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+23    News Board Investment in a coffee break. News Board by Search Concepts offers a detailed sentiment analysis and news synopsis for 1000+ companies and 50+ countries. Private investors can analyse the market mood represented in 2500+ selected English, German, and ...    22 MB    Views 761

Arizona's Economy

0    This interactive phone and tablet application extends the reach, accessibility, and timeliness of the socioeconomic indicator data the Economic and Business Research Center (EBRC) offers to the citizens of Arizona and the world. This phone and tablet application allows users ...    49 MB    Views 8308

Natixis Profile

+6    Let us take you through the universe of Natixis, “the corporate, investment and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the secondlargest banking player in France”: its business lines, its experts, its current events, etc. This fun application makes it easy to ...    22 MB    Views 324

Economics (iGuide)

+2    A comprehensive quick reference guide to fundamental principles, features and terms. For Economics students & all those with an active interest in Business, Finance, Investments or the Economy. Absolute Advantage, Amortisation, AssetBacked Security, Basis Point, Bond, Bull Market, Base Rate, Cable, Commodity, ...    9 MB    Views 3532
+24    You can follow all events in economic calendar and set alarm in order to remind by phone notification. You can be informed everytime about all economic events, see actual values, revised forecasts. This is also most important tool for fundamental analysis for professional ...    1 MB    Views 837
stock investment business school london application picking developers economics
+30    Are you running low on stock investment ideas? Do you wish you had access 24/7 to one of the world's most intelligent stock investment professionals? Then you need Stock Picking Monkey, the only stock picking professional who can fit easily inside your ...    3 MB    Views 3385

Virgo Analytics

analytics business economic
+21    The Virgo Analytics app, is primarily going to be used to share business and economic intelligence reports and analytics with its clients across geographies. Virgo Analytics specialises in Economic, Geopolitical and Business research    9 MB    Views 99


+7    This app for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (powered by iChannel Media) is a mobile network designed to provide users with – 1) Information about the various initiatives of the USHCC, 2) Information for attendees, sponsors and supporters ...    17 MB    Views 1645
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0    Keep track of headline economic data on the go This report, from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, consists of about 30 tables and related charts of selected measurements of U.S. economic activity. Data are presented for six categories: labor ...    8 MB    Views 8198


+5    「全民財經檢定」是一項將財經知識運用於社會活動、工作職場與未來生涯發展的全方位檢定考試。參加本檢定的受試者,透過財經基礎知識的學習,將有助於提升和反映對於財經知識的瞭解深度、廣度與活用能力。 全民財經檢定App提供準備參加全民財經檢定的相關重要資訊,以及考古題、例題試做,有助於考生自我評量與學習,歡迎多加利用。 This app is an official guide for the General Economic and Financial Test (GEFT). GEFT measures examinees’ economical and financial general knowledge and applied abilities. This app contains three parts. The first part is Practice Mode. It contains 20 multiple choice ...    4 MB    Views 9947
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0    Keep up to date with news, opinion articles, economic indicators and technical analysis for forex trading. The Forex Crunch app provides a stylish experience for forex traders who want fast access to the important forex related information on the go. ...    15 MB    Views 2363

KnwEng Assets

iphone ipad community economic assets reports application inventory development asset
+8    The TEEX Economic Development Community Asset Inventory (EDCAI) application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is intended to record and manage asset information for use in and by communities desiring a simpler way to inventory what economic assets are ...    626 kb    Views 5995


region production industrial development information helpful economic growth
+13    Discover Kaluga region “InvestKaluga” is a brilliant opportunity to get a complete view of economic and social development of Kaluga region – a state in central part of Russia, showing outstanding results in economic growth in the last several years. Holding Russia’s ...    5 MB    Views 8776
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+10    The WBP Online PRO mobile application for smartphones and tablets is the result of years of analysis and surveys aimed at producing the most practical and userfriendly data application on the market. The unique WBP Online PRO app gives you all ...    12 MB    Views 4090
finance learning education concepts 101 economics field intended definitions review learn
0    Welcome to 101 Concepts Economics & Finance 101 Concepts Economics & Finance provides you with 101 valuable concepts picked from the vast field of economics and finance for you to learn and keep for reference, right at your fingertips. The main purpose ...    7 MB    Views 2236
people accounting class life face daily wide economic understand variety
+8    With economic development was, accounting accounting class talent is no longer exclusive, more and more ordinary people came into contact with, to understand, to the daily life in the face of a wide variety of economic phenomena and accounting services. ...    219 kb    Views 4843
calendar time market news events event week information numbers informed day economic
-2    ==================================== A MUSTHAVE FOR ANY SERIOUS TRADERS ==================================== REALTIME ALERTS AVAILABLE AS AN INAPP PURCHASE Do you ever wonder why the market goes up and down all the time on any given day of the week on seemingly no news? Well actually there is ...    7 MB    Views 8648

