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+29    This application is a calculator that displays the history. The value can be corrected by the history confirmation the result on the way of the calculation. The time of the recalculation due to the inputting error can be greatly decreased. Calc history and ...    227 kb    Views 3949


+2    One of the reason people don’t like financial recording application is that there are so many functionality in the application Users will like to have to functions, BUT Lazy to enter the number in a complicated way. Archimoney can solve this ...    1 MB    Views 4974

Mood Stocks

0    Mood Stocks is a simple Utility application that allows you to see, from across the room, how your stocks are performing. The app checks your stocks constantly for updates. The more your stocks go up, the greener the display will ...    106 kb    Views 3046


history order improved functions types trading charts
+4    BrokerjetApp: mobile trading directly on your securities account The first big update for the BrokerjetApp brings numerous improved trading functions and a lot more additional innovations to your iPhone. An overview of the main functions: Adaptation of the APP to ...    NAN    Views 3197

Musical Calculator

calculator button functions press
+10    Musical Calculator (With Themes) for iPhone and iPad. It provides all scientific and arithmetic functions.All operations like factorial,divisions,root,power and logarithm are also supported. It includes trigonometric functions like sin,cos ,tan,inverse of trigonometric functions and more.. Extra features: 1) Large,easy to press button. 2) Backspace ...    3 MB    Views 8949
Related Apps calculator financial analysis functions optimized
+9    The 12 ECal is a powerful financial calculator that supports all functions of the classical HP 12C Financial calculator, specially designed and optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Features: RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry; Universal App; Highlights for function keys; Optimized for iOS 7. Functions: Time value ...    5 MB    Views 8089

Market Hours

trading hours markets display
+10    Trading times for forex & stock exchanges The trading hours of the different markets overlap, so it is advised to consider this in trading. With this simple application you can follow the trading hours of the major markets of the world with ...    907 kb    Views 5071


history reading calculator formula calculating calculation display function equation mail
0    It is a calculator that inputs the calculating formula and outputs the result. The calculating formula etc. that use () parentheses that cannot be done in a usual calculator are possible. The history in the calculating formula and the equation etc. ...    1 MB    Views 3654

Calc/Tax/Paper FREE

tax calculator email addition list display main number units shows lists
+3    This versatile, easy to use app combines a calculator with an addition list to add up calculation results as desired. A row of an addition list is usually used as a price with tax details: Number of units, Net, Tax and ...    1 MB    Views 2333
+27    The 1 Cryptsy Price Checker App for iOS on multiple Crypto exchanges View all your Cryptsy coins in a clean and simple display. Customise price board with currency pairs from Cryptsy Clean and beautiful price display with icons ...    8 MB    Views 1606


friends overview functions add organize
+4    Attention: Pre release due to Christmas CheckGift – Organize your birthdays and presents No overview of upcoming Birthdays? Gave your Aunt the same mittens three years in a row? CheckGift is the App that will help you remember all the ...    5 MB    Views 9421
Related Apps program calculator iphone line 12c registers financial functions rpn display
+13    "5 stars This app is great. Very Quick. Would highly recommend". See more in customer reviews. MathU 12D, the Deluxe Financial RPN Calculator, is written from the ground up to behave exactly like and surpass the classic HP12C. MathU 12D uses ...    8 MB    Views 7689
finance dropbox export transaction daily transactions support functions simple multiple
+23    Using this program will reduce your monthly expenses by more than 20% Features of My Finance: 1. Simple and easy to record transactions You can easily input your daily transactions. You can choose description of transaction from history, much less keyboard operations. Also ...    5 MB    Views 3427

You Save

tax discount local percentage display currency rate places numbers percentages
+3    Simple easy to use sale price calculator. Calculates percentage discount and local sales tax. Notes of interest: Displays currency values with two decimal places. Percentage discount selection is in 1% increments (no fractional percentages on %Off selector) Does not display numbers ...    422 kb    Views 6884


btc functions check
-6    Cryptok allows you to check different Crypto Currencies at once. With a really simple interface and a easytouse functions you can check how is your money going. Some functions are + Bitcoin, Litecoin, Pepecoin and Namecoin realtime values. + Autoupdate + USD, EUR and ...    973 kb    Views 7672


tax calculator email addition list display number main shows lists units
-8    This versatile, easy to use app combines a calculator with an addition list to add up calculation results as desired. A row of an addition list is usually used as a price with tax details: Number of units, Net, Tax and ...    1 MB    Views 9345

