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+3    Keep in touch with the financial markets from the treasury specialists at Bank of Ireland. Access a wealth of treasury market data and breaking financial news with live dealer comment. Get a unique view on how market developments impact on the ...    3 MB    Views 1073
+5    mFINANCE – a free real time Gold, Silver and Forex markets information center This is an mobile application that provides 7x24 Gold, Silver and Forex real time information, which include charts, news and analysis. With such an comprehensive apps on forex ...    14 MB    Views 144


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+4    The leading social news aggregator for the stock market, investments, financial markets, and economics. All the top financial market headlines right now, as voted by market participants and shared by social media and blogs.    4 MB    Views 9812


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+3    FOREX PLUS ETF “You choose what ... we say when” We entered the signals service on Forex market EUR / USD EUR / GBP EUR / YEN Also you will have free and always available signals on U.S. 500 index and the EUR ...    3 MB    Views 8902
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+16    With the TFIFX iPhone Application you gain access to state of the art trading technology and information that will help you keep up with the Markets. Professional Traders and Business people all over the world benefit from the array of ...    14 MB    Views 4583

WeakRisk FX

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+17    What is WeakRisk FX? WeakRisk FX is an innovative tool for trading on the Forex market, able to identify , 24 hours per day, the main trends of the market in both phases: directional and lateral. This algorithm is property of ...    13 MB    Views 3398


market investment stock strategy blog financial performance give exchange
+14    ZimStocks uses reported data to provide an indepth analysis of companies on the Zimbabwe stock market. Use the ZimStocks App together with your own analysis & professional investment advice to make more informed investment decisions on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The key ...    10 MB    Views 9174


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+5    「SHKF eMO」 是新鴻基金融集團(「新鴻基金融」)的官方流動交易應用程式,提供專業的港股交易服務,更可直達我們的期貨交易以及新鴻基「匯款易」環球網上匯款平台。 「SHKF eMO」是免費的應用程式,毋須註冊,功能包括即按式實時港股報價、港股市場資訊、獨家新鴻基金融市場評論、股票/ETFs/認股證/牛熊證、虛擬投資組合、監察表、港股互動技術圖表、十大港股成交升跌/成交量、世界環球指數、新鴻基外匯即市外幣匯率、港股到價提示等。 全部功能皆支援簡體中文、繁體中文及英文。如果您已於新鴻基金融集團開立港股交易帳戶,更可登入交易平台即時查詢帳戶結餘和遞交各種有關款項、股票及股東權責等指示。 投資涉及風險。投資者應明了所有投資均涉及風險,故在作出任何投資決定前,應詳細閱讀有關之風險披露聲明。 SHKF eMO is an official mobile trading application provided by Sun Hung Kai Financial (“SHKF”). SHKF eMO provides professional securities trading services for the Hong Kong market with direct linkages to our futures trading platform “FMO”, and ...    20 MB    Views 717
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-5    A fun filled game where players can experiment, explore, interact and discover the financial markets through a real world shopping market Finance fun at its finest and a first presented in a way like never before to a ...    42 MB    Views 3475

MetaTrader 5

+17    Trade Forex With Your iPhone or iPad The world's most popular Forex trading platform MetaTrader 5 is now available for iPhone and iPad (Retina display devices are also supported) free of charge. With MetaTrader 5 iPhone, you can control your account, ...    14 MB    Views 1709


security ipad market blog personal iphone apps finance web information sites http financial online securities variety
-4    With version 2.0, MarketScan is now a Universal App and runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Online Reviews MacSupport Blog: Financial Rebel PadGadget FindMySoft The Tax Lady Blog Quickly and easily scan through the online financial market data that you are interested in using MarketScan on ...    742 kb    Views 8155
market time platform financial www mobile industry trade view
-7    The Tradable award winning mobile platform is fully integrated with your trading account. Tradable gives you instant access to flip through the financial markets at the tip of your fingers: view and trade the financial currency market on your ...    13 MB    Views 7652

Forex is Life

market forex advisory understand financial
-6    ForexIsLife, a Forex Advisory, is a result of an extensive research by SKA Group of professionals from India, Canada and Australia, having a huge individual financial/banking experience of 30plus years. Forex is the biggest ever financial market with a daily turnover ...    3 MB    Views 4067

RMoney Touch

market financial derivatives services offers funds equity touch
-3    Raghunandan money is one of the prominent integrated financial services group providing exhaustive range of financial and investment related products to our clients and associates The company offers a complete financial services spectrum ranging from equity, equity derivatives, Commodities derivatives, Depository ...    46 MB    Views 5318

