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AcctPad HD

+14    AcctPad HD for the iPad provides a mobile user interface to manage expenses by keeping track of your cash and account transactions. AcctPad provides the ability to categorize expenses, generate monthly PDF statements, backup, and restore with your desktop PC/Mac ...    617 kb    Views 6543


+9    A simple to use and fast Mortgage Calculator. Calculate Principal & Interest on fixed rate loans Compatible with all models iPod Touch & iPhone, minimum OS 3.1 installed. If you like our app, please also check out iMortgageCalc for iPhone and iPad ...    402 kb    Views 3301


iphone accident
+10    Had an accident? Use your smartphone. Do you know what to do in the event of an accident? We can help you with our intuitive and easytouse app to capture all the right information. Our experienced and helpful UK call centre ...    4 MB    Views 3930

iLogFuel Lite

+4    The "iLogFuel Lite" application developed for iPhone allows you to keep a list of the fuel consumption (Gasoline, Petrol) of your cars giving an analysis of miles per gallon (gallons per 100miles) on Urban, Combined and Extra Urban cycles (please ...    914 kb    Views 8852
+5    Keyboard extension covering major world currencies, made in style of native iOS Keyboards. iPhone 4(s), iPhone 5(s), iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Supports large iPad screen Landscape and portrait    3 MB    Views 2813


wifi data desktop monthly transactions accounts files mobile account
-3    AcctPad for the iPhone provides a mobile user interface to enter transactions, ability to generate monthly PDF statements, categorize expenses, backup and restore with your desktop PC/Mac via local WiFi and more. AcctPad can be used as a standalone mobile expense ...    474 kb    Views 627

Draw Line

+4    Build your data to draw lines Five mode you can build: X:Number Y:Number X:Date Y:Number X:Number Y:Date X:Name Y:Number X:Number Y:Name Arranged in groups of 5 models You can delete single projects or single data You can draw multiple lines (up to 6 lines) You can copy a project You can ...    717 kb    Views 2197

I owe

+5    【アプリ概要】 ■通貨情報を含めたお金の貸し借りを管理するアプリです。 精算時の通貨が貸し借りした時の通貨と異なる場合も、その時のレートで自動計算してくれます。 【使用上の注意点】 ① 各地の通貨レート情報取得のためネットワークに接続していることが必要となります。 ② このアプリはiphone 5、iphone 5sで最適化されています。    5 MB    Views 7959

MWS Sales

0    The Amazon seller order management for your iPad. This useful management tool allows your Amazon seller's account activity to be linked on your iPad. Manage your Amazon seller's account activity anytime and anywhere. MWS Sales features a very clean userinterface that allows ...    5 MB    Views 5206
-6    Calculator Spreadsheet Pro for iPad Free allows you to calculate complicated computations and also edit Excel and Open Office Spreadsheet on your iPad. You can view, create and edit Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 spreadsheet (including xls and xlsx format), Open ...    11 MB    Views 223


+6    Stay up to date with the latest treasury and finance thought leadership, news, and credit rating changes from around the world with gtnews for iPhone, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Updated constantly, gtnews for iPhone allows you to ...    313 kb    Views 53

Quick Mini

quicken transactions qif files track data current file user
-7    Are you a Quicken user? This is the mobile app to take Quicken on the go Import your data from qif file, created from Quicken or other source. See all checking, credit card and investment transactions, current and future balances. Easily ...    4 MB    Views 7046

Finance Toolkit

finance time investment financial templates toolkit spreadsheets understand model spreadsheet
-8    Finance Toolkit is a comprehensive suite of touchbased investment spreadsheets and modeling templates. Equipped with over 50 financial templates in many different categories of finance, it significantly improves the productivity of investors and analysts on financial calculation, modeling and analysis. ...    46 MB    Views 8849

Super TurboScan

email documents pdf scanner easy page files order
+24    This scanner app turns your iphone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With SuperScan you can your documents anywhere and store and email as pdf files. You can even add signature to your pdf files ...    20 MB    Views 9978
receipts expenses reports spreadsheets capture review spreadsheet
-2    ExpenseMagic turns your business receipts and invoices into reports and spreadsheets. No more lost receipts, no more data inputting in Excel. We do it all for you How it works: 1) Photograph your receipt and submit it 2) Our bookkeepers enter the details 3) ...    5 MB    Views 9169

