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+13    GFNorte Investor Day 2014. Information about registration, the venue, the agenda, the speakers and more. At GFNorte Investor Day, Senior Management will discuss GFNorte's performance, strategy and guidance for 2015.    33 MB    Views 2210

Wage Clocker

+1    Do you ever wonder how much your time is really worth? Wage Clocker is a financial utility app that calculates just that Provide the application with your wages and schedule, and Wage Clocker determines your earnings by year, month, week, ...    35 MB    Views 9695

De Tijd

+3    Belgian leading business and finance newspaper in Dutch. With the new De Tijd iPhone app, you can navigate even more easily through our mobile website. Once installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch, this entirely free application gives you access to the ...    1014 kb    Views 8077
+3    With the Trader Diary app you can create personal entries for each day regarding your stock broking. In various media, it is reported again and again how important it is to create personal records before, during and after the trade. A ...    4 MB    Views 5357


iphone investment retail rhbinvest yahoo stocks broker malaysia 2013 access
+2    Your iPhone solution that puts the trading world at your fingertips in realtime whilst you're on the move. RHBInvest iPhone empowers you with just the right tools to keep you informed of vital stocks movements, along with full trading capabilities. •Buy ...    3 MB    Views 8513

Stock Message Board

Related Apps stock board message yahoo mobile access
+28    Stock Message Board is designed to make it easy for accessing Yahoo Message Boards for any Stock. You can use this app to stay on top of all the noise that surrounds a stock in Yahoo Message Boards. Even though ...    9 MB    Views 6918
+5    The Ultimate Advantage Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. Access realtime information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. Favorite features • Add stocks to your watchlist to get realtime quotes and a ...    29 MB    Views 2701


+5    TOP 50 FINANCIAL ON BRAZILIAN APP STORE As seen on MacMagazine Find out when it's best to use each of your credit cards. Easily. Are you constantly trying to find when it's best to use each of your credit cards? Credit+ is minimalistic ...    2 MB    Views 1903


banking mobile bnp paribas day
+8    BankSmart by BNP Paribas is a sophisticated and secure mobile application for BNP Paribas clients to access their bank accounts on the move using mobile devices and tablets. With its easy to use and intuitive mobile interface for viewing and ...    4 MB    Views 3091

Daily, Al dia

+7    check application to control the day to day of your finances, and you can better manage your negosios and actions in an immediate way, download DAILY, new in mobile finance. aplicación echa para que controles el día a día de tus ...    20 MB    Views 6988


-4    The purpose of the ExDividends app is to display any upcoming dividends in a calendar view. If a dividend falls on a particular day, that day will be marked and the user can click on it to display any stock that ...    662 kb    Views 8535
Related Apps finance standard deviation portfolio yahoo day trailing data jones
+19    Portfolio Standard Deviation HD is ideal for anyone needing current standard deviation values for their portfolio. This app pulls historical data from Yahoo Finance (USA) and calculates: • 10day trailing Standard Deviation • 30day trailing Standard Deviation • 60day trailing Standard Deviation Additionally, a graph ...    2 MB    Views 5226
people financial friendly day members fully part
+20    For the better part of the century, G.E.C.U. has been making each and everyone of its members feel like they count, which in fact they do, as members at G.E.C.U. are also part owners. There has always been and always ...    41 MB    Views 5200

Daily Spender

money daily spender spend day days
+1    Daily Spender is a simple, clutter free way, to keep track of the money you spend while on a trip. Specify how many days you're travelling, how much money you're going with, and Daily Spender will distribute the money equally on ...    2 MB    Views 3589


Related Apps finance time currencies values converted conversion view currency select rates yahoo
-2    This application gives a facility to select one Currency and then view the value of this currency visàvis multiple currencies. The user can select the currency for which they would like to see the conversion values. User also can select and save ...    3 MB    Views 8430
wedding planning complete entire day
0    This wedding app helps to plan and prepare the entire wedding. It is intended to serve as a faithful assistant up until the wedding day. Everything from the budget and schedule to the guest list and seat map can be ...    4 MB    Views 6099


stock day head
-1    Go head to head with fantasy stock trades. Buy one stock a day at the opening price and it will be sold at market close. How well can you do? Match up against others and see who the best day ...    7 MB    Views 3968

Day Accountants

tax time tracker news tools finance business personal day accountants income latest mileage vat
+14    This powerful new free Finance & Tax App has been developed by the team at Day Accountancy to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The Day Accountants App is designed to be ...    46 MB    Views 9138
-1    Compass Bank takes the power and convenience of our Internet Banking Service and puts it into your mobile phone. If managing your money daytoday has become complicated and timeconsuming, our mobile app is the solution.

