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+5    Write your Last Will and Testament Now with a 60% Discount Write your Last Will and Testament over and over for the cost of this app, and Save a fortune on this value for money alternative to other methods ...    3 MB    Views 8299
+7    No scam We have paid our users for more than 2,000,000 US dollars Receive reward coins and exchange them for Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash You can do a lucky draw to get free prize like mobile phones or cars. The first ...    23 MB    Views 8928

Ourstuf Gift

+19    We all have vital information that we should be sharing with our loved ones. A friend or family member has chosen to share important information with you. Ourstuf Gift will allow you to securely access and view this essential information. Ourstuf ...    5 MB    Views 3873


+17    Instantly add realtime tracking and analytics to your merchant gift card, loyalty, and email promotion programs, and even process transactions all from the iPhone The CaptureCode iPhone application complements the merchant services provided by CaptureCode for managing store and restaurant loyalty, ...    1 MB    Views 4894
+8    "Gift Card Calculator is a musthave iPhone and iPad app for frequent recipients and users of store and restaurant gift cards" 2014 Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been out somewhere in a situation with only ...    32 MB    Views 7727

Gift Card Genie

cards card market time balance gift merchants supported added
-3    Gift Card Genie (GCG) allows you to check the balance of your gift cards in real time, so you never have to manually keep track. The application is simple: 1 – Enter the info for your card (Add Card) and save ...    1 MB    Views 3124


family design apple information share gift encryption platform friends multi store
-3    We all have vital information that we should be sharing with our loved ones. Ourstuf will allow you to securely store and share this essential information so that it can be safely accessed by designated family and friends. How does it ...    5 MB    Views 3177
Related Apps card christmas gift check balance merchants balances access
+29    Finally, you can check the balance of your gift cards this holiday season. Use the Gift Card Bunny to check your Christmas Gift Card balances when you're out shopping before and after Christmas Get access to over 300 Gift Card ...    14 MB    Views 5991

My Gift Cards

Related Apps cards email card iphone gift transactions view touch devices delete
0    Keep track of your balances on all your gift cards. Features include: + Facility to keep track of balances on individual gift cards. + See accumulative balance for all your gift cards. + Synchronise your transactions to iCloud to keep all your iOS ...    7 MB    Views 7649

Gift Card Engine

+2    Sell and redeem custom gift cards and promotional value cards for YOUR business. Gift Card Engine is a powerful tool to use in the promotion of your business Start a plastic gift card program for your business. Upgrade your paper ...    1 MB    Views 3850


+19    Ideahouse Corporation Sdn Bhd. Wholesaler, Stockist & Distributor of Corporate Gifts, Business Gifts, Promotional Gifts & Souvenirs.    18 MB    Views 6944

Got Gifts?

Related Apps person gifts budget gift store buy list set
-7    Organize your gift shopping and simplify your life with this fantastic gift manager. Simple and clean, but with powerful features. Organized to be most helpful when you are on the go. See at a glance what you still need to buy. Quick and easy ...    1 MB    Views 9986


food business gifts businesses local favorite pre
0    Credibles is a crowdfunding service for fans of local food businesses. With Credibles, prepay your favorite local food businesses in advance to help them grow and succeed. In return for your support, you will receive “edible credits” and additional signup rewards You ...    18 MB    Views 5473
gifts major allegiance module view information add
+5    Allegiance Major Gifts Application. This app integrates and syncs with Allegiance Software’s Major Gifts module. With this app, you'll be able to view and manage your tasks, look up and edit donors’ contact information, view their giving history, add photos, ...    3 MB    Views 603

MOGi Mobile Wallet

Related Apps time pay reminders wallet gift friends lists top bonus
+1    Live it up with MOGi, the smartest way to pay Leave your wallet at home Pay with your iPhone at stores, restaurants, beauty salons and more. Take advantage of exclusive MOGi offers and earn triple rewards each time you pay with ...    9 MB    Views 8082