BankOnIt Configure

personal bank files create diagnostic displayed logs
-6    If you use the BankOnIt app and your bank is not yet supported, BankOnIt Configure will help you create a bank configuration so that you can access your bank using BankOnIt. BankOnIt Configure lets you create and test configuration files on ...    NAN    Views 4659

Taxi Insurance

driving policy insurance report files claim contact numbers quick quote
+3    The Patons Insurance app helps you quickly and easily get quotes for Taxi Insurance, and upload and download documents supporting your policy. The "Your Contact" feature shows you all you need to know about your policy should you need to contact ...    3 MB    Views 6960
iphone bank corporation
+1    With Corp Bank for iPhone, easily get the latest information about our products and services. You can also find your closest Corporation Bank ATM and Corporation Bank Branch.    2 MB    Views 1288

Scan to Spreadsheet

Related Apps email barcode scan scanning spreadsheet code scanner inventory column note
-8    Spreadsheet barcode scanning. 1. Scan. 2. Email. 3. Inventory, Attendance, or any Spreadsheet Done Create spreadsheets using the barcode scanner in your iPhone. Use this for inventory, cycle count, marketing event scanning, attendance, or other times where scanning to make a list is needed. A ...    3 MB    Views 1675


accounts persons files bug dropbox manage
+9    "friendsAccount" will allow you to simply manage shared accounts with roomates or friends. Refunds management will help you at the right time to reset acounts. Furthermore, "friendsAccount" will also help you to manage multiple accounts with different people. v1.1 Dropbox sync This functionnality will allow ...    1 MB    Views 117
+2    中國平安證券(香港)港股快車手機版(同時支持iPhone/iPad)讓您更快捷,更全面的了解香港證券市場 •特別為中國平安證券(香港)客戶和準客戶定製 •輕鬆上手,完全符合iPhone/iPad用戶的操作習慣 •串流方式(即時)刷新,比擬台式電腦終端的資料刷新速度 •智慧分析,即時載入分析程式,盤中發出買賣信號 •日線圖、週線圖、分時圖、完整大利市畫面、新聞資訊版面、信息地雷等眾多功能 •即時下單買賣,方便快捷 •下載即可免費使用    4 MB    Views 7599
budget wedding family ipad time vacation business home christmas tracker templates list checklist track spreadsheet create numbers
+5    Spreadsheet Templates for the iPad provides high quality templates that are optimized for use with Numbers, the premier mobile spreadsheet application. The Numbers for iPad app is REQUIRED to use the templates contained in this Spreadsheet Templates app. This ...    37 MB    Views 434
excel calculator investors email property house investment costs real estate spreadsheet calculate repair computer
-6    House Flipping Spreadsheet Real Estate Investors This app has two parts. 1) A Formulated Excel Spreadsheet. By Popular demand. You can now get our financial projections for the Real Estate Flip Investing Calculator App in an Excel spreadsheet to use on your home ...    2 MB    Views 3435

PAYware IL

-4    PAYware Mobile של וריפון הוא פתרון התשלום המלא עבור iPhone המספק לעסקים קטנים דרך פשוטה ובטוחה לביצוע עסקאות בכרטיסי אשראי, צ'קים או מזומן. כיצד להתחיל להשתמש PAYware Mobile ההצטרפות לשירות מהירה ופשוטה לבעלי מספר ספק בחברת כרטיסי האשראי, באמצעות אחת מהדרכים הבאות: iPhone •הורידו ...    NAN    Views 2581

