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ADIB Securities

+10    ADIB Securities brings access to your brokerage account right on to your iPhone. The app offers advanced features yet on an easy to use interface and is available in both Arabic and English Language. Some of the features are: Real ...    18 MB    Views 8438


+12    Ayeyarwady Bank received its banking license from the Central Bank of Myanmar on 2 July 2010 and began operations on 11 August 2010. The bank is authorized to operate as an investment or development bank for the domestic market and ...    7 MB    Views 9184
+7    China Everbright Securities Hong Kong Golden Sunshine (International) is a platform connecting the China network with the Hong Kong securities market. This platform is simple and userfriendly, with allarounded stock quotes, news and trading functions.    19 MB    Views 1346
services company financing related securities mercury
+6    Mercury Securities is a stockbroking firm in Butterworth, Malaysia, with branch offices in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang Island and Johor Bahru. We offer full stockbroking services as follows: Margin Financing Nominees and Custodian Services Electronics Share Trading Services Stock Broking: ...    3 MB    Views 4817
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+11    האפליקציה הרשמית של הבורסה לניירות ערך בתל אביב מאפשרת לראשונה בישראל: 1. שילוב ייחודי בין גרף נתוני מסחר לבין הודעות החברות במאי"ה 2. התרעות סוכן חכם מאי"ה ישירות לטלפון החכם קבלו את כל המידע העדכני משוק ההון בקלות ובנוחות באמצעות אפליקציית הבורסה המציעה ...    11 MB    Views 4870
+4    The Hong Kong Investor Relations Association App offers analysts, journalists and members uptodate information about HKIRA – optimized for the iPad. So you'll always be up to date. HKIRA is a professional association comprising investor relations practitioners and corporate officers responsible ...    5 MB    Views 6581
+8    I. China Statistical Yearbook 2011 is an annual statistical publication, which reflects comprehensively the economic and social development of China. It covers data for 2010 and key statistical data in recent years and some historically important years at the national ...    8 MB    Views 6643
+11    Realty Capital Securities, LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC), an affiliate of American Realty Capital, is an open architecture wholesale broker dealer focused on the distribution of direct investment programs. Our iPad application provides access to current prospectuses, SEC filings and portfolio information ...    23 MB    Views 2582
+1    Welcome to Hong Leong Bank Connect, a host of Hong Leong Bank Vietnam’s Digital Banking Service empowered by convergence of multiple platforms to link up your world. Hong Leong Bank Connect compliments your digital lifestyle and communal interaction to deliver ...    17 MB    Views 8884
+13    Get Stock Horizon live alerts on your phone This program requires a subscription to the Stock Horizon 100% automated day trading alert service. visit our website for more information. If you experience any issues, please be sure to email with them, ...    2 MB    Views 2892
investment texas securities financial bonds firm services
+17    Welcome to Braymen, Lambert and Noel Securities, Ltd we are an independent fully disclosed broker / dealer firm with over 100 years of experience in the financial services industry. We are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with branch offices in ...    6 MB    Views 4456
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+8    mFINANCE – a free real time Gold, Silver and Forex markets information center This is an mobile application that provides 7x24 Gold, Silver and Forex real time information, which include charts, news and analysis. With such an comprehensive apps on forex ...    14 MB    Views 144
magazine institute hong
+23    A Plus Magazine is the publication that reflects the interests and aspirations of Hong Kong’s accounting professionals. The magazine creates and fosters a sense of community among members of the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs and reflects the quality and ...    8 MB    Views 801
program golf mastercard life prestige kong hong courses benefits cardholders
-4    Description: The MasterCard PRESTIGE FOR LIFE program The program includes a range of leading hotels, golf courses, restaurants, and other merchants who have offered exclusive packages and valueadded benefits especially for Platinum, Titanium, Commercial and World MasterCard cardholders. To enjoy the benefits, ...    11 MB    Views 5239


education investment china financial channel securities information
+22    CCTV securities information channel is a nationwide pay DTV channel owned by China Central Television (CCTV), authorized by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and supported by China Securities Regulatory Commission. It’s also the only financial DTV channel ...    2 MB    Views 3465

