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+29    17 Korean banks having more than 7,500 branches respectively, announce different exchange rates (i.e. price) which constantly change dozens of times in one (1) day, and trade various currencies. At every moment, banks' commission rate incurred against such deals, also ...    3 MB    Views 2664


0    Calculate required rate of return of asset (or debt) using Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) from Risk Free Rate, Beta of the security and market risk premium (MRP).    53 kb    Views 6393
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+5    Currency converter exchange rate of Currency helps you can easily calculate latest exchange value for top currency. Quick response. Easy to use.    2 MB    Views 9366


+13    Vietcombank Mobile Banking Phase 2 has been launched with outstanding functions: Inquiry and view history of saving account, loan account and credit card Inquiry of exchange rate, interest rate, ATM/Branch location, Call Center 24/7 Interbank fund transfer via account/card Bill payment of EVN HCM    9 MB    Views 3133
+3    This App allows you to price Vanilla Interest Rate Swaps. Features: Ability to define IRS Trade and Interest Rate Curve Schedule Generation vs. a "Weekendsonly" Calendar Use of ModifiedFollowing Business Day Convention Use of Act/360 Day Count Basis Forward Rates derived from the Curve Cash flow discounting PV's ...    350 kb    Views 243

VATBox Snap

+23    Do you know how much you spend today on Foreign VAT? Can you reclaim Foreign VAT seamlessly and easily? With VATBox you can VATBox delivers the leading, automated VAT refund solution that identifies Foreign VAT spend and reclaims it easily. Plus, ...    3 MB    Views 9433


+13    Kippr is an easy to use personal finance app that keeps you in the driver’s seat. It provides realtime stock updates, commodities trading information, and quick currency conversion. All global currencies are supported. KEY FEATURES: Stock Updates get realtime updates for ...    8 MB    Views 1977

Option mc

-4    Option mc is an application that computes option prices and delta values given the spot and strike price. The application uses the Black Scholes formula to determine values for a European style option. The application uses default values (which can ...    62 kb    Views 456
+30    Keep your freeloading friends honest with Mr. Moneybags debt tracker "Awesome to keep track of roommate's debts and dinners with friends. Stop giving money away" Komera "Mr Moneybags is pure genius. I couldn't imagine life without this app." ...    4 MB    Views 6592
+6    OptionFX is designed to value foreign exchange options (FX options) based on the Nobel prize winning 'Black Scholes Option Pricing Model'. It calculates the domestic currency value of a call/put option into the foreign currency. The values are calculated as ...    1 MB    Views 3337
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-9    Key Features: 1. Annuity 2. Compound Interest 3. Effective Annual Cost (EAC) 4. Effective Annual Rate (EAR) 5. Nominal/Real interest Rate 6. Perpetuity 7. Simple Interest Rate    169 kb    Views 4321
exchange price banks provide buying selling assistant foreign buy
+2    Live in mainland China? Has trouble in exchange between RMB and other currency? Download Exchange Assistant (PRC) right now, it will help you to save money 1. Realtime information of exchange rate bewteen 16 major currencies and RMB, the information of ...    2 MB    Views 8293


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-6    Welcome to Globex 2000, the 1 expert that will formally meet your needs in foreign currency. Globex 2000 is known as the best currency exchange and most respected in the field of foreign retails for over 13 years. The oldest ...    8 MB    Views 5038


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+21    Updata Mobile Updata Ltd. Updata Mobile is a realtime application providing market price quotes, charts and rss news. It is available free of charge to any Updata subscriber with an annual PC subscription. After downloading and installing, you are required to register before being ...    679 kb    Views 5099
ipad features exchange foreign
0    Start learning the basics of foreign exchange with FX Smarts Running on iPad and iPhone, FX Smarts will help you understand pricing conventions for FX Spot products by randomly generating questions test your knowledge. Features: On screen calculator allowing you to do ...    769 kb    Views 9728
clock simulation foreign option exchange volatility rates values currency bottom tap
+11    OptionFX is designed to value foreign exchange options (FX options) based on the Nobel prize winning 'Black Scholes Option Pricing Model'. It calculates the domestic currency value of a call/put option into the foreign currency. The values are calculated as ...    531 kb    Views 1285
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+9    Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) Investment course and currency converter calculator Use the momentum of the biggest market in the world learn how Forex Investment works. Trading Dinar, Swiss Franc (CHF), Sterling, Dollar, Yen and euro or following Libor can be ...    4 MB    Views 3593
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-5    This calculator will show the impact of interest rate and loan term on the monthly payment of your loan. You will first enter the loan amount, current interest rate and the desired loan term. This app will present a table showing ...    1 MB    Views 9112

