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+2    iAmortization is a simple loan amortization application. This application calculates car notes, mortgages, etc. that also shows the loan schedule. In this version you can copy the loan schedule and then paste it in an email or notes. This is absolutely ...    1 MB    Views 3769

Auto iPainter

+18    Track the status of your flagged and unflagged hours during each pay period. You can also create custom notes and modify them as required. Track and manage your work time including flagged and unflagged hours during each pay period. You can ...    4 MB    Views 4264

AbleConverter FREE

+15    ++ 2013 EVERNOTE TRUNK New & Noteworthy Featured App ++ 《Real time Currency Converter + Universal Unit Converter + Note》 Secure your notes and edit freely through Evernote synchronization IMPORTANT: AbleConverter for iOS 3.2+ can no longer support iPhone 3G and lower, or ...    18 MB    Views 2293
dollar currency note notes selected conversion visual converter
+9    Visual Currency Converter is an augmented reality app that allows the conversion of the value of notes put in front of the camera to the currency of your choice. The conversion rates are updated from a live feed every time the ...    11 MB    Views 5815
0    Tax is very important part of our routine life. Tax is imposing of financial charge or other levy upon taxpayer by state or similar authority like state and that failure to pay is punishable by law. Tax Glossary provides comprehensive list ...    1 MB    Views 6392
+29    If you are looking for a smart, easy to use and featurerich financial App to track your hourly earnings and the time spent on the job, HoursWiz Pro is the one. With HoursWiz Pro application, you can save favorite time ...    9 MB    Views 747


+27    FlowAccount เป็น App iOS สำหรับการเปิดบิล เปิดใบเสนอราคา และทำบัญชีเบื้องต้นสำหรับ SME ไทย และเป็น App เปิดบัญชี App แรกที่ออกแบบมาสำหรับคนไทย ใช้งานฟรี ไม่มีค่าใช้จ่าย ทำให้คุณสามารถเตรียมเอกสารทางด้านบัญชีใด้สะดวกผ่าน iPhone ของคุณ ข้อมูลทั้งหมดจะถูกเชื่อมต่อกับบัญชี ผ่านระบบ Cloud ทำให้สามารถเข้าถึงข้อมูลทางการเงินได้ทุกที่ ทุกเวลา ฟังก์ชันหลัก เปิดใบเสนอราคา เปิดใบวางบิล เปิดใบกำกับภาษี / ใบเสร็จรับเงิน ดูยอดขายของแต่ละเดือน บริหารลูกค้า บริหารสินค้าที่ใช้บ่อย ส่งและแชร์เอกสารได้ผ่าน email, รูปภาพ, pdf, link, และ LINE FlowAccount app ...    15 MB    Views 5869

Poker Sheet

poker game location sessions data notes ways year month including
+3    Keep track of your poker sessions and know how much you are winning See at a glance which games and locations you are doing better at. Easily search previous sessions by game, location, or notes. Colorful charts quickly show you ...    1 MB    Views 2362

Visma eAccounting

text invoices notes suppliers customers create mail orders customer
+4    Access your customers’ and suppliers’ contact details, make notes, get important reminders and stay in control of your business wherever you are. This is a musthave app for anyone using Vismas Internetbased ERP solution, Visma eAccounting. Features: My eAccounting Alerts and reminders, ...    7 MB    Views 4429

Cash Scanner

0    Cash Scanner helps you determine whether your dollar and euro notes are authentic. Cash Scanner checks security features on dollar bills and euro notes, and serial numbers on euro notes. Just follow the easytouse instructions and authenticate your currency. Currently only supporting USD ...    18 MB    Views 4987
budget planner finances notes currency free control simple transactions
+14    Budget Planner Free is the app that helps you take control of your finances, and allows you to keep track of your budget, along with converting currency and keeping notes. Featuring a simple, clear and easy to use design and interface, ...    27 MB    Views 3360
Related Apps research ipad access markets capital notes industry download company clients
+8    The Janney Research iPad application is designed for institutional clients with a valid Janney Capital Markets Research Archive account. This application is free to download and offers a fast, innovative way for institutional clients to access Janney Capital Markets Research—virtually ...    3 MB    Views 8868


notes euro banknotes
+4    Euro banknotes are probably one of the most secure and hard to fake banknotes in the world; on the other hand they are probably the most counterfeited ones. This app helps identify counterfeit euro notes. It is easy if you know where ...    19 MB    Views 501

