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+2    Real Estate Malaysia (REM) Magazine is Malaysia’s first Chinese medium real estate magazine and has built a reputation for its comprehensive coverage and indepth analysis of issues close to the market. REM offers investment tips, analytical views, and insight from ...    27 MB    Views 4874
+5    Bursa de Valori Bucuresti – acces la date de piata, stiri, preturi pentru instrumentele financiare admise la tranzactionare la BVB. Caracteristici: simplu de navigat acces rapid la principalele functii ale aplicatieii lista personalizata pentru monitorizarea instrumentelor financiare favorite administrarea facila a listei proprii grafice Continutul informational include: ...    4 MB    Views 3082

LiteForex Analytics

+23    Become a successful trader with the application "LiteForex Analytics" With our program you will always be up to date with all the latest analytical studies conducted by leading specialists of Claws & Horns. The application is available in Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, ...    18 MB    Views 3549

Swiss Forex

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+4    Swiss Forex application provides you with the most uptodate foreign exchange market information in the realtime. You will have rich set of FX tools including quotes, charts, news, calendars and even video reviews provided by Dukascopy TV studio. The application ...    14 MB    Views 9903
blog market rate plan code alerts indicators authentication exchange application information
+27    "Hitsuzikai's FX Blog" provides useful information about forex trading. A longhopedfor iPhone application made by Hitsuzikai is now released Please make this application useful for your own trading. ■Details of each contents 1. Economic Indicators and notification Showing easily viewable list of economic ...    6 MB    Views 5952
+4    金銀業貿易場(「本場」)成立於1910年,實行會員制度,現有171家行員,由理監事會管理,現有理監事21位。本場旨在提供交易場所設施及相關服務予行員進行黃金、白銀等貴金屬買賣活動,是香港現時唯一進行實貨黃金買賣的黃金交易所,現有以公開喊價形式交易的九九金及公斤條合約,及以電子形式交易的倫敦金/銀合約,並提供「交易編碼」服務。 金銀業貿易場 網址: The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society operates in Hong Kong as a registered society. At present, we have 171 member firms which are sole proprietorships, partnerships or limited companies. Among these 171 firms, 30 are bullion group ...    486 kb    Views 6693
strategy market news calendar forex currency trading ideas exchange rates trade
+14    CxInvestor is a simple and effective forex trading strategy for beginners and experienced investors It provides forex tools, forex trade ideas and suggestions for successful currency investing: most recent currency exchange rates / prices forex trends and charts forex trade ideas ...    4 MB    Views 5488
apple market currency converter currencies convert exchange watch rates list
-1    Any Currency Converter is a musthave app for those who travel, as well as for those who want to keep track of the current Exchange Market situation. Information on the currency exchange rates is updated every hour. Special features: available on ...    12 MB    Views 8252
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+10    Stock Market Tracker is the simplest way to track a range of stocks and have all the key data you need at your fingertips. This app is another indispensable finance app and an essential download for anyone interested in stocks ...    9 MB    Views 6395


+9    Foundation Securities Private Limited. is a full service equities broking and investment banking firm with corporate membership of Karachi Stock Exchange (“KSE”) and National Commodity Exchange Limited (“NCEL”). A subsidiary of Fauji Foundation, Foundation Securities ("FS") is full service equities broking firm ...    2 MB    Views 7798

OCBC Wing Hang

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-5    OCBC Wing Hang provides the most convenient Mobile Banking Service & Mobile App OCBC Wing Hang Mobile Banking offers you: Securities:Buy/Sell order, order status enquiry, reduce/cancel order, stock balance enquiry, real time stock quote, and market information enquiry Account Service:Fund Transfer, ...    1 MB    Views 9232

iMarkets Pro

stock market exchange tracks exchanges
-1    iMarkets is an iPhone application that acts as an atomic clock for the stock market. iMarkets, tracks multiple exchanges and can alert you through and audible sound when the market opens or closes. In addition to trading hours, it tracks ...    1 MB    Views 7612

Redward Associates

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+11    In a world of low interest rates and highly correlated asset markets, a key determinant of business success is the successful management of foreign exchange risk. Redward Associates Limited can assist you in this process by providing general market intelligence, aimed ...    3 MB    Views 6311


market investment stock strategy blog financial performance give exchange
+4    ZimStocks uses reported data to provide an indepth analysis of companies on the Zimbabwe stock market. Use the ZimStocks App together with your own analysis & professional investment advice to make more informed investment decisions on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The key ...    10 MB    Views 9174
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+21    Want to find the best deals on international money transfers? Need a quick and transparent currency converter? Do you see making international payments as an overcomplicated minefield? Look no further as transferring money overseas just got SO much simpler. Welcome to ...    2 MB    Views 1132
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+2    ANX Vault is an allinone convenient and efficient wallet service for Bitcoins as well as other crypto currencies and relies on industrial strength security standards provided by the ANX platform. Supports fiat currencies AUD, CAD, GBP, CHF, EUR, HKD, JPY, NZD, ...    3 MB    Views 7847

