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+1    Control your heating system form the touch of a button on your iPhone. Save the sim card number of your iHeat control unit, enter the length of time you require your system to run, then just press the Boost Heat ...    335 kb    Views 952


+11    Use iTipCalculator for all your tipping needs on your iPhone or iPod Touch It will also easily split the bill among your party members. Features: Quick results with minimal data entry Easy Slider control for specific tip up to 30% Easy Button control for ...    143 kb    Views 1674

M-C Mobile Banking

+11    Members Choice Financial CU Mobile Banking allows you to check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, pay your bills, and now even control your card MC Mobile empowers you to control payment cards instantly with a single touch. With ultimate ...    11 MB    Views 1169

Freight Control

+14    The main purpose of Freight Control is to support the financial management of shipping owners and companies. This is based on three specific functions: • Freight Control gives shipping owners and companies insight of market information concerning present barge freight rates ...    573 kb    Views 2356

Glass Jar

+3    Glass Jar is a fun and easy to use calendar for your money that lets you take control of your finances. After a few minutes of using Glass Jar you'll be able to see years into your financial future. It's ...    11 MB    Views 9426
+29    Absolut control of your business anywhere and anytime trough this application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The AccSchedule app allows you to have your business information always available. That will enable you to control your business activities wherever you are. Highlights: ...    3 MB    Views 2370
money bills budget expenses bank control savings spend
+3    YOU DON’T NEED A BUDGET Sweep helps you get ahead of your bills, expenses and savings goals so you never have to budget again. Unlike other finance apps, Sweep gives you a complete forward looking view into your cash flow and ...    14 MB    Views 3649

Control for Stripe

Related Apps business stripe charges control payments create view customers account including
+12    Control for Stripe is the most popular Stripe management application in the App Store. With Control, you can create and manage your Stripe payments on the go, staying up to date on what’s happening with your business. Monitor key payment activity, ...    21 MB    Views 7939
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-3    • "After eight months, I find adding expenses in Next so fast and intuitive, I struggle to use any other expense tracker." – Federico Viticci, • " still remains one of my top picks for quick and easy expense tracking ...    8 MB    Views 6290


+12    Vquarter the smart way to keep control. Vquarter gives you the opportunity to keep full control over your second home in a safe and simple way. Manage and pay your invoices and gather them in one place. VQuarter offers all ...    29 MB    Views 2702


investors portfolio investor allocation individual create asset control protected
-4    Create and control your own bespoke portfolio "iProtect Serious Investors Only Need Apply" AppleCraver BEGINNERS USE BASIC MODE. ADVANCED INVESTORS/ADVISORS USE FUND MODE. iProtect is a new tool with which you can create your own tailormade, capitalprotected portfolio. There is a mistaken belief ...    2 MB    Views 7781


social money cash savings grow control spend mobile
+13    ClearStreet is an app that helps you build cash reserves. The ClearStreet app combines mobile technology with social savings groups to enable your cash to grow. First, get control of your spending by simply speaking or typing each purchase as ...    45 MB    Views 2450


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+27    IMPORTANT Use device Settings to change currency, miles or kilometers, date format. Do you have a vehicle's? This awesome app designed for your vehicle fuel control. It allows you to manage and control fuel for multiple profiles. If you are using this app ...    NAN    Views 3587

Projector Up!

projects tasks financial control simple
-7    Simple application for the financial accounting of projects. For small studios and freelancers. A simple and intuitive way to keep all of the projects under control. Only highlevel goals, anything unnecessary Managers, Projects, Tasks, Activity Full control over projects and ...    1 MB    Views 4886

My Bank Deposit

deposit bank deposits control enter information select date
+6    My Bank Deposit is a useful tool to keep your expenditures well managed and organized. Helpful for those who often uses credit cards or have one or several bank deposits. Try out an easy way to keep your finances under ...    27 MB    Views 5740