Currency by ANZ

-9    Currency by ANZ is your musthave App for foreign exchange information, no matter whether it is for business or pleasure. In order to provide the most flexible service possible, all rates used in Currency by ANZ are indicative midmarket rates ...    NAN    Views 3370

EasyFX Mobile

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-9    EasyFX is part of one of the largest non bank providers of Foreign Currency and Payments, VFX PLC. EasyFX allows you to buy currency at very competitive real time rates and make currency payments to stored beneficiaries in a few ...    2 MB    Views 1155

Option Professional

time option call put price volatility foreign currency implied payoff american
-2    The most comprehensive option application Key Features: 1. Computes American and European option price for equity (including equity index), foreign currency option and futures 2. Computes Option Greeks Delta, Vega, Theta, Gamma and Rho. In case of currency option, Rho ...    2 MB    Views 6502
compound rate growth
+30    Calculate what the compound annual growth rate is on your investments.    840 kb    Views 5687


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+11    FXTrader is a FREE app that gives you access to the world's foreign exchange markets. Trade the Dollar, Yen, Euro and more at the touch of a button. Stay on top of the markets by drawing your own trend lines ...    45 MB    Views 8368
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-6    The official app of the International Money Transfer Comparison site. Convert the amount of your own currency you want to transfer in realtime and compare the money transfer companies/foreign currency specialists that can send your money overseas. The only ...    3 MB    Views 8685
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-3    currency exchange rate currency converter Foreign remittances rate we are professional team and around the world with over 40 years of experience    2 MB    Views 8995

AGN Money

money exchange feature rate receive providing foreign
+4    AGN Money Corporation Ltd is one of the UK's leading specialists in providing foreign exchange, and we are also "THE" Leading specialists in providing our customers with an issue free and enjoyable experience. We've been around since 2004, and have been ...    22 MB    Views 7067


+13    China Forex, a magazine supervised by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, specializes in covering developments related to China's foreign exchange policies and regulations. The magazine aims to promote better understanding of China's foreign exchange regulatory environment by examining theoretical ...    11 MB    Views 8499


Related Apps china construction bank click development updated exchange foreign
-4    Chinese Currency Suitable for China's foreign exchange banking employees and customers Converter [Support Bank]: China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, ICBC, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Huaxia Bank, Shanghai ...    13 MB    Views 476

EURUSD - marketWox

rate price
+4    Follow the EURUSD quotes on your home screen without lunching the app beautiful flat design gorgeous, reinvented charts animated icon realtime mid rate central bank interest rate chart overview of the last 10/20 trading days rotate and view in LARGE ...    1 MB    Views 601


stock exchange israel overseas trading information foreign rates
+5    iBursa is a userfriendly, reliable and convenient way to display continuous reports from the financial markets in Israel and overseas. The system provides access to trading data from the TelAviv stock exchange, information about shares of Israeli companies traded overseas, ...    539 kb    Views 9329
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-9    1.Overview This application calculates the foreign currency interest in Japan. 2.How to use After entering the amount, rate, deposit term, deposit rate, and maturity rate, the following items will be displayed. Foreign Amount: this is the foreign currency which is converted the ...    135 kb    Views 6601
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+7    Discover the Best Investment Ideas and Tips Investing can be an emotional roller coaster for many people. This holds true whether you are investing in real estate, gold, the stock market, your own business, or whatever you consider your investments to be. There ...    352 kb    Views 3220
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+1    Credit Card rates for your mobile device includes the following information current rate, fee, fee frequency, interest grace days, credit limits and cash advance rate.    457 kb    Views 7912
china chinese rate exchange cash buying selling note banks foreign supports currency
+2    If you want to change RMB with other currencies,how can you get the most benefit? The App provides the Chinese banks real exchange rate, helps you decide witch bank you can exchange RMB with it that you can get the most ...    53 MB    Views 434


