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+13    Best iOS app at HS Hacks II, the world's largest high school hackathon Adults aren't the only ones with money problems. High school and college students have problems tracking their money. But the only available solutions for them are either boring ...    14 MB    Views 9126


+4    Personal Financial Planner allows you to track your income/expenses, plan for your goals and provides simple financial calculators. The enhancements compared to the base app include monthly budgeted versus actual expenses tracker and graphical displays. Payment alerts functionality is also ...    4 MB    Views 637

Biermaier Financial

+15    Stay in touch with Biermaier Financial Management. Get easy access to our website, contact information, facebook, and much more.    15 MB    Views 7382

Eric Blaquiere App

+29    Éric Blaquière is a financial advisor, providing solutions based on your financial objectives and goals. To help clients better understand their finances, we have an app that includes: Budget Retirement Tax Life Needs We hope you enjoy    NAN    Views 9006
+5    Leading financial lending practice, looking after all your Financial Solutions whether that be your first home loan, investment property, refinance to better rate, and then looking beyond to your long term financial security with Financial Planners and Accountants.    14 MB    Views 4226
-2    Student Stock Trader is a simple stock market simulator designed to help students understand how the stock market works. This application lets you setup a stock trading game where players can: Search Stocks from the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. View ...    10 MB    Views 9242
+2    CPA Exam Questions with Rationales AND Flash Cards in a single mobile app + Free content updates This is a Companion App to the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows CPAexcel Students to access their exam prep content ...    10 MB    Views 8728
-1    Get business/finance news, market data and alerts from financial professionals.    5 MB    Views 9273
money students real life create businesses teach included
+8    The Learning About Money: RealLife Maths Kit is a comprehensive set of tools to teach children about money and the basic principles of running a business. RealLife Maths is about engaging students in maths and allowing them to create their ...    39 MB    Views 7498
-3    3 Formulas To Create SAIL We are a couple of college grads on a mission. We've been told that the money is out there yet many of us never find it. We've created SAIL The Simple Scholarship Search Engine from 3 ...    4 MB    Views 6680


3123 financial
+1    [富衛財務計算] 提供方便的理財服務,是富衛對客戶的承諾。 我們隆重推出財務保障計算程式,助您策劃未來,確保您和家人獲得妥善的保障。 透過此iPhone或iPad應用程式,只需幾個簡單步驟,便可計算出教育基金、保障、投資及退休儲備需要。 如欲獲得更全面、仔細的分析,請聯絡本公司之理財顧問,或致電客戶服務熱線: 3123 3123查詢。 ____________________________________________ FWD is committed to providing easier financial services to our customers in the management of their financial matters. With the launch of this financial calculator, you can now be well prepared to support yourself and your family ...    NAN    Views 4574
tax students visa income return scholarship 2011 form international
+13    F1 Visa Tax 2011 is made for international students in US with F1 visa. F1 Visa Tax 2011 could help you prepare your form 1040NREZ (Income Tax Return fro Certain Nonresident Aliens With No Dependents) It's FREE FEATURES EASY: You only need to ...    198 kb    Views 9460

College Bounty

students money college campus swipe save businesses
0    College Bounty is an app designed to offer college students in Los Angeles instant access to discounts at local restaurants, shops and businesses. As a socially conscious business, College Bounty aims not only to help college students save money, but also ...    28 MB    Views 9752


school students statistics frequency lessons data understand easy questions
+5    STATISTICS is the complete App for anyone wanting to master STATISTICS. Our App is geared to High School students wanting to brush up on stats. “iTeachers” aim to provide easy to understand lessons using new age technology, taught the old fashioned way. WHY ...    27 MB    Views 5304

