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+23    Need to create a bill of sale quickly? Now you can with Pocket Bill of Sale Lite. The template is prepopulated for you. Simply enter a new item, date, price & description of the item, seller and buyer information then ...    5 MB    Views 641

JBFS for iPad

+1    All your property and finance tools & information in the one handy place. Never miss a beat, with calculators & news updates perfect for homebuyers and investors. Features include; •Government Fees Calculator (all states & territories of Australia) •News feed (keep up to date ...    13 MB    Views 5858

Home Buying Power

+23    Do you wonder how falling interest rates affect your buying power for your next house? Home Buying Power is a tool that helps you quickly determine how much house you or your client can afford. This is an essential tool ...    548 kb    Views 1531
+5    SmallDebts makes easy to remember money you owe to your friends. Keep a tap on small sums of money that always get forgotten. Whether you borrowed (or lent) money for a coffee, last night's drinks, lunch or a tank of gas, ...    284 kb    Views 6284


+29    It's Very simple In the calculation discount and tax. you can see include tax and exclude tax on one page. Key features : Change price Change quantity Change discount percent Change tax Calculation include tax Calculation exclude tax    134 kb    Views 7627
tax tracker tip bill features include utility feedback
+16    Tip Utility allows for fast and very flexible calculation of tips. Features include: Apple Watch support simple & straightforward user interface bill tracker for archiving and easy sharing (via email) of your receipts and bills split bill options to exclude/include ...    9 MB    Views 6423

Magellan Title

includes real mortgage service estate title part team
+1    Our mission is to become a valued part of your team, helping you grow your business and reach your goals. We maintain to deliver a level of service that will be difficult to find anywhere else. Our staff includes professionals with ...    528 kb    Views 3267
canadian tax calculator mate amount easy click reverse includes add included
+8    HST Mate Canadian Tax Calculator HST Mate is a handy application designed to make working with Canadian HST ( harmonized sales tax ) easy. Especially reverse HST calculations. HST Mate includes the HST rates of 5%, 12%, 13% and 15%. Features: Very ...    2 MB    Views 1826
work management business data prices cities ubs earnings global wealth categories included
+26    UBS Prices and Earnings How long do you have to work in New York, Kuala Lumpur or Sydney to be able to afford a Big Mac? Where can you go fashionshopping cheaply? Where do employees work the most hours per week? ...    7 MB    Views 1204

Calc Tip Top Lite

-5    Simple and easy tipping This tool is a most easytouse tip calculator.No complex operations,no impractical functions.It's so easy to use. Just launch and use Enter the price of your spending. Use the slider to select the tip percentage you want to give(or tax percentage),alternative,you ...    541 kb    Views 611
Related Apps discount calculator ipad iphone tax percentages application percentage include price calculate calculations
+11    Percentages 5 in 1 is a simple iPhone application that calculates all your percentages including The discount on that item you have been dreaming about at the mall The tax on items you buy, easily selected by the state or ...    3 MB    Views 7774
Related Apps tax software ipad time business program form return taxsoftware irs online includes schedules forms simplified
-9    For free unlimited support contact This app now supports iCloud for sharing your tax returns between your devices Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPAD : You start your simplified tax return and complete it entirely on ...    15 MB    Views 6431
Related Apps history bank mobile features include inquiry transaction accounts balance county
0    Bank on the go securely with The Bank of San Jacinto County Mobile Banking. Mobiliti allows you to access your bank accounts via your mobile phone. Text features include: • Balance Inquiry • Transaction History Mobile Browser and Application features include: • Balance Inquiry • Transaction History • ...    2 MB    Views 8463
money students real life create businesses teach included
0    The Learning About Money: RealLife Maths Kit is a comprehensive set of tools to teach children about money and the basic principles of running a business. RealLife Maths is about engaging students in maths and allowing them to create their ...    39 MB    Views 7498
Related Apps calculator tax vat sales works taxes tool good working included
-9    This app is very successful in Europe now available in the US Get it now it's NEW Price will double soon > Travelling to Europe? > Want to know the exact VAT for each European Country? > Want to ...    776 kb    Views 9875


