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+24    Calculate in a a very fast and simple method the exchange rate of major currencies based on the European Central Bank daily fixing (source: ECB website) The available currencies are: USD US dollar JPY Japanese yen BGN Bulgarian lev CZK Czech ...    3 MB    Views 3288

Manat Converter

+27    Yenilik – populyar bankların esas valyuta mezenneleri 1 CURRENCY CONVERTER+CALCULATOR IN AZERBAIJAN Manat Converter by Start Interactive Agency is the most simple to use, fast and yet powerful currency converter ideal for anyone traveling to Azerbaijan. It features daily updates of over ...    7 MB    Views 605

Sales Taxes Canada

+9    Sales Taxes Canada is the best free app to calculate Canadian sales taxes in a snap. HST, GST and PST for all the provinces of Canada (Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia...). • Fast • Easy • Free Our devise: more Sales Taxes Canada provides instant ...    3 MB    Views 6751

Cash Burner HD

purchase euro yen dollar
+2    Transform your iPad, iPhone or iPod into a romantic, warm and relaxing fireplace. Enjoy the money fireplaces in full screen, high definition quality and with excellent burning sound effects Which currency would you like to burn? DOLLAR, EURO or YEN? FEATURES: Wood ...    18 MB    Views 6952

Money Counter Pro

+21    Money Counter Pro is a simple App to count your currency notes and coins of various denomination. Separate Counter for all major currencies, such as US Dollars (USD) ,Euros, British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar(AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Indian Rupee (INR), Norwegian ...    11 MB    Views 8128
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0    This Free currency converter lets you convert currency exchange rates for 150 currencies. List of Supported Currency: AFAAfghanistan Afghani ALLAlbanian Lek DZDAlgerian Dinar ARSArgentine Peso AWGAruba Florin AUDAustralian Dollar BSDBahamian Dollar BHDBahraini Dinar BDTBangladesh Taka BBDBarbados Dollar BZDBelize Dollar BMDBermuda Dollar BTNBhutan Ngultrum BOBBolivian Boliviano BWPBotswana Pula BRLBrazilian Real GBPBritish Pound BNDBrunei Dollar BIFBurundi Franc XOFCFA Franc (BCEAO) XAFCFA Franc (BEAC) KHRCambodia Riel CADCanadian ...    1 MB    Views 2582

Cash-In-Out Free

money cash free buttons expenses income euro franc swiss dollar
-5    Review Your Finance A book of household accounts. Easy to use. The graphic chart answer where you spent your money. Cash or Card? A special feature is, how to keep records about cash payment. Push the coinbuttons and banknotebuttons when you take out and/or ...    4 MB    Views 3381
french franc euro
+17    Currency Converter Euro French Franc. For nostalgics of the French franc This is the app you are looking for if you are still thinking in french francs Easy one click conversion. Very intuitive. No decimal errors when converting. Keyboard always on screen for a ...    4 MB    Views 8496
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0    Convert Currency Calculator offers you quick and efficient currency conversion on the fly. Simple to use, this app is great to have for your calculations when needed. Or, if you are on vacation or out of your home country, calculate ...    6 MB    Views 6444
+5    Easily calculate the value of a US Dollar between 1800 and 2011. This app gives Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for each year from 1800 to present. See how much the value of what you bought 30 years ago has changed. ...    5 MB    Views 9482
+1    ATMs offer extraordinary convenience, providing access to your bank or credit union accounts 24/7. You can find ATMs in small towns, major cities, airports, train stations and tourist locations. However, if you use an ATM not affiliated with your financial ...    361 kb    Views 8472
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-6    "NRIs Money 2 India Exchanger" app enables all NRIs (Non Resident of India) to keep up to date with exchange rate values for the most popular currencies for various banks. This is also very useful to know which bank is ...    8 MB    Views 3716

Tip Calculator--

calculator tip amount enter dollar features percent version
+3    Tip Calculator is a great tool for anyone who enjoys eating out. Why struggle to calculate the tip? Use Tip Calculator every time you dine out. Features in the Lite Version: 1) Enter the tax as a percent or dollar amount 2) Enter ...    13 MB    Views 8749
dollar peso currencies converter easy dinar currency dirham south
+9    Currency Converter is a fast and easy currency converter. This is the professional edition with an extended information feed Only for professionals It offers you: Realtime exchange rates. Easy user interface. Easy conversion. Tracking of multiple currencies. Over 60 currencies. Works ...    412 kb    Views 8008