FX Trading Buddy

Related Apps students learn trading buddy register forex trade
+16    FX Trading Buddy is an educational app for people to learn how to trade Forex and Commodities on spread betting platforms. The app enables students to register for webinars, track their progress, receive daily trade ideas,register for webinars and interact ...    12 MB    Views 1677


investment facebook business students work projects application evaluation project manufacturing services
-7    PROJECT EVALUATION Do you have a small business in mind? This groundbreaking application allows you to formulate and evaluate the investment alternatives which are needed to work out your economic and financial viability, all in a single platform. The application offers the ...    11 MB    Views 5477
exam cards time students card flashcards cpa professor flash cpaexcel access prep 1500
0    Financial Accounting & Reporting CPA Flash Cards This is a standalone FAR Flash Card App for the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep flash card content onthego. You do ...    10 MB    Views 5334

BidnessEtc App

+23    Through Bidness Etc, we’re bringing the 99% back in the loop by presenting the best financial research in the simplest and most creative ways possible. We have distilled a decade and billions of dollars worth of trading experience into developing the ...    5 MB    Views 4319


+5    With Pupils, you can keep track of your pupils or students. You can create classes and then add your pupils or students to the classes, renaming, managing and updating them as need be. The app also allows you to track your ...    602 kb    Views 8123
students time college day strategies living
-9    Harvard Shoestring Strategies is a guide to living on a budget at Harvard College. Produced entirely by students, for students, the application addresses all areas of college living: Academics, DaytoDay, Fun, Student Jobs, and Finance. Learn how to eat for ...    933 kb    Views 9423
exam time students cpa professor cpaexcel questions access prep mobile 1900
+16    Financial Accounting & Reporting CPA Exam Questions with Rationales This is a standalone FAR Exam Question App for the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep CPA Exam question ...    10 MB    Views 4026

Fin24 CZ

-3    Buďte „V Obraze“ společně s jednou z největších finančněporadenských firem na českém a slovenském trhu. Zpravodajská aplikace, která uživatelům formou notifikací (alertů) poskytuje informace o dění v oblastech osobních financí a ekonomiky. „Stay in touch“ with financial and economic market. With one ...    NAN    Views 3277


Related Apps students iphone cash information check account securely employees balance
-5    FINALLY, AN EASY WAY TO MANAGE YOUR CRIMSON CASH CampusCash allows Harvard University students, faculty and employees to access their Crimson Cash accounts from anywhere on their iPhone. With CampusCash, you can add value to your card and check your account ...    3 MB    Views 361

Budget Engine

budget money students week outgoings engine left term support
+13    Take your budgeting to the next level with this easy to use budget tracking/planning app. Stop scribbling down your incomings and outgoings and making complex spreadsheet charts. Budget Engine does it all for you. You can see your weekly budget, ...    3 MB    Views 5339
-1    QAS is a cool & user friendly app developed to gather & share the "great happenings & values in life". It reminds us the "friendship, motivation & inspiration" to enhance our journey together. The beauty part of it is other than ...    5 MB    Views 1340
career job search students apps market work salary star salaries free companies benefits information advisors
+7    SalaryStar provides accurate salaries and advisors to help you achieve such incredible salaries, free career advisors, evisors, mentors. As a worldfirst interactive platform for professionals, employees and workers to offer support and advice to jobseekers aspiring to enter into industries and ...    31 MB    Views 8232
students financial credit federal union college questions trademarks tips save
-5    Secure your financial future with Financial 4.0 Financial 4.0 is a free financial resource for the Michigan State University community geared to help college students discover how to build and secure their financial future. Learn financial tips for building good credit, ...    11 MB    Views 474

Car Shopper

+8    This car is going to cost me how much money??? Use this app to see what it really costs to purchase a new car and to finance it The purpose of this application is to teach students the costbenefit analysis of ...    9 MB    Views 6857
students bookkeeping mode question accounting training student answer basic
-6    The most simple bookkeeping training application "Bookkeeping training with Pavlov" Anywhere Anytime You can practice bookkeeping. Target ・Bookkeeping beginners ・Accounting beginners ・Those who work in accounting ・Students of Faculty of Commerce ・Students of Faculty of Economics ・Commercial High School students ・The introduction student of Accountant in US, UK, etc ・The introduction student of ...    2 MB    Views 3269


