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+13    Record, compare, and monitor prices on everyday purchases with Shoppee. Make shopping lists and check off items as you shop. Save money by making informed purchase decisions. Using Shoppee is easy. Start by adding stores that you visit. Then, add items ...    527 kb    Views 1224

Smart Insurance

insurance smart decisions unique
+15    Millions of Americans are being offered insurance plans for everything from electronics items to home, health and life. How should the consumer think about these contracts? As a finalist in the prestigious FinCapDev competition, SimInsights has developed a mobile app ...    2 MB    Views 3354


+7    The big decisions in life depend on your good credit standing. Do you know where you stand in the eyes of lenders? Will you be approved for the mortgage or car loan you need? Have fraudsters ever compromised your identity ...    NAN    Views 7446

Track My Pension

+11    The Towers Watson ‘Track My Pension’ application makes it easy for you to keep up to date with your pension arrangements. If you have a defined contribution pension administered by Towers Watson and your employer has signed up to receive ...    3 MB    Views 1416


-3    Plentifi is a network of people who are driven by saving money and making smarter banking decisions. Connect Great minds think alike. Connect with thousands of people, including experts, who have one common goal: financial success. Share Our Community content is created by people like ...    3 MB    Views 7361

Sevens for iPad

+15    Sevens represents an advanced application for iPad that translates your business ideas into the language of numbers. Sevens quickly calculates strategic alternatives and sets the right vector of successful business development. Sevens is built upon 7 types of management decisions ...    4 MB    Views 7720

My Pocket CPA

+6    Whether you're facing a difficult financial decision or just need a second opinion...never face another financial question alone Financial decisions have never been made easier. My Pocket CPA allows you to make informed decisions for life's difficult financial choices Whether ...    5 MB    Views 906
investors education planning retirement money financial investor products portal informed knowledge decisions
+17    The idea behind the creation of JamaPunji, Investor Education Portal Application is to equip the general public with skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions and manage their money wisely on the go. Established, as a subsidiary of the Securities ...    10 MB    Views 1864
business people global companies industry future month decisions interview
+14    Global Telecoms Business provides the people who run the industry with a regular stream of online and printed news, analysis, data and features to give them a strategic perspective on the issues that most affect the industry to help ...    7 MB    Views 470


+5    At the core of any financial plan are four principles that should be considered. These principles are 1) how much you earn, 2) how much you pay in taxes, 3) how much you spend and 4) how much you save. ...    19 MB    Views 7546


card home bank loan decisions banks credit calculators compare
+28    Paisabazaar iOS App brings loans and credit card shopping at the palm of your hands. You name it, we’ve got it Our userfriendly and interactive App offers: Credit Cards, Personal Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Home Loan Balance Transfer and ...    17 MB    Views 3201
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+21    Welcome smart investor Get the most out of your investment property by calculating how it performs on both short and long terms. With our easy to use app we can assist you to make smarter decisions. OZIPCAL is a powerful tool ...    NAN    Views 294
analysis technical channel chart index top average decisions pattern bottom
+12    Learn Technical Analysis with this concise EBook that covers the essentials of technical analysis. Apply technical analysis to your stock, forex, derivative, futures and just about any other product trading decisions. This ebook is a handy technical analysis resource for you to ...    19 MB    Views 2786

Master of Finance

finance library time master save life easier decisions accurate simple
-3    The best Finance App you can get. Worths every cent; absolutely a keeper. When style meets productivity. It's fast, it's accurate, it's fun. Save time, save money and make good financial decisions: let Master of Finance support your everyday work ...    4 MB    Views 2790
insights interactive morgan decisions markets guide
+22    The J.P. Morgan Insights app is a powerful way to access and customize J.P. Morgan’s insights. 

Inform your decisions using fully interactive content
 Discover our interactive Guide to the Markets, featuring audio commentary, talking points and related insights for each slide.

 Build ...    12 MB    Views 2972

Free R-OFer

money retirement planning work game free life decisions making income ability odds
-9    The free game “Free Retirement OddsFinder” (aka Free ROFer for short) is designed to let you learn about the financial planning the way you learned to walk. Unlike the current books and tapes, here is the ability to learn the ...    29 MB    Views 5870

Think About It

decisions decision performed criteria display choice process
+14    Eases the decision making process. This amazing app visualises all your thoughts and options, recording the pros & cons of each possible outcome. Helping you to make better decisions by highlighting the solution that best meets the criteria you have ...    5 MB    Views 9300

Mortgage Coach

home mortgage coach loan confident decisions officer details clear
+12    MORTGAGE COACH CLEAR, CONFIDENT, WORRYFREE DECISION MAKING. The first and only app that helps homebuyers work with a mortgage professional to achieve absolute financial transparency about mortgage options and refinance scenarios. Mortgage Coach EDGE is designed to provide the most detailed home ...    47 MB    Views 1420

HL Investment Times

-5    Improve your investment decisions with one of the UK's leading investment publications packed full of expert comment and opinion, investment ideas and taxsaving tips. The Investment Times will give you access to: Independent investment research you won't find elsewhere The ...    NAN    Views 3247
people credit score stand free expert financial experts achieve decisions
+18    The only free credit score app that helps you master your credit. Developed by real credit experts and personalized to you, the mobile app goes beyond scores and credit monitoring to offer expert guidance tailored to your situation. Let ...    8 MB    Views 2793


history credit alerts file report rating month review decisions
-6    The big decisions in life depend on your good credit standing. Do you know where you stand in the eyes of lenders? Will you be approved for the mortgage or car loan you need? Have fraudsters ever compromised your identity ...    NAN    Views 6373
management finance investment capital acca financial decisions policy risk version
-7    Revision Software for ACCA F9 Exam (December 2015 Syllabus). Over 300 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. ACCA F9 has been designed ‘To develop knowledge and skills expected of a financial manager ...    61 kb    Views 7484

Financial Decisions

retirement account financial decisions
+21    Know the balance in your retirement account anywhere, anytime with your Financial Decisions mobile app. The app provides quick and easy access to your retirement account so you can easily monitor investment activity, balances and transactions from anywhere.    494 kb    Views 9138

NNS Commodity

time commodity commodities information buy decisions sell tips real
+4    The NNS commodity news app is your gateway to all crucial tips and realtime information to help commodity players take buysell decisions. Use the application to get real time trading prices and future quotes of commodities, indepth analysis of commodities ...    9 MB    Views 6229


+2    The full game “Retirement OddsFinder” (aka ROFer for short) is designed to let you learn about the financial planning the way you learned to walk. Unlike the current books and tapes, here is the ability to learn the value of ...    27 MB    Views 1613

Stock Value

stock investment time family strategy search financial company stocks valuation price decisions helps
+5    Do you feel the need to value your stocks using proven methodologies in a systematic way? Would you like to make better investment decisions and take charge of your portfolio? Do you need to learn how to value stocks while ...    13 MB    Views 8562

Fifth Third Direct

search information mobile account alerts direct decisions phone internet bank privacy
+2    Securely access your Commercial Bank Account information, create transfers between accounts, make decisions for Positive Pay exceptions, and receive alerts directly from your phone Account Management: Easily view Commercial Account balances as well as being able to search account transactions. Payments: You can now ...    3 MB    Views 3493


-9    CrowdVest. Rapid. Collective. Insight. At CrowdVest, we have one objective in mind ... to rapidly harness the investment ideas of many, many individual generalist investors and to reflect the collective investment insights back to members. Up until now, individual investors have been ...    6 MB    Views 4519
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