+27    Great tool to convert EURO money to many other currencies: AUD: Australian Dollar BGN:Bulgarian Lev BRL:Brazilian Real CAD:Canadian Dollar CHF:Swiss Franc CNY:Chinese Yuan CZK:Czech Koruna DKK:Danish Krone GBP:British Pound HKD:Hong Kong Dollar and many more.... Enjoy    9 MB    Views 8433
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+16    This multimedia ebook is a stepbystep guide on how to become rich. This ebook deals with issues that worry everybody who seeks freedom and independence. Ask yourself: Do I want to be rich? If YES, read this book Here you'll find ...    12 MB    Views 9185

Euro Dollar Premium

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-4    Eur to USD Plus, without Ads US Dollar to Euro converter and vice versa. The exchange rate is daily updated. If you cannot get network connectivity, it will take the last Dollar exchange rate available. This version is completely free from advertising. Direct ...    971 kb    Views 6360
coin coins dollar features coincalc count change add
+6    CoinCalc allows you to easily calculate the value of all that loose change you have lying around. Simply tap on the coins to add them to the total value. Features the coins of five currencies: • US Dollar • Euro • Great British Pound • Australian ...    1 MB    Views 2905
+10    Support Global 169 kinds of currency arbitrary switching Offers 169 kinds of base currency browse tables Realtime updates exchange rates Without any advertising Currency Calculator is the world's first perfect support IOS8 exchange rate tool, providing the world's most comprehensive 169 kinds of monetary ...    4 MB    Views 5550

Peso to Dollar

-2    Kamusta po? It's more fun to spend in the Philippines. Dollar to Pesos App is simple and reliable. A real travel companion you can trust. This app will work without internet connection too    269 kb    Views 9822

Dollar Code

money month debt save dollar future questions code
-3    We all work hard to provide for ourselves and our families. We make money ... and we spend it. If you're like most of us, money is something we never seem to have enough of at the end of the ...    42 MB    Views 3033
dollar currency note notes selected conversion visual converter
+15    Visual Currency Converter is an augmented reality app that allows the conversion of the value of notes put in front of the camera to the currency of your choice. The conversion rates are updated from a live feed every time the ...    11 MB    Views 5815


apple dollar currency rate reference application watch foreign
+4    The currency converter made for your Apple Watch. Cambiste is an application meant for the Apple Watch. This application makes it possible to calculate and display on your Apple Watch, the value in a reference currency, of an amount expressed in ...    477 kb    Views 5666

Dollar Buddy

Related Apps expense income transaction dollar easy support user features buddy transactions
0    Dollar Buddy is a FREE software that can help you track your daily transactions and better understand your personal finance. It’s simple but powerful, categorizing the transactions with different grouping style to meet various needs. It supports both expense and ...    763 kb    Views 8378
+12    Finally: The free version of 'Currency Converter Extreme' is available for iPhone & iPhone 5. More than 60.000 happy users. Convert currencies without the need for an internet connection. The perfect converter abroad And if you have a connection: update easily ...    12 MB    Views 2466

China Gold Price

china gold price account rmb dollar silver platinum
0    China Gold Price provide realtime China gold price for you. If you are concerned about China gold market, you can not miss China Gold Price. China Gold Price covers following, 1. World Gold spot price RMB / g U.S. / ...    2 MB    Views 8718
canadian dollar rate cad exchange converter usd
+5    United States Dollar / Canadian Dollar currency converter. USD US / CAD CA C The exchange rate is automatically updated. Easy one click conversion. Very intuitive. No decimal errors when converting. Keyboard always on screen for a better display, it doesn't pop ...    3 MB    Views 3012

MCC Calculator

+8    The Mortgage Credit Certificate provides homebuyers with a percentage of their mortgage interest back in the form of a federal income tax credit for the life of the loan. In essence, it is a dollarfordollar credit or about 150 a ...    3 MB    Views 2289

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+19 is a simple yet powerful currency converter for your iPhone. With a slim and minimalistic interface keeps you always up to date. You can choose from a list of over 60 currencies and if your currency is not in ...    411 kb    Views 9523