Stock Rates GOLD

stock news time market information economic rates stocks stats full life
+5    In the eventful river of modern time some things are often tricky enough to track down. Trying to be at the center of everything some people can easily slip the important events of their life. Today the choice is yours. ...    35 MB    Views 1831
+3    "The Recession Safety Tips application shows you multiple ways to handle and control your finances during a rough economic period. These tips are simple and easy to implement in real life scenarios. These tips are generated from inputs from our ...    2 MB    Views 1124

Feasibility Study

business analysis idea cost economic quick answer study
+15    Do you need to give quick answer from your board of directors, managers, or colleagues about the proposed projects? Do you have a very good idea that you seek in daily business? Do need a quick judgement whether that ...    478 kb    Views 4932
dynamic society theory economic
0    You will find lots of interesting material on all aspects of economic dynamic theory, be it dynamic games, dynamic general equilibrium theory, and empirical studies. For example, the following topics are covered: business cycles, asset pricing, search models, intergenerational issues, ...    7 MB    Views 5818

Arab Economic News

news economic arab
0    AEN (Arab Economic News) is a new voice in the economic world of media. Through our 30 years of experience in the fields of politics and economics, we offer a unique smart application that is the first of its kind in ...    4 MB    Views 4787
students flashcards market board economics application college practice demand study review
+21    Study By App is pleased to now offer a flashcard review application for students of Economics. Each year, the College Board offers two challenging AP Economics examinations, one for Macroeconomics and one for Microeconomics. This app serves as a great study ...    2 MB    Views 924
ipad indicators economic releases global 300 coverage date
+4    Stay up to date on the indicators that drive global macro economies, using Dismal Scientist for iPad. Dismal Scientist for iPad provides realtime coverage of more than 300 economic indicators for U.S./Canada, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America from Moody’s Analytics, a ...    719 kb    Views 3014
+14    J.P. Morgan’s Research iPad application, gives you 24/7 access to the actionable ideas, strategy, recommendations and analysis that truly distinguishes J.P. Morgan as the leader in Investment Research. The application is free to download, however users must have an account for ...    25 MB    Views 3648
management investment wealth financial cash certified flow economic
+3    Download out App to: Gain access to daily news blogs, Facebook & Twitter post, financial calculator, set up an appointment, make a one touch call, management your investments, and receive notifications to our upcoming events Pence Wealth Management is one of Southern ...    7 MB    Views 7708

Quick Budget

budget product service quick ledger save economic products names real
+2    Quick Budget is a real budget manager that will show where your money is going rightdown to the penny. It is an easytouse application that comes with tools to help make a boring process of "numbering crunching" a really enjoyable experience. Quick ...    313 kb    Views 7154

MNI Monitor

0    MNI Monitor is a application that delivers key economic indicators. More than 200 market moving economic indicators from the US, Canada, Europe, and AsiaPacific are displayed in a userfriendly tabular format, showing the actual reported as well as the expected ...    188 kb    Views 125
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-4    WBP Online Economic Calendar App is a musthave tool for all Forex, CFD, Commodity, Futures and Stock Traders. Economic indicators pushed in realtime, no refresh needed. As a prime source agency, we provide you with the fastest data, so you ...    10 MB    Views 2807

Economy for iPad

finance apple search indicators economic data years economy graphs weeks
+2    1 Finance app on Apple's top charts for 6 weeks This app gives you a snapshot of the US economy by providing the latest key economic indicators and tracking the history of these indicators across the past few months, ...    13 MB    Views 4244

经济参考报 HD

Related Apps economic reporting high daily information
-8    Economic Information Daily, sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, was first published on July 1st, 1981. It came into birth when China started the reform and openingup policy. It keeps eyes on major economic issues and have made a name as an ...    9 MB    Views 8022

