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+5    CLICK. CLICK. SEND. With Signature's XpressDeposit app, you can securely deposit checks into your account anytime, anywhere using an iPhone. STEPS TO GET STARTED WITH XpressDeposit: 1. Download the Signature XpressDeposit app 2. Enroll with your smartphone by clicking on the "Sign Up" ...    2 MB    Views 1537

Minhas Vendas

+25    Track your sales in PagSeguro™ . PagSeguro is a payment gateway just like PayPal and is very popular in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. "My PagSeguro Sales" in this Pro version, available as a InApp Purchase, allows you to see ...    5 MB    Views 9392

Calcu Tiempo

time 2012 days months years march system 2013 365 2009 total
+15    This application was developed in order to facilitate the calculation of seniority regarding a start date and an end. When choosing dates instantly get the time or age in years, months and days, for example: • Start Date: May 02, 2011 • ...    14 MB    Views 9513

Daily Budget Lite

+7    Simplest Daily Budget is a daily budget manager designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simplest Daily Budget allows you to monitor your day to day budget with the daily budget you chose. 
Simplicity at its best. No complicated stuff to configure, no ...    12 MB    Views 4180

Xpre$$ Deposit

business email money deposit deposits save day apply days
-2    Commerce Bank of Arizona’s Xpre Deposit allows clients to deposit checks to their accounts using an iPhone. The Xpre Deposit application allows you to take a picture of a check and deposit it directly into your account. The application is ...    3 MB    Views 5401
+21    Ever wondered how much you've earned during an exact period of time? With Time & Money Converter, you can easily calculate the sum you got on specific days and within certain time frames. It's also easy to find out how ...    49 MB    Views 6591


+2    September OCONUS updates are posted. PerDiemMIL is the iPhone app that carries an updatable per diem database onboard, so it works no matter where you are in the world. NOTE: Since CONUS rates are not affected by currency fluctuations, they ...    297 kb    Views 4200

CCBMobile Deposit

business photos deposit deposits service city bank making capital days
+5    Capital City Bank clients can now securely deposit checks to their accounts anytime, anywhere with CCBMobile Deposit. Snap photos of the front and back of the check with your mobile device and use CCBMobile Deposit to send to Capital City ...    897 kb    Views 2559
email business iphone money photos deposit check deposits national penn access day days
+24    National Penn customers can now securely deposit checks to their accounts anytime, anywhere using your iPhone and National Penn’s Check Deposit app. Snap photos of the front and back of the check with your iPhone and send to National Penn ...    866 kb    Views 8013
-8    At Education First, hitech doesn't come at a high cost. Service remains our top priority and that means delivering account access and financial services to our members in the most convenient, uptodate options available. You can count on us, ...    2 MB    Views 6814
management singapore attendees 2015 digital bnp days wealth paribas
+11    This is the official event app for BNP Paribas Wealth Management Singapore Digital Days 2015. The app guarantees a valuable experience for all attendees using mobile devices. With this app, attendees will be able to navigate through program content and ...    20 MB    Views 3183
tracker silver gold prices days portfolio metal bullion platinum total features
+2    The Gold & Silver Bullion Tracker offers many great features for the mobile gold and silver investor: Features include: LIVE PRICES OF GOLD, SILVER, AND PLATINUM Get the latest precious metal prices in over 25 currencies. PRECIOUS METAL PORTFOLIO Create one or more portfolios of ...    3 MB    Views 5802

Gold Price Live

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+20    Gold Price Live is a free iphone app released by one of the world's most popular gold websites Real time and historical silver and gold price charts in your national currency. Silver and gold prices from all major US gold ...    1 MB    Views 7268


budget money running automatically balance due item days income edit
+5    BudgetBal: A different way to balance your budget. BudgetBal takes a different approach to budgeting by combining expense tracking, forecasting, and budget reminders into a single, simpletouse application. Are you doing the "moneyin / moneyout" juggling act, trying to figure out how ...    2 MB    Views 4204