Marwadi Trade

stock time market information exchange mumbai trade website online
+6    Welcome to Marwadi Group. Ideal for investors who want to trade from different computers, times and places of the day No Geographical & time limitations Easily accessible on browser No software installation required Live Streaming Quotes Trade on different exchanges on a single platform Multiple market watch ...    46 MB    Views 6483

Fantasy Stock

stock money market skills big practice real learn
-7    Have you ever wanted to get into the stock market, but never had enough money? Well now you can Learn the ins and outs of the stock market before using real money to get the practice you need This app ...    377 kb    Views 1745

Litecoin Trends

-9    A simple yet fast and simple way to check the value of your Litecoin investments. This app helps you to keep watch on Litecoin exchange rates, its statistics and value for various currencies. It provides useful uptodate statistics about the ...    8 MB    Views 5103


market exchange information currencies currency cny btc usd
-3    Simple. Intuitive. Beautiful. uPHORX provides and monitors uptodate Ripple XRP market information. Ripple is the opensource payments protocol for free and instant exchange of any form of money or value. XRP is the native, digital currency to Ripple. uPHORX instantly gets exchange rate ...    405 kb    Views 4394
news ipad time map iphone maps forex trading trader dollar real signals exchange tool
+9    Forex Trader is a tool for investors, traders, and industrialists who take positions in the worldwide foreign exchange (FOREX or F/X) markets against US Dollar (USD). APP SECTIONS FOREX SIGNALS: Based on a complex mathematical model, this tool provides daily trading ...    5 MB    Views 502
investment market search bank danske mobile northern foreign rate transactions exchange
+3    Banking at your fingertips, whenever you want and wherever you are on the new multiplatform Danske Mobile Bank App You can: Manage your accounts, view statements and check balances Search and filter transactions and get a statement of your future dated transactions Transfer money ...    41 MB    Views 9388
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0    Special iPad edition of Swiss Forex app gives you more information at the same time thanks to great display of iPad. This application provides you with the most uptodate foreign exchange market information in the realtime. You will have rich set ...    17 MB    Views 5218
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+5    Follow the Stock Market in an uncomplicated and objective way With MStocks, you follow, in real time, the progress of the major Stock Exchanges of the world, companies that you are interested in investing (or already invested), Foreign Exchange market and ...    5 MB    Views 1171
+5    MyStocks brings you realtime quotes and charts, historical data, global indexes, portfolio management and so much more. Download the app and watch the value of your portfolio growing. Features: Multiple portfolio management Customized watchlist Global indexes and currencies Realtime quotes Live chart ...    2 MB    Views 3183


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-8    HPIL HOLDING Real Time Stock Market Application made for business and financial quotes. Follow the stock you care about HPIL HOLDING. Access realtime information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. It's the simplest app to track a range of ...    14 MB    Views 4100

XRP Ticker

time information exchange currency volume rate rates real
+22    Ripple is a peertopeer payment system created by Ripple Labs Inc. Ripple Ticker displays and monitors the current Ripples (XRP) exhange rates. This app provides uptodate XRP market information. You can instantly get exchange rate information on the value of XRP in ...    2 MB    Views 8885
+5    iTrade LankaBangla for iPhone The Power of DirectFN – on your iPhone DirectFN is the pioneer in providing realtime market data, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Middle Eastern, North African and Central/South ...    13 MB    Views 248


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-3    ClockStock Forex & Stock Market Hours at a glance We are glad to announce new iPhone app each trader must have ClockStock Only in ClockStock you have a choice of 27 major Stock Exchanges, 68 Exotic once and 8 Forex ...    6 MB    Views 2898

BitCoin Rate

market bitcoin rate wallet exchange transactions user bid
-1    BitCoin Rate App consolidates market depth from multiple BitCoin exchanges to provide buyers with a Bitcoin Best Bid (BBB) exchange rate. The BBB is calculated by simulating an autorouting market sell order, across all exchanges, with zero commission fees. The app ...    7 MB    Views 348
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+12    Currency Converter is a free and easy to use currency converter with real time exchange rates. Complete with over 150 different types of currencies to choose from you can easily convert any amount from one currency to another. Currencies rates available even ...    5 MB    Views 6014
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-5    Realtime price of gold and silver 1. 24hour realtime price,from the major gold markets: London Gold Market Zurich gold market Frankfort gold market New York gold market Chicago gold market Wen Boni gold market Sydney gold market Hong Kong gold market TOKYO gold market Singapore gold market 2. 7 major currencies: USD ...    9 MB    Views 4209