US Economy Tracker

time calendar tracker market indicators economic economy reports releases times featured data
+15    DAILY US ECONOMIC CALENDAR, MAJOR INDICATORS, CHARTS and ECONOMIC REPORTS The US Economy Tracker app allows you to track the pulse of the US economy by putting actionable economic data at your fingertips. If you are an investor, trader or student of ...    3 MB    Views 1892
business oxford economics global college
+3    The best way to read Oxford Economics publications on your iPad. The app is free to download, and subscribers receive access to everything included in their subscription. ABOUT OXFORD ECONOMICS Oxford Economics is one of the world’s foremost global forecasting and research consultancies. ...    13 MB    Views 6336
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-9    Featured in iTunes Top 5 New and Noteworthy App in July 2010 Increase your business's cost efficiency by reducing the costs of ordering and holding inventory by using the Economic Order Quantity Calculator. The economic order quantity (EOQ) model can ...    143 kb    Views 6706


investment region potential production economic
-1    The App «InvestSamara» enables you to become familiar with the economic and investment potential of the Samara region – one of the Russian Federation leaders in economic development and social standards of living. The Samara region is a dynamically developing region ...    5 MB    Views 1372
research business investment work managers email global companies financial economic
+5    Yardeni Research’s App for iPads and iPhones offers our institutional accounts easy access to all of our research anywhere, anytime. Users can quickly find our many briefings on the US and global economies and world financial markets . There are ...    450 kb    Views 1606


finance economic publications content analysis
+2    The excellent economic analysis you expect, now with the advantages of a free mobile app. EconWise opens the door to the economic publications of the St. Louis Fed—wherever you go. You’ll find unbiased content, expert economic research, and downtoearth commentary in ...    3 MB    Views 5465

IronFX Research

0    The IronFX Research app provides an unparalleled overview of the financial markets, via an exciting multimedia interface. It integrates stock market data, financial viewpoints and dynamic videos into a single app, providing everything that an investor needs to make informed ...    14 MB    Views 7205

Eurasia Group

security policy group analysts trade country economic
+8    Our analysts monitor political, economic, social, and security developments in nearly 100 countries. We also examine crossborder issues such as trade, energy and other commodities, and financial regulation. Founded in 1998 by Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group has ...    8 MB    Views 4596

Stock Rates

stock news time market economic information rates stocks stats life full
+19    In the eventful river of modern time some things are often tricky enough to track down. Trying to be at the center of everything some people can easily slip the important events of their life. Today the choice is yours. ...    35 MB    Views 1691
investment country economic opportunities invest docs
+23    The Invest In Colombia Docs. application, developed by Proexport Colombia is aimed to help entrepreneurs uncover the benefits of investing in the country. You will find information related to economic news, interactive maps, videos, photos and investment opportunities across different economic ...    5 MB    Views 6983
money coins gold silver paper economic
+3    Discover Sir Isaac Newton's economic paper on money... It was written by Isaac Newton as Master of the Royal Mint. You will find Isaac Newton's views on the economic matters. Here is the excerpt of the paper... "Gold is overvalued in England in Proportion ...    283 kb    Views 7529

Billionaire Blitz

money business investment tools strategy upgrade mining watch target fast levels billionaire economic
-7    Billionaire Blitz is the most addictive fusion of puzzle and strategy games. Link gemstones of the same color to mine them and make money. Upgrade the mining tools to make more money per gemstone. Invest the money into business and ...    28 MB    Views 704


search finance apps iphone indicators economic economy data 2009 000 patterns latest featured
-4    Featured in iTunes "STAFF FAVORITES" section and also 1 Finance app for consecutive weeks in 2009 Featured on cover and chapter5 of Wiley Publishing's book on Incredible iPhone Apps This app gives you a snapshot of the US ...    12 MB    Views 4242