price cash determine rate target
-9    This app helps you to quickly model and analyze income producing properties to determine the price to offer based upon how much you want to earn on the cash you invest. You can also easily determine the rent you would ...    78 kb    Views 2966


card market money time currency worldwide foreign transaction exchange fixed million
+25    0% foreign exchange – 14 currencies on a single card Why pay more to receive less? Centtrip prepaid MasterCard & eMoney account gives you complete control of your foreign currency expenditure. All the convenience of local currency, free of the ...    15 MB    Views 8357
-6    Texas Title Rate Calculator calculates the title policy premium according to the current rates set forth by the Texas Department of Insurance.    1 MB    Views 1350

Overseer FXCM

investment strategy exchange foreign trading level high invest risk
+2    Overseer is an application which will allow you to connect to your Seer server in order to achieve various tasks such as monitoring and managing your running strategy. For more information on deploying a strategy please visit: Trading foreign exchange on ...    1 MB    Views 4381
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+30    Public Release, an electronic calculator with "Exchage rate conversion" This App is useful for shopping abroad 【Calculator】 Memory %,√,plusminus,Delete const calculation mode HowTo page of the calculator (o)/ 【Exchange rates】 Three kinds of currencies: JPY, USD and EUR. There is a function of ...    5 MB    Views 9048

LifeMiles Visa

card signature time cards visa purchases bonus fee miles annual foreign renewal
+5    The LifeMilesVisa App, issued by U.S. Bank, provides secure onetouch access to instantly apply for and manage your LifeMiles Visa Card. This credit card is available in the United States and to United States citizens only. LIFEMILES VISA SIGNATURE CARD BENEFITS • 20,000 bonus ...    14 MB    Views 7674


currency cash foreign match peer rates requirements swap
+3    Peer to peer cash currency swap matching. This app is designed to give travellers an alternative to foreign currency exchange with banks and other foreign exchanges outlets like Travelex. Where they charge commission and/or have large spreads between their buy and ...    10 MB    Views 1073

xPence Plus

personal love photo currency expenses features data income geo foreign export expense
+5    "xPence Plus [...] gives you a nice picture of what you're spending and on what." APPS OF THE WEEK Personal finances have never been this easy to track Quickly track Expenses and Income with our innovative "Geo Name" feature ...    6 MB    Views 7871

EXCHANGE in Prague

office money discount calculator exchange rate currency rates foreign application voucher czech comparison
+14    The application gives clearly arranged information about the most favourable foreign exchange rates of foreign currencies. Get the best rate by comparing several subjects at once and figure out, how much money you actually get. The application involves also openended ...    9 MB    Views 2149


apple dollar currency rate reference application watch foreign
+18    The currency converter made for your Apple Watch. Cambiste is an application meant for the Apple Watch. This application makes it possible to calculate and display on your Apple Watch, the value in a reference currency, of an amount expressed in ...    477 kb    Views 5666
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+22    We keep updating exchange rate data from [Yahoo Finance] every hour, including exchange of gold, silver, platinum and currencies around 162 countries and regions. We have optimized our App by cutting all less useful buttons and designs; and highlighted users' basic ...    62 MB    Views 6199
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+7    UTRADE. Online trading made easy. Experience easy mobile trading with UTRADE FOREIGN MY, the latest foreign trading app from UOB Kay Hian. Keep watch on market movement on the go, take immediate action on trading opportunities and monitor your order book and ...    3 MB    Views 9774

