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+2    Stunning Stock Plus UI provides the most perfect management tool ever for your Google Finance Portfolios. Picking good stocks for your portfolios is now easy and advanced with extraordinary Stock Screener which built from strong filters from Google Finance data. ...    9 MB    Views 2794
+14    Dropbox integration now available As many of you ask, this is now available. The Dropbox service was added to offer you the best sharing experience it can. Here is FriendCash, your assistant to manage group expenses. Balance expenses between friends ...    14 MB    Views 9866

EZ Stock Quote

news stock market calendar portfolio option quote portfolios
+1    • Stock Quote and multiple portfolios • Realtime, afterhour, premarket quotes for NYSE and NASDAQ stocks • Technical charts with different types and indicators • Track your portfolios with shares and cost • Stock option and option chain • Market overview with indexes, funds, ETF, ...    12 MB    Views 4042
bills iphone pay due support icloud includes payment including
+14    The easiest, fastest bill manager in the App Store. A universal app for iPhone & iPad, and updated to support all iPhone sizes. Includes iCloud sync. Chronicle now includes support for Apple Watch, including notifications and a glance view to quickly ...    6 MB    Views 1420

Financial Balance

+15    Get this gorgeous app for a better understanding of your financial situation. Simply add your income and expenses, and get an overview of what you have left to spend. You can add any amount once, every month, every 4 weeks, ...    1 MB    Views 7228
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+5    "Next for iPad is informative without being garish or unnecessarily cartoonish, and it's a great example of how good design can aid functionality." – Federico Viticci, Next for iPad reimagines expense tracking on iPad. With the iPhone version we changed how ...    7 MB    Views 3936


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+4    Permusoft's MyBonds helps determine the value your U.S. Savings Bonds. The values of the various types of Savings Bonds are set by federal law… volumes upon volumes of federal law. Why dig through all that legalese or make a trip to ...    10 MB    Views 3025
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+4 say "We have never felt so assured knowing our contents are now safely stored in the icloud" "Prepare Your Home for Disaster" Experiencing any issues? Please send us any issues via the inapp support system (last button in settings) or our ...    8 MB    Views 346
investment portfolio creator investments economic times portfolios
+1    Portfolio creator, create your example portfolio within seconds. Investing in uncertain times can be hard. How should one divide their investments? Portfolio creator can help, this app suggests different portfolios depending on investment amount and economic times. This app features investment portfolios ...    4 MB    Views 5265
-4    See why Apple selected Stocks Live in App Store Essentials Money Management Best Stock Market App for iPhone in 2014 Stock Market App to Boost Your Portfolio Stocks Live is an amazing way to track ...    19 MB    Views 6441


management property budget owners icloud accounts sheets annual definition documents
+7    Easy management of the budget (revenues, expenses, assets) of one or many real estates. Each property can have one or many property owners assigned. For the assignment of the different types of expenses, revenues and assets, corresponding accounts can be ...    18 MB    Views 8136


investment tools portfolio community portfolios reports advisor
0    TAdvisor is an online suite to manage investment portfolios by everyone. Our platform provides professional tools for all kind of people with an easy and usable interface. Besides, it includes gamification features to motivate the users and has also a ...    9 MB    Views 3103
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+21    Stockz is an advanced stock, news, and portfolio watching tool to monitor realtime values and events of your holdings throughout the day. This is the free version which can be upgraded using inapppurchase to full functionality; or buy the full version ...    6 MB    Views 5527
stock market news finance time design ipad iphone management symbol portfolios screener live list currency
-8    GoFinance with stunning UI provides the most powerful management tool for your Stock Portfolios. Extraordinary Stock Screener's built from advanced filters from Google Finance data. Real time quotes, stock charts, live news, market trends and live currency are in one ...    6 MB    Views 5599
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0    Bighorn Loan Calculator is a financial calculator for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that can easily calculate payments for almost any loan. In addition to payments, you can calculate loan amounts, payment terms, or interest rates. Just enter any ...    9 MB    Views 7275


news market time stock monitor stocks view data returns icloud portfolios portfolio information
-8    We are excited to release the new iSGStocks, our first universal app for iOS 8 with nextgeneration features. Invest intelligently with iSGStocks,, portfolio manager and market watcher for Singapore Stocks. Why iSGStocks? 1. A universal app optimized for both iPad and iPhone including ...    4 MB    Views 1413
market stock time news iphone french stocks portfolio portfolios watch live currency lists
+7    See why Apple selected Stocks Live in App Store Essentials Money Management Best Stock Market Apps for iPhone in 2014 Stock Market App to Boost Your Portfolio Stocks Live is an amazing way to track ...    15 MB    Views 8352
finance personal expenses simple adding reminder daily icloud table
+24    The mystery has been solved The periodical table has never been as useful as it is now with e79 The cryptic name of the app has a fairly simple explanation: e stands for Element and 79 for the atomic number of ...    8 MB    Views 3140