AirPay TH

tickets card movie gifts cards top cash payment game phone enjoy wallet pay convenient
+22    Introducing AirPay, the trusted payment solution for all your lifestyle needs movie tickets, bill payment, cash cards, mobile phone topups, game credits and many more Exclusive: enjoy our promotions, discounts, and rebates on all transactions Secure & Convenient Payment AirPay is ...    NAN    Views 9202


participating gift merchants
0    Quiver is a mobile app that you can use to make everyday purchases. It can currently be used at a select number of participating merchants in Vancouver. FEATURES: Send gift cards from our online gift shop and redeem them using the Quiver app ...    NAN    Views 434


Related Apps tax planning canadian investment gift giving estate capital assets net financial
+17    Use GIFTABULATOR to show you how much you’re worth now and in the future. How much tax do you have to pay based on your capital gains? What amount of tax credits can you get for giving a donation? This ...    12 MB    Views 7516


+12    It's time to raise funds without fundraising Purchase and redeem gift cards directly from your phone from some of your favorite retailers like GAP, Papa John’s and JC Penney. When you use the app at checkout, a rebate is directed to ...    41 MB    Views 149
Related Apps money apple iphone spending track simple spend ios gift view
0    "Unspent is a handy little app that lets you create oneoff budgets and log spending." "Keeping track of your spending can be a real hassle, so a simple budgeting app is a pretty handy thing to have. ... That's ...    6 MB    Views 3330

Gift Aid Calculator

tax charity gift rate fundraising partnership relief aid
-1    More Partnership Fundraising Consultants. And More. Have you ever struggled to explain the UK's Gift Aid tax relief system to someone? Just how much tax rebate does a charity receive? And how much higher rate tax relief might a donor get? What if ...    132 kb    Views 5205
Related Apps card cash rewards free gift offers amazon paypal features
+18    Much more new features have come With Cash Rewards, you get real CASH by: Completing questionnaires Playing free games Daily checkin REDEEM YOUR CASH THROUGH: PayPal Amazon Gift Card Cash Rewards is an awesome way to get cash rewards. A variety of offers ...    39 MB    Views 6674

Christmas-Gifts iP3

Related Apps christmas gifts person photo budget gift item list tap box price
0    Use "ChristmasGifts iP3" to manage your gift shopping lists. You can also relax a bit by slightly redecorating the Christmas tree. Some decorative balls, stars and the gift boxes can be moved around. Next time when you launch ChristmasGifts, they will ...    3 MB    Views 2119
calculator gift
+29    Wonderland Gift Shoppes Calculator is designed to work with, not replace your shoppe's physical or virtual cash register. Use the app to quickly make sure each student has enough money to pay for the items they want before entering the ...    4 MB    Views 598
+2    Just in time for the holidays, an app to help you keep track of gifts to buy for your friends and loved ones. This app will help you track how much you spend, how many gifts you are buying, how ...    356 kb    Views 3635

iCARD Gift Card

Related Apps card cards gift
-9    iCARD has hundreds of top brand gift cards, and with the iCARD Gift Card your recipient gets to choose the cards they want Our app lets you 1) Quickly send an iCARD Gift Card 2) Set email/text reminders for important ...    56 MB    Views 1948
people gifts santa email christmas list buy left stores store helper
+2    Santa's Little Helper is a Christmas gift giving organizer. This application helps you plan and budget your gift giving for TWO special people. Keep your holiday spending in check. Don't forget anyone on your Christmas list. Know at a glance what gifts you ...    1 MB    Views 1759
+4    Santa's Little Helper is a Christmas gift giving organizer. This application helps you plan and budget your gift giving. Keep your holiday spending in check. Don't forget anyone on your Christmas list. Know at a glance what gifts you need to buy at ...    1 MB    Views 8245
christmas budget family expenses gift budgeted lets track plan
+1    Do you find it difficult to plan the gift expenses for Christmas? Christmas Gift Budget app is here to help you. This simple app lets you create the budgeted entries for your gift expenses for family, friends, colleagues, charitable donations, ...    19 MB    Views 9102


card cards business email sell pay gift pro touch receipts credit
+1    Never miss a sale with mobile credit card processing Simple and powerful, Touch N Pay accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and gift card payments with a quick swipe. What’s more, with Touch N Pay you can sell and process personalized ...    5 MB    Views 1111