Joyalukkas Exchange

money business retail exchange services foreign world offer international funds rates
+8    Joyalukkas Exchange is a part of Joyalukkas Group, which is a multibillion dollar global conglomerate and a world renowned brand in Jewellery retail. Through Joyalukkas Exchange we aim to service the money exchange service requirement of the community and to ...    2 MB    Views 7833
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+28    With this application, you can: pinpoint where foreign companies chose to invest in France in 2011 and filter by source country, business sector and host region. consult in real time recent news about France’s attractiveness as an investment location make ...    6 MB    Views 5191
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+7    Final Expense Rate Calculator for Columbian Financial Group's Agents and Funeral Home Directors.    2 MB    Views 4985

EDI Exchange Rate

rate exchange
+5    EDI Exchange Rate เป็นแอพพลิเคชั่นของบริษัท Everyday Import Co., LTD. ใช้สำหรับตรวจสอบอัตราแลกเปลี่ยนสกุลเงินของบริษัทระหว่างเงินหยวนกับเงินบาท โดยข้อมูลมีการอัพเดทรายวัน ซึ่งแบ่งออกเป็น 3 อัตราแลกเปลี่ยน คือ อัตราสั่งซื้อ อัตราโอนเงิน และอัตราเติมเงิน ซึ่งช่วยอำนวยความสะดวกแก่ผู้ใช้งาน สามารถคำนวณจำนวนเงินจากหยวนเป็นบาท หรือบาทเป็นหยวนได้ในตัว นอกจากนี้ ยังได้อ้างอิงอัตราแลกเปลี่ยนสกุลเงินต่างๆ ของธนาคารแห่งประเทศไทยอีกด้วย    3 MB    Views 2375

WT First Rate

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+7    WT First Rate™ provides musthave performance and investment information at the fingertips of investment professionals anywhere and anytime. Along with its direct and simple presentation of returns, allocation and investment activity, this application will also generate portfolio customized performance statements ...    2 MB    Views 6009


leasing rate interest contract
+15    With the Leasing+ App you can calculate your payments of a leasing contract. Just fill the textfields with the price, the down payment, the residual value, the length of the contract and the interest rate. Included features: Hide the interest rate Choose ...    427 kb    Views 1236
investment market search bank danske mobile northern foreign rate transactions exchange
+2    Banking at your fingertips, whenever you want and wherever you are on the new multiplatform Danske Mobile Bank App You can: Manage your accounts, view statements and check balances Search and filter transactions and get a statement of your future dated transactions Transfer money ...    41 MB    Views 9388

Easy TAX

Related Apps tax rate countries easily taxes
+27    ●How much is the add 8% of taxes? ●How much is the without taxes? ●How much 5% tax rate goes to 8%? Easily Calculations cumbersome tax rate Tax rate can be registered up to three I can also use tax rate in other countries Operation is ...    2 MB    Views 8399
watch rate converter exchange
+8    This is a powerful exchange rate converter on Apple Watch which shows you instantly the price you are paying in local currency when you travel abroad. It can also do adding and subtracting in both currencies. It is a good ...    4 MB    Views 3752


investment learning work model technical service stocks foreign indicators recommendations
-4    TheSmartInvest is a unique iPad/iPhone app that combines the power of technical analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning for investments in securities; stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. Most importantly, it does this in such a simple way that you don't ...    1 MB    Views 9205

Precoa Rate Calc

calc rate
+7    The Precoa Rate Calc is the most convenient preneed insurance app available. You can easily calculate premiums, project future policy values, choose payment methods, and adjust the funeral value to target premiums—all without a WiFi connection.    2 MB    Views 1174

Câmbio Legal

search exchange currency foreign find locations location reference rate
0    Find the nearest location to purchase and sell foreign currency, withdraw reals, and exchange foreign currency. Cmbio Legal app helps you find locations all over the country, using information provided by institutions authorized by the Central Bank to operate in ...    10 MB    Views 9700

Forex Traders

market forex currencies traded foreign exchange trader day professional world
+15    Are you Ready to be a Millionaire? This is a Excellent Application on Learning How to Become a Professional Trader in the Forex Market. Save Thousands of Dollars. What Is Forex? The foreign exchange market is the "place" where currencies are traded. Currencies ...    2 GB    Views 4039
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