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-8    Metal Dollar is a simple free app for monitoring the price of gold and silver. Metal Dollar allows you to view the current price of gold and silver, as well as percentage change and historical data through graphs. Metal Dollar currently supports ...    407 kb    Views 9941
dollar peso rupee dinar currencies pound rial converter shilling dirham
0    Convert currencies without the need for an internet connection. The perfect converter abroad And if you have a connection: update easily for the latest currencies. Free Currency Converter Extreme HD converts between the following currencies: United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) Netherlands Antillean ...    3 MB    Views 3675
dollar peso rupee dinar currencies shilling rial exchange pound application
+21    Currency Converter is application for easy conversion between your favorite currencies. All exchange rates are provided by Google. You can set up your default currencies, so you easily convert just by inserting a number in the application. Easily convert between your ...    4 MB    Views 3419
euro dollar
+23    The fastest and simplest converter from Euro to US Dollar and from US Dollar to Euro, and now with no ads Setting the currencies every time is not needed. You just launch the app and enter the amount. This app also includes ...    2 MB    Views 6404
Related Apps dollar currency rates yen peso south krone currencies easy exchange
+16    Easy Currency gives you the world leading currency exchange rates right at your palm. You can sort exchange rates, calculate rates and choose your favourite rates.   Easy Currency is perfect when you are: Going on vacation abroad Shopping on the Internet ...    168 kb    Views 8545

Dollar to Euro

Related Apps dollar euro
-3    This simple application will convert US Dollar to Euro.    1 MB    Views 8074

Current C

Related Apps dollar bitcoin south peso krone
+28    Convert 36 of the top world currencies, including Bitcoin. (BTC) Bitcoin (USD) U.S. dollar (AUD) Australian dollar (BGN) Bulgarian lev (BRL) Brasilian real (CAD) Canadian dollar (CHF) Swiss franc (CNY) Chinese yuan renminbi (CZK) Czech koruna (DKK) Danish krone (EUR) EU euro (GBP) Pound sterling (HKD) Hong Kong dollar (HRK) Croatian kuna (HUF) Hungarian forint (IDR) ...    9 MB    Views 2803

My Gas Logger

car miles total gas dollar latest gallon
+20    Ever wonder how your car is performing with gas mileage? wait no further log your car's fuel consumption. Get the information for Latest Miles Per Gallon Latest Miles Per Dollar Total Miles Per Gallon Total Miles Per Dollar Total Dollars Spent Easy method of tracking per car nice graph ...    1 MB    Views 6285


+4    Track the Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum precious Metal prices in kg and troy ounce in the major currencies. Supported Currencies USD US Dollars EUR Euro € CHF Swiss Franc GBP British Pound JPY Japanese Yen NZD New Zeland Dollar AUD ...    2 MB    Views 7637
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-5    The Scrap Gold Calculator is packed with features for both buyers and sellers of scrap gold and scrap silver. SCRAP GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM PRICES With live precious metal feed and over 25 currencies (see list below) the Scrap Gold Calculator gives ...    462 kb    Views 8303
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+24    Currency Exchange is powerful and elegant Currency Converter application for your iPhone & iPod Touch. The information is updated very frequently to bring you the latest conversion values. The application has an elegant interface with a picker to select 'From' and ...    28 MB    Views 4251


debt loan compounding effect pay interest dollar
+23    H.E.A.P.™ is very simple in that the program shows you how to use every available dollar every day to pay down debt on your home mortgage. When you use every available dollar to pay down your debt ALL THE TIME, your ...    1 MB    Views 1583
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-4    Currency Calculator is the world's first perfect support IOS8 exchange rate tool, providing the world's most comprehensive 169 kinds of monetary support, and provide the most simple human nature experience, more detailed conversion convenient user Can realtime update rate Intelligent conversion ...    8 MB    Views 5644


dollar franc pound peso dinar rupee rial shilling islands
+1    Now with Apple Watch app Changer is the fastest and easiest to use currency converter, ideal for traveling. It features more than 160 uptodate world currency rates (yes, even Bitcoin) and has beautiful, userfriendly interface. Changer works both online and ...    6 MB    Views 3446