tax rates prices included quickly sales
+19    taxtax is a handy tool for anyone who has to deal with sales tax or other tax rates on a daily basis. Don't waste any more time applying the same formulas over and over again. taxtax let's you add and substract ...    418 kb    Views 2723
Related Apps stock strategy average moving total technical weighted loss gain mode include
+14    Unlock a stocks winning potential with technical filters and indicators Compare the stock winnings to three different scenarios and find the best to increase your profits From each scenarios you’ll obtain: 1. Total Proceeds – Amount spent and earned 2. Overall Gain (or ...    5 MB    Views 7332
Related Apps calculator work food include calculators entered price item calculations features
0    New Update Version 1.4 A collection of tools for hospitality, food and beverage professionals. Hospitality Calculators is the most comprehensive tool used by people who work in the hospitality sector. With its sleek and easy to use interface it enables the user ...    2 MB    Views 5909


+16    Money loves to be counted, and you will love MoneyFix Just like you, we've been looking for a simple and convenient way how to monitor and analyse the finances. Notebooks, spreadsheets, applications all of them had flaws, which we are ...    13 MB    Views 5659
news stock include industrial consumer brands
-5    The RPM International Inc. Investor Relations App provides investors and analysts with uptodate news and information from RPM. The fullfeatured app is designed for both iPhone and iPad devices. App content includes: stock information news releases annual and quarterly reports cumulative ...    NAN    Views 3609


Related Apps time stock market news iphone includes information real bid stocks clients
+19    兆安證券最新推出之iPhone程式為用戶帶來一個既?定又流暢度高的實時港股報價及市場資訊介面,為客戶捕捉每個入市良機。 我們的程式以原生應用程式運行。其極佳的運行速度、穩定性和流暢度可給予用戶無可比擬的體驗,令WAP/WEB瀏覽器界面產品望塵莫及。 我們程式的資訊介面據有的功能包括: 即時串流股票報價和市場資訊:網羅重要市場資訊,包括實時報價、資金流向、成交紀錄、技術分析及基本面數據和相關上市公司及輪證; HKEx MDS3.8兼容:兼容港交所於2011年12月5日推出之MDS3.8規格,包括: 市場數據播送訊息將達到每秒2000個股份頁更新,比起舊有的每秒1000個股份頁更新增加一倍 市場價格深度將由5個最佳價格增至10個 買賣盤排序:顯示經紀落盤序列及累積情況,市場走勢盡掌握; 專業股價圖表:可橫向及直向顯示及切換20個時段,並兼備技術分析; 自訂股價監察:可自訂多個監察組合,創新「一步到位」功能,能快速將股份加進組合; 公司資料:市場上最全面和最準確之上市公司數據庫,是價值投資者必備的工具; 市場排行磅:包括股票、窩輪和牛熊證的二十大升跌幅、活躍成交、52週新高新低之排序等; 板塊行情:包括主要板塊走勢,熱點一目了然; A+H報價:悉數包含A+H股票報價,中港互動了然在胸; 即時新聞:採用國際知名的「道瓊斯」及聯交所新聞; 本地及環球指數:包括恒指、國指、恒指期貨等十多種主要指數,附即時圖表; 外匯報價:包含主要貨??率報價,為追蹤資金流向的理想工具。 本程式只限兆安證券有限公司的客戶使用。如欲查詢,請致電客戶服務熱線 +852 2545 0332。 Siu On Securities' latest iPhone App provides clients with a stable and seamless realtime Hong Kong stock quote and market information platform to help clients capture every investment opportunity. Our App is a native app running directly ...    6 MB    Views 9860
exam time education cpa questions tracking performance section exams includes practice
-6    Master the concepts on the Certified Public Accountant exam using customizable quizzes, practice exams and flashcards with real questions from previous CPA exams. CPA Exam Prep includes explanations for correct/incorrect answers, as well as performance tracking that is designed to ...    3 MB    Views 5897
stock home include metrics screen 500 stocks sort
+5    Valuator is an app designed to help you pick out the most undervalued stocks. Features include a home screen with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ, a list of the S&P 500 sorted by PEG, and a detailed view of each ...    336 kb    Views 6825
ebook general counsel include
+5    General Counsel EBook è la nuova pubblicazione di che include i general counsel di oltre 30 settori merceologici. Include interventi e interviste a general counsel.    5 MB    Views 9225
-5    Piikki is an amazing receipt scanner app for your iPhone & iPad. +++ Scan your receipts using the device camera Digitize your receipts right on the spot +++ Connect with Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote Upload your receipts to the ...    24 MB    Views 7280
Related Apps calculator fee ebay reverse paypal calculate price includes listing features
+29    Auction Calculator US Edition is a comprehensive and userfriendly set of fee calculators and “reverse” calculators for 5 top auction sites: Amazon, eBay, eBid, and PayPal. We created this app to help you save time and money. The ...    2 MB    Views 8296