Red Giant

card cards red spending purchase screen line control
-6    Red Giant gives you revolutionary control over your spending. Using the Red Giant mobile application, you unlock your linked Red Giant debit card when you want to make a purchase. When you leave the area, Red Giant locks your card ...    6 MB    Views 822
bills financial control
0    Kill Bills is a control payables simple, made for those people who do not want an advanced financial control, just want to stop using the notebook or a spreadsheet. It is the perfect companion for your financial health.    318 kb    Views 9846
cima costing control 300 production version questions performance
+3    Revision Software for CIMA P1 Exam (May 2015 Syllabus). Over 300 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. This paper deals with tools and techniques that generate information needed to evaluate and control ...    62 kb    Views 614
+7    Control your budget easily, wisely, and beautifully by Personal Budgeting. You'll be able to track your financial activities and understand your financial status by just using this app. Simply open the app and make a record every time you have financial ...    5 MB    Views 1098
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0    Direct Debit Control Centre Stay effortlessly on top of your finances with the Direct Debit Control Centre, an easytouse app developed by Bacs, which puts you in control of your bill payments. The Control Centre is the easiest way to keep track ...    NAN    Views 3098


money clock earnings helps cash count expenses control
+28    Have full control of your money. Count your expenses or earnings. "CashClock" helps you keeping an eye on your money. Count your money up to 24 hours. Enter a value for "money per time" and start the timer. (up to 999 €/ per ...    2 MB    Views 4420


clock subscription star control www
+2    The easiest way to control payroll for your business from anywhere. This app uses facial recognition technology to identify employees, stamps the record with the GPS location of the iOS device, and provides that information along with reports on the ...    3 MB    Views 18
Related Apps management strategy exam cima revision official control systems risk performance topics
+7    CIMA Official Revision P3 provides examfocused, concise revision notes that help you remember key topics and theory. Covering the entire syllabus for P3 Performance Strategy, this is the perfect reference in the lead up to your CIMA exams. It is fully ...    2 MB    Views 9566
time real approval operational control
+8    The IntelliMatch Operation Control app is used to access the IntelliMatch enterprise system to monitor the operations entire reconciliation landscape from ATMs to Nostros, enabling realtime escalation, assignment and eventbased notification. The app is used for the following purposes: o Track the ...    22 MB    Views 715


-2    Personal Control offers you a quick and simple way of managing your personal finances. "In a nutshell, I can’t really find what’s missing from it." AppAdvice “Essential ledger and budgeting app for iOS.” AppCraver Manage all your accounts with Personal Control and stay ...    5 MB    Views 2998

PremioCard Mobile

card cards security mobile control limits fees activate
+14    Why PremioCard Mobile? With the PremioCard mobile app you can take care of your PremioCards and emoney wherever you are, whenever you want. PATENT PENDING: This mobile app is provided by Intercard Finance AG and it is protected by copyrights, trademarks and ...    6 MB    Views 3453
personal finance intuitive transaction control smart
0    Personal Finance App is the best way to seamlessly manage your money. It organizes your Income, Expenses, Report and Reminder for a life time. With it unique way of advising you every morning and evening, you are assured of achieving ...    4 MB    Views 2430
+30    Want you to know why at the end of month you have run out of money without buying anything useful? Want you the best way to organize your finances? Want you to help save some money for buy a new ...    8 MB    Views 8751

Control 2000

nuestros donde control 2000 empresa
-9    Control 2000, empresa 100% mexicana dedicada a desarrollar software administrativo, contable, fiscal y factura electrónica, creo un espacio pensado para ti en donde podrás estar actualizado en las últimas noticias del DOF, asi como tips contables y fiscales. Ve videos ...    NAN    Views 6298
data mobile control track account usage tool speed
+4    ►►► ACCOUNT REQUIRED ◄◄◄ A free datasquasher account is required before use. Please contact to request a free account. Control, compress and track your mobile data usage with datasquasher. √ Save up to 90% of mobile data √ Compress mobile data downloads √ Speed ...    10 MB    Views 2899
finance money planning calendar calculator statistics control discover finances
+21    Finance Me allows you tracking and control of your personal finances. Tracking and statistics allows you to find where that missing money has gone. Statistics per week and per year allow you to get a detailled overview of where, when and ...    6 MB    Views 7910

