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+12    Hay hay this is now your "same ol same ol" boring obnoxious game. If you are even remotely thinking of leaving this screen "STOP AND DOWN THIS GAME NOW Don't risk losing the experience of a life time. I ...    4 MB    Views 1590

Bet it ALL

money betting don stop bet
+5    BE THE FIRST TO MAKE ONE MILLION DOLLARS How much money do you think you can make by betting a little? Maybe a hundred? Hundred thousand? 50 quadrillion? Find out in this simple, fun, and addicting game where you can make more ...    2 MB    Views 5510
+15    You don't like the NSA snooping in on your phone calls but you're OK with a internetbased receipts app that shares your purchasing information with advertising companies? Don't be. Use Receipts Magic Pro instead. We've integrated powerful OCR and image processing ...    10 MB    Views 6106


+10    The DonorElf mobile app allows missionaries to view their support account information directly from their mobile phone. View your dashboard View your contacts Add and Edit Contacts Call or Email your Contacts View your donations IMPORTANT This is a free ...    1 MB    Views 7780
-3    Featured in iTunes 'What's Hot' June 2014 Find out how much you can expect a journey to cost you. Using the latest average UK fuel price and your cars miles per gallon (MPG) you can avoid surprise journey prices and budget ...    9 MB    Views 69


exchanges price don nice
+4    Nice candlestick charts of the Bitcoin price on various exchanges. Really nice app if you don't want to miss a price move when you are away from your computer. All datas are live from the exchanges Some echanges don't provide OHLC datas ...    4 MB    Views 6047
+9    iGiveIt is an application to help you keep track of your donations and tithes. It also includes a future donation date reminder to help you keep your giving on track. • Easy to use, clean interface. • Donation summaries for month. • Multiple ...    4 MB    Views 3892
+15    Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPAD: You start your simplified tax return and complete it entirely on the iPAD. The files are transferable from iPAD to PC or Mac. Right now you can try our ...    13 MB    Views 1214

April Tools

people tax email donations charitable deductions easy
-4    Many people donate a wide variety of goods to charitable organizations each year, and a great many of those who donate underestimate the value of their donations – unnecessarily limiting their taxable deductions. Our Charitable Donations Calculator App is an easy ...    130 kb    Views 4414

Springleaf Mobile

0    Onthego access from Springleaf Financial Services to apply for a personal loan, make a payment on your account, and find a branch location near you. Springleaf offers personal loans for a wide range of purposes including: • Debt consolidation • Home improvement • Auto ...    10 MB    Views 116

