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+17    Pech of een ongeval met de wagen? Dan wilt u uiteraard zo snel mogelijk geholpen worden. In binnen en buitenland. Daarom ontwikkelde Fidea Verzekeringen voor u de gratis applicatie Fidea Car Assistance. Eén druk op de knop brengt u in contact met ...    NAN    Views 1547

My Loan Calculator

+9    My Loan Calculator is a powerful calculator for evaluating mortgage loans, car and auto loans, and other types of fixedrate consumer and student loans, as well as credit card debt. The loan calculator tells you the overall interest you'll end ...    134 kb    Views 1029


+15    JobDobber was made for kids and parents alike. It has been created to help you keep track of chores done and payments made. Kids, once the job on the roster has been done, click the Job Done button and see your ...    726 kb    Views 4809
Related Apps loan interest term payment
+9    Easy to use “loan calculator” has the following features: •Calculates monthly payment and total interest •Provides a graphical view of loan amount remaining over the loan term •Comparison of loan pay off with and without any additional payment •Distribution of principal, interest, tax and ...    137 kb    Views 7794

Prepay Loans

paying loan scenarios payment additional extra normal payments loans
+27    Do you want to pay your loans off early and save on interest payments? This app will show you how much money you save AND how soon you will clear your loan under various prepaying scenarios. These prepaying scenarios include: ...    4 MB    Views 9280

Payoff Calc

email time loan payments payment payoff interest date calc extra principal
-3    Payoff Calc is a loan calculator that provides a unique comparison view of your loan balances before and after you apply additional principal payments, enabling you to easily compare the monthly time and cost savings at your fingertips. If you have ...    551 kb    Views 7876

EMI Calculator 2014

Related Apps calculator emi payment values
-4    EMI Calculator is the only application that allows you to calculate any of the following values by inputing all other values. 1. EMI 2. Loan Amount 3. Interest Rate 4. Period Other Features includes 1. Table of payment split up. 2. A pie chart depicting the breakup ...    4 MB    Views 7530

EasyCheck Mobile

+13    payment application creadit card payment lookup transactions    3 MB    Views 1433

Info Payments

+26    Whether you need to make a simple payment to a vendor in India, or meet payroll for employees around the globe in 140 currencies, let RMA show you how to get it right the first time. No more worries and no ...    42 MB    Views 4306

Style Calculator

+2    This ultimate, stylistic pocket calculator can change his appearance into eleven different, fancy styles. Easy in handling extra large buttons ensure simplified operation. Der ultimative, stylische Taschenrechner Verwandlungsfähig in 11 verschiedene Styles. Einfach in der Handhabung, mit extra großen Tasten für ...    2 MB    Views 7506
0    Cofunds Perspectives extra – ‘Content Marketing of the Year’ winner at the Money Marketing Awards 2015 Perspectives extra is an award winning magazine app from Cofunds, the UK’s leading investment platform for professional financial advisers and other financial institutions. With Perspectives extra ...    NAN    Views 257

Loan Ranger

Related Apps loan amount payment
+29    Quickly determine what the payment amount will be on a loan. You can also find out how much loan you qualify for based on a payment amount.    359 kb    Views 1141

Aircel App

card paid offers mile special post extra
+24    Your phone is often dubbed as your world. With it, you can take your life the extra mile and Aircel App makes that extra mile smoother. Now managing your various Aircel connections, recharging or paying postpaid bills, checking your usage, ...    4 MB    Views 8036


payment online secure
+12    The fastest, most secure and the easiest way to make a payment. Kachyng allows you to make an instant payment anywhere on the internet. You can pay with any credit card or with other online wallets such as PayPal. With ...    8 MB    Views 6928

Payment App 上單

-3    香港最齊全、最貼心的「上單」項目管理顧問有限公司,帶你發展到新里程碑! 項目管理種類最多最齊最能迎合你需要 透過深入詳細了解為你搜尋、度身訂造合適的服務 協助你有系統地處理上單、上數、入糧、入payment 可透過我們為你網羅新機遇、新工程 提供各種不同的項目管理、工程顧問服務 請留意最新優惠    671 kb    Views 5239