Kurtulus Partners

organization email web security partners users storage external content files share
+26    The next generation law firm Application Kurtulus & Partners created its own system for law firm which is called Teknolegal. It is cloud based case document management systems incorporate mobile and web application Collaboration Kurtulus & Partners provides a secure extranet to enable ...    6 MB    Views 8765
dropbox files print multiple formulas spreadsheet sync rows
-3    [NOTE] This app is ONLY for existing Dropbox users. This app requires existing Dropbox account. All of your files will be stored in your Dropbox folder. Find spreadsheet too complex and overwhelming? Want to store all of your files in ...    3 MB    Views 5628
-1    With CalcBot you can create your own calculators in an easy and quick way. To create a calculator you use cells, which are similar to spreadsheet cells, you can introduce formulas and then each cell will become a result in your ...    8 MB    Views 2646

My Tax Receipts

Related Apps tax personal time receipts track expenses helps receipt spreadsheet
0    My Tax Receipts helps you track your expense receipts. It is useful for keeping track of personal receipts as well as business receipts to be used for income tax purposes (always consult a professional accountant). With each recorded receipt you can store ...    4 MB    Views 1149
-9    简介: 阶梯电价计算器,是一个帮你计算电费的小工具,比如:阶梯电价的月电费,年电费,电费差价 ... 2012年7月1日起,阶梯电价实施,算一算你家多交多少电费。 亲,你知道吗? 在上海 月用500度电涨价了12%, 月用1000度电涨价了30%, 月用2000度涨价了近40%。 都知道阶梯电价=涨价,却不知涨得如此凶猛。 这还不是最猛的, 还有更多更猛的省份,赶紧下载算算。 主要功能: 智能易用的计算功能 最简化输入,上手即用 智能计算结果,只要输入用电量和所在省市 智能填充方案, 选择省市后自动设置当地阶梯电价方案 智能月年计算,方便切换 全面而权威的数据 支持当前公布的所有的省份阶梯电价 自动设置当地阶梯电价方案数据 支持参数调整功能,你就是最权威的 强大的计算功能 支持阶梯电费,给力 支持原来电费,方便 支持电费差价,直观 支持月年计算,贴心 支持重置功能,快速 漂亮的黑板风格 漂亮的黑板主界面,怀旧 简洁的界面设计,易上手 漂移的涂鸦按钮,亲切 全面的支持 iPhone 4 iPhone 4S Retina 高清屏幕 支持iOS 5.0 免责声明 本软件计算结果仅供参考,不做任何法律依据 联系我们 新浪微博 奇异缤纷 您的肯定是我们动力,您的意见是我们改进的方向。    5 MB    Views 1464

Easy Spreadsheet

text program open cell easy spreadsheet supports features
-1    As you may know a spreadsheet is a program for organization and analysis of information in tabular way. Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets. The program operates on data expressed as cells of an array, organized in ...    2 MB    Views 8323
ipad management excel editing chart generate files support file table mode csv spreadsheet
+6    Create/edit/view spreadsheet Generate compelling 3D charts Listed as Top 1 in 12 App Stores around the world "TabChart by EncGoo could possibly be one of the best apps out there on the market for the iPad in terms of data ...    2 MB    Views 9244

BelfiusWeb Mobile

banking business card time mobile view isabel orders files sign payment
+7    Exclusive for business users of BelfiusWeb or BelfiusWeb via Isabel Belfius Bank Public & Wholesale Banking BelfiusWeb Mobile is our new app for your smartphone, designed to supplement BelfiusWeb or Isabel. You can now also use the main functions on the move, ...    11 MB    Views 5850


iphone application
+10    Sentieo’s iPhone application brings our powerful Financial Data Platform to mobile. Follow your watchlists, get the latest news on companies and the market, and view detailed financials, all from your iPhone. This application is only available to registered Sentieo users.    15 MB    Views 8766


iphone ipad invoices pdf templates add amount create send files customizable
+7    Are you a professionist? Do you need a SIMPLE and EASY TO USE invoicing app that can work on your iPhone or iPad? Continue reading what Invoices can do for you Invoices is an app made by professionists for professionists. It lets ...    11 MB    Views 5304
educational iphone systems
-6    With the Educational Systems FCU mobile app for iphone you have access to your accounts from anywhere and everywhere You can transfer funds, check balances, pay bills, find ATMs and coming soon make deposits using your iPhone.    1 MB    Views 1736
photos bills books excel receipts invoices expenses anytime export files
+5    No more paper receipts in your wallet and no more manual categorizing every months. No more lost receipts and invoices. Bookkeeping has never been easier with EZBooks EZBooks helps you keeping your businesses and personal expenses, invoices and bills handy and ...    7 MB    Views 2494

