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+10    Do you need to calculate Percentage of anything? Fast? This is the tool for you. Easily calculate % of anything. Money, proportions, fractions, sales etc. If there is a 37% sale on item, do you know what the actual price is? This app ...    338 kb    Views 5131


+27    eprivateclient is the leading news service for private client practitioners, including lawyers, accountants, trustees and feebased IFAs. The regulatory environment in which private client practitioners operate is becoming ever more pressured, fuelled by the seemingly relentless pace of legislative change. The ...    15 MB    Views 8901

Money Reminder

+3    This is a great simple to use, very efficient and fast app to record all your financial transactions. The app will keep a record of all your financial transactions with other people or businesses and also helps you to set ...    3 MB    Views 6269
calculator percentage fast answer calculate
+9    Do you have problems to calculate fast the percentage of other thinks, like money, proportion and other? Than we have the answer > "42 Percentage Calculator" 42 the answer for all Calculate fast thinks like: 1. % of number 2. % changed 3. a is b% of 4. ...    2 MB    Views 5347
0    OneExpense is a expense management for personal use or for small business. In all 3 screens (plus a setup for the categories,accounts and payment types) 1) Add: Fast insert for expenses and income (or budget) 2) Calendar: Consultation of monthly expenditure items 3) Report: ...    1 MB    Views 2777
+10    Valuta+ is a super simple & free currency converter. The interface is fast and makes you convert exchange rates very easily, no matter where you are in the world. We have collected 160+ currencies for you, which is always up ...    5 MB    Views 2491


+1    Doesn’t it drive you nuts to remember all kinds of codes for bankcards, security alarms, smartphones and what's more? There are countless of applications that enable you to store sensitive data. That’s right: store Visible for anyone who happens to ...    8 MB    Views 4144


+12    Wanna travelling around the world? Doing global business? Using Multicurrency credit cards?Crazily oversea shopping? Love analyzing foreign exchange? Pay your attention to here please, the “Exchange Rate Curve “function was newly added to Omni Currency. Omni Currency gathered up all the ...    2 MB    Views 5696

CCA Online Portal

0    The application offers a useful way to CCA customers to reach the CCA Online Portal with their iOS based devices. In difficult situation is caused by accident or other insurance cases, the application is giving fast and simple possibility for ...    741 kb    Views 5779
-5    Accept credit card payments on your iPhone or iPad with Payjack. Fast Setup, with the Payjack "3 minute application". Fast Approval Simple Pricing Once approved, simply download the Payjack App and start taking payments. The funds will be deposited directly into ...    4 MB    Views 606
tracker fast buttons spending simple taps easy daily
+12    Zeny is the super fast and simple spending tracker app. It focuses on making data entry fast and easy with fewer taps and bigger buttons. ■■■ The philosophy of Zeny ■■■ ◎Less taps for everything ◎Big, easytotap, positioned buttons ◎Simple, no frills ■■■ Zeny suits you ...    7 MB    Views 4097


card credit mobile payments payment secure affordable process fast
+1    GoMobile by NorthPay Accept Mobile Credit Card Payments on your Smartphone or Tablet. From NorthPay, Canada's Affordable Payment Processor. AFFORDABLE MOBILE PAYMENTS GoMobile by NorthPay is a convenient and affordable mobile payment solution. Simply swipe your client's credit card and process payments immediately FAST ACTIVATION ...    1 MB    Views 4014