IronFX Research

market video research calendar time strategy monitor financial daily technical economic trading important
+3    The IronFX Research app provides an unparalleled overview of the financial markets, via an exciting multimedia interface. It integrates stock market data, financial viewpoints and dynamic videos into a single app, providing everything that an investor needs to make informed ...    14 MB    Views 7205

US Gold Bureau

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-6    This is the official public app for the United States Gold Bureau. Track the current price of gold, silver and platinum throughout the day, based on the official market price set by the Commodities Exchange (COMEX). Stay uptodate on the ...    4 MB    Views 4397
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+15    Access the power of the Chinacentric CapitalVue Financial Terminal, your unique window into China’s financial marketplace, and remain enabled with onthego information, realtime market data, statistical data feeds and analytical tools. CapitalVue Mobile Terminal allows financial professionals, researchers, academics and ...    14 MB    Views 3453

Swiss Forex

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+30    Swiss Forex application provides you with the most uptodate foreign exchange market information in the realtime. You will have rich set of FX tools including quotes, charts, news, calendars and even video reviews provided by Dukascopy TV studio. The application ...    14 MB    Views 9903
+7 provides users the tools for taking the right investment decisions. The tools are in the form of practical, marketoriented and easytoread content. The completely original content is created by specialists. Mobile App enables users to track developments in the ...    21 MB    Views 72
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+10    AASTOCKS is the most authoritative financial information and analysis solutions provider in Hong Kong and has been well recognized by investors. According to comScore statistics 2012, AASTOCKS always has the highest impression count among all Hong Kong’s financial websites. Stock Quote ...    26 MB    Views 6105


market investment financial company islamic products brokerage
-3    Muthanna Financial Brokerage Company (MB) is considered one of the main pillars of the asset management sector of Muthanna Investment Company (MIC). MB offers a variety of trading and investment products for one of the largest client base in the ...    24 MB    Views 3330
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-9    WBP Online Economic Calendar App is a musthave tool for all Forex, CFD, Commodity, Futures and Stock Traders. Economic indicators pushed in realtime, no refresh needed. As a prime source agency, we provide you with the fastest data, so you ...    10 MB    Views 2807
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+7    AASTOCKS is the most authoritative financial information and analysis solutions provider in Hong Kong and has been well recognized by investors. According to comScore statistics 2012, AASTOCKS always has the highest impression count among all Hong Kong’s financial websites. Quote Services ...    45 MB    Views 6182
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+1    This application provides the list and detailed evaluations of 100 toprated technology stocks that have the best probabilities of moving up. This list and stock research reports are updated continuously. ( 60% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ) How do we ...    80 kb    Views 6895


-2    Infobolsa delivers a new Financial Market app to keep you updated with the latest financial data (main Market Indexes, currencies, equity Spanish market and other relevant data). Using their own accounts, registered users of Infobolsa services will access the market data ...    15 MB    Views 7235
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+19    Trade the global financial markets from your iPad with the Spreadex financial spread betting app. Superfast, secure, simpletouse and customisable, the Spreadex financial spread betting app allows you to trade on shares, indices, FX, commodities, bonds, interest rates and ETFs wherever ...    NAN    Views 4591
news time china market security tools shanghai data capitalvue financial terminal watch
+3    Access the power of the Chinacentric CapitalVue Financial Terminal, your unique window into China’s financial marketplace, and remain enabled with onthego information, realtime market data, statistical data feeds and analytical tools. CapitalVue Mobile Terminal allows financial professionals, researchers, academics and ...    6 MB    Views 7434

Nordnet Trader

+17    Manage your portfolio faster with your iPad. With Nordnet Trader, you can see current prices, buy and sell financial instruments, and follow your portfolio's growth in realtime no matter where you are quickly and easily. Buy and sell ...    2 MB    Views 7712


planning management market financial risk peter
0    Planning for your finances can be a daunting affair. With a myriad of products in the market, all promising good returns with low risk involved, how can you be sure that you're getting the right item for your needs? The best product ...    13 MB    Views 5386