Incisive FMS

-5    Have all of your financial matters to every dime tracked and managed through by the smart choice of FMS. Credentials to test this app : Username: demouser Password: demopassword Compatibility :: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.    4 MB    Views 9339


wifi data account expenses monthly export mobile files accounts
-9    AcctPad for the iPhone and iPod Touch provides a mobile user interface to manage expenses by keeping track of account and cash transactions. AcctPad provides the ability to categorize expenses, generate monthly PDF statements, backup, and restore with your desktop ...    468 kb    Views 6849


Related Apps iphone currency converter
+4    A powerful yet simple currency converter, Currency provides uptodate exchange rates for over 150 currencies and countries Great for when you travel abroad. Currency has been the 1 currency converter for iPhone since 2008, launching as one of the first 500 ...    15 MB    Views 417

RACS Reflect

email ipad search assets contract asset view users maintenance files contracts
-3    RACS Reflect provides end users with access to their asset maintenance contracts via their iPad. With a seamless way to import their asset maintenance contract files either through email or Dropbox, users can view asset details, see contract information, see ...    5 MB    Views 692
tax excel receipt easy receipts process spreadsheet lists packages box type
+28    New rebuilt app Completely redesigned and reimagined Easy Receipt is a fantastic way to get your tax or expenses data into lists which are compatible with spreadsheet software packages, like Excel and OpenOffice. It streamlines the process of logging the date, ...    805 kb    Views 4068

Company Browser

cards email personal search company invoices files browser customers myob suppliers
-5    Company Browser allows you to connect to your MYOB AccountRight company files. Connect to your files on the my.myob cloud or on your own server. Browse and search customers, suppliers, employees, debtors, creditors, cash at bank, personal cards and invoices. View addresses, ...    NAN    Views 5579
photos web iphone excel apple security photo wifi text work records files google interface spreadsheets data itunes
-6    iXchecker is a personal financial tool designed for busy people who are not financial experts but who want to be able to keep a convenient, straightforward record of their expenses. It has an easytofollow wizard style interface which guides you ...    3 MB    Views 4949


iphone excel files www account document works
+14    AT Excel Viewer is a easy tool to sync your files in Microsoft Excel document format (.xls or .xlsx) from your desktop to your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. With its help, your document files are always available no matter you ...    342 kb    Views 1008
+19    パチンコユーザーにおすすめ! 『教えて大当たり』は、あなたが選んだパチンコ台のこれからの大当たりをヒミコ姫(本アプリキャラクター)が教えてくれる無料アプリです! どの台にしようか迷う…、気になるあの台は大当たりがすぐ来るのか気になる…、そんなパチンコユーザーの背中を押してくれるお助けアプリ! ▼占いたい台の機種名、現在の回転数、過去の低確率時に当たった時の大当たり回転数情報を入力するだけで、ヒミコ姫(本アプリキャラクター)の占いにより、あなたが選んだパチンコ台についてお告げをくれます。 ▼一度占った情報は占い履歴として30件まで残ります。 ▼占い履歴をタップすると過去の入力データが確認できるので、低確率時に当たった時の大当たり回転数を入力しなおすだけで、手間なく気軽に何度でも占うことができます。 ▼低確率時の大当たり回転数を多く入力すればするほど精度の高い占いができます。 ヒミコ姫(本アプリキャラクター)からのお告げをあなたのパチンコライフにお役立てください! ■動作機種■ iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 ■動作するiOS■ iOS 5.1以上 ■注意事項■ ※本アプリ占い結果は本アプリの見解であり、その結果を保証するものではございません。また、内容の正確性につきましても保証するものではございません。 ※本アプリの占い結果に従って行動し損害を被ったとしても、当社は一切の責任を負いません。 ※本アプリは当社独自の計算ロジックを使用しています。 ※各パチンコメーカー様がオフィシャルで公表しているものではありません。    NAN    Views 3297
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-6    iExpenses Pro is an application to track easily all your business advances & expenses, from data entry until repayment. This application is : ¤ a time saver and less paperwork ¤ a better tracking system of your expenses ¤ the possibility of simply managing ...    16 MB    Views 7721