Forex Traders

market forex currencies traded foreign exchange trader day professional world
+22    Are you Ready to be a Millionaire? This is a Excellent Application on Learning How to Become a Professional Trader in the Forex Market. Save Thousands of Dollars. What Is Forex? The foreign exchange market is the "place" where currencies are traded. Currencies ...    2 GB    Views 4039


card market money time currency worldwide foreign transaction exchange fixed million
+2    0% foreign exchange – 14 currencies on a single card Why pay more to receive less? Centtrip prepaid MasterCard & eMoney account gives you complete control of your foreign currency expenditure. All the convenience of local currency, free of the ...    15 MB    Views 8357


stock investors market trading platform lets exchange traders access real
+9    Designed to demystify the Stock Market, the GetStocks Trading Platform lets you invest in shares confidently and knowledgeably on stock exchanges worldwide, while also seeing what other investors are buying and selling. The GetStocks trading platform: 1. Lets traders and investors follow ...    NAN    Views 3770


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+12    Ausiris Futures By Freewill + Ausiris Futures Thai Futures iPhone trading platform Description Ausiris Futures Thai Futures trading application provides a customary function on trading Thai derivatives and focuses primarily on trading Thai precious metal, namely gold and silver futures. This online application ...    9 MB    Views 5541

TT Mobile

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-9    Note: This application requires an account with Trading Technologies. If you do not have an account, a Demo account may be created by following the "Create An Account" link on the lower right corner of the TT Mobile Log In ...    7 MB    Views 7033

CME Group E-quotes

+16    CME Equotes Mobile offers realtime streaming quotes and news. In order to use CME Equotes Mobile, you must have a CME Equotes account. If you don't have an account, please subscribe or email Who should use CME Equotes Mobile? · Commodity ...    12 MB    Views 7867
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-1    The Unofficial Currency Fair Currency Exchange App. Currency Fair allows you to easily exchange money, above the current market rate, free of charge(), to and from the following currencies: Australian Dollar (Australia) Bulgarian Lev (Bulgaria) Canadian Dollar (Canada) Czech Koruna (Czech Republic) Danish Krone (Denmark) Euro (Europe) Pound Sterling ...    3 MB    Views 1962


time stock market data daily exchange transactions shares view traded
-4    Nepse App brings realtime stock exchange data right to your smart phone. Daily updates on the stock exchange market along with total turnovers, top traded shares, total transactions and many other features with just a few clicks. Real time statistics ...    7 MB    Views 7369
stock market monitor prices level markets world live exchange
+4    Stock and share prices from ADVFN, the world's largest stock market site. FREE streaming price data. Quotes Charts Level 2 Discussion forums Monitor Portfolio Much more Dozens of markets from around the world, including: LSE (London Stock Exchange) NYSE (New York Stock ...    21 MB    Views 6718


Related Apps iphone time market access real
+24    PDATrade is a powerful financial application that gives you access to the stock market anywhere, anytime With PDATrade, you can stream over 75 stocks in realtime, directly to your iPhone. You can also access market stats, snap quotes, news, charts, ...    2 MB    Views 7353

Prime Yield

market real users prime yield estate
-7    Prime Yield is a company with a comprehensive expertise in feasibility studies, consultancy and asset valuations, creating value in supporting their client’s decision making. This app let's users access our exclusive market researches for various sectors of real estate. It also ...    37 MB    Views 8864
news market time bitcoin data exchange usd price eur btc real
+1    Download ZeroBlock and get to access to realtime Bitcoin market data everywhere you go. Live Bitcoin price data, comprehensive news feeds, free price alerts, and beautiful charts. Our intuitive, clean interface has made us the highest rated and most reviewed ...    3 MB    Views 4018
news market ipad instruments stock pentru bursa list exchange
+3    Bursa de Valori Bucuresti – acces la date de piata, stiri, preturi pentru instrumentele financiare admise la tranzactionare la BVB. Caracteristici: simplu de navigat acces rapid la principalele functii ale aplicatieii lista personalizata pentru monitorizarea instrumentelor financiare favorite administrarea facila a listei proprii grafice Continutul informational include: ...    7 MB    Views 9660
stock market exchange profit stocks gains lost simple
+15    Stock Profit provide a simple way to see how much you’ve made or lost in stock market, help you get rid of complicate market reports. It’s wonderful if you are new to so owning stocks or just want to know ...    801 kb    Views 6886
Related Apps stock market simulator real historical data fundamental analysis
-1    Become an expert in fundamental analysis with our stock market simulator. Different scenarios with REAL HISTORICAL DATA. Practice makes perfect Get years of investment experience. Learn and master the most important financial terms, answer quizzes and achieve the maximum investor ninja level    6 MB    Views 8607