dollar currencies south peso krone
+28    Currency Converter based on the daily quotation of the European Central Bank. The application is automatically updated, if a connection is available, and allows the conversion of these currencies: Euro (EUR) U.S. Dollar (USD) Japanese Yen (JPY) Bulgarian Lev (BGN) Czech Koruna (CZK) Danish Krone (DKK) Estonian ...    12 MB    Views 2254
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+1    Are you traveling or shopping abroad? Do you often convert one currency to another? This application is for you. Base contains more than 100 currencies and has a handy calculator that will help you to easily calculate the price of ...    6 MB    Views 1485
canadian email deposit support currencies dollar
+3    Deposit is an attractive, easy to use app for counting cash. Swipe to select denominations, and see your total in realtime as you enter amounts. When you're ready for a trip to the bank, Deposit can also email or print ...    4 MB    Views 3338
Related Apps dollar peso rupee dinar converter currencies shilling pound extreme rial
-5    Finally: THE EXTREME currency converter is now available for iPhone Convert currencies without the need for an internet connection. The perfect converter abroad And if you have a connection: update easily for the latest currencies. Free Currency Converter Extreme converts between ...    3 MB    Views 868
Related Apps calculator tip shop tips simple swipe dollar helps
+6    Personalize TipShop just the way you like with 17 vibrant color themes Swipe Rounding round tips and totals up or down to nearest HALF DOLLAR OR WHOLE DOLLAR amount with a simple swipe Calculate tips before or after tax. It's up to you Customizable ...    730 kb    Views 6792
Related Apps tax calculator tip hot split calculate bill number rate dollar
-3    Hot Tip is a powerful, easy to use tip calculator from the creator of ShoPARE, a price comparison tool. Hot Tip helps you calculate and split tip. Hot Tip can: • Calculate tip without tax • Properly calculate tip from pretax or aftertax bill ...    590 kb    Views 449
rates dollar exchange currencies currency 156
+13    UPDATE SALE: SAVE 50% FOR A LIMITED PERIOD. Dollar Exchange Rates shows the exchange rates to 156 different currencies with US Dollar (USD) as base currency. You can convert between all the included currencies. Going on vacation? Dollar Exchange Rates is the ...    489 kb    Views 1214
dollar pound rate exchange sterling converter
0    British Pound Sterling US Dollar currency converter. Pound GBP £ / Dollar USD The exchange rate is automatically updated. Easy one click conversion. Very intuitive. No decimal errors when converting. Keyboard always on screen for a better display, it doesn't pop up. Can work ...    3 MB    Views 2788

Simple Tip

tip simple nearest interface user intuitive dollar
+1    Simple Tip is an intuitive tip calculator with a simple and clean user interface. Simple Tip provides the following features: Variable tip percentages Split bill among multiple parties Round tip to nearest dollar Round total to nearest dollar Intuitive user ...    85 kb    Views 1278
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0    Dollar Converter Pro will allow you to convert between 159 different currencies to and from dollars. It's ideal for anybody who travels a lot. Updating to the most recent exchange rates is only one button press away Keep exchange rates current ...    467 kb    Views 7108

Banknote or Not?

dollar number united peso banknote check
+10    How do you know if your banknote is genuine? Usually we can check by its security features like ghost image, raised ink and other things it should have. Lets check its serial number and see if it is valid Simply enter the number ...    506 kb    Views 7699
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-8    Moneye is your go to app for getting immediate lightning fast insight in the trends of the currencies market. With 168 currencies supported, daily, weekly and monthly trends and push messages for significant trend changes it will make sure you ...    9 MB    Views 8954

Currency for iOS 8

peso dollar dinar rupee currency interface currencies offline russian
-6    New. Simple. Amazing. Currency+ 2014 is the simplest and most powerful exchange calculator on the market. With the new OFFLINE feature and an updated interface is it easier than ever to convert + ONLINE and OFFLINE + 45 Currencies + Userfriendly interface Currency+ 2014 includes over ...    2 MB    Views 4468
tax calculator tip percentage amount save dollar based
+9    This free Tip Calculator lets you calculate: Tip Percentage (Gives you dollar amount based on tip percentage) Tip Amount (Gives you percentage based on dollar amount tipped) Cost to split between people Tax Save frequently used numbers (i.e. tax) to save ...    5 MB    Views 5600

Currency Now Lite

Related Apps currency dollar peso convert south krone select easy lite version
+21    This version is a Lite version of the Currency Now app. it has an iAd and an admob banner. Currency Now is the most userfriendly currency converter on the App Store.
 daily exchange rate is automatic updated on a regular basis. 
It's ...    2 MB    Views 4125
Related Apps dollar peso rate exchange converter
+27    Mexican Peso / US Dollar currency converter. Peso MXN / Dollar USD US The exchange rate is automatically updated. Easy one click conversion. Very intuitive. No decimal errors when converting. Keyboard always on screen for a better display, it doesn't pop up. Can ...    3 MB    Views 4594
money dollar currency exchange rates transfer franc transfers
+16    With our new allinone currency converter you can now check live foreign exchange rates and transfer money internationally like never before. You are in control for your transfers and you currency rates. It’s the last currency app you’ll ever need. QUICK AND ...    12 MB    Views 7234
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