EasyCheck ICMSR

+9    payment application creadit card payment lookup transactions    4 MB    Views 870

Loan Calculator +

Related Apps money calculator loan payments extra costs loans simple support cost charts
-5    Featured by Apple as 'What's Hot' Loan Calculator has one aim To SAVE YOU MONEY on your loan If you're taking out a loan, looking to organise your loans, or want to pay off your loan early, then this ...    12 MB    Views 3909

Trans POS

time business pos based extra custom inventory spent affordable
+22    TransPOS is the most powerful POS app in the marketplace. TransPOS is specifically designed to provide all types of businesses with an affordable solution that maximizes efficiency and profitability. Our stateoftheart app helps decrease the amount of time spent on ...    15 MB    Views 7077

Home Expenses

-8    Home Expenses is a very simple but powerful Application; with Home Expenses you can keep track of all your home expenses and never miss anything. Add, modify and delete expenses Add Calendar reminder to remember your payment deadline Categorise expenses ...    3 MB    Views 6889
job money jobs find list requirements extra ratings ways
-7    "Content is clear and concise" Bontanical3 "One of the most useful apps I've came across." Eddrick05 A throughout stepbystep guide to making extra money on your spare time. This app will change the way you think about what is ...    3 MB    Views 5079


Related Apps gas customers payment
-8    The SoCalGas mobile app lets customers pay their gas bills, manage their usage and view payment history. Natural Gas vehicle owners can use the mapping feature to find the nearest refueling station in Southern California. Additionally, customers can map the ...    3 MB    Views 6246
Related Apps calculator emi payment values
+9    EMI Calculator is the only application that allows you to calculate any of the following values by inputing all other values. 1. EMI 2. Loan Amount 3. Interest Rate 4. Period Other Features includes 1. Table of payment split up. 2. A pie chart depicting the breakup ...    5 MB    Views 7176
email calculator home payment loan interest amortization save loans html extra monthly csv
+2    Wow Amazing What it saves with an affordable extra payment every month? This professional Mortgage Loan Calculator is a powerful, fast and easytouse iPhone App perfect for Home Buyers, Home owners, Brokers and Realtors. The Extra Payment Option Feature allows the buyer ...    4 MB    Views 6949


tax payment loan method extra equal total debt limit
+13    This is 15 digits LoanCaluculator. Easy for loancaluculation (Equal Payment method, Equal Principle method, conbined extrapayment, calc remaining debt available.) [ Loan Caluculate ] ■ The following calculations are available in each of the Equal Payment method and Equal Principle method (combined extrapayment ...    485 kb    Views 213

Leasing Calculators

+14    Calculate your leasing payment. This app let you calculate your leasing both with anticipated or posticipated payments. Insert all data and make simulations to see how the payment change, changing the interest rate.    5 MB    Views 1919

Installment Payment

installment payment
+1    Business application for installment payment calculation.    2 MB    Views 6917

FRM Study Course

exam relative rank global extra population study
+19    The FRM Study Course app is the portal to access the over 4,000 practice questions available for the November 2014 FRM exam. As you prepare for the exam, you will be able to see where you rank relative to the global ...    23 MB    Views 3553
-5    The easiest way to figure out monthly payment of your home mortgage loan Key in the loan amount, interest rate and scroll the term of the loan desired, you can instantly get the monthly payment.    31 kb    Views 4294


Related Apps interest payment loan
+6    Amortized (formerly known as PayCalc) is an iOS application for your iPhone or iPod that allows you to calculate your loan payment based on the amount, down payment, interest rate, and length of the loan. There is also a lookup ...    4 MB    Views 7051
parking paying extra free current location button stop limit
-1    Parking over the limit can be COSTLY This is a MUST HAVE APP for you to stop paying EXTRA. Furthermore If FREE PARKING is available, you can take full benefit of free parking without paying a cent. Sounds good? Doesn't it? Key Features ...    352 kb    Views 1645


