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GreatApp for Amway

+2    This tool is designed for understanding better how you can get benefit from associating with Amway Corp. It will give you several simulators to understand how discounts can work for you, how the store partnership can benefit you. How much ...    4 MB    Views 5884
+1    Easily calculate FHA , Conventional , VA and USDA Mortgage Payments. Accurately calculates total monthly payments with PMI based on the down payment given. Always updated with industry changes to loan terms. Calculate how fast you can pay your loan off ...    7 MB    Views 5923

ADS Benefits

+11    Easily track your workplace retirement savings anytime, anywhere. The ADS Benefits app provides quick and easy access to your retirement account so you can easily monitor investment activity, balances and transactions from anywhere. Confidential account information is protected from unauthorized access ...    499 kb    Views 839

Lion Hair Salon

salon give
+4    Lion Hair Salon 1st time in ituens store Lion Hair salon, Makeover & Dressup game. Now Dress up Lion the way you want. We can have 3 different services: Makeover, Hair Salon & Dressup. Makeover : Give your Lion bath Cleanup with towel Give ...    41 MB    Views 7209

Clear Debts

+15    Everyone knew this situation. You going out with some friends for a beer and one friend asking you if you can give him some money for the tip. Or the otherway round, you asking for money. With Clear Debts you will ...    224 kb    Views 2497

Money Quiz

+21    "Money Quiz" is a quiz which invites you to test your knowledge of banknotes of different countries around the world. It may be used for testing and educational purposes for people wellinformed about money appearance. Game consists of 50 illustrated ...    5 MB    Views 8815
+6    Three seconds a bill. Fast, Security and Easy to use is our aim, and iOS notification center widget. Look at other people how to say: ◎ I just downloaded this app and I am so loving it already It seems easy to ...    22 MB    Views 3415


-5    Givsee is a fun, simple, and secure application, built for making donations with your mobile device. Download the free giving app now and start making donations to your favorite organization We’ve created a simple way to give from your mobile device. ...    6 MB    Views 308

Finance Cheatsheet

dictionary finance financial vocabulary quick load give don professionals
+16    Huge database (thousands) of financial vocabulary Wellexplained and concise meaning Often find the urgent need to lookup the meaning of a financial term? Find a phrase or word familiar but don't know the exact meaning? Stuck in a meeting with financial jargon ...    1 MB    Views 9476


-3    The simplest and most efficient free way to keep track of your poker sessions. Features Include: • Unlimited Tracking • Apple Watch Extension • Quick Track • Snapshot Graph • Simple Stats • Date Range Filter • Session Notes • Online Storage Unlimited Tracking Your winnings don't have a limit so ...    5 MB    Views 6994

Retail Crest

time retail sales real analysis top give information data
-8    The Retail Center App gives you an uptodate view of your sales KPI‘s whenever and wherever you are. Your vital sales information is always within reach, only a few clicks on the mobile. Realtime sales figures, numerical and graphical analysis are always available to ...    10 MB    Views 366

HL Investment Times

investment research tax personal news invest give information times investments financial decisions
-3    Improve your investment decisions with one of the UK's leading investment publications packed full of expert comment and opinion, investment ideas and taxsaving tips. The Investment Times will give you access to: Independent investment research you won't find elsewhere The ...    NAN    Views 3247

Poker Expert Lite

poker ipad apps reports sessions game type year month session track
+2    This is the Lite version of Poker Expert. You can create 10 cash game sessions and 10 tournament sessions. You can import 100 cash game sessions and 100 tournament sessions from supported apps. Except as noted, it has all ...    3 MB    Views 912

Home State

Related Apps banking security home ipad mobile click enroll accounts online account view session
-7    Home State Bank Mobile Banking from your iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini Mobile banking offers you the ability to view account balances, recent transactions and transfer funds between your accounts. Our mobile banking solution provides you with the ultimate in convenience for ...    6 MB    Views 5295
participants event create assign expense hand save gift expenses give
+8    Often you share some expenses with your friends, for a trip, or a gift, or a dinner together, or just for a "jump" at supermarket. An event or the other, the problem is always the same: How much have you spent? How ...    6 MB    Views 4450