IDFC Research

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+10    Equity Research App for IDFC Institutional Securities which enables bonafide clients to: Access Research Reports Model Portfolios Marketrelated Financial numbers Various Research Products developed by IDFC Institutional Securities View and register for Event Access transcripts and audios of Earning Calls    1 MB    Views 8430

IGI Securities

stock account trade exchange securities
+29    IGI Mobile Trading Terminal connects your account at IGI Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. to the capital markets of Pakistan. Get live karachi stock exchange rates and instant account status. Trade directly on the floors of Karachi or Lahore Stock Exchange, from any location, using ...    625 kb    Views 1506

iOCBC TradeMobile

stock access ocbc trading latest securities orders stocks
+2    This is the app that all has been waiting for iOCBC TradeMobile is OCBC Securities’ latest addition to our suite of electronic trading services. It allows you to trade on the move and access timely information 24/7. What’s more? With iOCBC ...    6 MB    Views 9836


-8    「SHKF eMO」 是新鴻基金融集團(「新鴻基金融」)的官方流動交易應用程式,提供專業的港股交易服務,更可直達我們的期貨交易以及新鴻基「匯款易」環球網上匯款平台。 「SHKF eMO」是免費的應用程式,毋須註冊,功能包括即按式實時港股報價、港股市場資訊、獨家新鴻基金融市場評論、股票/ETFs/認股證/牛熊證、虛擬投資組合、監察表、港股互動技術圖表、十大港股成交升跌/成交量、世界環球指數、新鴻基外匯即市外幣匯率、港股到價提示等。 全部功能皆支援簡體中文、繁體中文及英文。如果您已於新鴻基金融集團開立港股交易帳戶,更可登入交易平台即時查詢帳戶結餘和遞交各種有關款項、股票及股東權責等指示。 投資涉及風險。投資者應明了所有投資均涉及風險,故在作出任何投資決定前,應詳細閱讀有關之風險披露聲明。 SHKF eMO is an official mobile trading application provided by Sun Hung Kai Financial (“SHKF”). SHKF eMO provides professional securities trading services for the Hong Kong market with direct linkages to our futures trading platform “FMO”, and ...    20 MB    Views 717
2012 productivity report annual kong hong
-2    Hong Kong Productivity Council’s 2011‐2012 Annual Report, titled ‘An Orchestra Performing Excellence for 45 Years’, is available for iPad download. Symphony orchestra is selected as the theme for the annual report. Conducting a symphony orchestra is used as a metaphor for ...    71 MB    Views 6685

Hong Leong HD

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+1    Hong Leong Bank MPOS is a mobile card acceptance solution that allows business of all types and sizes to easily accept card payments anywhere, anytime, securely. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, a card reader and the Hong ...    NAN    Views 4951


stock market investors analysis kong price view hong system sell
+11    ABZY is a brand new toolset to view the Hong Kong Stock Market. It is based on all innovative concepts which would excel most conventional technical analysis tools. By adopting extensive data mining and patterns analysis, the ABZY market view would ...    NAN    Views 184

Manulife HD

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+6    From now on, tracking investment performance will be so much easier. Manulife Widget HD is an innovative tool to keep track of the performance of your investment in Manulife Hong Kong, including all mutual funds, investmentlinked assurance schemes and MPF funds, ...    NAN    Views 9466


market news stock application view information displayed securities
+10    This is the official application of Muscat Securities Market MSM. The application displays the updated Information of Muscat Securities Market MSM like Stock price updates and Stock News. Information displayed in this application is delayed by 5 minutes from the ...    15 MB    Views 5791
0    Fulixin Securities Limited has been approved by the Securities and Futures Commission licensed to carry on Type 1 (dealing in securities) regulated activity, also the participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company ...    7 MB    Views 6042