Related Apps monthly payment
+14    This is a simple, straightforward app for calculating your monthly payment on a loan. There is also a calculator with a Monthly Payment button to enter your previously calculated monthly payment.    1 MB    Views 181


Related Apps interest rate payment loan
0    Calculates total interest, payments and ending balance for fixed interest rate loans. You can also solve for LOAN AMOUNT, MONTHLY PAYMENT, INTEREST RATE, or OF MONTHS to complete a loan. With a payment of zero you can calculate interest ...    205 kb    Views 2374


mobile provide payment
+1    msaku is a mobile payment application for VISA & MASTER Cardholders to ensure optimum shopping experience on mobile device. msaku provide worldwide TopUp Service and it's also available for subscribers of the seven largest mobile networks in Indonesia: Axis, Esia, Indosat, ...    9 MB    Views 9529

Loan Calculator Pro

Related Apps calculator time email loan payment extra pro loans payments interface amounts track
+3    Top 10 Finance App for 2010 Loan Calculator Pro is an easy to use financial calculator. Within seconds, you will be able to calculate the monthly payment for different types of fixed rate loans such as home mortgage, auto, and credit ...    645 kb    Views 5729

Loan Pro

Related Apps calculator time loan payment interest month extra amount loans total display add
-1    ============== How to Add Loan Step 
============== ================= Introduction ================ Presenting the "Loan Calculator +++" App for calculating the loan on your tips and within no time, the application provides simplest way of calculating the month payments for different types of fixed rate loans, loan can ...    7 MB    Views 6637
view payment
-3    App Description Pay your Dignity Memorial bill anytime from anywhere with our free app. • Make or schedule a payment • View account details • View or download your statements • Stay informed with payment reminders and notifications • Get the latest information on promotions    4 MB    Views 4663

Orangepay Terminal

payment terminal
0    Payment Terminal for Orangepay Payment System.    1 MB    Views 3892


-2    ATBMobile offers its customers a wide range of payment services to pay for everyday services: recharge mobile account, paying bills and receipts HUS, repayment of loans in any bank, payment of fines traffic police payments free details, remittances, and more, ...    NAN    Views 8976

Driver Payment App

driver payment
+8    By utilising driver payment app you can make payments in seconds instead of hours. The world has taken a new turn towards technology and automated processes have replaced the manual procedures and therefore keeping that in mind you can pay ...    2 MB    Views 9261


+6    Boosterville provides a simple to use mobile payment system that reduces payment processing fees with a builtin data capture and loyalty marketing program. Restaurants and retailers can process payments, engage with customers, offer discounts, and support their local communities.    8 MB    Views 7733
Related Apps calculator time debt payoff debts payment date interest total tracking extra
-3    Debt Payoff Assistant will help you to payoff all your debts using the popular Debtsnowball method. The debtsnowball method is the primary debt management technique taught and recommended by many financial experts. Using this approach, you would pay the minimum ...    3 MB    Views 9959


Related Apps loan extra payments calculation calculate
-6    Easily calculate FHA , VA , USDA & Conventional Mortgage Payments. Will calculate total monthly payments with PMI based on the down payment given. Use the Extra Principal calculation to see how fast your loan can be paid off adding a little ...    8 MB    Views 7792
card calculator cards gift store extra balance great taxable gratuity
-6    "Gift Card Calculator is a musthave iPhone and iPad app for frequent recipients and users of store and restaurant gift cards" 2014 Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been out somewhere in a situation with only ...    32 MB    Views 7727

iDebt Eliminator

debt amount free pay method monthly extra
+1    Update to 1.5 Now Released iDebt Eliminator is the fastest way to get out of debt. IDebt Eliminator organizes all your bills from smallest amount to largest amount. Once a debt has been paid off, the monthly payment goes to pay ...    1002 kb    Views 7853


