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+15    Crowd Money is the best way to manage the expenses of your travels, events, sharing a flat, etc. With Crowd money you can: Add people from scratch or your address book. Create multiple events: Sharing a flat, Travel to New ...    4 MB    Views 2232
+1    Roofing Calculator by is a free flat roof prices estimating tool. Use it for quickly estimate cost of your your flat roof replacement, using following roofing materials: IB PVC flat roofing membrane, EPDM singleply roof, TPO roofing, Tar + ...    711 kb    Views 9152
+11    An intuitive and elegant application for calculating and managing your home mortgage. The app calculates payments for all of the standard loan programs (Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA). Developed by Flat Branch Home Loans, this application offers quick access to daily ...    2 MB    Views 9755

Flat Broke Free

+3    Do the latest tech IPO's have you down? Check out Flat Broke, which offers a hilarious way to track your favorite stocks.    2 MB    Views 2354
calculator vat rate flat scheme current hmrc
+1    The VAT Flat Rate Scheme Calculator has been developed to help members of the Flat Rate Scheme by simplifying the calculation of VAT owed to HMRC. All current Flat Rate percentages from HMRC are stored in the app, so all that ...    970 kb    Views 3241
+3    We all want to be Rich Quick Get Rich Quick the Property Developer Game is here. Your Grandmother has passed away but don't worry she was old and left you a lovely little granny flat to let you get into the Property ...    737 kb    Views 3171
+3    iOS 9 update is currently being reviewed by Apple and will be available soon Featured in Apple: Best Apps of June,, Bild, 1Live, Antenne1 & app of the day The number 1 app for your flat share ...    19 MB    Views 8017
-5    Accentro Your Condominium Expert Welcome to Accentro Real Estate You are looking for a flat to live in or seeking to buy one as private investment or as a retirement arrangement? The Accentro portfolio consists of a large range of attractive ...    25 MB    Views 600
photo ipad iphone scanner document scans documents image device scan
-5    The TOP free document and photo scanner Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad in to a portable flatbed scanner Who needs a scanner machine anymore? Universal App Works on iPhone or iPad Convert your photos and documents in to PDFs. √ State ...    10 MB    Views 5884

Flat Broke

+14    Do the latest tech IPO's have you down? Check out Flat Broke, which offers a hilarious way to track your favorite stocks.    2 MB    Views 8378
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-4    Some loans are quoted at an incredibly low flat interest rate. This app helps you estimate the actual cost of loans by comparing flat interest rates to their equivalent Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and vice versa. The period of monthly ...    1 MB    Views 9218
tax email order flat shipping consultant features item price detailed
-3    Consultant Calculation is meant to assist you in calculating your individual orders. It is a simplified version of the Consultant Party Order application. You can email an invoice if needed. There are no inapp purchases, all features listed are included ...    30 MB    Views 6031

Big Mac Index App

big mac price index exchange
0    The Big Mac Index App intends to show whether currencies are at their "correct" value. It was invented by The Economist in 1986. For example, the average price of a Big Mac (Burger) in USA in July 2014 was 4.80, in ...    1 MB    Views 2605
shopping calculator tax version full list features http flat buy easy
+8    If you forgot to buy stuff in shopping sometimes Shopping manager is helping for you Only five minute to create shopping list.Very easy to create. To buy Full version at discount 50% now Full version has more useful features Features Simple flat design Easy to see ...    4 MB    Views 4992
Related Apps shopping list making expenses adding plan
-3    Flatastic the app for you and your flatmates Organising a shared flat can be fun, but tough. Flatastic makes life easier by organising and making living together more enjoyable. > Expenses Making tallying up expenses less awkward, adding items to a list ...    NAN    Views 742
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