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0    This really is the trading app you can't do without. If you are trading then this app is the one that you will want by your side all the time. How can I say that? Because this is the only app ...    3 MB    Views 9254
+9    Simple. Fast. Intelligent. Beautiful. This is BucksGuard in 4 words BucksGuard Expense Tracker is your special finance application. With BucksGuard, tracking your finances is fun because the app focuses on tracking your expenses, earnings and transfers quickly. giving you ...    8 MB    Views 9000

Street Oracle

+30    BRAND NEW SERVICE Street Oracle personalises the ASX stock market for you, with a unique news feed containing only those announcements you wish to view, together with trades / portfolio monitoring, price and volume triggers, comments, discussions, code ...    4 MB    Views 6254
+4    Allows an easy and fast calculation of value added tax (VAT), rebate and cash discount. Universal application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Manage standard conditions in different projects for faster access, e. g. different tax, rebate and cash discount percentages. ...    246 kb    Views 1154
0    The Original Universal Financial Goal App is about knowing what you've earned and where you stand, daily, on virtually any number of financial goals in the monthly sales cycle. > Designed to be simple to use. > Every day you'll know your ...    4 MB    Views 8701
tax tracker tip bill features include utility feedback
+11    Tip Utility allows for fast and very flexible calculation of tips. Features include: Apple Watch support simple & straightforward user interface bill tracker for archiving and easy sharing (via email) of your receipts and bills split bill options to exclude/include ...    9 MB    Views 6423

Carfinance Project

finance email calculation rate calculate send interest conditions lease feedback error
+2    Calculate the costs of a car lease or credit for different objects with different conditions. Alternatively calculate the rent to be paid, the real interest rate or the remainder of debt. Version 1.2 is an universal application for iPad, iPhone ...    228 kb    Views 8075


card feedback manage contact details download phone mobile
+30    Use the Grouptrader mobile app to manage your Grouptrader MasterCard Card on your phone. With the Grouptrader app you can manage your card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Grouptrader app is only available to Grouptrader cardholders. With the ...    NAN    Views 9301
bills euro note submit easy feedback entry
+2    The best app to enter and submit your euro bills to EuroBillTracker (EBT). Track your euro bills in the largest euro bill tracking community. INCLUDES THESE AWESOME FEATURES: + Super easy note submission to + Powerful Keyboard Switching for the fastest note ...    6 MB    Views 6509
0    The fastest expense tracking app. The quickest way to track your daily spendings on the go. For free You can document your small and big expenses just as fast as the money leaves your wallet. Just enter the amount, chose the ...    3 MB    Views 2403


discount netherlands discounts www student feedback promotions works
+11    CAUTION This app is designed for students only. Login with your Knaek code and enjoy discounts at almost 1,000 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Go to or for all discounts in your student city. KNAEK APP Since the academic year ...    9 MB    Views 3255
baby log data logger
-9    Find and Download the PRO Version and Get All Features For One Low Price (33% Savings Over InApp Purchases) Baby Logger is your daily log to keep track of your baby’s feedings, sleep habits, play times, peepee, and bowel movements. • Easy ...    4 MB    Views 6883
Related Apps driving work gas add fuel data features feedback support
0    3.0.0 UPDATE: This is a big update from the last app. Although we extensively tested the app, your feedback is immensely valuable so we can resolve any issues, add new feature request to the list, etc. If you are having any ...    36 MB    Views 1820
Related Apps facebook gps trip work trips tax twitter personal business measurement vehicle gas pro feature data record easy feedback set
+1    Welcome to PRO Vehicle App A simple gas mileage app and vehicle logbook for all your vehicle needs. We work hard to keep this app updated and respond to feedback from our users. If you have any suggestions, or find a ...    12 MB    Views 782

AXA Assistance

driving traffic axa assistance location feedback service advice
+13    The AXA Assistance app gives you quick access to our breakdown service. If you have broken down in the UK you can pinpoint your exact location, by GPS, which will help us reach you quickly. If you are already an AXA ...    NAN    Views 73


twitter money rss government banking videos peter crisis feeds 2008 youtube economic
+3    Peter Schiff was right Peter Schiff was one of the loudest voices accurately predicting the economic collapse starting in 2008. As far back as 2004, he was giving speeches, writing articles and books, and on television weekly warning that the reckless ...    3 MB    Views 644


money card account password feedback contact application mobile
-1    With the eccount money mobile application you can manage your money and keep track of your finances wherever you are. – Only available to eccount money current account holders. GREAT FEATURES •Manage your eccount 24 hours a day, 7 days a week •Check ...    NAN    Views 178