GooBiq Stock Charts

stock oscillator months day years band include
0    Technical Stock Charts for your mobile device; supports North American equities and time periods of 1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years. Available chart types are OHLC, CandleStick and Line (close). Overlays ...    1 MB    Views 384
0    Currency Exchange Free can change any amount of currency from one to another. It’s easy to use and update exchange rate automatically. Currency Exchange Free your cool pocket currency exchanger. Features: 115+ currency and countries included. Nice interface, easy to use Refresh exchange rate ...    4 MB    Views 5246


tools personal financial principles information includes potential create decisions project
+20    At the core of any financial plan are four principles that should be considered. These principles are 1) how much you earn, 2) how much you pay in taxes, 3) how much you spend and 4) how much you save. ...    19 MB    Views 7546

MagicTrader Plus

time market stock news magictrader include real subscription listed company
-6    MagicTrader 5.1 實時股票報價系統為追求速度及穩定的夢幻投資工具。MagicTrader 5.1 執行速度、穩定性、流暢程度極高,給予無可比擬的用戶體驗,WAP/WEB瀏覽器介面產品望塵莫及。 必須訂購服務才能使用MagicTrader 5.1 詳情請參閱,或電郵至csmegahubhk.com查詢 MagicTrader 3.0 功能強大,包括: 即時串流股票報價:網羅重要市場資訊,包括實時報價、資金流向、成交紀錄、技術分析及基本面數據、相關輪證及相關上市公司; 買賣盤排序:顯示經紀落盤序列及累積情況,市場走勢盡掌握; 專業圖表:可橫向及直向顯示及切換20個時段,兼備20種技術分析; 股價監察:可自訂多個監察組合及與PowerTicker 2.0同步更新,創新「一步到位」功能,能快速將股份加進組合; 公司資料:市場上最廣最精之上市公司數據庫,價值投資者必備工具; 市場排行:含股票、窩輪、牛熊證的二十大升跌幅、活躍成交、52週新高新低之排序等; 板塊行情:包括主要板塊走勢,熱點一目了然; A+H報價:悉數包含A+H股票報價,中港互動了然在胸; 即時新聞:採用國際知名的「道瓊斯」及聯交所新聞; 本地及環球指數:包括恒指、國指等十多隻重要指數,附即時圖表. MagicTrader 5.1 is a realtime streaming quotes native app which is investing dream tool for pursuing speed and reliability. Its smooth and stable execution provides superior user experience, outperforming other ...    8 MB    Views 6545

Nice Calc

tax ipad touch nice calc percentage included amount calculators displayed
0    Nice Calc is a Universal application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that lets you see in detail the percentage or tax calculated for a specific amount. The T key is programmed by you, after entering any number just touch the ...    7 MB    Views 6778
Related Apps stock ipad news investors interactive corporate includes content company
+6    Ansaldo STS introduces a new corporate App that presents to all stakeholders its most important institutional content, declined in an iPadoptimised format. The App includes data, images, video and text, in an integrated format which provides a unique and fulfilling user ...    44 MB    Views 8066