investment time market news stock financial including customers trading success analysis quotes portfolio real
+1    Introduction: Success Finance Group is committed to provide customers with onestop professional and financial services. Success Securities Limited (“Success Securities”) designs a new securities trading platform in mobile version with AAStocks. Customers can easily keep abreast of the latest market trends ...    17 MB    Views 6717
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+7    ביזפורטל, האפליקציה המקיפה והמקצועית ביותר בתחום הכלכלי פיננסי בישראל, מאפשרת לך ליהנות ממידע עדכני ומגוון כלים מקצועיים לשוק ההון. ארגז הכלים של ביזפורטל למשקיע, הכולל נתוני בורסות בארץ ובעולם על מניות, מדדים, אג"ח, קרנות נאמנות, תעודות סל ועוד, לצד תיק אישי, ...    4 MB    Views 9613
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+1    From the leading domestic financial data provider in the Philippines, Technistock for iPhone delivers authoritative market information to financial professionals by providing realtime quotes data for the Philippine market anytime and anywhere. Note: Stock Quotes, Ticker & Watchlist data is available for ...    1005 kb    Views 8045
investment planning market management news investing services portfolio mobile financial
+9    Optimist Investment Services is an Investment Portfolio Management Firm. Our range of services extends from basic Tax Planning to Investment & Portfolio Management Services for Companies and Individuals. Our service bouquet includes Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning and Investment Planning for ...    18 MB    Views 2396


news time market real financial breaking moves
0    BE ON TOP OF ALL BREAKING FINANCIAL NEWS & RUMOURS WITH THIS FANTASTIC APP Bring the power of the market leader for realtime financial news and analysis to your fingertips More than 20,000 professional traders around the world trust RANsquawk to give ...    3 MB    Views 1301
market stock financial professional markets forecasts
+27    This is a financial Market Forecasts App provided 6 months forecast values for various stock markets as well as FXs. It included live index quote and predicted graph. We are a group of professional Finance Analysts and Economists. We built a ...    5 MB    Views 2296
stock news market analysis financial ratings data
+29    TheStreet Mobile is completely new and redesigned. Our app provides convenient access to news, analysis and stock ideas from our investment sages on Wall Street and beyond. Find comprehensive market news and commentary, actionable data, technical analysis and more with ...    3 MB    Views 2247
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+1    DESCRIPTION CashOut is forex trading game that puts you in the fast paced world of traders and big money. You have no idea about trading? Don`t worry It`s easy Cashout is the best forex trading for beginners app on the market. ...    7 MB    Views 3915
+18    Absolute Finance Limited comprises a group of expert financial traders bringing together a host of retail and institutional experiences and skills in international financial markets and information technology. With a worldwide growing demand or the trading of derivatives on the Forex ...    19 MB    Views 7809


stock time news market china real securities quotes detailed service financial
+24    CASH Financial Services Group Limited (“CFSG”, stock code: 510.HK) is a leading financial services conglomerate in China. Celestial Securities Limited, a subsidiary of CFSG, is glad to launch “CASH RTQ” mobile app to provide realtime quotes, securities trading service and ...    5 MB    Views 4051
sports market financial spread view open positions betting orders fixed
+5    This is an alternative version of the Spreadex Financial Spread Betting app which can be used as a backup option. For the latest version please search for "Spreadex Financial Spread Betting and Forex Trading". This app can be used to: • Trade our ...    2 MB    Views 8762
management entrepreneurs news market wealth financial articles blogs goal easy
+5    Gain insight into market trends with the Monument Wealth Management News App. Keep up with the market with our Featured Articles for Entrepreneurs and by reading Monument Wealth Management’s “Off the Wall” blog, crafted weekly by Managing Director and CoFounder, David ...    35 MB    Views 4246

Top Stocks

stock market investment news history stocks top financial underlying performance open trading online
+2    Join millions of day traders and market watchers worldwide buying and selling underlying assets on the Stock Exchange. Now you can trade online on your iOS device anywhere, anytime with the Top Stocks trading app. Top Stocks is the most ...    5 MB    Views 9751
market calendar financial global conditions terms major information download
+2    Description 金融行事曆提供日理萬機的您,一個快速方便瀏覽全球重要財經資訊,並結合個人行事曆的時間管理工具。 軟體特色: ‧提供重要經濟指標之公布日以及相關資料 ‧掌握全球主要金融交易市場的重大事件 ‧瀏覽台灣主要上市公司之股票相關訊息 ‧標示全球主要金融市場之國定假日 ‧同步顯示個人行事曆之選項 只要輕輕一觸,透過這個程式,讓您隨時都可以掌握全球財經脈動。 iFinCalendar gives you a fast and easy way to access global key financial information with personal calendar management tool. iFinCalendar Features: Provide economic calendar and related data Capture global major financial market events Access information for Taiwan major listed companies. Mark ...    950 kb    Views 1844
investment market search bank danske tablet northern rate foreign exchange financial
+7    Banking at your fingertips, whenever you want and wherever you are on the new multiplatform Danske Tablet Bank App You can: Manage your accounts, view statements and check balances and change the account name; Search and filter transactions and get a statement of ...    29 MB    Views 1680