Notes and Coins

notes coins total count
+2    If you need to count the Euro notes and coins in your register you can enter it into this app and get the total amounts of the different types of notes and coins. The total sum of your cashbox is ...    NAN    Views 6399

Advisor Gadget

advisor financial access information global gadget experience latest notes
+5    The Advisor Gadget is a brand new way to experience Global Financial Private Capital's 'Compleat Advisor' information from multiple devices. It brings together all the essential information you need to support your role as an Advisor for Global Financial ...    19 MB    Views 3570
Related Apps budget time finance currency notes keeping information easy pocket financial
+12    Pocket Finance is a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Budget: one balance for all ...    5 MB    Views 3736

Bipsync Notes

Related Apps research investors notes access
+13    Bipsync is the digital notebook and research automation tool for professional investors. The Bipsync Notes app gives you access to your research notes and files on your iPad and iPhone. Access your personal and shared fund notes Take notes in meetings ...    7 MB    Views 7923
Related Apps trips trip gps email date add reports choose notes mileage
+7    Avoid the hassle of paperwork about your driving expenses. This is a nononsense, easytouse mileage log with a clean, intuitive interface. It uses the iPhones GPS to track and record your trips, and you can easily select trips and send ...    883 kb    Views 4481


-6    Track you loans and borrowed money with this easytouse and light application. It was designed especially for every day using without any useless functions. Easy and fast tracking only.    276 kb    Views 1884

IVA Easy

iva easy
-9    With this application you can calculate any percentage of the "IVA" (the italian VAT) in a simple and easy way.    4 MB    Views 8793

Note Submit'R

quote mobile note notes phone send submit
+22    Download our free app today and start submitting your quote request to us directly from your mobile phone. Using Charter Financials Mobile Note Submit’R app, you can easily send us information about your clients privately held notes. Our app is FAST, FREE, and SECURE No need ...    385 kb    Views 6367

Wallet Tracker

shopping list incomes notes items manage expenses
+4    Manage your expenses, incomes, shopping list, notes. Features • Transfer your checked items from shopping list to incomes with one tap • Manage incomes and expenses • Custom category for items • Posibility to add currency symbols • Awesome statistics graph • Posibility to access application through ...    4 MB    Views 4849

The Easy Calculator

Related Apps calculator easy
-8    This is a simple, easy and effective calculator    136 kb    Views 6342
frais notes votre application vos par speed ticket une
+18    ATTENTION CETTE APPLICATION EST UNE APPLICATION PROFESSIONNELLE NÉCESSITANT UN COMPTE SPEED NOTES DE FRAIS POUR FONCTIONNER. Prenez votre ticket de caisse ou autre support de facturation en photo. L'application traite votre ticket et en extrait les informations nécessaires à la ...    NAN    Views 2274


-8    The iPad application “BankNotes” allows viewing the bank note images of different states. The collection contains more than 3000 bank notes from more than 190 countries of the world at present time. The images are downloaded through Internet and are ...    5 MB    Views 8710
Related Apps budget time currency notes transactions information financial easy keeping
0    Currency+ a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. A really great app and you can ...    4 MB    Views 221

Mercury 5

search mercury notes edit create product tasks
-6    Mercury 5 for IPad Proudly brought to you by Connective Services. This version includes CRM and Calculator modules, including: + Product Search + Product Comparisons and Funding Positions (Borrowing Capacity currently under construction). + Search, edit and create Opportunities, with notes, tasks, attachments, and assets ...    8 MB    Views 7710
+10    Easily keep track of properties you are viewing as you plan you next home move. The traditional method of keeping track of property viewings is a notepad and camera however, cross referencing notes to properties as well as comparing the ...    472 kb    Views 2930