Acc Calculator

calculator button display tape big mode paper sound line
+1    Acc Calculator offers basic arithmetics with two line display and paper tape. Displays the calculation formula with its result at the same time. Beautiful interface design with big button. Features: Big buttons for ease of use. Two line display 10 digits ...    7 MB    Views 9737
books expenses functions accounts account
+18    MoneyDiary provides a attractive appearance, convenient, efficiency experience, without reduce functions. Barely three steps could do the accounts and offer clearly analysis function to understand expenses and receipts. It can manage different accounts, multiple currencies, and establish many account books to ...    9 MB    Views 3237

Thrifty agent

-3    This is a Japanesestyle petty cash book You will manage the purse balance or money are made. On second thought, I think that at present we can not do the balance of money management? Just the thought of managing a budget in ...    1 MB    Views 7251
Related Apps banking tuo una sul risparmio banca conto tua display
+5    isimobile La nuova dimensione del banking La Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano, fondata nel 1854, è la principale banca altoatesina e una forte banca regionale a vocazione retail. Con oltre 140 filiali è attualmente una fra le maggiori Casse di Risparmio rimaste ...    12 MB    Views 3648


calculator simulation photo rpn optional input display parameters keys examples
+5    RPN70 HD is a complete, photorealistic simulation of the financial handheld calculator HP70 from 1974. It handles loan amortization, saving plans, depreciation, and much more with ease. What users said: "Hard to find a decent calculator on iPad, try this one." "I don't ...    11 MB    Views 7144
Related Apps calculator facebook pocket buttons functions scientific cool
+5    Your Calculator – Your Style No thrills barred calculator with plenty of themes and styles to suit your taste. Our small but perfectly formed calculator is all you need for those simple sums. No crazy scientific buttons, no weird and ...    18 MB    Views 2473
iphone con tuo popolare banca volksbank tua anche hai display
0    Mobilità con la m maiuscola anche sul tuo iPhone Banca Popolare · Volksbank, con sede a Bolzano, è regionale perché presente con 134 filiali in Alto Adige e nelle province di Trento, Belluno, Treviso, Pordenone e Venezia; è innovativa perché è ...    2 MB    Views 6963
calculator iphone set functions real display select calculation memory added
+20    The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in finance, business, accounting and real state. The R.L.M. Software's 17BII+ calculator simulates the real HP 17bII+ calculator taking full the advantages of the iPhone4 retina display. Over 250 builtin Menudriven functions ...    10 MB    Views 5516

CashFlow Financial

+2    The CashFlow Financial app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad performs computations most commonly encountered in the financial, banking, and insurance industries. The design of its interface takes advantage of the capabilities of the iOS platform to perform tasks routinely done using such ...    8 MB    Views 2024

Related Apps family personal income statistics bank clear enter amount display information
-3    Developing a financial tracking habit will ensure faster savings for the things that matter most in life. As an intuitive, easytouse app, allows you to see how much you're spending and what you've saved. Simply click the relevant expenses ...    33 MB    Views 3515

Eolide Calculator

calculator measure converter convert functions length unit
+15    Calculator and converter multifunction Functionalities : + Scientific calculator General arithmetic functions Trigonometric functions : cos, sin, tan Others functions : 1/x, log, exp, x, , π, x² + Currency Converter Convert more than 150 currencies Update the rate of the day (need ...    7 MB    Views 1032

Wage Calculator

-8    Wage Calculator is the app that calculates your income (before tax). It can calculate what your hourly rate is, what you should be paid, and even how long you worked. But now it does more...Wage Calculator can now calculate how much ...    5 MB    Views 4537

Expense Manager Pro

application file expenses account backup functions restore fixed cash
+5    ✭✰ Expense Manager Pro ✭✰ ✓ This application manages your monthly expenses only rather than being a general housekeeping account application. This application is for those people who are aware of the importance of financial planning but who find it difficult ...    1 MB    Views 323
receipt code withdrawal display amounts
-5    Paperless receipt is realized by DigitalReceipt with Nautilus Hyosung's nextgen ATMs. DigitalReceipt enables the users to capture a QR code receipt for the transaction and then displays the receipt on a mobile device. DigitalReceipt utilizes ZXing ("Zebra Crossing"), a QR ...    4 MB    Views 1613