Rmoney Smart

market financial derivatives services offers funds equity smart
+26    Raghunandan money is one of the prominent integrated financial services group providing exhaustive range of financial and investment related products to our clients and associates The company offers a complete financial services spectrum ranging from equity, equity derivatives, Commodities derivatives, Depository ...    46 MB    Views 2025
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+1    Our app is designed to create a full suite of live functional market reference links, so accessing information is right at your fingertips. 1. Onetouch Call 2. Login to your Account 3. Setup Appointment with Keith Springer 4. Quickly See All of Keith’s Upcoming ...    10 MB    Views 2755
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+9    Special iPad edition of Swiss Forex app gives you more information at the same time thanks to great display of iPad. This application provides you with the most uptodate foreign exchange market information in the realtime. You will have rich set ...    17 MB    Views 5218

Financial Spreads

Related Apps money market tax investment financial trade spread spreads trading orders client information clients funds
+6    FINANCIAL SPREADS PLUS TRADING APP Trade over one thousand spread betting and CFD markets with our user friendly mobile app. Using the app clients can: • Open and close trades • Amend existing positions • Access live prices • Analyse, and add technical indicators to, the ...    31 MB    Views 4854

The Edge Markets

news analytics tools videos stock singapore business market investment financial bursa data malaysia companies sgx
+11    Helps you make better business and investment decision by empowering you with the latest news, data, financial analytics and portfolio tracking tools for FREE. News • Proprietary news from our team of journalists in Malaysia and Singapore • Business and markets news from the region ...    18 MB    Views 7068


Related Apps news stock ipad websites market search time iphone read financial add optimized share
+27    Gekko gives you access to the market news with an organized, easy and clean interface. Some feedback we have received: "Gekko is a great and simple news app for anyone with an iPhone or iPad. I highly recommend Gekko." "I love the way ...    4 MB    Views 4969
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-5    QuickOption FREE Mobile Trading – Trade on Stocks, Indices, Forex, ETFs, Gold, Oil and Silver. Anytime, anywhere and Max Your Profits Now with Binary Options QuickOption offers the easiest way to trade Binary Option online, with an intuitive and elegant user ...    NAN    Views 3606

InstaNews FX

market news financial informed
+26    Do you need to be informed on significant events in financial world? High quality selection of Forex market resources and news is collected specially for you. Informative illustrations and match more. Use our application to keep informed about everything on the ...    24 MB    Views 157
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0    Subscribe to the most comprehensive financial app on the market, and follow in real time all the news and quotes. Get exclusive access to search tools and decision making supports. Follow in realtime streaming: Equities, indexes, commodities and currencies (Forex) Your ...    13 MB    Views 7497


market russell financial week
+8    In just a few minutes a week, this app reviews key changes to global markets, providing you access to Russell's top financial strategists. View our weekly Market Week in Review, read market forecasts, retirement research and more. At Russell, our ...    25 MB    Views 7831

KBC Market Research

Related Apps research market kbc forecasts markets exchange rates daily information financial overview
+1    The KBC Research app gives you access to the expertise of the KBC Market Research Desk. Daily indepth analyses and forecasts on fixed income and foreign exchange markets, focused on the Euro zone, US, UK and Central Europe. You don’t have ...    15 MB    Views 2147

Gay Rachel

investment finance health market financial 2014 latest calculation club insurance quality
+18    Gay Rachel, a highlydriven financial advisor who is strongly passionate about people, community and the financial market, seek to address the financial needs of individuals and organizations in assisting clients make informed decision by utilizing latest information on market trends, ...    26 MB    Views 4734
investment research news market monitor morning watchlist financial
-3    Forsyth Barr Investment Insights app lets you check your Forsyth Barr investment account, create and monitor a watchlist of NZX and ASX securities, follow market news and read a morning news summary. Check your Forsyth Barr investment account Watchlist your ...    7 MB    Views 7715
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-9    Financial Abbreviations is for the people working in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Stock market, Mutual Funds, Consultancy, Accounting etc . Its a Guide with all the abbreviations from very beginners to Experienced. This App contains more than 1800 abbreviations. A Glossary of ...    5 MB    Views 1633

Interest Calc

calculator money market interest rate savings compound calc financial monthly
-9    "Interest Calc" Collections of 23 calculators. This app help to determine; how much extra money that you pay back when you borrow money or that you receive when you invest money. The main components of the interest rates, interest return, monthly payment, interest ...    4 MB    Views 2306
market investment research stock person trading financial information experts disclaimer comments specific
-9    Daily economic and financial news shared on IG TV, enjoy our free training video and anticipate the market trends with IG Stay tuned and get the latest information on trading opportunities thanks to our notification center. All of our videos are ...    50 MB    Views 3358
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