CEF Connect

-4    Nuveen Investments' CEFConnect app for iPad provides convenient access to daily pricing information for over 500 closedend funds. It also allows users of to access their portfolios. Use this app to: Access daily pricing information for over 500 closedend funds ...    10 MB    Views 8477

My Portfolios HD

stock market time monitor portfolios price summary gain loss quotes position
+4    My Portfolios is a simple tool to monitor your stock and mutual fund portfolios (NYSE & NASDAQ markets). Realtime Bid prices of stocks during stock market open hours, and when the stock market is closed it uses Lasttrade price to ...    21 MB    Views 2257

Smart Budget 2

budget sheets icloud smart accounts operations day fast sync data
+5    Smart Budget 2 is even smarter: • instant start • more powerful analysis • full text search • data sync using iCloud • using sheets as shopping lists for projects (using planned operations with no date set) • storing all daytoday operations on single sheet • deleting ...    8 MB    Views 9911

Price Margin

margin price custom settings note margins icloud selling
0    Price Margin is a handy resource for businesses selling products on the go. Use it to accurately calculate your selling price, given the wholesale cost. You can easily create and edit your own margins with custom price ranges, percentages and ...    391 kb    Views 209
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-9    Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select is a transparent and flexible way of accessing a broader range of financial markets strategies. The Trading Pursuits Investment Services team actively manages a pooled Income Portfolio and a passive Cash Portfolio. The key feature of Spectrum ...    1 MB    Views 6965


bills features premium invoice invoices payments icloud provider status
-3    Description: Respice, adspice, prospice is a Latin phrase meaning: look to the past, the present, the future. Turi application, was designed to help you be organized, manages your bills status and the evolution of your past, present and future payments. This is ...    6 MB    Views 8939
-2    Stock Rover is a free app for your investment research. The web version has received rave reviews from Barron's Magazine, AAII, and Tradestreaming. Stock Rover for the iPad allows existing users to access the same powerful program optimized for an ...    4 MB    Views 6382
stock market news charts stocks realtime devices icloud large quotes
+27    Take advantage of large screen iPhones and iPads Syncs across all devices using iCloud. Offers you realtime, premarket and after hours charts and news to give you the most accurate stock reporting over the course of a day. A tiled mode ...    4 MB    Views 3256

Mobile Portfolio

investment portfolio portfolios mobile investments
+30    Mobile Portfolio is the core of a portfolio management system designed to assist you in following and analysing your investment portfolio. With it, you can: Create separate portfolios to group your investments List all investments contained in one portfolio Modify the ...    1 MB    Views 1867
-9    Transactions is a personal finance manager application that helps you keep track of your income and expenses in an easy and flexible way and an intuitive interface. BEST SELLING FINANCIAL APP IN THE GREEK APPSTORE TRANSACTIONS IS √ Designed specifically for iOS 7 √ ...    3 MB    Views 9982


people money icloud owe amounts
0    Do you ever want to split something, like the electric bill or rent or some food? This keeps tracks of all your debt or how much others owe you. It also backs up your data to iCloud, so you can ...    2 MB    Views 4224


investment returns fund prices fees automatic portfolios
-5    Track all your investment portfolios and returns in one app. If you trade on multiple platforms or want to exclude all charges from your investment returns, this app is for you. Features: All investment data are stored in your own device ...    1 MB    Views 5710


investment search planning time capital files analysis window data fees icloud return device
+4    Great Investment Planning App iNVESTaCALC is an easy to use yet comprehensive investment calculator. It's a Great easy to use App enabling you to: Compare the performance of different schemes Calculate the effect of fees on capital and savings Compare the performance of different fee ...    3 MB    Views 3582
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0    Stockz is an advanced stock, news, and portfolio watching tool to monitor realtime values and events of your holdings throughout the day. NEW • Projected earnings and exdividend dates (sort by date, or % dividend) • Save news articles for later reading in ...    6 MB    Views 106

iPhilStocks Pro

market stock time news stocks portfolio view charts returns icloud data compare
-6    Invest wisely with iPhilStocks Pro, the easy yet powerful Market Watcher and Portfolio Manager developed specifically for the Philippine Stock Market. Why iPhilStocks? Easy to use Designed for Philippines stocks Multiple portfolio managers to view profits Provides BOTH headline and company news Numerous market summaries and ...    5 MB    Views 6969


market time news stock monitor stocks data view returns portfolio portfolios icloud
+28    We are excited to release iPhilStocks+ (formerly HD), our first universal app for iOS 8 with nextgeneration features. Invest intelligently with iPhilStocks+, portfolio manager and market watcher for the Philippines stock market: Why iPhilStocks +? 1. A universal app optimized for both iPad ...    6 MB    Views 1101