 Access your account information from home, ...    3 MB    Views 9075


budget day
+2    Budgie is the only budget app with a daily allowance that goes up every day instead of down. Your spendable budget is front and center. Anything left unspent at the end of the day rolls over into tomorrow's balance. Whenever you ...    4 MB    Views 6093

My Day With Stacy

golf content day
+4    We are excited to offer this new App for those individuals who have attended KPMG's Golf Invitationals with Stacy. In this App you find your personalized photos and videos to help relive a wonderful day on the golf course. You'll need your ...    12 MB    Views 6166

My Minions

track day week
-1    My Minions allows you to track your minions performance and their accumulated loot, no more keeping your minion's allowance in separate sections of your wallet My Minions has a simple philosophy, keep track of how your minions are doing each day ...    10 MB    Views 933

Xpense-Mania Free

extra expenses day
+17    The application will help you to plan your budget and savings. It will track your expenses day by day. It has simple and user friendly interface, no extra buttons, no extra icons You want to find out unpredicted expenses Xpense ...    9 MB    Views 8890

Portfolio VaR

Related Apps finance portfolio yahoo data day dow jones
+18    Portfolio VaR is ideal for anyone needing current VaR values for their portfolio. This app pulls historical data from Yahoo Finance (USA) and calculates: • 10day VaR (5% and 1%) • 30day VaR (5% and 1%) • 60day VaR (5% and 1%) Additionally, a graph ...    3 MB    Views 6394

Indicator Warehouse

+1    The place to get trader articles, trade room videos, and day trading information on futures and forex trading advice, stock market education, and NinjaTrader trading software reviews. Everyday, Indicator Warehouse helps day traders enhance their charting capabilities and make their ...    34 MB    Views 4347
Related Apps expenses expense form review day add
-9    This application let's you track your day to day expenses and help you summarize the expenses by category, date, month, payment mode etc. FEATURES Add Expenses Customize the categories Review Expenses in a list Review expenses in the form of pie charts Set a reminder in ...    NAN    Views 1796
Related Apps budget monitor spending day free
-6    Monitor your daytoday spending. Sort, View and Plot the spending for yearly, monthly, daily and items. Automatically asks to enter your budget every month. Feature to manage your budget (Budgeting). Provides Spending Analysis (swipe gesture). Process driven spending entries. Risk ...    2 MB    Views 1685
+7    BizCalc Business Margin Calculator Bizcalc was developed to assist small to large business owners or managers to complete their daily calculation tasks. There are many margin calculators on the App Store but there is nothing quite like Bizcalc. This app ...    2 MB    Views 6161


business stock news market financial day
+9    Each day, Stock Market Wire delivers comprehensive independent news content for all financial and business professionals. Our respected team of experienced financial journalists provide uptotheminute news and coverage of the UK markets and produces more than 150 financial and business stories ...    2 MB    Views 2780

Saybel LTD

Related Apps finance financial customers world number services company rapid day
+12    Saybel Finance LP as a Financial Group with the General Partner Saybel Finance Ltd was registered on 4th of April 2012 with the company number 3771058. Nevertheless our Financial Company is very young, we have been through a number of ...    7 MB    Views 4127

Stock Chart lite

stock drawing history candle chart fibonacci quotes lite seng yahoo hang data
+4    Stock Chart (lite) allows traders to monitor worldwide quotes and study them with many popular indicators. Stock Chart lite also supports intraday and EOD history data. Quotes & Markets: NASDAQ Nikkei225 S&P500 Shanghai Hang seng KOSPI Hang Seng FTSE 100 Yahoo, ...    8 MB    Views 7607
parents children management allowance day rules
-6    NOTE Our support page is in English and Portuguese, to change the language check the flags to the right of the site. Money is a subject present on the day of any adult and insert it in children's lives can ...    8 MB    Views 1815
banking ebanking bank day
+2    eBanking, from The Bank of Carbondale, conveniently allows you to conduct banking on the go. Easy and secure, eBanking offers a wide range of banking and informational services including necessary daytoday transactions such as transferring funds and checking balances.    618 kb    Views 7231
india day accounting standards
+4    This is app for the accountants all over India and stands as a reference in daytoday life. The app showcases Accounting standards applicable in India.    9 MB    Views 5352