Capture21 Deposit

trip deposit mobile customers give checks cfs convenience waiting initiate session
0    CFS Inc. recognizes the growing trend in mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) because it's easy to use, accurate and twofactor secure, allowing consumers and business people to deposit checks using their cameraequipped smartphones. Using their smartphones, in effect, as scanning devices, users ...    33 MB    Views 4895

Schnitman Group

Related Apps investment monitor retirement account group access information mobile session current
+13    Keep in touch with your retirement portfolio with the FREE Schnitman Group Mobile app. The app provides fast access to your workplace retirement account so you can monitor your investment activity wherever you go. Tap into Schnitman Group Mobile for current ...    666 kb    Views 1166
Related Apps calculator tax design tip lookup auto based give
-5    Introducing the new EZTip Calculator 2.0. EZTip Calculator 2.0 application has been rewritten from ground up to give you finer control over your tip calculations. Now, you can not only round your tip to the nearest dollar, but also up or ...    4 MB    Views 742


+20    您的贴身理财助手 Your personal financial assistant 1.简单快捷的操作,轻松管理你的收入和支出; Simple operation, easy to manage your income and expenses; 2.清晰简洁的资金曲线和收支明细列表,理财一目了然; A clear and concise graph of your money and a list of income/expense details; 3.设定未来的存款计划,更好地把握您的存款进度。 Set the future deposit scheme to grasp the progress of your deposit better.    2 MB    Views 7825

Deposit Anywhere

Related Apps deposit members
-3    Deposit Anywhere is a mobile remote deposit capture solution for members of BCU. With this application, members can deposit checks to their account without having to visit a BCU branch.    1 MB    Views 9058
finance calculator amount simple calculate give commercial
+22    The apps stores most clear and simple commercial business finance calculator. Calculate everything from the invoice amount, deposit and length of the finance in seconds. We will give you what the repayments will be in monthly and weekly amounts. we will ...    266 kb    Views 5481

Tip Rounder

tip cent give
+9    Do you like to give tips that end in nice values like on a 5 cent, 25 cent, or dollar boundary? Do you like to sometimes give more than the minimum expected tip as well? This handy little calculator will ...    105 kb    Views 1743

Guard Deposit

-5    Guard Deposit reduces the risk for both buyers and sellers. As a trusted third party, Guard Deposit collects, holds and releases funds online, according to transaction terms agreed upon by the Buyer and Seller.    8 MB    Views 3302
action finances debt situation solutions report give completely
+13    Download MoneySave DebtCalculator, MoneySave’s easy finance health check, and receive a handy, confidential report. MoneySave DebtCalculator will give your finances an MOT, assessing your situation and helping you to take action before you get into problems. This app is completely confidential. If ...    NAN    Views 6945
+7    Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile application of UniCredit Bank Russia. Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile banking application that allows you to easily manage your finances, get information about the nearest UniCredit Bank ATMs, branches and outlets providing discounts for UniCredit Bank cardholders. Basic features: ...    18 MB    Views 1209


budget shop bought item session
-5    Shop that helps you to monitor and plan your shopping session. By inserting your avaiable budget you can add every item bought during the day, by writing also: item name shop name price picture (coming soon) so that you can always have your leftover budget under ...    4 MB    Views 894


discount price additional give final enter
-1    Have you ever been out shopping and tried to figure out the correct sales price after the discount? What if they offer an additional discount on top of the already discount price. This small little app will allow you to ...    75 kb    Views 3022

Your world in 2035

0    What will the world look like in 2035? This app provides a preview of what could be waiting for us over the next two decades. It contains three different scenarios that consider possible social, economic and societal developments, based on ...    1 MB    Views 3470