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+1    Stock4Q is a clean and elegant way to manage stock portfolios. The intuitive design and clean interface is meant to enrich your mobile experience with a singular aim "realtime stock quotes at your finger tips". Stock4Q provides streaming stock quotes ...    425 kb    Views 2187
money running icloud backup iou owes tab data needed works
+13    IOU (I owe you) App tracks those who owes you money. • NO signup/login needed • No internet connection needed (except to backup to iCloud) • Simple so you focus on creating IOUs • Fast because it's all in your phone • You don't have ...    9 MB    Views 6149


bills history email security data icloud export sync bill support designed compatible
-7    Never ever forget when to pay your bills again Bills is a beautifully designed bills reminder and tracker. It will alert you when you have bills due or expenses to pay. Designed with a quick overview screen for upcoming bills ...    3 MB    Views 6363
+18    DailyFinance Portfolio is the easiest way to manage your investments. Sync your investment accounts and track all your stocks, funds, 401ks, and IRAs in realtime, in one fast and secure app. Powered by SigFig, a leading investment portfolio and advice ...    9 MB    Views 1195

Spend Stack

tax shopping stack spend local sales icloud themes list
-2    See it in action: Requires iOS 8.1 or above. Spend Stack makes staying on top of money easy, fun, and pretty. Let Spend Stack automagically find your local sales tax, keep track of what you are spending, categorize items, and more. ...    23 MB    Views 1644

Betting Portfolio

sports portfolio betting total deposits withdrawals earnings roi portfolios calculated
+3    Betting Portfolio Finally betting professional The betting portfolio app gives an overview of your bet winnings. Track your deposits, withdrawals and balances. From this the app calculates the total of deposits and withdrawals, your earnings and the ROI (Return on Investment). The app ...    2 MB    Views 4819


money income expenses transactions share graphs categories icloud category event
-9    iConomy is an application that allows you to track your personal finances in a simple and efficient way through an intuitive and attractive interface. Registering your income and expenses you can control your money. You can see them by date, ...    8 MB    Views 9462

Stockportfolio Lite

monitor stock portfolio stocks cross loss mail push development portfolios displays
0    It’s never been easier to follow your stocks on the go. With The Stock portfolio app, you’ll get a quick and easy overview of your portfolio's performance. See how your portfolios has developed during the day or since any given date. ...    10 MB    Views 5929
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+9    trdr gives you free automated alerts and a personalized news feed covering all of your portfolios. Our technology aggregates all important stock market news and information, then filters out the noise for you. trdr presents only relevant market info in a ...    17 MB    Views 1490
time market frankfurt watchlists portfolios etfs order prices free
+4    Realtime prices from the markets Xetra and Frankfurt, managing of different watchlists and portfolios, an individual market overview as well as current news and financial dates – this and much more is provided free of charge by the official Boerse ...    5 MB    Views 6763

Tiny Budget

budget simple budgets features account user icloud
0    TinyBudget is basically a calculator with database usage and a graphical user interface, which has been deliberately reduced in its functions and features of graphic elements. To manage a simple budget, it does not need more. Therefore, several automated processes ...    5 MB    Views 1075