Related Apps calculator access included
+3    BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) Calculator for all Military and Department of Defense branches. Quick access to BAH rates, instant retrieval of BAH dollar amounts, no load times, no waiting, no internet or 4G access required. Every BAH zone and ...    2 MB    Views 4217
rich grow historical progress mind activities include charts
-5    “Think and Grow Rich Unleashed” enables you to take full advantage of the principles defined in Napoleon Hill’s original 1937 version of Think and Grow Rich. It includes 5 Activities, 7 Questionnaires and Historical Charts that allow you to track your ...    9 MB    Views 1533


networking investment event events list agenda include participants outlook
+25    The EBRD Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors and Business Forum 2015 will take place on the 1415 May in Tbilisi, Georgia. The two day event will include: Discussion Panels, Investment Outlook Sessions, Networking Events and a Host Country ...    28 MB    Views 4550
vat included converts clear
+4    ◈ Calculate the VAT with the most suitable app ◈ This app allows you to convert VAT amounts. The app has a clear and functional design. ◈ VAT converter ◈ √ converts VAT included to VAT excluded √ converts VAT excluded to VAT included √ ...    8 MB    Views 3006


monitor finance industry mobile includes issues digital equipment leasing
+11    Experience the Monitor app, designed for your mobile business lifestyle Launched in 1974, the Monitor is the leading independent trade publication in the equipment finance & leasing industry. The Monitor app includes the Monitor 100, our annual ranking and analysis of ...    8 MB    Views 8762
+7    The simple interest master is a simple financial calculator for the iphone that calculates various interest calculating methods. It can calculate compound, simple, continuously compound and accrued interests. This financial calculator has a custommade interface that provides simple and fast ...    2 MB    Views 662
bills iphone pay due support icloud includes payment including
-8    The easiest, fastest bill manager in the App Store. A universal app for iPhone & iPad, and updated to support all iPhone sizes. Includes iCloud sync. Chronicle now includes support for Apple Watch, including notifications and a glance view to quickly ...    6 MB    Views 1420

Business Valuation

Related Apps business discount tools valuation cash includes calculate rate adjust flow
+4    Business Valuation enables you to quickly and easily value a business using the discounted cash flows (DCF) valuation method. The app includes tools to adjust projected earnings to free cash flow for a five year projection period. It also includes buildup ...    5 MB    Views 7421
Related Apps mint mark precious products services include trading world metals
-5    Founded in 1965, AMark is a full service precious metals trading company offering a wide array of products and services. Products include gold, silver, platinum and palladium for storage and delivery in the form of coins, bars, wafers and grain. ...    2 MB    Views 2215

Books for Success

books art reading read success living hill include rich features
0    The Best SelfHelp, Personal Development Classics are all right here Read some of the most influential and inspiring books ever written. These titles have been the foundation for many of today's successful people. Now they can be yours at less ...    16 MB    Views 5421


news time china stock real technical analysis financial nasdaq charts include
+14    Fonestock gives you a refreshing experience in mobile financial information accessing and digesting. With realtime streaming and Fonestock interpretation, your next logical step is often just one stroke away, whether it is indepth analysis, cross reference or news updating. Features of ...    9 MB    Views 9061


Related Apps email transactions include accounts account totals income export csv
+13    Features: Interface Bug Fixes Total Accounts Balance (same currrency) Export Single Account info as attachment (CSV) Export All Account info as multiple attachments (CSV) Transactions now include categories Transactions now include notes Transactions now include checkmarks Select the fields you ...    5 MB    Views 9648

CFCU Mobile

Related Apps banking text time history cfcu mobile account real watch member includes
+4    The CFCU mobile banking app allows you 24/7 access to deposit checks remotely from your phone, check account balances, view account history, transfer funds between your account or to another CFCU member and locate branches or ATMs. You can even manage ...    12 MB    Views 6474


sales includes comments view mac activity sound ching earnings
-5    SalesDonkey by uDesign SalesDonkey lets you track your sales and comments on any website from Envato network. This includes ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, ActiveDen, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, 3DOcean and VideoHive. You can view your recent sales and comments in one place. You can also ...    1 MB    Views 9385