Tip Rater Plus

Related Apps tip amount give
+5    Tip Rater is a new kind of tip calculator where you choose the amount you want to give your server with your ratings. Just select a rating in each of the 5 categories and Tip Rater will give you a ...    116 kb    Views 5350


discount gps car driving driver score drive phone give
-8    Description Use the MORE TH>N DRIVE app to see how safe a driver you are. The safest drivers can earn a discount of up to 20% off their insurance with MORE TH>N (no minimum premium requirements). How Does It Work? MORE TH>N DRIVE ...    NAN    Views 2283

time security gifts giving church members gift mobile give kiosk recurring
+19 Mobile Giving By Your Giving, Inc’s app enables mobile giving for churches that’s simple, safe and secure. Your members will be able to make one time or recurring gifts to one or many funds through their mobile device. Once your ...    7 MB    Views 700

Infor SunSystems

time business management security navigation office work mobile access device session menu multiple user
+21    The Infor SunSystems mobile application (app) empowers you to perform your work on your mobile device anywhere, at any time, with no restrictions to the SunSystems business functionality and reports that you normally access. For example, you can start a ledger ...    3 MB    Views 7345

Tap Tap Trader

stock trading session sell cash buy game stocks easy tap
+9    QUIT YOUR DAY JOB Top traders turn 10K into TRILLIONS in just 3 minutes OBJECTIVE: During a single trading session, generate as much cash as possible by buying and selling 4 very volatile play stocks. Each trading session presents a ...    6 MB    Views 8044

CFS Deposit

trip deposit mobile customers cfs check give session financial convenience
+5    CFS Inc. recognizes the growing trend in mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) because it's easy to use, accurate and twofactor secure, allowing consumers and business people to deposit checks using their cameraequipped smartphones. Using their smartphones, in effect, as scanning ...    23 MB    Views 7019


-6    Download our snap2deposit “mobile deposit app” and you can deposit checks using your iPhone. It’s as simple as snapping a picture of your check.    3 MB    Views 7447


tax business services clients download california count give
-2    Our CPA Firm provides individual and business tax preparation, planning and accounting services in the city of Burbank, California (home of NBC Studios, Disney Studios and Warner Brothers Studios.)While many of our clients are in Southern California, we prepare taxes ...    28 MB    Views 3959
time receipts simply version feedback lite generate give reports user
+8    Reached 1K users in such a short amount of time Pro version is 50% off for a limited time Thank you for your endless support Our Simply Receipts Lite version was designed to give you a taste of the ease ...    388 kb    Views 9146

Poker Grinder Pro

-9    Poker Grinder is a must have bankroll tool and session manager for every poker player Poker Grinder Pro allows you to manage your sessions and track your results quickly and effectively. You can sort and filter your sessions in just a click ...    7 MB    Views 4701


contact find quick easy bank section access give
-3    Your 0Km Bank closer to you, everyday This app give you a lot of advantages and an easy way to contact your Bank any time you want it. EASY: opening your app you'll find a charming and dynamic dashboard to access every ...    12 MB    Views 3451

Members Deposit

Related Apps members check deposit
-1    Members "First" Community Credit Union's Mobile Check Deposit App allows you to make check deposits to your Members "First" account while on the go.    4 MB    Views 5301
Related Apps money john add notifications pizza give borrowed owe
+2    Keep track of your money. Remember who you lent money and get notifications to get it back. You Owe Me has a simple user interface and and has a lot of useful features. iCloud sync and backup Notifications Use your ...    6 MB    Views 4991
Related Apps mobile deposit
+27    Bank anywhere at anytime with free mobile banking from USE. Check your balance and transfer funds easily. For members with a USE checking account, you will also have the ability to remotely deposit checks via Mobile Deposit    1 MB    Views 932
Related Apps event session price provide access information live
+6    If you are attending an event sponsored or hosted by T. Rowe Price, this app will personalize your experience. Make the most of each event by keeping all the tools and information you need in the palm of your hand. Use ...    48 MB    Views 2892

AAEC Deposit

+15    AAEC Deposit, Download our app and you can deposit checks using your smartphone It's as simple as snapping a picture of your check. Ready to start? Give us a call at 8473921922 to obtain your user id and password.    2 MB    Views 4623

Haggle Calculator

calculator discount sale percentage give
+8    Haggle calculator is an application to calculate discounts. Everyone should try and haggle when making purchases, as often the seller would be happy to give a discount to make a sale, the trouble is, the will often say something like "i ...    76 kb    Views 6601

