calculator customer phone check monthly record customers data
+23    The latest version has been modified based on customer feedback upgrade . Which incorporates a calculator , do not you while holding a calculator to count a good result You can record monthly hydro degree Checkin and checkout processing increases . Customer information ...    4 MB    Views 1280


Related Apps invoices customer
+5    Expressfaktura is i mobile application for you as a customer to Amfa Bank AB. Now, you as a customer, can sell your invoices to us directly from your iPhone. You can also see status of your already sold invoices and ...    NAN    Views 1318

Auto iAdvisor

Related Apps customers service create conditions customer manage track
-2    Track and manage your customers. Create work order, update tasks and track car conditions. Let customers know what their automobiles current conditions is. Improve customer service experience. Create worksheet for each task and manage time and pay. Get authorization from ...    5 MB    Views 9591

IWD POS System

Related Apps customer experience service pos
-9    Introducing an adaptable sales experience for any environment. IWD POS will spark a revolutionary customer service experience for customers on your website, in your store, or on the phone. The crisp design and Magento compatibility makes eCommerce simply fun while: ...    2 MB    Views 5112

Street Invoice

email excel invoice invoices customer services service street customers track customize
-3    Street Invoice helps you invoice your customers, manage your business and make sure you get paid. Street Invoice quickly sends professional invoices to your customer from any device. Contractors, sellers and service providers from all industries use Street Invoice. We built ...    10 MB    Views 3277
australia banking corporate mobile westpac payments online customers existing trademarks
+1    Corporate Mobile Westpac Corporate Mobile makes it easy for our Australian and New Zealand Corporate and Business customers to do their banking securely when on the go. Whether you are in between meetings, working from home or travelling, Corporate Mobile connects ...    20 MB    Views 2133
Related Apps banking search customer mobile payments bank accounts atms application
-6    "Mobile app my.bancaintesa" a new generation of mobile banking Features: Along with common login into the banking application via username and password, customer can set up a 4digitquickaccesscode, which gives additional level of comfort when using the mobile application. The ...    25 MB    Views 2058

Wi Commerce

money wallet funds consumers payment customer fees spending customers sales
+15    The Mobile Wallet ecosystem allows money transfers, payments at cash registers in supermarkets and is a payment vehicle in other transactions where consumers would traditionally consider using cash. Consumers can go online and review their ewallet transactions, review spending reports ...    NAN    Views 4984

EZ Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking account mobile bank customers customer access view exchange
-3    To access EZ Mobile Banking, you must be a customer of Exchange Bank. If you are an Exchange Bank customer, but do not have an Internet Banking account, you must first contact Data Processing at 5805728500 to sign up. Our mobile ...    13 MB    Views 4948

2Checkout Mobile

Related Apps ipad search sale sales payments view details mobile interactive customers weekly
-1    2Checkout Mobile is designed for 2Checkout sellers to monitor their account activity from anywhere. Now you can view sales, issue refunds and check payments on your mobile device. With our iPad app you will also have access to a new ...    3 MB    Views 22
business payment customers instantly payments types
+8    Tapsley enables you to take payments from your customers quickly & easily. Simply log in with your Tapsley for business account & you can start processing all Tapsley payment types from your device. Key features of Tapsley for business include: • Process ...    NAN    Views 3804
Related Apps card cards business iphone ipad email payment credit mobile solutions customer transaction payments
+8    Process Credit Cards on Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by turning it into a mobile credit card terminal. Your mobile payment software, together with a merchant services account from Pathfinder Payment Solutions enables you process credit cards on a job ...    3 MB    Views 6308

Stall Card Payments

Related Apps card sale paypal payments account mobile accept enter customers
+11    Stall Card Payments allows you to process Credit & Debit Cards from your mobile device. If you sell goods at a handmade craft fair, car boot sale, craft stall or garage sale; accepting mobile payments on your device is now quick, ...    214 kb    Views 9220


Related Apps business personal banking barclays customers bank payments send account number
+12    Barclays Pingit: the easy, fast and secure way to send and receive money for free using a mobile number whether you bank with Barclays or not. Send payments to anyone with a UK mobile number Personalise payments with a photo ...    NAN    Views 2142

EI World

Related Apps banking application points fun world mobile customers bank standards payments
-4    A cool way to bank. Introducing EI World a fun way to bank on your mobile. EI World app introduces you to a unique and never before fun banking experience. • Colorful and engaging environment • Ability to carry out a variety of banking transactions ...    51 MB    Views 9172

Sling Payments

card personal time history payments pay payment scan merchant credit customer micro
+4    Pay any micromerchant in your vicinity without sharing cash, creditcard or PayPal details. Movers, couriers, babysitters, dog walkers… actually, anyone running a cashonly microbusiness. Just scan the merchant's Sling (wristband or tag) and pay with a single tap It's about ...    14 MB    Views 6895
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