Mortgage Mate

Related Apps home mortgage scenarios mate include insurance monthly interest mortgages payments
-7    Mortgage Mate is THE solution for comparing different mortgage scenarios so you can find the best option for your needs. Whether you're buying a home, refinancing or helping clients, Mortgage Mate helps you make sense of the confusion surrounding mortgages. FEATURES/FUNCTIONS Multiple ...    126 kb    Views 6428


etfs includes asset ability exchange funds
+9    There are hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE), covering all major asset classes, industry sectors and geographical markets offering a diverse and low cost investment option. The etfLook app enables a user to quickly find, ...    5 MB    Views 9613


finance news home announcements include loans notifications
+22    All your property and finance tools & information in the one handy place. Never miss a beat, with calculators & news updates perfect for homebuyers and investors. Features include; •Government Fees Calculator (all states & territories of Australia) •News feed (keep up to date ...    12 MB    Views 3133


magazine australia articles includes
+12    Acuity magazine provides sharper thinking on matters of global economics, business and finance. The dynamic App includes all the articles from the print magazine PLUS bonus articles. Every edition includes insight and foresight from influential businesspeople, leading economists and visionary ...    18 MB    Views 6436
Related Apps calculator tax property home email loan mortgage payments save loans side include
+8    Mortgage/Loan Calculator is not your average mortgage app. This application makes it fast and easy to figure out the immediate impact that making extra prepayments and adhoc payments can have. Compare loans, include your property tax and insurance to get ...    2 MB    Views 3405
planning adviser dynamic financial planner distribution application include technology advice
-7    Want to know how much your investments are worth? Need some help from your financial adviser? Dynamic Planner – My Planning makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your wealth. Each time you login, it will update your investment ...    5 MB    Views 427


investment magazine subscription current auto period account include charged renew renewing hours
-3    Australian Resources & Investment is a quarterly magazine targeted at investors and mining executives. Regular columnists include former managing editor of BRW magazine, Tony Featherstone, and the world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, who writes exclusively for this publication. Each expertly written ...    6 MB    Views 2791
Related Apps tax property calculation includes deductible deductions capital gains
0    This capital gains tax (CGT) calculation is the most accurate calculator for all types of assets, shares and property; it calculates the gain or loss to be included in your Australian tax assessment. This calculation includes the following: The first APP ...    1 MB    Views 4307

Soderpalm 2014

books morning news calendar sales page week letter includes free
+19    Soderpalm Publishing will help you to increase your sales and your profits. Max Söderpalm is bestselling author and sales coach. Every week he writes a new number of inspirational letter Monday Morning Newsletter. You get practical sales tips, interviews and guest ...    6 MB    Views 9689


economics includes
+3    This is a Excellent Application on Macroeconomics, Includes Video Training Course and Practice Exam, Macroeconomics is a branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decisionmaking of an economy as a whole, rather than individual markets. This includes ...    437 MB    Views 7306
stock strategy money investing time advisor term elite recommendations successful investor include
0    ON SALE Daily, weekly, yearly stock picks A winning strategy since 2010 Why focus only on short term trades? Or midterm? Or long term? Become the ultimate investor and make money in all time frames No prior experience necessary The Stock ...    2 MB    Views 6149
calculator tax gst amount mate click rate easy zealand calculate add included
+8    NZ GST Mate New Zealand GST Calculator NZ GST Mate is a handy application designed to make working with New Zealand GST (goods and services tax) easy. Especially reverse GST calculations. Features: Very easy to use. Includes both the standard GST ...    1 MB    Views 1404
Related Apps card pocket prepaid phone funds details secure include
+1    Use Pocket to Pocket by PFS to manage your PFS Prepaid MasterCard or Spark Prepaid MasterCard anytime, anywhere. Pocket to Pocket by PFS also includes an ATM Finder to locate the nearest ATM (UK only). Pocket to Pocket by PFS also includes ...    5 MB    Views 2210
news btc currencies ltc currency bitcoin usd include pair
+11    This app shows the current exchange rates for many currencies to crypto currencies. Currencies include USD, EUR, CAD, CNY, RUB, CHF and many more. Crypto Currencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), DOGE, NMC, PPC and many more altcoins. You can setup alerts for ...    11 MB    Views 5022
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