Wedding Gifts

gifts wedding lists reserve gift
0    Wedding Gifts is the best gift planner. Make your wish lists and send them to your guests. Make lists byt taking photos or adding pictures with notes on where to find it. Givers can then see you lists and reserve ...    7 MB    Views 820

GiftShopper Free

gifts shopping budget iphone photos text holiday gift ideas purchased lists free easy
-1    GiftShopper will keep all your gift ideas and spendings clear, organized and instantly comprehensible. GiftShopper Free is a free ad supported version of GiftShopper. User reviews: "Easy to use. Did all of my holiday shopping with this app Highly recommend" Michael Ferguson, ...    4 MB    Views 2031
Related Apps budget christmas gifts person shopping family people time gift list track create groups
-2    Planning to buy gifts for this Christmas? Need to create gift lists and watch your budget at the same time? This app help you organize people into groups, so you don’t miss anyone from your friends and relatives also it ...    26 MB    Views 8670
budget gifts present total set
+4    Presents Within Budget helps you manage gifts to a budget. With this app, you can set a total budget and then build up a list of gifts. The app will keep your gifts within budget automatically. Features include: 1) A total budget for ...    291 kb    Views 4797


Related Apps cards gift track
+16    GiftCardTracker will help you keep track of your Gift Cards. You'll be able to add and edit Gift Cards, and keep track of the balance on each card as you make purchases.    185 kb    Views 6541

CaptureCode service

iphone card loyalty programs merchant gift service
+5    Instantly add realtime tracking and analytics to your merchant gift card, loyalty, and email promotion programs, and even process transactions all from the iPhone The CaptureCode iPhone application complements the merchant services provided by CaptureCode for managing store and restaurant loyalty, ...    1 MB    Views 6085


gifts wedding money time email ipad person family personal iphone gift entries events giving received event date
-5    Organise your money envelopes, gifts and vouchers effieciently for weddings, birthdays and other events. Envylope makes it simple to have records of personal giftgiving between friends and family. Never show up to a wedding with less money in your envelope ...    41 MB    Views 8912
+21    Tricount is the best solution and simplest way to split group bills and expenses. Tricount makes sorting out your expenses easy when you organize group activities like trips, vacations, holidays, meals, gifts and when you share flat expenses with roommates. Create ...    7 MB    Views 6256
christmas shopping search twitter list gift item special forget add
+22    Are you ready enough for Christmas Shopping then take the advantage of Christmas Gift Budgeter and manage your expenditure effectively As we enter into Christmas season now it is the best time to plan out gifts for family and friends. Standalone ...    23 MB    Views 9040


gifts give gift
+9    Meet Giftcloud, a new & exciting app that allows you to give and receive gifts from your favourite stores with zero fuss, and all the fun. Store your gift vouchers digitally, no need to carry cards Get organised & schedule ...    NAN    Views 984


gifts shopping children money budget people gift giving spend multiple years set
+28    The 1 Gift tracking app for Mac OS X and Windows comes to the iPad Giftory helps keep track of gift giving and receiving for multiple people, on multiple occasions, over a period of years. With it you can create entries ...    11 MB    Views 8781
christmas shopping list add easily gift check
-6    PreChristmas Sale Price Limited Time Offer. The easiest to use and most comprehensive Christmas shopping list for iPad in the App Store. All the tools you’ll need to make Christmas shopping fun, easy, and quick. Features: +Easily manage a list of people you ...    5 MB    Views 2328

Gift Card Genie X

card cards gift lookup balance supported genie
+4    Gift Card Genie X is a utility app which will allow you to lookup the balances of gift cards (from supported merchants) in real time. The application is simple: 1 Log In 2 – Enter the info for your card (Add ...    499 kb    Views 2450

Stratos Card

card cards security view details number secure including gift
+6    Stratos Card combines your plastic cards into a single, smart, secure card. The Stratos App lets you manage and sync an unlimited number of cards to Stratos Card helping you to make smarter and more secure payments. You can ...    27 MB    Views 3128
slot gifts free machines play friends coins big unlock earn
+27    Chip in on the fun with Slot Machine Collections– an exciting new mobile app featuring free slot machines. players absolutely love: ► Totally free coins daily ► Unlocking & winning progressive jackpots ► Inviting friends to play, sending and receiving gifts & sharing achievements ► ...    21 MB    Views 878
excel manage record gift provide computer features statistics
+18    Gift Money, than a tiger Once upon a time, how do you record and manage your gift account? Down on paper yet? File is saved to your computer as well? This record is not only inconvenient, is far from secure. ...    3 MB    Views 4386