determine set payment
+5    PayItOff is an amortization calculator you can use to set a schedule for paying off loans, credit card balances, etc. Working with a car dealer or a home loan lender? Use PayItOff to be knowledgable and wary of unseen fees and ...    468 kb    Views 6532
Related Apps loan payment
-8    Easy to use “loan calculator” has the following features: •Calculates monthly payment and total interest •Provides a graphical view of loan amount remaining over the loan term •Comparison of loan pay off with and without any additional payment    163 kb    Views 3924
money calculator car loan payment interest payments monthly extra amount loans enter interface
+11    Enter the values and this calculator will figure the payment. The loan can be a mortgage, car loan, or any other simple interest amortization over a fixed time with fixed monthly payments. Also if you want to know how much can ...    51 MB    Views 142
search payment assistance programs
+11    Down Payment Assistance Search Find Down Payment Assistance Programs In Your Area    4 MB    Views 9512


Related Apps planning chinese loan pay extra multiple payment monthly types month
+6    For iPhone and iPad, this financial calculator can be used for mortgage, auto, or any other fixed loan types. You may determine: Approximately monthly payment on a loan Modify your monthly payment Planning to pay off your Loan early Multiple ...    5 MB    Views 5254
canadian payment estimator mortgage
-5    This is a simple Canadian mortgage payment estimator that will return what your payment would be for several payment frequencies. Just enter a purchase price, down payment, rate and amortization.    70 kb    Views 9389

Payments by Wave

card cards tools payments credit accept wave accounting cash fees extra
+6    Using Payments by Wave, you can accept credit cards, record cash payments, and issue receipts, right on your iOS device. Synchronizes seamlessly with the free accounting tools at, so your accounting updates automatically as you receive payments. Easily Accept Credit ...    NAN    Views 9748


time hour facility parking minutes extra
+3    Never pay an extra hour again Have you ever paid an extra hour at a parking facility just because of a few minutes, for instance? Well, your problems are solved: once activated, this app will alert you each hour, a few ...    15 MB    Views 9449
tax calculator vat true tables cost extra accounting salary white
+5    Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat, worrying about your taxes? Perhaps you think you might have gone over the VAT threshold, but then what is the current limit? Or you are wondering what the true cost of ...    680 kb    Views 3479

EZ House Payment

Related Apps payment breakdown simple
+9    This is a simple mortgage calculator with depth to really explore the true costs of home ownership. This app gives the flexibility to fully breakdown and understand your payment, but remains simple and easy to use. Then you can email ...    4 MB    Views 747

My Payment Hub

Related Apps payment peer services
+4    MyPaymentHub is a mobile application that consolidates multiple payment services into one easy to use central location. These payment services include by are not limited to bill pay, peertopeer payments, gifts, money transfers, coupons and more. MyPaymentHub is currently available ...    22 MB    Views 2613

Money Me

Related Apps money loan tables payment
-2    Looking to buy a house or car, then this application helps you determine your loan option. Correctly, choosing the right loan can save you a lot of money over the length of the loan. Using simple gestures, you can scroll through ...    4 MB    Views 2527
time email calculator home loan loans mortgage repayments save saver extra
+28    Take back some control of your Mortgage Lenders forget to tell you about the payment options that can SAVE you money. See how much interest you will save on a loan by changing your repayments to fortnightly or weekly. See the effect ...    464 kb    Views 9192
iphone personal finance ipad mortgage analyzer loan payments options analysis extra rate tool
+12    Recognized by as one of the Best Consumer Tablet Applications worldwide for Personal Finance for Personal Finance. And, a finalist for the 2013 Tabby Award. The Mortgage Analyzer Pro adds the following features: removes iAds monthly/semimonthly/biweekly/weekly payment options start extra ...    7 MB    Views 2856

Mortgage Payoff

mortgage pay payments extra 800 application goal independence payoff
+28    Mortgage debt is keeping you from financial independence. Want to quit your job? Travel more? Sleep better at night with greater security? Mortgage independence is the way to accomplish that. But there's no secret to what it takes to pay off ...    4 MB    Views 1302

On a Budget

budget work money transactions year day total extra balance designed
-4    'On a budget' is a simple app for summarising your financial situation. It's designed to help you get on top of your money and take control of your bank balance. On a budget' is designed to put your budget information ...    504 kb    Views 5796
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