How Much

tax sale discount price enter sales purchase don final immediately great
+6    Find out the full price of any item before you get to the cash register. Don't try to guess a sale price in your head, use How Much to find out exactly how much you'll spend. "How Much" will let you quickly ...    591 kb    Views 8100
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+21    The Micro Loan calculator is an application to assist Workateers in the field to show the difference between a regular micro loan and a micro loan. About Where your heart, your brain, and your pocketbook come together. A marketbased microphilanthropy ...    184 kb    Views 6051
Related Apps tax taxsoftware form 990 file function download irs don
0    Are you trying to file past year’s Form 990N? It’s Easy. Form 990N is the Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations that have total gross receipts of 50,000 or less. You can do it on the iPhone or iPad ...    2 MB    Views 2171
tax donations taxact maximize return deluxe import 2014 cash http
+2    Track your charitable donations throughout the year easy, fast and free with TaxACT Donation Assistant. At tax time, just sign in to your TaxACT Account – we’ll import your donations into your Deluxe tax return, help maximize your deduction, and ...    6 MB    Views 8638
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-3    Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPhone: You start your Form 4868 Application for Automatic Extension of Time and complete it entirely on the iPhone. The cost of the app is only 99 cents ...    8 MB    Views 8958
investing people money business rich rules income don individuals cash beat game
+9    Discover the hidden rules and beat the rich at their own game The general population has a lovehate kinship with riches. They resent those who have it, but spend their total lives attempting to get it for themselves. The reason an immense ...    304 kb    Views 9712
poker video farm chips enjoy play 1st fortune don mobile
+14    Don 't lose your money Play video poker on your mobile This is the ultimate video poker you have been waiting for There 's no need to spend thousands for a trip to a casino when you can just ...    28 MB    Views 1235
history virtual currencies coins don auto screen view converter graphs
-2    Qurrency is the Quickest Currencies Converter Over 250 Currencies including virtual coins, no need to look for any other units converter. You can sort the currencies as you like and even hide those you don't want. Features: ======= • Various Currencies – With over 250 ...    18 MB    Views 688
0    With Bank of Doniphan’s Mobile Banking App you can safely and securely access your accounts anytime, anywhere. Our mobile app is FREE and allows you to: • View your balance • View account activity • Transfer funds • Locate a branch or ATM • Contact ...    16 MB    Views 9122
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+25    [THE Programmer says: It's kind of hard my game] Be a piggy bank and collect coins for... well just collect the coins for no reason in this game, just because "THE" Programmer told you so. • Finish the Story Mode if you ...    14 MB    Views 4766
advertising work organization fundraising ways reasons potential advantage questions letter
-2    Discover how easily you can run a successful fundraiser for your organization This guide contains every dynamite tip and trick. Every must know piece of information. Every timesaving method. And as many possible obstacles you might encounter as possible. Here is just ...    556 kb    Views 923
southern homes california
-1    Southern California Homes by Donna Fallon App has many powerful tools such as a Mortgage Calculator, Virtual Tours, Contact Info, Property Searches and much more, all in this free app So even if you're a buyer, a seller or just ...    14 MB    Views 5951
bank area easy don find nearest cashier
+11    Do you need to find a cashier in your area? You don't know the area? Yo don't remember where the nearest bank is? Download My Bank FREE and enjoy all the advantages: FIND all the ATM in your area. FILTER by type bank. ...    11 MB    Views 2004
business don creating
-1    Download one of the best books every written on the subject of creating wealth. P.T. Barnum is the author and is most famous for creating "The Greatest Show on Earth". 1. DON'T MISTAKE YOUR VOCATION 2. SELECT THE RIGHT LOCATION 3. AVOID DEBT 4. PERSEVERE 5. ...    5 MB    Views 4881
-5    Mortgage Calculator by Donna Jo has been created to assist you. The American dream home ownership More people are taking advantage of today's low rates to buy their first home, or their dream home. We're on your side We help ...    12 MB    Views 7039
business work marketing party ebook people time online don creating setting application plan
0    Creating an Online Business Has Never Been Easier... IF You Know Where to Begin Order Today Don't spin your wheels and waste your hard earned cash on ANYTHING... until you read the definitive guide to success online Here's 2 Good Reasons to ...    677 kb    Views 8149


cex bitcoin data account api don key overview
+5    The first of it's kind: a viewing app for the CEX.IO bitcoin trading platform and the GHASH.IO mining pool. With CEX.IO you can buy GHash directly online and start mining bitcoins immediately. With this app you have a real time overview ...    9 MB    Views 1331
-4    Learning All About Budgeting Strategies For Busy Families Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Finances If you want to truly learn how to need to know these budgeting secrets You know why most people have a tendency not to ...    23 MB    Views 4449


profit donation donations hassle
+25    Donorbox is mobile app for making donations. Through Donorbox, we connect wouldbe donors to a world of charities, nonprofit and notforprofit organisations, and causes. As a wouldbe donor, you will be able to search our list of organisations for a cause ...    2 MB    Views 3000
tracker bitcoin live support date tracking coins exchanges don
-7    Bitcoin Tracker Live is an exchange tracking tool to help keep track of the bitcoin price with live up to date prices 24/7. Bitcoin Tracker Live converts the value into USD, GBP,EURO, AUD and Yuan, and allows price tracking from Mt. ...    397 kb    Views 8952