Cloud Stocks

Related Apps stock feed featured picks cloud markets stocks
0    Research how the US markets are performing anytime and anywhere with Cloud Stocks. NEW FEATURES: Track The Top Finance Indexes Of The US Dow Jones feed S&P 500 feed Nasdaq feed Data Feeds Are Updated Every 15 Minutes Get Our New Featured Stock Picks In addition to tracking ...    2 MB    Views 6174

Wealth Management

-8    WM 2.0 is the most comprehensive global financial blog and news aggregator available bringing the top Advisor, Financial, Economist, ETF, Hedge Fund, Mutual Fund, IR, PE and VC blogs to one easy to read location. WM 2.0 is designed for ...    783 kb    Views 3210


tickets feedback support dashboard client easy free working
-2    We are aware of some features not working WHMCS had done some API changes that broke some parts, we're working on a fix WHMCS+ is the unofficial WHMCS client for iPhone. Once bought the app is free to use on any WHMCS ...    5 MB    Views 4441

Cardian Angel

card cards fraud loss list info feedback companies year providers
-1    Protecting YOU, Protecting YOUR Cards. Credit Card fraud cost 12bn per year and impacts 1 in 10 Americans every year. The average fraud loss is 540 As a result Credit card fraud and identity theft are the two main worries for American ...    15 MB    Views 1164

Econ Blog

blog news reading latest feeds single read
0    Reading is an essential thing for us to keep ourselves updated about what is going on around us. It enlightens the brain and gives us information. Using the browser everytime to read is painstaking process. Thus, we bring to you ...    2 MB    Views 4310
communication event feed newsletters latest view participants
+9    Interested in Voxia communication activities? Voxia app keeps you posted of each event organized in Switzerland and abroad and allows you to manage your registration. As well, it allows you to subscribe to Voxia's newsletters. For sponsors Communicate your participation to any ...    3 MB    Views 1284
Related Apps calculator driver packaging salary account feedback information client portal
+2    The world of Selectus salary packaging awaits. Discover our latest packaging calculator and tools to make an informed decision. As a prospective salary packager, you will be introduced to our latest packaging calculator, giving you the figures for salary packaging a ...    15 MB    Views 7074

Stocklah SG

0    Stocklah SG app provides Singapore SGX stocks intraday quote (using FastPace™ data engine) and chart, together with watchlist & price alert customisation. Features: Intraday stock price alert. Intraday stock quotes (FastPace™, 30secs 5mins delayed, depending on server load). Quote details, ...    9 MB    Views 26

The Golden App

gold live golden prices converter feeds
-8    Download Tanner Investments' "Golden App" app to stay in touch with the precious metal markets on the go View live metals prices and execute purchases on the fly Keep up to date with live feeds from Casey Research, 24h Gold, The Daily ...    22 MB    Views 1411

Commission Manager

commission feedback information key affiliate
+3    Check your affiliate commissions for CJ Affiliate, Commission Junction. This app uses your Developer Key, which is easily attainable, to get uptodate commission information. Your dev key is only stored on your device and this app never asks for any other ...    3 MB    Views 5337
-9    Stocket connects you with friends and the stock market, providing the best way to discover new stock opportunities from the people you trust. AWESOME FEATURES: Populate your profile with stocks you own and want to follow. Connect with friends to tap ...    10 MB    Views 8160
time receipts simply version feedback lite generate give reports user
+8    Reached 1K users in such a short amount of time Pro version is 50% off for a limited time Thank you for your endless support Our Simply Receipts Lite version was designed to give you a taste of the ease ...    388 kb    Views 9146

expenditure income chart view function feedback
+14    "" is a household account book app easy and simple. First, let's start with ease. ● The main function Registration of income and expenditure. List of income and expenditure. Pie chart view of the rate of income and expenditure. Bar chart view ...    4 MB    Views 4418

A+ Reminder

Related Apps reminder renewal insurance date reminders policies information add feedback policy
+3    So like many of us you've many insurances and policies for a variety of products, services and appliances. But how do you keep track of what you have, with who and how much you paid ? In steps A+ Reminder. The ...    7 MB    Views 5199
apps finance mortgage rate rates interest offers feedback comments
-5    Compare mortgage rates in Switzerland easily and at a glance with the Mortgage App from – the right choice for your mortgage The interest rate overview from offers a convenient way for you to compare the most uptodate interest ...    6 MB    Views 4994