program ratio charts gold values days ratios chart percent mode
-5    GoldRatioLite is the free lite version of our app GoldRatio. It draws ratio charts of five different commodities (gold, silver, platinum, palladium and crude oil). For example gold/silver ratio or gold/oil ratio. Two ratios can be compared in the same chart. The ...    5 MB    Views 9921
retirement product annuities features solve days connect information
+1    Annuities offer a secure way to accumulate and protect assets to assure a steady and predictable income in retirement. Fidelity & Guaranty Life builds products that provide this core benefit. The FGL Pathfinder app will help you better understand how ...    116 MB    Views 2777
time money vacation converter earn easily salary frames week days earnings
-6    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Ever wondered how much you've earned during an exact period of time? With Time & Money Converter, you can easily calculate the sum you got on specific days and within certain time frames. It's also easy to ...    43 MB    Views 5800
tax iphone ipad signature language add create invoices manually days quotes invoice purchase estimates
+21    Unlimited invoices in any language, any currency, any text, any background Create and send professional invoices, quotes, estimates, purchase orders, timesheets, expense reports in minutes. No more time wasting paperwork. [ How it works ] • Enter your info • Add customers manually ...    10 MB    Views 7776
+29    Unlimited invoices in any language, any currency, any text, any background Create and send professional invoices, quotes, estimates, purchase orders, Timesheets, expense reports in minutes. No more time wasting paperwork. [ How it works ] • Enter your info • Add customers manually ...    10 MB    Views 2962

Bitcoin Easy Check

Related Apps check bitcoin currency days price easy
-9    Easily check the price of Bitcoin, for any market and currency, as well as the current day’s statistics. See the weighted price averages for the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days for the currency of your choice. The Bitcoin ...    6 MB    Views 6876
time gold silver precious prices metals daily palladium platinum days
+4    Download the Lear Gold & Silver Daily app for up to the minute commodities prices (gold, silver, platinum and palladium), breaking news and real time bullion coin prices. This FREE application provides realtime spot prices for gold, silver, platinum and ...    3 MB    Views 3885
Related Apps tracker search money finance personal bills expense categories manager income days reports powerful
-4    Expense tracker is a complete app to track your all the expenses bared by your pocket or bared by you & manage your personal finance. So that you can trace where your money goes as well as from where money ...    9 MB    Views 9207


money company pesos days emergency lend pay
+1    We are a serious and responsible company, where we lend "emergency money" with the objective to help you to resolve an economic emergency almost immediately. We are the only company in Mexico that lends money 24/7. Our loans are from 50.00 ...    7 MB    Views 3683

MySalary Israel

days salary
0    A salary viewer application with ability to view the free days, sickness days and more private details of the salary.    9 MB    Views 8049

30 days barrier

-8    30 days barrier developed by allbrain is based on the article Control Impulse Spending with the 30Day Rule by, and it's an easy way to help and save some cash.    244 kb    Views 355

Market effect

calendar market holiday stock trading effect day effects year days years markets
-7    Financial market effects. This calendar calculates the trading days with calendar effects according to the wellknown TOM (Turn Of the Month effect), weekday effect, holiday effect and January effect in which the TOM effect has got the strongest weight. The ...    2 MB    Views 2560


Related Apps time business email maps days country track location countries usa global
+19    TracKingDays is a flexible travel tracking App that counts the days & nights you spend in different countries. It's built for Expats, Business Travellers, Snowbirds and for Global Mobility Compliance. It's unique positioning technique means it can locate your country position worldwide ...    11 MB    Views 9643
+5    1.Overview This application calculates the simple interest and compound interest in Japan. 2.How to use Simple interest After entering the amount, rate, and deposit term, the interest is displayed. Compound interest After entering the amount, rate, compound interest term, and maturity time, ...    120 kb    Views 3225
+17    DaySales 是简单的进出货账本,进出货、批发中使用的账本。 所有生意数据都保存在个人手机上,无需作数据同步,保证了数据安全。无需注册,无需联网,随时随地操作。 适合零售、批发以及服务行业的个体生意业主,方便管理自己的生意。 主要特性: DaySales 集采购、销售、库存统计、货物统计、个人生意流水记账、生意账单明细、货品净利润等基本功能。 其它特性: 通过邮件导出Excel格式数据, 录入数据时快速条码扫描; 创建销售多账户; 每年、每月的采购、退购、销售、退售明细; 采购与销售模块的饼图概况与百分比; 可以拍照录入货品图片; 货物统计模块同样可以录入货品图片; 录入货品时,根据单价与货品数量自动统计总金额。    3 MB    Views 1869