Fast GST

gst amount fast enter
-7    The Fast GST has been designed with speed in mind. Whip it out, enter the amount and find the answer. Notice screen shots have NO enter button. All the sums are calculated as you type. The fields include the GST percentage, base amount, ...    1 MB    Views 7972
fast easy
-8    "DailyCost Fast and Easy" is a fast and easy daily cost recorder. It supports English and Chinese. "DailyCost Fast and Easy" is 100% free app. There are there major functions: Accounting, History and Chart.    6 MB    Views 236
Related Apps currency converter 160 currencies date valuta fast simple rates
+5    Valuta+ is a super simple & free currency converter. The interface is fast and makes you convert exchange rates very easily, no matter where you are in the world. We have collected 160+ currencies for you, which is always up ...    4 MB    Views 5682
card money credit mobile download free transfers safe fast
+13    200 € cash for your use. Transfer money easy, fast and safe. Transfers are invoiced in 15 days. Balance gets higher by using. Try now and download for free 5 reasons why to download Onsun Mobile Credit Card now: 1) Cheap and continuous credit ...    NAN    Views 81
food fast chains
+28    Discover where you spend the most when you eat out. Comes loaded with the most popular fast food chains in the US. Add local fast food chains to your list or remove any that aren't near you.    287 kb    Views 8335
email bill split guests fair fast
0    My Slice The fast and fair way to split a bill FEATURES • Split equally or unevenly by tapping per share. • Add as many guests as you can handle • Use contacts to name guests, use guest images, send SMS and email ...    808 kb    Views 7714
+20    The Anstaff Mobile Banking App is a free mobile decisionsupport tool that gives you the ability to access all your financial accounts in a single, uptotheminute view so you can stay organized and make smarter financial decisions.  It is fast, ...    11 MB    Views 2035

RemServ Claims

camera claim fast claims anytime functionality built benefit
-3    Please note: This app is for the use of RemServ salary packaging customers only. You must have a salary packaging account with us to use this app. The RemServ Claims app is a fast and easy way to make a claim ...    34 MB    Views 3779

My Wallet App

Related Apps manage month track intuitive fast day easy
+15    Easy, fast and intuitive application for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad to track your expenses. You want to manage a budget and keep track of all the flows (day by day or month by month). You want to manage ...    250 kb    Views 4380

iQmobile Banking

banking balances checks fast view
+4    iQmobile allows you to check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, and pay bills on the go Fast Balances allows you to opt into the ability to view balances and recent transactions right from the Sign In screen, without entering your ...    1 MB    Views 7564

FaST Guide

planning distribution guide estate fast based clear tool
-2    Use our FaST Guide A Powerful Online Faraid Distribution Guide Revolutionary – only one of its kind in the world At last, a quick reference tool that quickly tells you who gets what in a Muslim estate distribution. No more ...    12 MB    Views 2472
food restaurant shows find fast
-7    You have diabetes , want to eat out at a fast food place or a restaurant but wondering what to order ? This app solves this and shows you diabetic menu for you and many like you who have diabetes. App shows ...    2 MB    Views 7409

Expense Log

-9    Fast, easy to use and userfriendly app to track purchases and payments on the go. Remember everything and maintain records right at the moment of payment. Never liked personal finance iPhone apps, because they are slow, heavy and inconvenient to use? ...    5 MB    Views 3420


money family fast mobile cash transfer send friends
+7    TransferBoss mobile money transfers and payment. Transfer money to Nigeria in minutes. Transfer money to any Nigerian bank account or cash pickup from designated banks. Transfer money to friends and family in UK and Nigeria It's fast and easy The leaders in secure and ...    5 MB    Views 3292

Chalk Calc

calculator math correct fast calc
+8    Chalk Calc is an easy to use calculator. Quick load times and ultra fast math will give your correct answers as fast as you can press the buttons. This calculator is for children as well as grown ups. Be smart ...    4 MB    Views 2738
+3    A carefully handcrafted, continental styled tip calculator designed for ease of use and fast results. Enjoy the rich presentation and intuitive controls of this handsome application after you've finished your meal. Features: Rich design Fast, intuitive data entry and results ...    2 MB    Views 4819

Currency Exchanger

Related Apps currency fast exchanger
+9    Currency Exchanger is an app to help you calculate the currency differences between one currency to another. It works when the Internet doesn't (require earlier download) and will inform you when the last updated currency is. The app is light ...    5 MB    Views 5066
Related Apps banking mobile free fast online connect access plan bank
+3    Bank anyplace, anytime with NB&T Mobile – it’s fast, secure, and free. Download the NB&T Mobile app and sign on using your NB&T iconnect online banking Username and Password. View account balances, pay bills, transfer funds, find branches and ATMs. ...    1 MB    Views 1335

