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0    Do you need to keep track of your mileage for business, charitable, medical/moving or personal reasons but find paper logs are difficult to maintain? Mile Pal will make that process extremely easy. IRS tax deduction rates are 56 cents/mile for 2014 ...    11 MB    Views 5375
+8    Want to save on taxes? You can be deducting your business miles The IRS lets you deduct 57.5 cents for each business mile driven. Great for if your employer does not provide reimbursement for using your personal vehicle. MileBucks Mileage Tracker ...    9 MB    Views 1672
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0    Scratch those paper mileage logs MileWiz will catch every drive you make, automatically • TAX DEDUCTIONS Driving your car for personal & business purposes? You are eligible for tax deductions IRS deductions are 57.5c per qualifying mile in 2015. Driving 30 miles a ...    17 MB    Views 5956

Miles Tracker

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+4    Miles Tracker is a beautifully designed application that allows you to track your vehicle mileage for tax/reimbursement purposes. Once installed, it automatically captures your drives using the GPS on your mobile phone. No need to manually mark the start and ...    7 MB    Views 6204
driving business iphone tax miles deductible log mileage drives logging automatically automatic tracking
+3    OVER 1,000,000+ IN DEDUCTIONS AUTOMATICALLY LOGGED "If you don't remember to log miles, let Magical Miles remember for you." Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iPhone FEATURES • Fully automatic mileage logging There's no need to remember to track your drives, because ...    3 MB    Views 8888
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0    THE AVERAGE AUTOED USER SAVES 139.64 PER MONTH ON THEIR TAXES AUTOMATICALLY Autoed makes mileage logging easy. Forget about about complicated logbooks, pressing buttons, or even remembering to take out your phone. Just download Autoed and drive Autoed will automatically track your ...    17 MB    Views 1323
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+8    Welcome to REX. The only expense/mileage tracking app designed to help Real Estate Agents manage their expenses and maximize their tax deductions. Compare REX to other apps and you will find that we offer the best value. NEW: Customization options and better ...    4 MB    Views 7265
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+9    MileIQ uses smart drivedetection technology to automatically log your drives and calculate their value. You get the reimbursement or deduction you deserve with a minimum amount of effort. TURN YOUR MILES INTO MONEY IN 2015 IRS deduction rates are 0.575c per qualifying ...    25 MB    Views 929

Kanetix DriveSmart

driving program drivers trip insurance score usage based
-6    How good of a driver are you really? Test your skills with the DriveSmart app that grades your driving. Why? Auto insurers in Canada are increasingly offering drivers the opportunity to join a usagebased insurance program, which monitors how ...    11 MB    Views 1161
+5    Detects drives and records them automatically. Classifies drives with a swipe as Business or Personal. Records actual route taken along with short stops. Splits trip at recorded stop into two when asked. Calculates distance from actual route taken. Labels ...    13 MB    Views 234
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-1    MileTracker automatically logs your drives. MileTracker is totally free and there is no any kind of feature limitation. Highlighted features: • Detect your drives and logging them automatically. • Classify drives with a single swipe. • Calculate drive distances. • Capture drives in miles or kilometers ...    3 MB    Views 4722

Miles Tracker Lite

tracker gps business personal reading email drives miles vehicle ability csv automatically choose report
+4    Lite version of the Miles Tracker application. Limited to 40 drives. Miles Tracker is a beautifully designed application that allows you to track your vehicle mileage for tax/reimbursement purposes. Once installed, it automatically captures your drives using the GPS on your ...    7 MB    Views 9846
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