Refuel Standard

fuel add control vehicle
+4    IMPORTANT Use device Settings to change currency, miles or kilometers, date format. Do you have a vehicle's? This awesome app designed for your vehicle fuel control. It allows you to manage and control fuel for multiple profiles. If you are using this app ...    10 MB    Views 2067


card time monitor management cards gps transactions control debit usage manage specific cardholders alert
+4    NOTE: This application is powered by Fiserv, Inc. but is activated through specific financial institutions. Check with your financial institution to ensure they participate in CardValet prior to downloading. CardValet is a debit card management and fraud mitigation tool for cardholders. ...    3 MB    Views 8083


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0    Control your Cards, Protect your Money Putting the power to control which transactions are either allowed or disallowed on your credit, debit and instore cards back into your hands    15 MB    Views 7160


card money movie spending type control application system add credit
+18    iCredCard is a system that has emerged around the need to control the flow of money spent on the credit card. The system is complete for those who want to control your spending with a credit card, know what you ...    2 MB    Views 9630


tax party tip sales control easy slider split amount total
+30    Use TipCalc for all your tipping needs on your iPhone or iPod Touch It will also easily split the bill among your party members. Features: Quick results with minimal data entry Easy slider control to specify tip up to 30% Easy ...    98 kb    Views 7831

My Carro

control los servicio las total gastos
+2    App Totalmente en Español Cansado de no tener el control de los datos de tu carro,si nunca sabes cuando fue la última vez de tu servicio de agencia o de taller, o no sabes cuanto gastas de gasolina u otros gastos, ...    236 kb    Views 1099
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-8    The Key to any Family Budgeting with Password Protection Advanced Personal Savings Budget Controller & Organizer Tool In order to start getting your MONEY under control, it's a good idea to get the spending organized together, evaluate and so making a budget ...    6 MB    Views 5725
management cima performance making costs control decision linear version analysis
-9    Revision Software for CIMA P2 Exam (May 2015 Syllabus). Over 350 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. Paper P2 main focus is on the application of information in the management processes of decisionmaking ...    257 kb    Views 7151
money data usage plan control phone save
0    Have you ever wondered how to control your data plan? With Weplan app you can visualize your data plan and control your monthly expenditure. With Weplan: you can control your data usage (4G, 3G, EDGE, UMTS, LTE). You should know that controlling your ...    NAN    Views 3919
traffic wifi time data control usage plan provider plans month
+3    Data Control will manage your iPhone’s data usage for both your provider’s data traffic and WiFi data traffic. By monitoring the data usage, Data Control will allow you to select the appropriate data plan from your provider. Data Control monitors data usage ...    1 MB    Views 6992


card cards budget shopping spend define control limits set receipts online turn
+5    Turn your card on and off Keep your cards OFF when you're not using them and only turn them ON when you need to. Control How Your Card is Used Only permission your card for use where you need it – for In ...    15 MB    Views 6250


shopping items shops lists application information control buy easy add
+3    iCompras is an application to control all your shoppings in an easy and fast way. Features: Easy and fast. Just you need. Make your shopping lists to buy the items in order to save your money. Make some lists of items ...    669 kb    Views 4712


microsoft information sales control specific
+26    CLEVERPILOT DRIVE YOUR INFORMATION CleverPilot is a mobile application that provides realtime information in various areas of management with smooth indicators and very appealing and intuitive graphics. Modules may either cover an area of activity (sales, purchases), a specific function (sales reps) or ...    8 MB    Views 6540