My Travel Expenses

travel finance time currency expense expenses conversions yahoo tip claims
-3    My Travel Expenses gives you an easy and intuitive way to manage, track, and report your business travel expenses. Some features include: •Tracking remaining per diem values •Snapping pictures of receipts and attaching them to an expense claim •Creating expense reports and sending ...    996 kb    Views 1920


expenses day category
+2    1App in the general Free Apps category and 1 in the Financial Category, 48 hours from launch (App Store Portugal). The eBudget app provides you with an easy, practical and innovative means of filing, organising and managing your “on the go” ...    4 MB    Views 9565
finance quotes hang world wide yahoo chart seng indicators
-2    Global Indices (or Stockcharts) is a finance application that allow people can monitor worldwide quotes or any exchange rate. Quotes: NASDAQ Nikkei225 S&P500 Shanghai Hang seng KOSPI Hang Seng FTSE 100 Yahoo, Goog, Walmart, Samsung... All world wide quotes that supported ...    7 MB    Views 4593

VIRA Finance Lite

-8    Welcome to Vira Finance. We have a detailed explanation blog here, where you can find test cases and detailed instructions and a couple of explainer videos. In Vira Finance, we are giving you a full technical analysis tool and also a laboratory ...    4 MB    Views 8383


event application day world
+4    If you are attending the Amundi World Investment Forum, this is the official application from Amundi to keep you informed, uptodate, and connected. This annual event gathers eminent industry, political and academic leaders to discuss key issues and challenges facing today’s ...    3 MB    Views 8508


Related Apps banking day customers mobile
-7    ApnaKhata is a universal mobile banking platform to enable customers to perform daytoday transactions without the trouble of remembering multiple passwords, codes, syntaxes, commands, phone numbers and website links. It provides a gateway for customers to use SMS Banking, Internet ...    882 kb    Views 751


transactions possibility day
+2    HomeMoney is an app tightly integrated with an advanced budgeting and money tracking online service for personal and small business use. It lets you seamlessly synchronize your daytoday financials with Homemoney. Recent updates: Possibility to edit transactions Possibility to ...    1 MB    Views 1951
Related Apps finance volatility historical data yahoo day dow symbol
0    Historical Volatility is ideal for anyone needing current volatility values. This app pulls historical data from Yahoo Finance (USA) and calculates: • 10day annualized volatility • 30day annualized volatility • 100day annualized volatility Additionally, a graph tracking the 10day annualized volatility over the last 100 ...    3 MB    Views 2451

Day & Associates

day associates
+5    Day & Associates App has many powerful tools such as a Mortgage Calculator, Virtual Tours, Contact Info, Property Searches and much more, all in this free app So even if you're a buyer, a seller or just a real estate ...    14 MB    Views 2180

CDB Salary Manager

salary income day manage manager
-3    Discover the easiest way to manage your salary/ income with the new CDB Salary Manager App. This application allows you to manage your monthly cash flow to meet your personal goals. Features: 1. Record income & expense easily 2. Receive notifications 3. Calendar view to check daytoday transactions ...    8 MB    Views 6558

Portfolio Risk HD

finance day trailing deviation beta portfolio standard squared risk trading
+2    Portfolio Risk HD is ideal for anyone needing current risk values for their portfolio. This app is fast, accurate, and simple to use just enter the ticker symbols and go This app pulls historical data from Yahoo Finance (USA) and ...    2 MB    Views 4947