Opciones Americanas

options days american
+28    This application calculates american options derivates using the binomial method described in Hull's book. Years are 360 days and months are 30 days Future improvements will include time calendar settings, more american options variations and a pricing results table.    248 kb    Views 7904


work time pay hours days means amount monthly expense
-9    With Timelary you will be able to know how much time of/at work do you need to pay for the stuff you buy. How it works? Converter Once you have configured the app, Timelary will convert the amounts you enter into time. ...    2 MB    Views 1575


investment future interest simple weekly days monthly mortgage
-8    "InteractiveFinance" is an ideal app for students, graduates and any one interested in finance, you will find a variety of useful formulas and tools for your daily calculus, you can enter a value by touch and solve any variable of ...    6 MB    Views 3539


calculator standard percent volatility deviation days price trade average
+1    68 Percent is a quick standard deviation calculator to help determine an expected range that an equity or option will trade in over a period of time. 68 Percent should not be used to create trades, rather used as a ...    2 MB    Views 3448


work job photos save enter contractor diagram days mail contractors manage
-2    V.V. Project Manager Manage your project in the job site Enter as many projects as you want. Enter the contractors that work for you. To help you manage each contractor you will have the following options: 1)Assign a color which will give you the possibility ...    812 kb    Views 4655

Budgeteer Blue

money user budgets debts financial period incomes days including view
0    While there are apps that perform a similar function to Budgeteer Blue, there are none in its price range that are even remotely as comprehensive. None are able to track expenses, budgets, incomes and debts at this level of detail, ...    26 MB    Views 5559
property calculator tax calculation days real estate calculations date price
+5    Last two weeks of July Free Downloads Real Estate Agent and Investor Calculator is an easy to use app that allows you to perform quite a few calculations in regards to Real Estate and Real Estate Investments. My commitment to ...    26 MB    Views 9314
gold silver metal days prices portfolio bullion price charts precious
-1    The Gold & Silver Bullion Tracker offers many great features for the mobile gold and silver investor: If you have any questions about the app or different functionalities, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you. Features ...    8 MB    Views 8133

Days Old

-9    Description See how many days you've been on the planet Stores the last selected birthday so your age in days is just one touch away. Also discover your "milestone" days, such as your 10,000th day on Earth. You can even find the date ...    6 MB    Views 2835

Profitz Lite

stock tax calculator profit price commission open days based
0    Do you reach out to a calculator, open excel or do the math in your head to determine the net profit of your stock investment i.e. how much did you make after tax and commission. Profitz Lite is an easy to ...    10 MB    Views 1108

Revel POS Bitcoin

Related Apps business pos bitcoin revel track owners lead easy days
+3    Revel POS for Bitcoin is the first POS to accept Bitcoin. This mobile POS software provides uptotheminute reporting to track the sales at your restaurant, grocery or retail store in real time. There is no backofthehouse server needed, no mandatory ...    66 MB    Views 9627

iTrader 8

time instruments real itrader stocks days forex demo trade trading
-5    iTrader is a realtime trading application, which provides streaming quotes & charts of Forex and Stocks instruments, charts, trade news and enables realtime trading in financial markets. iTrader allows to trade currencies (Forex), stocks, commodities, indices, metals and agriculture instruments 24 ...    3 MB    Views 877

Gold Rising Pro

history gold chart year price months live system days
+3    To gain your maximum profit from Gold market, you need a perfect alert notification system by this app Obtain the latest gold chart, history chart in 30 days, 3 months, half year and 1 Year. Feature Universal App (iPhone, iPod and iPad support) Live ...    1 MB    Views 1533


view sales hours days figures orders order
-7    60% OFF LIMITED TIME SALE... LinnDash is the essential app for all Linnworks Anywhere users. Track your multichannel online retail sales onthego. LinnDash features include: View your key figures in one comprehensive Dashboard. Check your Overall Sales Total, No. of Orders, Average ...    1 MB    Views 5729
email money data expenses days enter day monthly usage
-7    Uberzahl raises your awareness about spent money Focus on the last 30 days keeps you continually informed about your current behavior Easy & fast to use slick user interface, optimized for input of single expenses (in one of ...    17 MB    Views 6093