candle stock chart index technical kong stocks hong book demand term weekly
+15    香港股票圖冊 (HK Chart Book),為讀者提供四項恒指數及其成份股票的技術分析圖表,透過精心挑選的技術分析指標,和獨家提供的相對動量指數(Demand Index),讓讀者可以快速溜覽香港主要股票的走勢,港股圖冊全面覆蓋市場指數及相關行業的走勢,並利用橫、直模式分別顯示陰陽燭(Candle Stick) 及高低收棒狀圖(HiLo Bar chart) ,讓讀者有更充裕的工具來分析股票動向,其他技術分析數據還包括: 成交量(Turnover) 相對強弱指數(RSI) 移動平均匯聚背馳指標(MACD) 隨機指數(STC) 移動平均線(SMA) Hong Kong Stock Chartbook has covered the daily and weekly charts for 4 Hang Seng Index and their constituent stocks trading in Hong Kong Exchange. We have chosen reliable technical indicators ...    NAN    Views 8717
firms securities law
-2    Our attorneys and staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in the securities industry and in securities law. Several of our firms' attorneys served as a vice president or as compliance officers of one or more major brokerage ...    3 MB    Views 6783


+5    英皇金融集團有限公司(「英皇金融集團」)主要為香港客戶提供優質貴金屬及外匯買賣服務。英皇金融集團屹立香港超過三十年,憑藉穩固根基、龐大網絡及專業團隊,深受客戶信任。英皇金融集團提供多元化交易渠道,包括傳統電話交易,以及24小時網上及智能手機交易平台。集團著重網上交易系統的安全性,透過嚴密監管,確保交易平台高效而穩定。英皇金融集團共有18間門市分行,遍佈港、九、新界,零售客戶基礎龐大。 英皇金融集團旗下成員機構,包括英皇金業有限公司 (「英皇金業」),提供全面的貴金屬投資服務;而英皇金融集團(香港) 有限公司為香港證監會認可持牌槓桿式外匯金融機構 (中央編號 : ACJ776),為客戶提供槓桿外匯買賣服務。 網址: Emperor Financial Services Group Limited ("EFSG") specializes in providing precious metals and forex trading services to customers in Hong Kong. Over the past three decades, EFSG has established a strong presence in Hong Kong ...    1 MB    Views 7686
property consultant kong application hong
+28    The First and Best Property Application in Hong Kong This application shows property for sale and rent in Hong Kong. By using the iPhone's drag, pinch, and swipe functions, you can view stunning photos of Property. You can search by price, ...    4 MB    Views 5382

Tiger Sec Am

management stock securities asset limited company local bid
-5    泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司誠意為您獻上嶄新的股票投資平臺。 泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司不斷努力進取,務求成為一間管理完善、國際稱譽,以及靈活穩健的集團,驥能滿足客戶瞬息萬變的需求,從而促進亞太地區的發展及繁 榮。 泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司,(香港證監會持牌之金融機構ANP612,提供證券交易、投資顧問及資產 管理)於金融界擁有豐富的股票及衍生 工具市場投資經驗。管理團隊擁有豐富之金融經驗和知識,同時亦擁有覆蓋全球之強大網 絡。我們透過股票交易及資產管理平臺為您提供多元化服務,例如把握投資時機,合適處理投資目標, 股票交易及初次公開發行(IPO)的公司股票買賣等。 現在您只需要透過iphone、ipod touch、ipad就可以輕鬆管理證券帳戶,功能包羅萬有,包括: 買賣本地證券 證券即時串流報價或點擊報價,包括買賣盤價格及股數、價格深 度、買賣方經紀、即日圖表等 HKEx MDS3.8兼容 : 兼容港交所於2011年12月5日推出之MDS3.8規格, 包括市場數據播送訊息將達到每 秒2000個股份頁更新,比起舊有的每秒1000個股份頁更新增加一倍,及市場價格深度將由5個最佳價格增至10個 查閱未成交訂單狀況 查閱成交紀錄 查閱戶口持倉及結餘 查閱本地指數及十大股票 設定我的最愛心水股票 您只需擁有本公司的網上證券帳戶,即可使用此app縱橫新世代投資領域 如有查詢,請致電客戶服務部熱線:31042486 Tiger Securities Asset Management Company Limited would like to introduce you with the new trading platform. As one of the leading ...    6 MB    Views 2008