Exchanger +

money business shopping currencies note currency pdf exchanger overseas files
-3    Benefit of + Version Create Unlimited Money Note Send to Email attached a Money Note PDF Files. Converting multiple currencies simultaneously. This App is new concept app to view 3 currencies in the same time while calculate. App include calculator plus currency converter ...    23 MB    Views 278
ipad year account entries intuitive professionals files document fast
+19    Doubleentry offline bookkeeping for iPad with document number and document date, account and contra account, automatic VAT handling for all tax rates, immediate saving of all entries, adjustment postings, password access, charts of accounts ready to start. Easy and intuitive handling, ...    9 MB    Views 9590
iphone pour
-2    Application de mobile banking de la Société Générale Calédonienne de Banque pour iPhone    19 MB    Views 5368


+1    แสดงราคาทองในประเทศไทย ชำระเงิน (InApp Purchases) เพื่อ : แจ้งเตือนข้อมูลราคาทองเมื่อราคาทองถึงค่าที่กำหนด หรือ เมื่อราคาทองมีการเปลี่ยนแปลง กำหนดราคาทองที่ต้องการให้แจ้งเตือนได้เองผ่าน iPhone, iPad สำหรับผู้ที่ต้องการศึกษาแนวโน้มราคาทอง ทำงานบน iOS 5.1 ขึ้นไป รองรับหน้าจอ iPhone 5    815 kb    Views 7256


iphone flex din
0    FLEX personalsystem i din iPhone. FLEX App gör det möjligt för dig att se dina lönespecifikationer och/eller arbetstider direkt i din iPhone.    NAN    Views 6223
+1    UrbanCrowd for iPhone is an iPhone client for registered users. For easily accessing our latest project informations, blog posts and news.    2 MB    Views 8883

WFG iBottomline

ipad iphone program web closing files based open save
0    WFG iBottomline Closing Cost program is designed for Realtors and Lenders. It puts the power of the WFG iBottomline Web Based program in your hands and on the go. For maximum accuracy these programs are configured specifically for licensed Fidelity ...    3 MB    Views 3799


Related Apps iphone application orders
+2    The Currenex iPhone application helps Currenex institutional clients monitor the market, view open orders and done trades, and place orders while away from their Currenex desktop application. Please contact Currenex Support to enable your existing account for the iPhone application.    3 MB    Views 3153


Related Apps iphone information
+17    Access your XPLAN account from your iPhone & iPad. Interact with your portfolio data, including valuation, recent transactions and mark to market information. View file notes, diary appointments and update your contact information, key details and generate reports. In order to use ...    8 MB    Views 1798

Management 101

management rent email property 101 tenant lease device file information files data
-4    Management 101 has been designed as a mobile solution for anyone who owns or manages property. With a simple and intuitive user interface Management 101 will keep track of each tenant's lease and financial information. To use iTunes File Sharing ...    489 kb    Views 1672
Related Apps calculator email excel time microsoft csv file viewer files bank open items rows
+15    Please note this is designed for bank statements. Not complex Excel style files. This is primarily a CSV viewer which will quickly allow you to calculate columns or rows in bank statement CSV files. CSV files are growing to be ...    7 MB    Views 6213
iphone excel management chart generate file files spreadsheet support mode table edit
+7    Create/edit/view spreadsheet Generate compelling 3D charts Reached Top 1 in 11 App stores iTabChart allows you to edit spreadsheet and to generate charts on iPhone/iPod touch. It is the iPhone version of TabChart, an iPad App listed as No 1 in 11 ...    2 MB    Views 3471
sales connect itunes report trends files server automatically
+3    NOTICE: Because some people misunderstand the way the app works: Sales and Trends Visualizer can't connect to iTunes Connect by itself, but you have to manually download the reportfiles from iTunes Connect and provide them to Sales and Trends Visualizer ...    496 kb    Views 5096
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