management mobile manager notes side meeting
+28    ATTN: AN IR.MANAGER ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED TO AUTHENTICATE INTO THE IR.MOBILE APP. is a “mobile companion” to IR.manager, the Investor Relationship Management platform by IR.soft. gives IROs and Management Teams immediate access to their important buyside, sellside, and other key ...    26 MB    Views 1126
tax photos voice receipt log file choose notes check user open
+29    Pay less Tax record every receipt with Tax Receipt Log. Now filling in your expense claims is a no brainer It takes 15 seconds. Done. Sorted. Forgotten until you email the files to your tax accountant without ever touching the ...    428 kb    Views 3230


investing peer bitcoin lending network loan notes loans overview
+5    Exploring Bitcoin investing or taking out a Bitcoin loan on the peer to peer lending network BTCJam on the go has just become much easier with BitJammer, an app that connects users to the BTCJam network making investing or taking ...    4 MB    Views 306

Where's Your Money

Related Apps money photo notes world note add
+21    Where's Your Money is the ultimate app to see where your paper money goes once you've spent it. Since 2009 our users have been tracking thousands of notes in the UK, now we're going worldwide. Add any banknote you have, then ...    4 MB    Views 3176
Related Apps finance budget time currency notes financial information expenses transactions easy review
-7    Finance+ a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Income and expenses: one balance for all ...    4 MB    Views 6979
calculator calculations notes easy calculating petrol consumption modules bmi enter
0    A very simple calculator. Enter up to 99 calculations and notes. Use a picker to spin through all calculations. Includes 2 modules one for calculating BMI and one for calculating Petrol Consumption. Never has a calculator been so easy to use ...    4 MB    Views 9333

Easy Accountax

+24    Easy Accountax is an online accounting software. Easy Accountax app enables users to quickly update their accounts using their mobiles.    4 MB    Views 5250
shopping notes values note list single completed advantage task
-3    NoteCeption is now free NoteCeption is a brand new way of organizing your life, here's why: The value system, with which you can assign every note different values. The parent note automatically calculates the sum, average, maximum or minimum of ...    8 MB    Views 8490

Notes de frais

email notes frais par des les application pour penses vos
+3    Avec l’application gratuite « Notes de frais » , vous allez suivre et gérer vos dépenses professionnelles et/ou personnelles avec le sourire A tout moment, en déplacement, dans le train… utilisez l’application « Notes de frais » pour saisir vos ...    2 MB    Views 1623
+13    iMoneyFlowX is an easy to use personal housekeeping book tool to help you keep tracking of your own budget with revolutionary interface. You can understand your trend of spending money with daily and monthly budget charts. 'Wasteful Expenditure List' helps you to ...    23 MB    Views 4740

Paprika Contacts

software contact client tasks details notes update edit contacts
+18    ==== IMPORTANT ==== To use this application you must have Paprika running as your agency management system including the "iPhone" module and have a valid useraccount for your database, along with the REACT option in your menu group. For further details please ...    642 kb    Views 1530

Easy Checkbook

Related Apps easy accounts
+26    A simpletouse check registry and purchase tracker to keep your bank accounts in balance. You can track 10 different accounts, and export data to text files. Designed for fast and easy entry.    461 kb    Views 3536

Loan Glossary

search loan notes add loans term list terminology glossary type
+7    Loan is an amount of money borrowed from advancer and it is a type of debt, to be repaid at a later date, usually with interest. Legally, a loan is a contract between a buyer (the borrower) and a seller ...    2 MB    Views 9079
percent easy
+12    Just swipe left or right Easy Percent app will help you find any direct and reverse percentages. New languages and localizations are coming And you are welcome to contribute.    158 kb    Views 1096


time calculator unit converter notes currency easy exchange rate
-9    ++ 2013 EVERNOTE TRUNK New & Noteworthy Featured App ++ 《Real time Currency Converter + Universal Unit Converter + Note》 Secure your notes and edit freely through Evernote synchronization IMPORTANT: WriteRoom for iOS 3.2+ can no longer support iPhone 3G and lower, or ...    15 MB    Views 1485


+29    ATVCloud is the ideal software for remote viewing DVR videos on iPhone. It's easy for connection and you just need to input the unique ATVCloud ID and then login.Completely easy and simple    26 MB    Views 9090