QPI-Mobile HK

chinese stock news major hang seng charts listed kong hong
+17    realtime streaming Hong Kong stock quotes service prices of all listed Hong Kong stocks and major Hang Seng index futures, Hang Seng family indices, stock market news and listed company news major features include intraday charts, daily candlestick charts, ...    4 MB    Views 4141
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+13    CoinCalc Hong Kong Edition allows you to easily calculate the value of all those Hong Kong coins you have lying around. Simply tap on the coins to add them to the total value. Other features: • Individual count displays for each coin • Count ...    356 kb    Views 9599

Richardson Patel

business law legal securities
+16    The law firm of Richardson Patel focuses on corporate & securities law, mergers & acquisitions, and business, securities & employment litigation. Richardson Patel's competitive strength lies in its ability to blend its entrepreneurial spirit with its grasp for complex legal ...    2 MB    Views 5799

Hong Leong

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+2    Hong Leong Bank MPOS is a mobile card acceptance solution that allows business of all types and sizes to easily accept card payments anywhere, anytime, securely. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, a card reader and the Hong ...    NAN    Views 2966
management services united kong hong brokerage
-7    Established in 1993, Emperor Capital Group Limited and its subsidiaries is a renowned Hong Kong based brokerage house providing a wide range of financial services including brokerage services for securities, futures and options traded on the exchanges in Hong Kong, ...    2 MB    Views 1131


stock time options hong kong forex poems futures real call
+28    POEMS Mobile is tailormade for our clients to gain access to a multiproduct trading platform. In POEMS mobile you can get realtime quote and create your own portfolio instantly for a basket of products including Hong Kong Stock, Hong Kong ...    24 MB    Views 4980

Apple Wealth Trade

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-8    Apple Wealth Trade Trading Program for Apple Wealth Securities Increase channel to get security’s data and news via iPhone. Also, can increase opportunity investment for investor and meet all requirements in every time with quickly and accurately data. โปรแกรมซื้อขายหุ้นของบริษัทซื้อขายหลักทรัพย์ Apple Wealth Securities เพื่อเพิ่มช่องทางในการรับทราบข้อมูลหลักทรัพย์และข่าวสารได้จากอุปกรณ์มือถือ iPhone ...    5 MB    Views 1310

BOOM Mobile Trading

+14    BOOM has been offering international stock trading services with its proprietary “one account, multimarket” online trading platform. It’s never been easier to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of trading across Asia and U.S. with your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. With ...    7 MB    Views 4640