Gift Card Log

card cards time gift log simple amount remaining amounts counter
+14    Servin Gift Card Log is a quick and easy way to track the remaining amounts on your gift cards. When you receive a gift card, simply enter it's name and the initial amount. Then enter the transaction amount each time you ...    39 kb    Views 5292
cards gift loyalty pay issue
+1    Ackroo Pay is an app that allows businesses, operating an Ackroo Gift Card and Loyalty Program, to issue and redeem their gift and loyalty cards wherever their iPad will take them. For the best experience, Ackroo Pay is designed to work ...    8 MB    Views 2883

Holiday Helper

Related Apps people holiday gifts application multiple
+20    This free application is designed to help simplify your holidays by helping you keep track of your holiday gifts and your budget. This application supports tracking of multiple people as well as assigning multiple gifts to those people.    239 kb    Views 338

REI Credit Card

card cards credit purchases gift fee purchase foreign cash transaction
+5    The REI Credit Card App gives you access to apply for and manage your REI credit card. CARD BENEFITS: • 5% back at REI (1) • 2% back on groceries (2) • 1% back on net purchases everywhere else (3) • On top of your REI member refund (typically ...    30 MB    Views 6302

Gift Aid

tax time donations return gift record complete year relief claim
+29    Log your donations. Simplify your tax return. This app makes it simple to claim tax relief on your Gift Aid charity donations. It's also a great way to record your donations even if you don't have to complete a tax return. Features: • ...    1 MB    Views 609

Gift Card Ape

Related Apps card cards gift sell redeem credit service location
+4    This mobile app will allow you to sell and redeem custom gift cards for YOUR business right from your iPhone or iPad. Square has changed how we take credit cards. Gift Card Ape is changing how you sell and redeem gift ...    5 MB    Views 2633

Gift to Me

+2    Please many gifts for you This application will support your future. We think you have to use the "Gift to Me" and we hope your happy life. Thank you.    2 MB    Views 1422

kanGIFT Pay

business passbook cards mobile customers gift pay cost send
+15    can save ... can send ... can pay by mobile gift cards reinvented for the mobile age Use this app to launch and manage your very own digital Gift Pass programme Let your customers create Passbook Store Cards and perform secure transactions ...    NAN    Views 2038
Related Apps card cards money gift touch screen purchase add amount
0    Tired of trying to figure out how much money is on your gift card? Quickly and easily keep track of that money on your gift cards with this app. From the main screen touch the plus sign to add a new ...    205 kb    Views 9196

M9 RegisterPro

sale card home cards clock business ipad gift systems point customer system finger sales
0    M9 RegisterPro breaks the mold of Point of Sale Systems. M9 Creations has combined the beauty of the iPad with advanced point of sale features to make handling business fun and easy. Why not use your finger to rearrange your ...    28 MB    Views 1666
Related Apps cards photos win gift
-4    Upload Photos, Win Contests, Earn Free Gift Cards    3 MB    Views 2884

Fidelity Card POS

card fidelity gift dal
-6    Fidelity Card POS è la versione mobile dell'applicativo web Softvision Fidelity Card. Si tratta di un'applicazione pensata per permetterti di gestire, in maniera semplice e del tutto autonoma, le campagne di fidelizzazione tramite fidelity card (raccolta punti, tessere sconto, gift ...    10 MB    Views 2236

FPPC Gift Tracker

gifts gift sources 700 data form quick schedule
+1    This app is for California state officials and employees who are required to file form 700. It helps keep track of all the gifts you receive in a calendar year and provides a quick and easy way to furnish schedule ...    951 kb    Views 3073

Gift Card Merchant

Related Apps cards card business ipad program iphone gift merchant ipod selling
+1    Finally A free gift card program for retailers that works with just an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. 1. Design your custom card with our starter templates or by uploading your own photo 2. Print the cards we email you 3. Start selling and ...    3 MB    Views 5479
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