BTC Price Charts

twitter usd eur days price http markets subscription currencies subscriptions
+4    Fantastic looking Bitcoin price charts. A quick look at the graph and you will have an overview of the recent price changes. Data from, MtGox, btce and localbitcoin. Features: Minimalistic and super simple UI A fun chart to see further details ...    782 kb    Views 8964
bills time bill amount days due date fixed paid specific upcoming
-1    Its a beautifully designed bills management application. With its powerful reminders, elegant design and high user friendly interface it stands out in the crowd of apps. Various reports and graphs will enable you to see the overview of your bills ...    6 MB    Views 1770
Related Apps time sale store view dashboard days real sales easily activities
+12    The RetailPoint Dashboard application has been created to compliment RetailPoint Cloud Point of Sale software. The dashboard provides retailers a live time view of their store's sales, payouts, returns, transactions and deposit amounts. Retailers with multiple store locations can easily view ...    9 MB    Views 8087


holidays work labor days turned calc
+18    LaborCalc is an easy to use tool for calculating the number of work days or hours in a given period and the cost given an hourly rate. It allows you to select the start and end dates from 1 January ...    512 kb    Views 2480


Related Apps subscription month period coins current purchase account days
-5    PCGS CoinFacts While the PCGS CoinFacts application is free to download, viewing any coin information requires either an existing subscription to PCGS CoinFacts (available through our website), or an inapp purchase of a subscription (available in one week and one month ...    65 MB    Views 5590
Related Apps signature business ebics payment bank payments data financial days orders
+5    THE financial app for business people: With this app you will be able to approve or reject transfers and learn about pending payments of your company regardless of whether you are in a hotel, at the airport or at ...    58 MB    Views 7230

Dates From Now

dates application find day week future days simple
-8    What a fantastic and simple to use application that finds your important dates in the future. Trying to find contract dates 15, 30, 45 or 60 days from now? This application is the perfect solution Need to find out what day ...    38 MB    Views 1061


card business sale security account days week payments customer transaction
+19    NAB Now is our mobile point of sale solution for Small Business that enables you to accept card payments from customers anywhere, anytime. Specially designed to suit the needs of small and micro businesses on the go, NAB Now uses ...    15 MB    Views 2331
Related Apps money bills time finance limit left spending expenses period days previous stack statistics
-8    No more "too much month at the end of the money" … Set a spending limit — be rewarded if you stick to it … Feels more like playing a game than using a finance app … Ideal for ...    57 MB    Views 4826

MyAdmob Pro

software revenue days view earnings check pro site custom sites
0    Before using this application, first you need to register an Admob account to log in this app. And if you have your own advertising data, you can check your ad revenue in this app. MyAdmob Pro is a software based on ...    4 MB    Views 2503

Daily Spender

money daily spender spend day days
-3    Daily Spender is a simple, clutter free way, to keep track of the money you spend while on a trip. Specify how many days you're travelling, how much money you're going with, and Daily Spender will distribute the money equally on ...    2 MB    Views 3589

Finance Conduit

stock money finance fix http bug price issue days stocks version index
-5    Finance Conduit is based on Tzang's Conduit. Tzang‘s Conduit was raised by Dr.YC Chan. You can read more about his theory in his website: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average was created by Perry J. Kaufman. You can find more information in ...    3 MB    Views 5743
tracker warranty items add days needed purchase product lite
-4    Install the Purchase Warranty Tracker and never miss using a warranty or guarantee again. All data needed to redeem such claims is stored in one place, including receipts. When needed, product records can be easily accessed and hard copies printed. ...    4 MB    Views 6791

Gold Price Now HD

Related Apps time market facebook twitter 2012 gold price view detailed days silver analysis spot prices year
+14    Gold Price Now since after the release, popular in the world of users, in order to better service for all, we launched the Gold Price Now HD iPad Gold Price Now, daytoday utility Life good helper, software compact, easy to use, ...    483 kb    Views 8761
tax iphone signature ipad business add quotes manually days send create contacts edit
+11    Create and send professional quotes on the spot. Turn quotes into invoices by a single tap. Close more business deals. [ How it works ] • Enter your info • Add customers manually or from Contacts • Add your products / services After that, you can create ...    10 MB    Views 8884

TimeCard Lite

work time job track hours total earnings easy overtime working days
+8    Time Card Do what you always have been doing.....just in a different way Keep track of your working hours. Quick and easy to use.... it does its job Track your daily earnings by entering your hourly rate. Enter your break time to be subtracted ...    746 kb    Views 2589
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