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+2    CITIC Securities International (CITICS)'s mobile trading system comes with comprehensive features and easytouse applications, which brings you a new and unique trading experience. Features: 1.Provide all the securities trading functions of existing iTrade trading platform (excluding fund management); 2.Snapshot and streaming real time ...    NAN    Views 8879
apple ipad wealth data increase securities trade
+2    Apple Wealth HD Trade for iPad Trading Program for Apple Wealth Securities Increase channel to get security’s data and news via iPad. Also, can increase opportunity investment for investor and meet all requirements in every time with quickly and accurately data. โปรแกรมซื้อขายหุ้นของบริษัทซื้อขายหลักทรัพย์ Apple ...    18 MB    Views 8707
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-5    股市追蹤 買賣決策 財華社推出iPhone應用程式, 為用戶帶來一站式的財經資訊和港股買賣服務,讓用戶可隨時隨地追蹤最新市況及動向, 並立刻進行即時交易買賣,捕捉每個投資先機。想了解多一點,歡迎來我們的網站 港股即時報價 免費提供即時股票報價服務,隨時隨地查閱港股、窩輪及牛熊證價格. 讓您捉緊每個入市黃金機會。 財經資訊 為讓客戶緊貼香港及國際市場動態, 我們除了提供免費即時港股、牛熊證及窩輪報價服務, 並列出超過20多種環球和行業分類指數, A+H股、ETF、外匯及國企表現總覽, 以及二十大活躍股份和認股證。 除報價服務外, 「財華香港新聞」還提供即時財經股票新聞與強大新聞搜索功能。用戶能輕鬆省時地更新有關的市場訊息。「新股追踪」功能更搜羅即將上市新股及已上市新股最新消息; 提供有關新股新聞, 招股價 等資訊。 如想進一步了解市場想法, 我們的「星级即市策略」將集合多位星級分析師, 為您剖析掲視港股至全球市場走向, 建立最有效的投資策略。 專業圖表分析 為幫助用户把握最理想的出入市時機, 我們加入了日線圖, 週線圖, 月線圖及相關技術性分析指標, 當中更包括如, RSI, 10天及50天平均移動線等。 我的組合與搜索記錄 透過「我的組合」,用戶能自設股票投資組合, 輕鬆追蹤心儀股票, 隨時緊貼最新股價動向。除此之外, 程式更具有搜索記錄功能, 把用戶最近留意過的股票記錄下來以便將來查詢。 即時股票買賣 有別於單一的財經資訊提供服務, 財華證券客戶更可直接透過電子交易平台, 即時輕鬆買賣股票, 查詢戶口結餘、存倉量及買賣記錄等交易資料。過程方便快捷, 使客戶不會錯失任何獲利良機。 想開個證券戶口,請聯絡財華證券。查詢號碼 (852)2169 0088。 Finet Holdings Limited Finet Holdings Limited, Hong Kong’s leading ...    3 MB    Views 4184
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+10    Are you running low on stock investment ideas? Do you wish you had access 24/7 to one of the world's most intelligent stock investment professionals? Then you need Stock Picking Monkey, the only stock picking professional who can fit easily inside your ...    6 MB    Views 9579
investing stock research market investment hong kong stocks method
+10    Stock research is critical to investing success, but gathering all that information can take hours. With MarketSmith Hong Kong, you’ll know the strengths and weaknesses of individual Hong Kong stocks in minutes—based on concrete facts. The app summarizes the data essential ...    24 MB    Views 4805

Avisen Securities

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+4    The Avisen Securities iPad application enables authorized Avisen Securities clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Avisen Securities client that has been authorized for ...    1 MB    Views 4349
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+5    Welcome to Hong Leong Connect, a host of Hong Leong Bank’s Digital Banking Service empowered by convergence of multiple platforms to link up your world. Hong Leong Connect compliments your digital lifestyle and communal interaction to deliver an engaging banking ...    41 MB    Views 2216


broker securities founded online provide
+8    SureTrader, is a division of Swiss Americas Securities, LTD., founded in 2008 and is a licensed broker/dealer located in Nassau, Bahamas and regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas. Founded by entrepreneur Mr. Guy Gentile, the firm was started to ...    2 MB    Views 298
market iphone news touch information stocks indices securities
-7    MSM touch for iPhone provides realtime quotes, charts, news and an array of features to keep you uptodate with market activities. Enhanced with cuttingedge technology, MSM touch for iPhone offers you an interesting opportunity in accessing the Muscat/Muscat Securities Market through ...    8 MB    Views 3012
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-7    Your own dealing room wherever you are KBC Securities mTrader is the free mobile trading application of KBC Securities Trader. This userfriendly iPhone and iPad app allows active investors to closely follow financial markets in realtime and trade rapidly. Wherever you are, take ...    NAN    Views 9003
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+27    Benefit from a wide range of market research and news with the ADS Securities Research Mobile App. In addition to key market research tools, our Chief Market Strategist Noureldeen Al Hammoury provides you with a daily overview on market movements and ...    8 MB    Views 821