Stock Market Game

Related Apps market stock students game performance portfolios
+12    From better attendance and increased engagement and participation in class to higher test scores and improved academic performance, there are many anecdotes about the educational impact of the SIFMA Foundation's Stock Market Game (SMG). These anecdotes were confirmed when a ...    6 MB    Views 8174
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+18    Featuring timely market data from highly reliable sources, Stock Market Pro is the simplest way to track a range of stocks and have all the key data you need at your fingertips. This is the Pro version which lets you manage ...    17 MB    Views 448
gps investment management portfolios optimized wealth level returns risk
+12    Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management’s Optimized Portfolios, part of Canaccord Genuity Global Portfolio Solutions (GPS), aim to provide better returns with less risk by targeting a capped level of volatility. In other words, returns include peace of mind. GPS Optimized Portfolios adjust ...    55 MB    Views 8733
time icloud expense expenses daily
+22    If you just want to know how much money you are spending. This is the only right app for you 5coins is a simple app for tracking your daily expenses. Unlike other apps available at the store. 5coins only focuses on ...    2 MB    Views 6919
ipad bills iphone bill due payment icloud ipod numbers touch
-1    From the water bill to the car payment to the cell phone subscription, BillTracker for iPad can help you stay on top of your bills. And now with support for iCloud, your bills in BillTracker for iPad can be synced with ...    8 MB    Views 3636
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-7    • "After eight months, I find adding expenses in Next so fast and intuitive, I struggle to use any other expense tracker." – Federico Viticci, • " still remains one of my top picks for quick and easy expense tracking ...    8 MB    Views 6290
stock time research strategy market profile news options portfolio chart put portfolios price interest holdings
+2    High performance RealTime portfolio tracker with indepth stock and options research. Super Fast and EasytoSetup portfolios. Manage multiple portfolios and track the value, performance, profit and loss, and changes in RealTime with tons of powerful tools and charts. Pre / After market ...    17 MB    Views 8059
stock iphone web news magazine investment information portfolios stocks free users
+1    Stock Rover is a free app for your investment research. The web version has received rave reviews from Barron's Magazine, AAII, and Tradestreaming. Stock Rover for the iPhone is optimized to provide the essential investment information you need while on ...    3 MB    Views 8740

Bell Direct

apple direct bell watch portfolios smarter access
-9    Apple Watch App Only Why be smart, when you can be smarter? Bell Direct is Australia’s smarter choice for online traders and investors. Now with an Apple Watch App The Bell Direct Apple Watch App is the smarter way for Bell Direct ...    12 MB    Views 6382


iphone portfolios view symbols auto mac min
+3    Quickly access your portfolios from your iPhone and Mac using iCloud. View individual portfolio positions along with their daily and overall gains and values. View live quotes for all symbols in your portfolios (15min delayed). View graphs for all symbols in your portfolios ...    1 MB    Views 2724


data password support users user built browser icloud dynamic
-2    SePass 密码过多记不住了吗? 经常忘记不常用的密码吗? SePass为此而生。 SePass是专业级密码管理工具, 一切以数据安全为出发点的, 除了用户自己就算是SePass开发团队也无法窃取用户的数据,经whireshark网络抓包检测,SePass对用户数没有上传到除苹果的ICloud以外的任服务器。若用户不喜欢ICloud服务器也可以不上传。 1.采用AES256加密数据, 即使你的备份的数据文件被盗,数据里面内容也不会泄漏。 2.支持内置浏览器与外链浏览器两种方式, 内置SePass浏览器可自动添写用户名密码,省去输入的烦锁 3.内置密码生成器,密码组成支持动态自由搭配,用户可自定义。 4.支待多领域各种模板,录入数据更加快捷和方便。 5.支持icloud数据备份,同时在PC端无需安装任何工具的情况下, 支持通过WIFI备份/还原数据,让你的数据备份在你的私人电脑中,让密码数据更加安全。 6.内容组合功能更加强大,可动态增减栏目以及配置栏目的各种属性。 7.后台定时自动锁定APP,用户也可指定马上锁定。 8.用户可一键发送或分享数据到微信,邮件,短信等, 便于数据拷贝。 9.支持英文与中文,随设备语言动态切换。 10.支持不同字段栏目(自户可自行配置),一键拨打电话,一键打开链接,一键显示密码等 SePass The password is too much can't remember? Often forget not commonly used password? SePass for. SePass is a professional level password management tool, all with data security as a starting point, in addition ...    6 MB    Views 8260
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+15    If you are looking for a personal finance app that is convenient, easy to use and at the same time has enough features, then Debit & Credit is the right app for you. • All Accounts in One App Keeping financial records ...    5 MB    Views 7543


gps business trip running icloud stop distance register works start address
+8    If you’re part of the 20% of employees worldwide that actively engage in business trips, then you are well aware of how much time is spent logging travel for reimbursement. RitCloud is the App for you The main purpose is to make ...    3 MB    Views 7985
home photos work contents support items insurance icloud record solution
+15 say "We have never felt so assured knowing our contents are now safely stored in the icloud" "Prepare Your Home for Disaster" Experiencing any issues?  Please send us any issues via the inapp support system (last button in settings) or our ...    6 MB    Views 2846

EZ Expense Manager

calculator account expense year month categories multiple icloud payments payment
0    The widely popular, easy to use and feature rich Expense Manager app comes to iOS: • Tracking expenses and incomes by week, month and year as well as by categories • Multiple accounts in multiple currencies • Schedule the payments and recurring payments • ...    19 MB    Views 2213
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