Quick Tip & Split

work tip split amount dollar bill pay easy fast
+4    Calculate tip and split the cost in a super fast speed. Easy and straight forward Tip & Split allows you to figure out how much tip you should pay, with or without the tax included. Split the bill as easy as ...    66 kb    Views 3980
personal email time conference view registered feed investor agenda
-7    AGIC 2015 Your personal guide to the 11th Motilal Oswal Institutional Investor Conference. AGIC 2015 is the official event app for the 11th Annual Global Investor Conference – The largest India focused conference hosted by Motilal Oswal Financial Services. The ...    3 MB    Views 9732


browse apps loans org loan spread feed
+7    We want to help spread Kiva by providing an easy way to browse and make kiva loans on your mobile device. The more people we enable to spread the word about Kiva, the more loans will be given, and the ...    6 MB    Views 4120

Capital Markets

home investment blog research library time blogs page feeds top financial feed read category
+23    CM 2.0 is the most comprehensive global financial blog and news aggregator available bringing the top Financial, Economist, Hedge Fund, PE and VC blogs to one easy to read location. CM 2.0 is also a proprietary realtime research platform for Investment ...    786 kb    Views 6353
calculator currency currencies 000 800 420 http feedback converts
+4    AnyMoney can sum up amounts given in any of 155 different currencies. Just plug in your values and AnyMoney will convert the result to a currency of your choice. Say you spent €800 on plane tickets to France, £420 on a ...    3 MB    Views 2159

NewsBar RSS reader

-2    NewsBar, the topselling Mac newsreader also available for iPhone and iPad. Simple and clean interface, fast RSS engine, and zeroconfig iCloud sync across iOS and OS X devices. Opens RSS feeds from Safari. Keyword based news alerts using iOS 7 ...    4 MB    Views 343
Related Apps news market personalized alerts portfolios automated feed
+26    trdr gives you free automated alerts and a personalized news feed covering all of your portfolios. Our technology aggregates all important stock market news and information, then filters out the noise for you. trdr presents only relevant market info in a ...    17 MB    Views 1490


magazine managers profile agricultural industrial information feed monthly
0    Magazine for specialists of agroindustrial enterprises Published since 1997 It is a monthly magazine for professionals in agroindustrial complex.  "TSENOVIK" – the most effective informational medium, highly appreciated by the directors and top managers of the agricultural enterprises all over Russia . "TSENOVIK" is а monthly ...    14 MB    Views 6435

Primerica App

plan features feedback
+2    The Primerica App is built with the latest in cuttingedge technology. Access free Savings & Loans Calculators on the login screen to help you plan for your future. Whether you want to buy a home or auto, go on vacation, ...    29 MB    Views 5364


card feedback rebate 500
+6    Maximising your cash rebate is now easy With a few taps, RebMore shows you the credit card(s) that will earn you the highest rebate. Other functions of RebMore include: Alert you on specific spending requirement Track your expenses and visualise them using ...    15 MB    Views 6614
Related Apps history news credit union accounts built deposit account mobile feeds data
-9    Securely check account balances & history, make deposits & transfers, or find our nearest branch or ATM. Stay up to date with builtin Piedmont Credit Union news feeds. The Piedmont Credit Union app offers aroundtheclock access to your accounts and ...    4 MB    Views 1168
news stock rss ipad iphone websites finance money time investment information top feeds feed
+17    New Version Now with cloud sync between iPhone, iPad & Mac → More new features... → StockSpy keeps getting more awesome with FREE upgrades StockSpy... ►Featured by Apple in Finance New & Noteworthy ►Featured in the “Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies” book ...    6 MB    Views 2304


news articles page link financial contact delivered
+15    Updates and gourmet news delivered directly to your pocket by Feedsy. News articles, analysis and commentary covering a range of interests including financial markets and business are sourced from the worlds largest local and international news agencies. If you are a Financial ...    9 MB    Views 4362
debt payment free needed schedule extra tracking date feedback
+6    Are you ready to get out of debt? Spend 2 minutes with this app and you'll understand the exact steps needed to pay off all of your debt. After entering each debt you can optionally add an interactive extra payment to ...    2 MB    Views 2047