Portfolio Beta HD

Related Apps finance beta portfolio yahoo day trailing data dow jones
-6    Portfolio Beta HD is ideal for anyone needing current beta values for their portfolio. This app pulls historical data from Yahoo Finance (USA) and calculates: • 10day trailing beta • 30day trailing beta • 60day trailing beta Additionally, a graph tracking the 10day trailing beta ...    2 MB    Views 4582


day expenses extra
+11    The application will help you to plan your budget and savings. It will track your expenses day by day. It has simple and user friendly interface, no extra buttons, no extra icons You want to find out unpredicted expenses Xpense ...    9 MB    Views 7433
Related Apps banking mobile privacy day
+5    Mobile banking allows you to complete financial transactions from the convenience of your mobile device: check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, view your Rewards and locate branches and ATMs, or contact us. Our mobile banking app provides the ease needed ...    10 MB    Views 5793
Related Apps finance personal money budget apps calendar manage tags items day accounts manager
+27    "Find out where all of your money is going with this finance app." AppAdvice ( "To manage your income and expenses, you need a notebook or a finance manager. If you think so too, the Frugi personal finance manager app ...    6 MB    Views 2033


stock finance exchange website yahoo symbols data index
+8    The HotMarket app provides a comprehensive set of the best overbought/oversold indicators: Williams%R Slow Stochastic Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Relative Strength Index (RSI) Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) Other powerful oscillators: MACD Chaikin A/D Line+Volume As a bonus classical crossing MA, Bollinger Bands and Parabolic SAR indicators are included. Other features ...    3 MB    Views 3321
Related Apps money budget personal apple finance dollar track rupee spending budgets transaction graph date list day
+12    Budgets is a powerful personal finance app that helps to track your expenses in a simple and elegant way. It tells you how much you can spend each day. and, you can export your transactions to Apple Numbers app. As well, ...    1 MB    Views 3375

Expense Loggr

Related Apps expense day
+4    Expense Loggr was designed by a team of accountants who wanted to provide easy to use tools for managing day to day expenses. Expense Loggr helps you log your daily expense receipts, travel mileage, and labor costs. Continued use of GPS ...    8 MB    Views 6920

Historical Beta HD

Related Apps finance beta historical day data trailing yahoo dow jones
-6    Historical Beta HD is ideal for anyone needing current beta values. This app is based on the popular Historical Beta iPhone app. This iPad version takes advantage of the larger screen size to provide a larger graph of the 10day ...    2 MB    Views 6856
search news video blog audio time google yahoo images access thousands simple
0    Tired of jumping from one search engine to another, or a jobs site to another, and the same time by: Travelling offers, Cars, Homes and Rents, Products offers, etc.? LookItUp can search all these thousands of sites for you in ...    493 kb    Views 4266
Related Apps expenses day
-4    Simple and easy to use app to track your day to day spending and expenses.    3 MB    Views 7582

Portfolio VaR HD

Related Apps finance portfolio yahoo data day dow jones
-5    Portfolio VaR HD is ideal for anyone needing current VaR values for their portfolio. This app pulls historical data from Yahoo Finance (USA) and calculates: • 10day VaR (5% and 1%) • 30day VaR (5% and 1%) • 60day VaR (5% and 1%) Additionally, a ...    2 MB    Views 5599


stock finance shanghai exchange data symbols yahoo trend method
+4    The app is fully the same as ChebyshevTrendPro but based on Yahoo Finance free data feeds only. GoogleFinance intraday data feeds, which provide realtime data for NASDAQ & NYSE executed symbols and for Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange of ...    3 MB    Views 4245
expenses submit recurring day
-2    QuickExpenses is a quick and easy way to submit your regular expenses. With integration into the FreeAgent accounting platform, you can submit your expenses in 30 seconds flat even when you don't have an Internet connection. Optimised for contractors and ...    866 kb    Views 6363
spending day plan
+3    Good budget planning will lead to financial freedom. With this interactive 10step eGuide, easily make your own unique spending plan you can live with. All the tools you need to keep track of your income, expenses and daytoday spending are ...    6 MB    Views 3097
interest rate curve day
+4    This App allows you to price Vanilla Interest Rate Swaps. Features: Ability to define IRS Trade and Interest Rate Curve Schedule Generation vs. a "Weekendsonly" Calendar Use of ModifiedFollowing Business Day Convention Use of Act/360 Day Count Basis Forward Rates derived from the Curve Cash flow discounting PV's ...    350 kb    Views 243
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