Finance Cheatsheet

dictionary finance financial vocabulary quick load give don professionals
-1    Huge database (thousands) of financial vocabulary Wellexplained and concise meaning Often find the urgent need to lookup the meaning of a financial term? Find a phrase or word familiar but don't know the exact meaning? Stuck in a meeting with financial jargon ...    1 MB    Views 9476


entrepreneurs money fund crowdfunding
+2    Nap Time Startups is a company dedicated to raising money for mom and women entrepreneurs through crowdfunding The site addresses entrepreneur’s primary need – money. Crowdfunding will begin Dec. 2nd with a first year goal of funding 1000 startups. Preregistration is ...    23 MB    Views 9913
charity personal board team fundraising donations phone messages page participants
-9    The Mississauga Marathon Scotiabank Charity Challenge is leveraging the power of mobile technology to enable this year's 10,000 participants to fundraise for our many different local and national charity partners from your phone Participants can use this app to: Track ...    NAN    Views 119


accounts expenses www application don
+16    Managing your personal accounts is very simple. The online accountability is the future and Contamoney is the best application for that. Contamoney is a free application that allows you to manage your accounts in a secure and reliable way. The main advantages ...    6 MB    Views 178

Sum Me - Bill Me

sum prices don quantity items item price
+1    A simple app to quickly sum the total prices of some defined items by their prices and quantities. You don't have to remember each item's price, you don't have to multiply the price with the quantity, you don't have to sum ...    2 MB    Views 7385

ATM Finder by Donde

Related Apps atm bank finder locations donde branch
0    Donde ATM Finder is the best way to find a nearby ATM or bank branch. With thousands of ATM locations, we'll show you the closest ATM whether it be inside a bank or a convenience store. Filter by a particular ...    2 MB    Views 1845

Offering Kiosk

ipad organization people kiosk secure fundraising
+2    Collect one time or recurring donations via your iPhone or iPad This app is very simple and secure to use. Accept checks and credit cards via our strong 128 bit encryption. The Offering Kiosk will work great for Churches or Organization’s ...    27 MB    Views 2084
+3    Desde hace 95 años, en La Caja trabajamos todos los días manteniendo un mismo y claro objetivo: brindarte cada vez más y mejores servicios. Es por eso que desarrollamos esta aplicación gratuita especialmente pensada para que puedas acceder a información ...    3 MB    Views 5539

Gift Aid

tax time donations return gift record complete year relief claim
0    Log your donations. Simplify your tax return. This app makes it simple to claim tax relief on your Gift Aid charity donations. It's also a great way to record your donations even if you don't have to complete a tax return. Features: • ...    1 MB    Views 609
management card time tools web ipad business don credit customer
-8    Molo is Simple Marina Management. Your marina management tools on the iPad and web browser. MARINA MANAGEMENT REIMAGINED Molo makes it simple. All our tools were designed with marina managers and owners. Emailed slip and storage contracts, credit card processing with digital ...    4 MB    Views 2894
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-1    Remember how we used to use checks all the time, and kept a simple ledger in our checkbooks? Miss those old days? While I don't miss having to write checks all the time, and I don't miss having to carry ...    3 MB    Views 2119

Mandi Buff

food market prices local rates don
+9    Ever wonder why the food prices change so frequently and how could you possibly save money with always rising prices. Now don't get cheated by your local vendor. Know the right price,right from your phone. Mandi Buff is the One and only ...    3 MB    Views 3500
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-8    Instantly send money to friends, acquaintances, and strangers for free. Be yourself, or pay anonymously depending on who you are paying. •Show your appreciation by tipping with Silouet when you don't have cash. •Instantly pay anyone with just a PIN code using ...    6 MB    Views 1259


finance date expense daily cash setting don record book
+27    【Honors – Top Paid】 1 in Thailand Overall 2 in Taiwan Finance 3 in China、Hong Kong、Singapore Finance ATTENTION: please export your data before update to new version. Don't know why money is running out? Use Cash.Book to keep all the records, easy to use, fit ...    26 MB    Views 8214