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+4    全新卓誠證券 MegaHub 版股票交易平台,專為香港市場投資者專業打造,是你隨身好幫手,無論你身在何方,讓你指尖間領略極速股票買賣,助你緊貼大市。本著“卓越服務,待客以誠”的信念及精神,我們定會為客戶爭取最佳利益,創建財富。 Well Honest Securities is glad to launch MegaHub’s securities trading platform. It provides its securities account customers a fast, simple, secure and reliable mobile securities trading service via smart phone . Customers can simply trade stocks anytime and ...    7 MB    Views 6955


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+2    Chartastic brings powerful stock charting to your fingertips. Easily flip through beautiful and detailed historical stock charts for the securities on your radar. With complete control over the chart settings, you can customize the charts to suit your trading style. The ...    1 MB    Views 0


stock securities services kong trading account hong stocks 852
+7    華南永昌證券(香港)流動港股買賣交易應用程式向客戶提供港股買賣及資訊服務,可有效掌握投機機會。 香港股票實時及延遲報價服務 香港股票交易 查詢帳戶交易記錄及帳戶結餘 本地及環球指數 股票圖表分析 二十大股票排名 指數成份股 行業表現 如閣下已擁有華南永昌證券(香港)網上交易帳戶, 即可使用現有的登入名稱及密碼登入華南永昌證券(香港)流動港股買賣交易應用程式。如閣下想開立帳戶, 請致電本公司客戶服務熱線 (852)2293 4588 Description OneStop Financial Services by Hua Nan Securities (HK) Limited Hua Nan HK TradeMobile provides Hong Kong securities trading and information services. You are able to utilize our full range ...    17 MB    Views 3911

Money Tree.

information buy sell securities
-1    Multiple researchers working around the clock to find early stock picks about to move BIG The assembled information disseminated by is for information purposes only, and is neither a solicitation to buy nor an offer to sell securities. does expect ...    25 MB    Views 1290
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0    KGI HK Mobile Trader (AAStocks) is the official mobile securities trading and information platform offered by KGI Hong Kong. It provides Hong Kong securities trading and information services and allows you to access the latest market information wherever and whenever ...    16 MB    Views 3983


email software gold kong hong price hours stores current trend buy entry
+26    Life, many people want to know the price of gold in Hong Kong, in particular, we want to see Hong Kong Hong Kong to buy gold or gold and jewelry, when we go to Hong Kong in order to facilitate ...    921 kb    Views 9432
research access securities offline markets clients institutional download
+7    Macquarie Securities' iPad and iPhone applications give our Institutional Clients onthemove access to our award winning Capital Markets research. We have one of the largest research teams in the AsiaPacific, as well as teams in Europe, North America and South Africa ...    23 MB    Views 5077
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+8    Welcome to Connect by Hong Leong Bank, a host of Hong Leong Bank’s Digital Banking service empowered by convergence of multiple platforms to link up your world. Connect by Hong Leong Bank compliments your digital lifestyle and communal interaction to ...    32 MB    Views 4948


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-3    First Securities (HK) Limited launched the latest investment information and mobile trading platform. It provides Hong Kong securities trading and allows you to grasp the latest market trend. Also, you can check your global market portfolio wherever and whenever you ...    17 MB    Views 5902

Yes Securities

0    YES SECURITIES is the most advanced mobile investing platform that brings your investments to your fingertips. Secure anywhere, anytime access to your YES INVEST portfolio Intuitive and neat user interface Realtime synced ‘Market Watch’ to keep track of your favorite ...    2 MB    Views 6363
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+18    Mercury Securities is a stockbroking firm in Butterworth, Malaysia, with branch offices in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang Island and Johor Bahru. We offer full stockbroking services as follows: Margin Financing Nominees and Custodian Services Electronics Share Trading Services Stock Broking: ...    6 MB    Views 793
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