Related Apps management time inventory supply chain tracking mobile interface real control
+15    HYBRENT is a Mobile Inventory Management platform designed to empower acute and nonacute healthcare facilities better control cost and improve supply chain efficiency. This mobile inventory management application provides a single, consolidated interface to all inventory and supply chain systems, providing: Complete ...    12 MB    Views 9219
card cards social facebook education planning expenses financial control manage credit daily income
+15    Mobills Financial Education is a financial control application that aims to manage all expenses and expenditures, working as a manager of personal finance for iPhone, iPad and iPod. With Mobills, all your expenses and income are categorized and presented in graphs ...    11 MB    Views 8244


card multiple iso control amount maximum merchant level address supports
+4    QuickPoint Mobile PointofSale Terminal Track Sales and Accept Credit Card Payments on your IPhone. ISO Program Available ISO control for Maximum Transaction Amount ISO control for Maximum Monthly Processing Amount Brandable at the Merchant Level Multiple merchant accounts per ...    6 MB    Views 208

Home budget ZH

Related Apps budget home expenses income month control
+5    The program for the control of household finances, which helps you to control your expenses, income and budget quickly and easily. Create your own categories and expense items, choose an icon for each of them, view expenses in a tree ...    6 MB    Views 4786
management strategy risk cima financial control 300 strategies version questions
-5    CIMA P3 Performance Strategy Revision Software for CIMA P3 Exam (May 2015 Syllabus). Over 300 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. This paper considers both financial and non financial risks. Management strategies covered extend ...    61 kb    Views 5665


expenses income simple month finances control share
+3    Who would not want to easily control their finances in a simple and also seeing a nice Ballenita? Well, here's Whallet a tool for both Web and mobile, where managing personal finances of any user, in an easy and simple ...    3 MB    Views 4491
application transactions control
-5    With MultiSafepay Control merchants are able to access their transactional data everywhere at anytime. Users of the application can easily search for a specific transaction or create filters to find the transactions requested. The following features are in this mobile application: ...    10 MB    Views 5963

Control Caja

control caja
+2    Aplicación para control de caja de ahorro    7 MB    Views 5526

CaminCargo Control

application mobile data access control inspection password
+10    Introducing the Camin Cargo Control Mobile Application. VERSION 5.2.7 NOW AVAILABLE. The Camin Cargo Control mobile application provides our customers convenient, secure and realtime access to their product inspection and laboratory data. Customers can quickly and easily configure their application to receive job ...    17 MB    Views 4658

Flash Coin

expenses coin flash balance incomes income widget control expense
-7    Flash Coin simple and convenient way to control your income and expenses. Now on iOS 8 do not even need to open the application to add a new expense. Use the widget that is always at hand. App features: Awesome widget ...    4 MB    Views 7981

Overtime Calc

work calendar overtime ability easy values adding event control
-4    Overtime Cal application enables you to easily control your work together with overtime. It also allows you to remember your work done in the past and proper accounting for your employer. The opportunity to add a new event to the ...    4 MB    Views 1607
websites search control links remove check add places
0    Second version of Sape app will let you take full control above your websites and projects. You will be able to buy and sell places for links, check statistics of websites and money transfers. Webmasters can: • Control websites (Google PageRank & ...    2 MB    Views 2868
finanzas sus con control gastos los cil todos para
-8    Finanzas En Control Siga, gestione y evalúe sus finanzas de manera eficiente y con facilidad. El poder hacer un seguimiento de todos sus gastos esta a su alcance con esta aplicación fácil de usar y rica en características. Anotarlo, manejarlo, ...    14 MB    Views 5040

ZetaCuentas Home

home las control sus todo operaciones finanzas cuentas
-7    ¿Qué es ZetaCuentas Home? ZetaCuentas Home es la respuesta a las necesidades cotidianas de la administración financiera de personas y hogares. ¿Para qué sirve ZetaCuentas Home? ZetaCuentas Home permite administrar el efectivo, las cuentas bancarias, las tarjetas de crédito y de débito, controlar ...    5 MB    Views 6584


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+3    Wolla is a digital wallet, the ideal assistant against the economic crisis Wolla helps you keep your expenditures under control by recording all daily transactions such as cash expenses, credit card payments, cash withdrawals, and much more New functionalities: Dropbox Synchronization ...    5 MB    Views 8856
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