calculator functions basic simple easy operation
-9    Easiest Calculator Anywhere. Easy to use basic calculator all extra functions and menus removed to make operation as simple as possible, even for those with disabilities. Simple clean display, basic functions, beautiful animated buttons. You can't possibly mess it up. Many calculators ...    13 MB    Views 6863


market history order orders display buy trading bug click application sell
-7    Dedicated application to trade on Bittrex exchange, now for Iphone Bored to enter your 2FA code every 5 minutes or to use the mobile interface ? This application is for you Use it every time your have 2 minutes to follow ...    7 MB    Views 1087


email card accounts account system display data detail tables
+5    RunningTotal is a fast, robust and legible tool for keeping track of financial accounts. These could be bank debit card accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, expense accounts, or anything else that requires you to keep a record of money going ...    1010 kb    Views 3083


slot calculator calculated button memory support display tan constant unlimited
-8    With this calculator you can calculate things faster and more accurate, the big button let you get out of the bad dream of wrong tap, and unlimited display the value that you calculated. Support sin cos tan and more, with ...    409 kb    Views 8755


clock light display
+12    FlashClock is a clock with an integratated Light. Touching the display will starting the light. Another touch on the display stops the light Functions: Clock with datum LEDLight Alarm function (works also if the app is in the background) Continued use of ...    853 kb    Views 1467

Rental Manager Free

rental property report functions analysis agent manager free
-2    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    9 MB    Views 8111

Slush Monitor

slush display
-4    Display your Slush's Pool's Mining status. It auto updates so you can just hang it on the display wall if you want to.    17 MB    Views 2368

EZ Calc HD

-6    Easy to use basic calculator all extra functions and menus removed to make operation as simple as possible, even for those with disabilities. Simple clean display, basic functions, beautiful animated buttons. You can't possibly mess it up. Many calculators offer so ...    13 MB    Views 316


web functions version list financial
-8    [富衛財策系統] 此集所有功能於一身之"AllinOne" 程式乃專為富衛理財顧問而設。詳情及功能包括: IFE, AES (功能與網上版相同) eTravel, ePA 網上購買旅遊及個人意外保險 (功能與網上版相同),保障可即時生效,並可透過電郵傳送保單文件給客戶 退休保障計算程式 (完整版) 提供全面之財務分析工具 醫生名冊 詳列有關之聯絡詳情及地址,並可連結到地圖以顯示位置 __________________________________ [FWD Financial Planner] This AllinONE Apps is designed for FWD Life Adviser. It consists of the following components and functions: IFE, AES (functions are the ...    NAN    Views 3825


search currency country currencies list portfolio amount display amounts held
+20    Currency Converter / Forex Portfolio Management 134 currencies (including former currencies of the Eurozone) 165 countries Currency Conversion You choose your list of currencies and the application gives you automatically converted amounts. Dual conversion display Forex Portfolio You build your portfolio by specifying the monetary ...    4 MB    Views 9908


Related Apps iphone display pos transaction register cash screen white
+20    This application needs the CashyPOS cash register application to operate properly A customer display showing the transaction details from CashyPOS on an iPhone or iPod touch screen. A must for every professional cash register Perfect to reuse your old device CashyDisplay shows each transactionitem ...    800 kb    Views 7765


calculator big simple easy functions display power simplicity
+14    A fully featured calculator which looks and operates like the real thing. Simple Calculator is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. A simpletouse, easytoread calculator that goes anywhere your phone goes. It performs all the basic functions addition, subtraction, ...    7 MB    Views 8997

Tax Calculator

tax calculator price including excluding support display copy key input
+18    "Tax Calculator" is a calculator app useful for calculating sales tax. This calculator can be used in the same manner as general calculators. From a calculation result, a price including tax, price excluding tax and the amount of tax are displayed automatically. (The ...    547 kb    Views 8230


credit calculation rate amount monthly results send functions enter
0    YYou need a simple Tool to calculate a Credit offer ? or You need to know what is the possible credit amount based on the monthly rate ? than ImoCalc is all what you need ImoCal can do the following functions: 1 Credit calculation You ...    1 MB    Views 27


calculator functions basic buttons
+2    This programmable calculator incorporates a full BASIC interpreter that enables you to create and assign your own functions to calculator buttons. o Thirty five customizable buttons defined using functions written in BASIC. o Ability to intermix numbers of any base at any ...    654 kb    Views 3591