App from Absa

Related Apps banking card money view devices access manage feedback easy financial
+29    The App from Absa is perfect for when you have one of those inbetween moments. It’s been designed with you in mind. Screens are customised to suit your device and you can choose to view the App in English or ...    28 MB    Views 7260

Money 105.5 FM

Related Apps money radio 105 feed live
+2    Money 105.5 FM, your Wall Street business network. With the new Money 105.5 FM radio app you can feed your appetite for the best that Money 105.5 FM has to offer. Just download and open your Money 105.5 FM radio app ...    8 MB    Views 1053


driving gps trip insurance details score helps feedback receive
+8    The ChilliDrive app by Autoline Insurance Group helps you manage your ChilliDrive Motor Insurance policy. ChilliDrive Insurance is a low cost telematics based insurance product and online community designed specifically for young drivers. Please download this app after purchasing ChilliDrive Motor Insurance ...    NAN    Views 6391
map cash feedback location atms give locations address locator
+3    Need your cash now? With our ATM and Cash Locator, just enter an address or use your device’s GPS to quickly find: • ATMs. Locate over 400,000 ATMs across the U.S. • Cash back locations.  Get cash back when you make a purchase ...    5 MB    Views 4661

TCS CubbuZZ iApp

analytics videos web content feedback engagement information offline capture pages
+5    TCS CubbuZZ iApp Packages all your latest information, sales collateral brochures, videos, web content together, and presents it in a unique, compelling format. Has inbuilt autosync, feedback and analytics capabilities. Carry your collateral with you, in an engaging, easytoshare package. Add ...    10 MB    Views 6148

CMM eccount

money feedback download manage improve details contact
+25    Download the CMMeccount app to manage your CMMeccount on your mobile. With the CMMeccount app you can manage your money anywhere. The CMMeccount app is only available to CMMeccount holders. With CMMeccount application you can: •Check your balance •Manage your eccount and card •Move money •Pay ...    NAN    Views 6540


gifts writing family details information complex feedback write input
0    Write your Last Will and Testament Now with a 60% Discount Write your Last Will and Testament over and over for the cost of this app, and Save a fortune on this value for money alternative to other methods ...    3 MB    Views 8299

Jim Rogers Tracker

news books video tracker photos long term feed latest
+4    Love Jim Rogers? Enjoy his investment style? Want to stay up with Jim Rogers? If so, then this is the app for you Jim Rogers Tracker The Ultimate Fan App Your news source to follow Jim Rogers. The Man, the Legend, the Myth... Jim ...    17 MB    Views 3379
news stock rss iphone ipad time finance websites investment market information top feeds stocks
+25    New Version Now with cloud sync between iPhone, iPad & Mac → More new features... → StockSpy keeps getting more awesome with FREE upgrades StockSpy... ►Featured by Apple in Finance New & Noteworthy ►Featured in the “Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies” book ...    8 MB    Views 3643

Pay Calculator

calculator tax pay weekly monthly information basis feedback yearly jobs
0    SUPPORT FOR THE 2015/16 TAX YEAR. Pay calculator is a fantastically versatile app that gives you the information you need without bogging you down with pointless charts and graphics. Designed from the ground up to be fast, safe and small, Pay Calculator ...    NAN    Views 8312

Swiss America

news gold metals precious platinum silver coins palladium feeds order live
-3    Swiss America’s “The Gold Standard” App is a first of its kind to not only offer realtime price quotes and charts of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium but it also comes equipped with a wide ...    61 MB    Views 5156

Valour Money

Related Apps money account feedback manage download application details contact
-7    Use the Valour Money mobile app to manage your Valour Money EAccount on your phone. With the Valour Money app you can manage your EAccount 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Valour Money app is only available to ...    11 MB    Views 5131
driving traffic axa breakdown vehicle advice feedback service
-3    The Footman James vehicle breakdown Assistance app. In partnership with AXA Assistance, gives you quick access to our breakdown service. If you have broken down in the UK you can pinpoint your exact location by GPS, which will help AXA reach ...    NAN    Views 4128

Gold Trader

gold feeds trader
0    Gold Trader is an advanced newsfeed reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app features a builtin library of RSS feeds dealing with gold mining, gold trading and information about gold in the financial markets. Add your own feeds or ...    5 MB    Views 3072
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