Poker Mate

poker mate data sessions notes play tracking pro
-9    With Poker Mate you get simple, powerful poker tracking that you can take with you wherever you go. Features: Track your play live or enter data from past sessions Support for both cash games and tourneys View your results using a ...    2 MB    Views 724

My Loanbook

person money email search iphone calendar add priority objects notes items date display
-5    My Loanbook is a simple and efficient way to track objects and money lent and borrowed from relatives, friends and acquaintances. With a few simple steps you can add categories and objects or money and assign them to a person. With ...    4 MB    Views 3556
Related Apps time budget currency notes easy financial information keeping transactions converter
-9    Finance Plus a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. 1 Budget: one balance for ...    4 MB    Views 2682

Botswana Post

easy buy
+6    Buy Prepaid Electricity straight from BotswanaPost. This application is easy to use and easy to buy.    2 MB    Views 7899
excel spreadsheet delete notes edition xls
-6    Notes.xls is a tiny spreadsheet for decision making. Sumup your everyday expenses, bank accounts, construction budgets and any other numbers you come across. Highlight what's important Think quantitative and keep trace of your analysis. Features: ● Type Excelsyntax formulas ● Swipe on the bottom bar to ...    10 MB    Views 8805
Related Apps car time reminders statistics costs timely notes comments life
-4    Detailed statistics: You can go through you car costs over a certain period and compare them with those over any similar period in the past, or use various charts to visualize the data. Not happy with the gas you bought at the ...    13 MB    Views 5088
Related Apps budget family expenses notes currency income transactions financial review
+28    Family Budget is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, billsdue and account balances. It offers support for budgeting, and allows analysis of your expenses and income, including charts and graphs. Income and expenses: one balance ...    23 MB    Views 8402
stocks notes follow
+8    Search and follow stocks, get key market data, read graphs and news, and take notes on individual stocks with stockMarketApp Create a user account and enjoy the benefits of keeping your portfolio and notes in sync all the time. With this ...    4 MB    Views 3595
Related Apps budget finance time currency notes financial transactions expenses income easy capital
-7    Capital finance app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Budget: one balance for all transactions revenues ...    4 MB    Views 853


money budget finance card expense income transaction cash set notes user review
+2    Do you like to manage your finance? Money Notes is your first choice. According to suggestion, trace your income and expense is the first step to construct a wholesome finance. You have to analyze your expense habit, and then set budget ...    3 MB    Views 9890


product price note shop prices record notes currency
-9    PriceNotes is the easiest way for recording product prices [Feature] • When you go shopping and find a product you really want to buy, please STOP Use PriceNotes to record the product price and then leave the shop. Think again and again ...    2 MB    Views 8738


work house details room projects add bring notes
+3    Rehabulizer helps you manage your home remodeling projects, as many homes as you like. Throughout the course of renovating any house there are many details to consider. You may walk through a house and estimate a price per room to bring ...    3 MB    Views 7646

MAbank Mobile

bills financial mobile view organized stay information notes tags
0    The MAbank Mobile App is a free mobile decisionsupport tool that gives you the ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts, including accounts from other financial institutions, into a single, uptotheminute view so you can stay organized and make ...    16 MB    Views 6860

Expense Memo

money photos messenger memo day register expense notes function input interface
+1    "Expense Memo" has Easily input method. Using this app, you will be able to continue the money management every day. You can manage the daytoday spending for a sense to enter a message to messenger. It is equipped with a dedicated input interface ...    3 MB    Views 4029
Related Apps budget video ipad notes transactions buy set color income month expenses
-7    This week was featured with App of the Day HD. Budget Notes is your new financial application, which makes budgeting easy and amazingly beautiful. Buy now Everything is visual: budget planning and limits, actual receipts and color reports. You easily work ...    34 MB    Views 1740

Calculator π

calculator math history scientific notes calculations keypad copy works
+12    NOW FREE GRATIS This app features everything you need in a standard and scientific calculator. Intelligent with an intuitive and usable interface. Works on iPhones and iPads. FEATURES: Big buttons Scientific calculator ( 39 operators, 09 keypad ) Switchable keypad ( Standard and ...    27 MB    Views 856
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