Top 5 Options

research market time top options touch fast powerful simple
-9    Fast and Easy: OptionApps Daily "Top 5", powered by ODDS, is the easiest options market scanner ever. Touch your screen and you’ll get "Top 5" results in an instant. Deceptively powerful: Finding opportunities in the market is blazingly fast. We have ...    4 MB    Views 1197
Related Apps calculator tip fast
+6    Behold New generation of tip calculators has arrived Most advanced tip calculator is now in AppStore It's fast to use and good for your eyes due to a biggest fonts with highest contrast. Your privacy is a major priority therefore Tipz ...    304 kb    Views 1132


card money spend credit note purchase ads balance bill fast
+9    Keep track of your credit card spending fast If you don't need or want breakdowns, or pie charts of how you spend your money, you just want to make a quick note of what you spend on your cards, with ...    15 MB    Views 9595
Related Apps money budget fast expenses financial
-1    Keeping track of your expenses is never fun. Keep an eye on your budget with Money, the new simplest, minimalist, fast and intuitive app to use. LIMITED LAUNCH OFFER : MONEY IS FREE You can instantly: Know your financial situation Add an expenditure ...    648 kb    Views 5087

Blockchain Merchant

business bitcoin merchant accept free fast customers supported start
+27    The Blockchain Merchant app is everything you need to start accepting Bitcoin on your iPhone or iPad. Blockchain Merchant lets you securely accept Bitcoin without any hassle and turns your device into a fully featured register in under 30 seconds. ...    3 MB    Views 9571
member fcu mobile branch account information members fast
+4    Member One FCU provides members with fast and secure account information from your mobile device. While on the go, you can: •Check your balances •Manage your accounts •Transfer funds •Pay bills •Find a branch, ATM, or credit union service center •Get uptodate Member One information •Learn about ...    11 MB    Views 1191
calculator tip simple enter meal cost fast easy free
0    The Simple Tip Calculator lets you effortlessly calculate restaurant tips on either your iPhone or iPod Touch. This tip calculator is by far the easiest and simplest tip calculator out there. If you are looking for a tip calculator that gets ...    2 MB    Views 4524

PostFinance Mobile

+5    Make your financial transactions mobile. Transfer small amounts to the mobile phone numbers of your friends, purchase digital credit for iTunes, Spotify and games consoles, check your account balances and your most recent account transactions in a quick and uncomplicated manner. ...    NAN    Views 6642


Related Apps simple online information checkout enter credit fast
+12    PAAY wallet allows you to store your credit cards for a fast, safe, and incredibly simple online checkout. Go anywhere online that has the PAAY logo, enter your mobile number, then use your PAAY app to review and accept the purchase. You ...    29 MB    Views 7642

SD Inspector

home inspection click contact fast reports request easy
-5    The San Diego Real Estate Inspection Company App for Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers. This App makes it easier than ever to set home inspection appointments wherever you are. Use this app to contact us, schedule your own inspection; ...    2 MB    Views 9867

KashBook Free

fast income record accounts features
+2    Features: Total Accounts Balances Different Currencies for every account CSV export of all accounts as attachment by Email Categories Notes Checkmarks for every movement Income and Outcome totals Transactions divided by month Delete All income/outcome Keep record of your incomes and ...    8 MB    Views 819
Related Apps banking football mobile check transfer network funds fast provider
+14    Banking on Football (Summerland) Mobile Banking for iPhone Description Banking while you’re out and about is easy with Banking on Football’s free app. Check account balances, pay bills, transfer funds and a whole lot more. The app is easy to use, secure and ...    11 MB    Views 1788


Related Apps money expenses user order vehicles vehicle easy fast add
-7    The AutoXpenses is a great, new app for the iPhone which will help you to organize and bring order to the chaos caused by all expenses that been done for vehicles. Almost every day, everybody that owns a vehicle, car, motorcycle, ...    4 MB    Views 4753
poker video play free fun west fast game
-1    ▶▶▶▶▶ FREE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶▶▶▶ FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Play your way to success and become the top Video Poker player in the world *** FAST PLAY *** FULL PAY *** You have a chance to play classic poker in a new wild ...    101 MB    Views 549
data fast report dropbox expense
-4    OneExpense is a expense management for personal use or for small business. In all 3 screens (plus a setup for the categories,accounts and payment types) 1) Add: Fast insert for expenses and income (or budget) 2) Calendar: Consultation of monthly expenditure items 3) Report: ...    1 MB    Views 4684
Related Apps banking internet account pay mobile fast secure service
+27    The Anstaff Mobile Banking App is a free mobile decisionsupport tool that gives you the ability to access all your financial accounts in a single, uptotheminute view so you can stay organized and make smarter financial decisions.  It is fast, ...    1 MB    Views 464


business banking money award loan fast 2014 smart minutes bank face
+20    Nimble gives you access to smart little loans of 100 up to 1,600 for the unexpected. Our fast loans only go for 16 50 days, so you can't get stuck in longterm debt. It's a totally new way of borrowing. ...    NAN    Views 8240