-9    The finance maintenance technician is responsible for financial management duties such as budgeting, disbursing and accounting for government funds. They make sure vendors are paid, budgets are balanced and financial matters are met so the Army keeps running. This App ...    45 MB    Views 9478
students credit union georgetown university student 000 federal
+30    The Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union (or GUASFCU) is a credit union headquartered in Washington, DC, chartered and regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) of the US federal government. GUASFCU has proudly ...    53 MB    Views 9539
students financial credit university union college questions privacy secure policy
+12    Secure your financial future with Financial 4.0 Financial 4.0 is a free financial resource for the Oakland University community geared to help college students discover how to build and secure their financial future. Learn financial tips for building good credit, budgeting ...    11 MB    Views 2420
finance time students building discount exam money capital cost equity project cash practice questions
-3    ‘Finance: Where is My A+’ is an essential tool for either students of corporate finance at the college, undergraduate or graduate level, or people pursuing professional accounting designations (CFA, CFP, CPA, LIFA). The current version includes over 1,750 computationbased questions. It ...    17 MB    Views 1123

Troy Financial Hub

-2    Teo Teck Wee Troy makes efforts to resolve your issues from all the financial aspects. You will be given help with making changes in your strategies for pursuing finance related affairs. Your investments and finances will not have a safe ...    10 MB    Views 3751

Finance Ratio

students market business stock ratios ratio financial review cash section list flow assets debt
-7    50 Questions on Accounting Ratios for Financial Statement Analysis App Description: This app provides a quick reference on how to calculate financial ratios for analyzing the profitability, activity, liquidity and solvency of business entities. Basic concepts are structured in a questionandanswer format for instant ...    81 kb    Views 5012
-3    This app introduce the services which provided by Carrington Financial Company.    922 kb    Views 1


career business australia management students university student discover informed explore
0    Discover, explore and stay informed launch your career by downloading the FMAA App today The FMAA now makes it even easier to discover, explore and stay informed about the Graduate and Internship opportunities available to you while at University. Designed ...    2 MB    Views 227

HT-FC Lite

+5    A financial calculator with below functions: 1. Basic Arithmetic Calculations 2. Percentage and Calendar Functions 3. Financial Functions 4. Statistics Functions 5. Programming Functions    1 MB    Views 8592
Related Apps money budget students card study weekly expenditure track easy student finances
+14    App of the week September 2013 – Pre Apps “Alleviates the hassle of an excel sheet so you can stay on top of your finances on the move” – ACA Be a savvy student; manage your finances with Study Money. Keeping track ...    5 MB    Views 4024

BDB Radio

Related Apps radio financial
+4    Tune in daily to Banc De Binary’s online radio and receive the latest market reviews and research from our renowned team of financial analysts. Alongside our news and commentary on the financial sector, you’ll learn, importantly, how it affects you. Inform ...    2 MB    Views 3069
Related Apps exam cards time students card flashcards business cpa professor cpaexcel flash access prep 870
+13    Business Environment & Concepts CPA Flash Cards This is a standalone BEC Flash Card App for the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep flash card content onthego. You do ...    10 MB    Views 2581

Stock Market Game

Related Apps market stock students game performance portfolios
-3    From better attendance and increased engagement and participation in class to higher test scores and improved academic performance, there are many anecdotes about the educational impact of the SIFMA Foundation's Stock Market Game (SMG). These anecdotes were confirmed when a ...    6 MB    Views 8174


students facebook profile twitter navigation french income bug record version events track
0    KInstructor, is an App created by Instructors for Instructors, Teachers, Coachs, Trainers, ... professionals like you who are dedicated to teaching in different subjects (Dance, Music, Languages, Fitness, Sports, Review Classes, Computers, Cooking, ....). Are you tired of manually managing income ...    14 MB    Views 8425


card students meal
+20    The Official UWallet that connects you with your meal card. Helping McMaster students check their card balance, review transaction history, find out hours of operation of oncampus restaurants and data analytics to track your spending. If you don’t have a meal plan, ...    3 MB    Views 4248
students investing financial statements profit section loss income statement assets gaap iii
+25    50 Questions on Financial Statements for IFRS and US GAAP App Description: This app provides a review of the formats and components of financial statements required by IFRS and US GAAP. Basic concepts are structured in a questionandanswer format for instant application to realworld ...    1 MB    Views 9541