FX Forecast

Related Apps market exchange foreign rates markets global
+13    A steady flow of funds and goods across borders has led to increasingly interconnected economies. Aside from analyzing single economies one must understand their role in the high complexity of the global market. The foreign exchange market is the largest ...    266 kb    Views 7393
market time instruments news trading exchange orders data account trade
-9    LMAX Exchange, the first MTF for FX authorised and regulated by the FCA, offers direct access to streaming, firm institutional liquidity through a range of key products, including spot FX, precious metals, commodities and equity indices with the unique ...    24 MB    Views 2608

KBC Market Research

Related Apps research market kbc forecasts markets exchange rates daily information financial overview
-1    The KBC Research app gives you access to the expertise of the KBC Market Research Desk. Daily indepth analyses and forecasts on fixed income and foreign exchange markets, focused on the Euro zone, US, UK and Central Europe. You don’t have ...    15 MB    Views 2147

ING Trader HD

Related Apps stock news time money market instruments ing hisse section data exchange orders
+24    ING Trader HD; Türkiye ve Dünya finansal piyasalarına ait veri ve haberleri izlemek, hisse senedi/VİOP emirlerinizi borsaya iletmek için hazırlanmış bir uygulamadır. ‘’Sayfam’’ bölümünde sizin için seçtiğimiz finansal enstrümanlar yer almaktadır. Dilerseniz farklı enstrümanlar ekleyerek bu bölümü kişiselleştirebilirsiniz. Hisse senedi, VİOP, ...    6 MB    Views 6540
ipad apple market futures thai trading wealth thailand exchange offer metal
+16    Apple Wealth HD Futures for iPad Thai Futures trading application provides a customary function on trading Thai derivatives and focuses primarily on trading Thai precious metal, namely gold and silver futures. This online application is codeveloped by Apple Wealth HD Futures ...    9 MB    Views 2255


Related Apps time market commodity information real
+5    SitagriMobile drives your action outside your office. It provides push information from commodity markets all over the world, right in your pocket. Our company, founded in 2004, provides services dedicated to the commodity market over 25 countries through innovative and creative technologies. We ...    1 MB    Views 9142
Related Apps time search browse currency exchange converter rates currencies real tables rate quick
-5    Currency Converter Plus is a free and easy to use currency converter with real time exchange rates. Complete with over 150 different types of currencies to choose from you can easily convert any amount from one currency to another. Currencies rates available ...    7 MB    Views 1760
Related Apps market estate real
-3 | real estate market Bringing the trusted realestate market online. الدلال | سوق العقار الموثق حلقة الوصل بين الكيانات العقارية والباحثين عن العقار والعروض العقارية , والنقلة النوعية الاولى في مجال التسويق العقاري في المملكة    10 MB    Views 6917

Al Fardan Exchange

Related Apps market money exchange services remittance currency uae
+15    Supports ARABIC (العربية) and ENGLISH Al Fardan Exchange is one of the leading names in the UAE remittance market and a pioneer in the industry of UAE money exchange business. Privileged to be a part of the reputable Al Fardan Group, ...    5 MB    Views 5621


time news instruments stock iphone ipad hisse takip exchange min real data
+27    DenizYatırım’ın iPhone ve iPad cihazları için derinliklianlık piyasa bilgilerine ulaşarak hisse ve VOB alışsatış işlemlerinin yapılabildiği uygulaması Bu uygulamayla beraber; •IMKB ve VOB piyasalarında takip ettiğiniz hisse senetlerinin, endekslerin, vadeli sözleşmelerin anlık ve derinlikli fiyatlarına dünya borsa endekslerine, serbest döviz, tahvil, eurobond, ...    9 MB    Views 4254


market historical futures volume information data stocks symbols exchange currencies commodities
+11    ZoomMarkets Mobile Application is an easy, interactive and comprehensive financial app delivering global stocks, futures, commodities and currencies information for you. Data Coverage: ============= We provide end of day prices for stocks, futures, commodities and currencies information from following global exchanges: Stocks US Markets ...    3 MB    Views 1045

Stock.TW (Taiwan)

stock news market time taiwan portfolio exchange intuitive real quotes information figures
+4    【Stylish, beautiful and intuitive designed APP for Taiwan Stock Exchange】 Features: •Intuitive and convenience design allows users to track their portfolio easily •Clear and contrast color pattern highlights the important figures •Simply and straight layout filters unnecessary information •Provides real time quotes for listing stocks ...    3 MB    Views 4951


market time trading real top touch
+4    Jupiter MPro unleashes the power of touchtrading for the convenience of dynamic investors anytime, anywhere Capitalise on the extraordinary iPhone technology for you to access realtime trading and be in control of your stock investments. Stay with the market, TouchTrading on ...    10 MB    Views 1872
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