TFCU Deposit

tfcu deposit
-2    With TFCU's CheckLogic Mobile™ Deposit you are now able to do your banking remotely by simply taking a picture of your check and uploading the information to Taunton Federal Credit Union.    5 MB    Views 4067
poker games results view log sync track session cash
-8    Poker Log enables you to keep track of your poker results whether to see how well you are doing, complete a tax return or just to show off to your friends Features: • Keep track of poker results for cash games ...    10 MB    Views 116

FB Deposit

deposit bank foundation
+13    POINT. SHOOT. DEPOSIT. This application is intended for existing users of the Remote Check Deposit service only and requires an account with Foundation Bank. Contact Foundation Bank at 18006033417 for more information.    1 MB    Views 6317
time give lent borrowed
+6    Ever borrowed and lent something and forgotten to give or take it back? With this app, you never forget to take back the things that you lent or return things you borrowed. It reminds you too, when the time is ...    368 kb    Views 9689

redy Shopper

pay dollars projects bank give
+1    Be Part of Something Bigger and pay with redy redy has been developed by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank as an easy way to pay that rewards you, what you care about and the places you shop. At redy we call ...    NAN    Views 47
tracker bitcoin address bitcoins track give
+21    Keeping track of your Bitcoins and their value should be simple. Mynt is an awesome and beautiful little bitcoin tracker app that helps you with just that. Enter how many Bitcoins you've got or add a Bitcoin address and Mynt will ...    6 MB    Views 370
Related Apps money screen costs report band pay amount members session
0    Simple application designed for musicians and performers to quickly calculate whether the amount offered for a gig will result in there being enough money available to pay themselves and their musicians after costs have been taken into account. It also ...    6 MB    Views 2493

Mercer GIF 2015

messaging 2015 delegates event session features engagement experience
0    The Mercer GIF 2015 app is a container for SpotMepowered events, providing cuttingedge interactivity and engagement for Mercer delegates. Mercer is using SpotMe’s meeting architecture and mobile event experience to offer a list of features that help connect, manage, engage and ...    16 MB    Views 7916
charity time home business traveling church giving mobile give information
+13    Use the Givelify mobile giving app for charity donations and church giving in as few as three taps. Donate during nonprofit fundraising events, make church tithes and offerings, or while traveling. 2014 TechPoint Mira Awards Nominee & Finalist, Mobile Technology Innovation. Featured ...    16 MB    Views 5127


time market gps exit good give easy win traders
+13    ProSticks SignalApp would issue Forex trading signals according to our proprietary technology. It is difficult to establish a position : FX market is so volatile. Presently, it is luxury to hold positions overnight. The market comes and goes. No one can keep ...    260 kb    Views 8851

Calculadora Propina

presentation friendly efficient tip amount percentage evaluate give
+13    Do want to give a fair gratuity to the waiter? This app helps you to evaluate the waiter based on his presentation and professionalism, but also how friendly and efficient he was. You can set your preferences, like the top tip ...    3 MB    Views 8571

Blu Vela Promoter

program discount check store points loyalty give
-4    Loyalty Program: 4 Check In = 1 discount. With this App any store could become a Member of our Blu Vela Loyalty Program. Every Check In that customers make in your store will give them 25 point (they will get the same ...    6 MB    Views 7826
calendar time traffic iphone broker give period
+15    "iBB Banners" helps You to manage your Banners Broker accounts. We are working hardly to add a features that match "automagically" your bb account The app gives You a real and practical support, it helps You in the following features: − it will ...    5 MB    Views 7164
tracker time give goals year set charitable organizations easy giving cash
-2    Set and reach your charitable giving goals with Give Tracker. Do you find that even with your best intentions it’s easy to forget to give financial support to your favorite charitable organizations? Give Tracker is the tool you need You start by setting ...    3 MB    Views 213
Related Apps time cashflow game financial statement deal give speed
+13    THIS IS NOT A GAME (Sorry, we didn’t mean to yell but we wanted to make sure you knew.) This app is to be used WITH the CASHFLOW tabletop game. Breathe new life into your CASHFLOW tabletop experience Set aside your ...    4 MB    Views 9056
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