Gift Aid Calculator

tax charity gift rate fundraising partnership relief aid
+12    More Partnership Fundraising Consultants. And More. Have you ever struggled to explain the UK's Gift Aid tax relief system to someone? Just how much tax rebate does a charity receive? And how much higher rate tax relief might a donor get? What if ...    132 kb    Views 5205
car iphone search vehicle don auto free dealer year
-5    As Seen On TV The original Auto Recall App for your iPhone is back and better than ever Don't let a recall issue go undetected SO WHAT IS A RECALL?  A recall takes place when a manufacturer notifies all owners of a specific vehicle ...    4 MB    Views 8590
dictionary database don internet 000 words connection english
-2    %60 SPECIAL DISCOUNT English has became the international communication language which you should need to study. You will have a chance with this application to improve your English Turkish translation ability no matter where you are. Features: • More than 1.000.000 terms ...    114 MB    Views 4375


die und das ber volksbank der
+1    KarriereApp der Volksbank DonauNeckar mit der Hauptstelle in Tuttlingen und den Geschäftsstellen in Spaichingen, Wehingen und Schwenningen. Die App informiert über das Praktikum, die Ausbildung, das Studium und die Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten sowie über die Volksbank DonauNeckar als Arbeitgeber.    NAN    Views 9128


accounting accountants integrated send don
-6    Snap a picture of your receipt, describe it and send it to accounting. Made by accountants for accountants. We don't like dealing with physical receipts and we know you don't either. So please start sending them via receiptcam We even have ...    3 MB    Views 9818

Free Church Kiosk

organization donation check
0    User can select which ministry to donate to: one time donation or recurring donation via credit card or via echeck to organization. Users can Check In their family members into organization. The app also has Events/Volunteer signups.    11 MB    Views 6756

Don't Chump Me!

calculator tax tab bill split don tip amount restaurant
0    A restaurant calculator that puts you in control DON'T CHUMP ME is engineered for speed and accuracy to calculate a tip and split up the bill. Just enter the pretax tab, tax amount, and set the tip slider between 0%30% to get ...    71 kb    Views 2363
investment wisdom tony support version lite don wall
+20    This is the Lite version of Investment Wisdom of Tony Gray Investment first looks not so hard, but in reality, only a few people have succeeded in the stock market. And Tony Gray is one of these few successful investors. This ...    6 MB    Views 1162

Calc touch

tax touch button calculate simply calc left press don number
+14    It's a design calculator that useful and easy. Could you please, watch this demonstration? Calc touch is useful, it can modify expressions simply. If you would like to remove expressions, you simply touch it and press 'C'(Clear) button. Of course, another expressions are still ...    395 MB    Views 7948


tax money values donations database charitable item items ebay total
+12    from where your donations are worth more than you think Track your charitable donations by entering your own item values, money, and mileage donations. You can then email a neat report detailing all your donations. This basic account allows you to ...    6 MB    Views 8634

StB HD Reports

Related Apps sie der und sich reports ihre mit
+7    Laden Sie sich meine App StB HD Reports aus Ihrem App Store herunter Ich kann Ihnen als mein Mandant mittels meiner App StB HD Reports Ihre monatlichen betriebswirtschaftlichen Zahlen (BWA) auf Ihrem Smartphone bzw. Tablet zur Verfügung stellen. Meine MOBILE Reports enthalten ...    NAN    Views 648
full track donations paid church
+6    Track your LDS tithing, fast offering, and donations with this easy to use app. Never lose track of how much you have already paid again The perfect tool for Mormons to use alongside the gospel library, and other LDS tools. Full ...    5 MB    Views 7881


shopping budget don list lists add items buy feature item
+20    A little application that helps you remember to buy that pretty dress or that fancy cool gadget you always wanted. Or for those of you who don't quite get what this app does: It's an easy way to keep track of ...    3 MB    Views 1514

Pay Off Debt

money time email love debt pay payment snowball free don
+8    Tired of fighting about money, working for the credit card companies, and feeling stressed out when you buy something? You CAN get out of debt. And Pay Off Debt app can help. You can go from worrying about how to pay ...    4 MB    Views 4006

Simply Receipts

receipts simply easy don simple features default expenses capture
+8    It's a free app that will hopefully help your daily finance and reimbursement. Best if it's used in daily or weekly calculations. The app is good to go and covers basic needs of our customers But, what else is needed? Let ...    306 kb    Views 3087
tap don game score interface hit touch
+20    Make the bird fly Don't tap too much or you'll hit the spikes, you hit the spikes its Game Over Bounce and Avoid the Spike How long will you last? With the BEST Tap Interface, it will make your gameplay simple and ...    13 MB    Views 6912
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