ONE News Desk+

Related Apps news financial markets breaking world bank economic traders desk
-5    The One Financial Markets News Desk+ is a FREE premium financial news channel offering traders all the breaking financial and political news from around the world. This service is ideal for both new and experienced traders who want a technical ...    4 MB    Views 2907
investment finance personal money economic return
-6    GoVenture Personal Finance Cheatsheet is a quick guide to everything you should know about money. A brief and easytoready ebook with an interactive loan calculator. Topics include: Goals, Making Money Grow, Banking, Savings and Debt, Credit, Insurance, Tax, Retirement, Investment Concepts, ...    20 MB    Views 7248
Related Apps ipad news business market stock economic times latest
+16    The Economic Times Description Get The Economic Times advantage to track latest business news on the go and make informed decisions. Download The Economic Times for iPad and stay updated with unrivalled coverage of Markets, Business and Economy News as it happens. Features The ...    11 MB    Views 7473

Money.Net Inc.

money market time news calendar research net economic real desktop prices
+12    Money.Net is a comprehensive professional financial information platform. The app is simple and intuitive, designed to get you key information fast. The Money.Net app empowers you to view real time market data on the go. Use Money.Net to monitor markets in real time ...    4 MB    Views 9491

Hay Price Calc

hay price square buyers large compare
-1    Buy hay the smart way Many horse owners and hobby farmers purchase hay by the bale. However, the more economical way to purchase and compare different hay types is to calculate the price per ton. The aim of the Hay ...    14 MB    Views 8103


economics includes
+4    This is a Excellent Application on Macroeconomics, Includes Video Training Course and Practice Exam, Macroeconomics is a branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decisionmaking of an economy as a whole, rather than individual markets. This includes ...    437 MB    Views 7306
apps tutorials theory free main content economic
+23    INTRODUCING "MACROECONOMIC MODELS". "Macroeconomic Models" is a series of tutorial apps in macroeconomics for iPad. Downloading the free Course Content app gives you access to full versions of the course's 15 tutorials free of charge. The offer expires November 20, 2015. WHAT ...    152 MB    Views 8916
graphics indicators added world economic easily
+22    Analysis of Spanish and world economic situation briefly, using simple graphics data and serve as stable and timely information for professionals and fans of the economic world view. Graphics can be easily tracked through the expanding Smartphone different images. As an ...    242 kb    Views 1269
instruments time news financial economic real global live quotes currencies
+4    Join the hundreds of thousands using our app to stay atop financial markets worldwide. What makes us superior: ■ Real Time Live quotes for over 40,000 financial instruments, traded on over 70 global exchanges ■ Economic Calendar Global economic events and ...    19 MB    Views 8122

GooBiq Rates

market rates treasury deposits key economic
+2    Financial & Economic key rates for your iPhone; daily and hourly updates. Market coverage includes Key Rates (i.e.: Federal Fund and Bank Prime), Labor & Economic Indicators, Treasury Bills, Constant Maturities Treasury, Moody's Bonds, Primary Market Mortgage, Certificate of Deposits, ...    476 kb    Views 3646
ipad iphone glossary terms economic application reference
+18    Currently on Sale 50% Off, Don't miss it Glossary of Economic Terms is an application containing over 6,000+ economicrelated glossary terms and jargon. It is one of the most completed glossary of economic terms on iPhone & iPad, and it is ...    3 MB    Views 707


development economic support infrastructure
+9    The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) was established in 1983 to perform a broad economic development function within the homeland constitutional dispensation that prevailed at the time. Its’ mission is to advance the development impact in the region by expanding ...    11 MB    Views 4300
Related Apps stock tracker market rates exchange track latest indexes economic
+30    Stock Market Tracker is the simplest way to track a range of stocks and have all the key data you need at your fingertips. This app is another indispensable finance app and an essential download for anyone interested in stocks ...    9 MB    Views 6395
engineering economics compounding
+2    This is a reference for engineering economics topics such as: discrete compounding, continuous compounding, depreciation, and much more. It also includes examples, solvers, and calculators to help solve engineering economics related problems. Quizzes and its solutions are provided to help reinforce ...    42 MB    Views 8021
Related Apps calendar time tracker market ipad indicators economic reports economy times releases
+20    DAILY US ECONOMIC CALENDAR, MAJOR INDICATORS, CHARTS and ECONOMIC REPORTS The US Economy Tracker for iPad app allows you to track the pulse of the US economy by putting actionable economic data at your fingertips. If you are an investor, trader or ...    3 MB    Views 1286


business time indicators economic trends bureau important application
-6    This application provides uptodate business and economic indicators from a diverse array of government sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, U.S. Treasury, U.S. Department of Commerce and many others. Included ...    615 kb    Views 3334
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