AlSafwa Trader

+4    "This is the mobile trading app for Al Safwa Islamic Financial Services PJSC. Using this application, you can login to your account and view markets, watchlists, your baalnces and positions, and send trade orders for Dubai Financial Market and Abu ...    2 MB    Views 8854
exam time students cpa professor cpaexcel questions users access prep
+13    NOTE : We have received reports that for some users, upgrading from an earlier version to this latest version causes their application to stop working. We are working with users to diagnose, repair, and upload a fix to the app ...    10 MB    Views 691
management work students math consulting interview aub application cases club base
-5    Application Description: Welcome to the onestop guide to landing your management consulting job offer. Learn how to make your resume and cover letter stand out, while you master the interview process: anything from FIT to case interviews you'll find it ...    14 MB    Views 9964
card money students management banking international service transfer prepaid sign
+17    Loot is a new banking service created especially for students. Loot will help students have more disposable income through better money management. The Loot app is linked directly to a prepaid Visa debit card, meaning you get the great features ...    30 MB    Views 8489


-2    This app brings the latest news and financial information about the Danske Bank Group in an iPadoptimised format. The app offers investors a variety of features such as a share monitor, press releases, company announcements, financial reports and presentations.    18 MB    Views 7839

Banker's Dashboard

+10    A web and mobile enabled tool that provides actionable insights into your bank’s financial performance. Banker’s Dashboard makes financial analysis fast and simple.    44 MB    Views 703


-7    First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) is a national brokerage agency that partners with some of the country’s leading insurance carriers. Together, we equip, train, and support thousands of FFS representatives who are licensed to deliver innovative financial products to households ...    15 MB    Views 3916


Related Apps functions financial
0    A financial calculator with below functions: 1. Basic Arithmetic Calculations 2. Percentage and Calendar Functions 3. Financial Functions 4. Statistics Functions 5. Programming Functions    1 MB    Views 9256

money students tracker budget financial savings questions tips college goals save features
+22    Learn financial tips on how to build good credit, budget wisely and boost your savings as a college student. is a free financial resource geared to help college students discover how to build and secure their financial future. Check ...    9 MB    Views 1490
calculator financial
+13    Financial Calculator Time Value of Money calculations Periods/Year set [12, 4, 1] for monthly, quaterly, and yearly Memory functions Operations as close as possible to a hardware calculator such as BA II Plus For manual and more information, please visit    199 kb    Views 5048
Related Apps calculator financial
+30    Simple but powerful Financial Calculator for iPhone. Display multiple inputs and results. Next version will add more functions.    316 kb    Views 6888

OneCard Mobile

card students wifi virtual map onecard campus mobile access terminals payment point account system
-6    OneCard Mobile is your single point of access to campus life, combining student ID functionality with electronic payment processing and access control to enhance the whole student experience. OneCard Mobile is a unique, mobilebased technology from the Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI ...    3 MB    Views 408

Financial Assistant

+28    A free app that help you to assist in your financial event, and keep record of your transactions and keep the total amount of money you have    759 kb    Views 1148


education students aid financial find existing apply higher
-4    Which of Arkansas' 21 state and lottery funded scholarships, grants and loan reimbursement programs are you eligible for? The Arkansas Department of Higher Education's YOUniversal Financial Aid system helps prospective students find and apply for financial aid for higher education. Whether ...    2 MB    Views 4520
marketing management email software students cima managing support information systems
+5    Revision Software for CIMA E1 Exam (November 2015). Over 400+ unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. CIMA E1 Covers: 1. Introduction to organisations. [CIMA] 2. Managing the finance function. [CIMA] 3. Managing technology and information. ...    7 MB    Views 8930
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