Fast Exchange Rate

facebook apple exchange fast http www records rate
+20    Fast Exchange Rate / Szybki Kurs Walut Fast access to exchange rates Work offline browsing archival records do not require an Internet connection History records Graphs Builtin calculator Records according to the base currency: PLN, the Polish zloty (quotations ...    19 MB    Views 1092
fast tap line
-3    HOW FAST CAN YOU GO?? Test how quick your reflexes are in this awesome ant race game Maintain your speed to make it to the finish line How fast can you tap? HOW LONG CAN YOU LAST? Tap as fast as you ...    16 MB    Views 9786

Budget Salary

budget salary costs reports detail balance accounting control fast
-1    Budget Salary its very comfortable application for fast control of your money. The capabilities of Budget Salary is: salary accounting costs accounting fast add salary/costs categories of costs reports of costs and salary option password for secret detail statistic month ...    2 MB    Views 6755
Related Apps trip calculator gas cost road fast easy
-8    The Road Trip Gas Calculator is fast and easy to use. Simply input the average gas price, your vehicles milespergallon rating, and your trip distance. The calculator will provide your trip's gas cost and the cost per mile for your ...    1 MB    Views 1503

Fast Percent

fast percent buttons
-2    Fast Percent is a neat little app designed to make calculating percentages fast and simple. It features large buttons to input values and hot keys to let you select the percentage you want to apply to a figure. Ideal for shopping environments ...    272 kb    Views 1371

Billionaire Blitz

money business investment tools strategy upgrade mining watch target fast levels billionaire economic
+3    Billionaire Blitz is the most addictive fusion of puzzle and strategy games. Link gemstones of the same color to mine them and make money. Upgrade the mining tools to make more money per gemstone. Invest the money into business and ...    28 MB    Views 704

Payday Loans Genie

payday free account loan simple cash fast advance
+22    Get payday loans of up to 1,000 in less than 24 hours deposited straight into your bank account It's as simple as... Step 1 Fill out our app (5 minutes) Step 2 Wait for cash to hit your account (FAST) Look, times ...    16 MB    Views 3250

Fast Loan

loan fast amortization easy simply schedule tap
+14    A fast and easy app for calculating loan payments and amortization schedules. No other loan calculator on the app store is this fast or easy to use Fast Loan is all about speed, ease of use, simplicity and a minimalist interface. Simply ...    205 kb    Views 9345

Card Watcher

card watcher entry bank track spend fast super
-8    Do you want a super fast way of keeping track of your spending? Look no further Card Watcher features Keep track of an unlimited number of credit/debit cards, or budgets. Super fast spend entry. Apple Watch compatible for even faster spend entry Speedy Bank statement ...    3 MB    Views 6811
Related Apps banking ipad bank mobile fast secure free accounts
+3    No matter where you are, you can now access your Forcht Bank accounts with Forcht Bank's Mobile Banking App. Not only is Forcht Bank Mobile Banking fast and free, it is secure. It provides the ability to manage your accounts ...    66 MB    Views 2470
Related Apps iphone expenses track expense spend easy icloud sync fast control
-7    • "After eight months, I find adding expenses in Next so fast and intuitive, I struggle to use any other expense tracker." – Federico Viticci, • " still remains one of my top picks for quick and easy expense tracking ...    8 MB    Views 6290
list products product put alarm fast edit simple
+21    This app is simple and fast to use. 1. Make a List. 2. Add Products and quantities to the list. 3.Put an alarm or reminder to the list. And you will be notified about the list. 4.Send the list by email. 5. IMPORTANT: You need ...    1 MB    Views 8017
cards bingo play king free multiple fast game
-9    Play Bingo for Free with Bingo King Unlock new rooms as you play single or multiple cards in a fastpaced Bingo game Simple controls let you switch between cards quickly, daub fast, and call Bingo Can you keep up? Try Bingo ...    125 MB    Views 4558
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