Related Apps calculator simulation rpn parameters input registers financial display functions interest keys
-1    RPN70 SD is a complete simulation of the financial handheld calculator HP70 from 1974. It handles loan amortization, saving plans, depreciation, and much more with ease. What users said: "Looks good, all functions you need. Love it" "This is a beautiful emulation of ...    24 MB    Views 2213


calculator key memory keys values display clear title support
+4    "MemoryCalc" is a calculator with memorykeys that very useful. It can store up to six values in the memorykeys (m1 to m6) and display the memorized values on the top keys. When the memorykey with a memorized value is pressed, that value ...    464 kb    Views 5356
Related Apps news personal stock finance alerts application font interface display
+9    With this awesome application you can get instant access to all finance news, alerts, headlines, stock markets alerts and much more. ◇ Key Features ◇  • Personal news adjustment • User friendly interface • Highly customisable Add custom news that you frequently check. • Changeable content • Fast ready ...    5 MB    Views 6222


display day click user dividends
-4    The purpose of the ExDividends app is to display any upcoming dividends in a calendar view. If a dividend falls on a particular day, that day will be marked and the user can click on it to display any stock that ...    662 kb    Views 8535


Related Apps tip display currency
0    Simple easy to use tip calculator. Notes of Interest: Displays currency values with two decimal places Tip percentage selection is in 1% increments (no fractional percentages) Does not display numbers with grouping symbols (i.e. "1234.56" not "1,234.56"). Does not display currency ...    156 kb    Views 1096
Related Apps time term functions variables results annual
+14    Six Functions of a 1 is a suite of financial calculations commonly used in finance, economics, investment analysis, and valuation. These functions are especially useful to students learning about time value of money concepts. Key input variables are amount, annual interest ...    562 kb    Views 2416
month adsense demo account information earnings interface display
-1    beAdSense is a powerful and beautiful AdSense (readonly) client. Key features: 2step verification login support Quick earnings information of: Today, Month total and Month average Month summary Month summary chart (+ landscape mode chart) Possibility to display previous months quickly, full ...    5 MB    Views 4749


-1    When shopping, it is a very convenient calculator application program. It is only for the display in Japanese. The main feature 1.Easy design that everyone can use soon 2.List display like receipt 3.The amount of money of the input can be distinguished by ...    NAN    Views 3774
calculator sales margin calculate cost functions
+14    Guardrail Calculator (previously Sales Profit Calculator) is a straightforward margin calculator, similar to those Sales professionals have used for years. In addition to standard calculator functions, it has special functions to calculate selling price, cost, or margin using two of ...    988 kb    Views 4219
card gamble american display master chips free
-5    Wanna go all American Gambling? Play American HiLo Casino Card Master now American HiLo Casino Card Master has an all American themed casino display that will guarantee playing like you 're in the United States. Rodeos, giant burgers and ...    41 MB    Views 5397


calculator iphone ipad functions set display real view calculation added memory
+9    The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in Science, Finance, Business, Accounting and real state. The R.L.M. Software's RLM19BII calculator simulates the real HP 19BII+ calculator taking full the advantages of the iPhone4 & 5 retina display, with ...    11 MB    Views 7689

- The Calculator -

Related Apps calculator language functions
+2    "The Calculator" combines multiple functions in one app. In Addition, it's simple design and lucidity guarantee that it is easy to use. Functions: Calculator basic arithmetic operations brackets displays previous calculations Percentages calculation of percentage (based on two random values) Available languages: English, German ...    336 kb    Views 4212
london bullion clear display mobile trading buy sell platform
-1    Tung Shing Bullion (Brokers) Limited is pleased to announce that an allnew bullion mobile trading App (IOS version) has been launched, which offers you the most convenient way to manage your bullion account around the clock and to trade wherever ...    2 MB    Views 885

Stock Bond Pro SP

stock bond information study 100 functions separate
+12    Stock Data is automatically imported for each stock , it takes less than a second. This is the fastest and easiest to use Stock and Bond App you will ever see. Ninety nine percent (99%) of investors will want to use ...    2 MB    Views 4187
calculator button display numbers operation sign graphical variable user buttons
-8    Graphical calculator featuring: Basic Operations Digit buttons for the user input of numbers. Additional operation buttons like sin, cos, log, √, x² Provide +/ button to change the leading sign. If user is entering a number, switch the sign of ...    1021 kb    Views 324
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