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+28    Individual income tax liability in China is calculated according to three factors: 1; the source of an individual's income; 2. whether an individual is determined under Chinese law to be domiciled in China for tax purposes; 3. and the length of their stay ...    15 MB    Views 7393


+14    Are you a Brit abroad? Are you concerned about your tax situation? Unsure about what you are required to do? The Taxsafe app was developed to enable users to follow a useful workflow of questions and answers that point you in ...    246 kb    Views 7735


+8    A great tip calculator is both pretty and full of features. It has rounding total or tip feature, even uneven splits among people. Optionally displaying sales tax and calculating tip including sales tax, which can be changed in settings.    1 MB    Views 2171

MFW Accountants

+4    The McCabe Ford Williams (MFW) Mobile phone app introduces you to a useful selection of tax tables and tax calculators. If you need to estimate your income tax on the go or want to review the current year's tax rates, ...    11 MB    Views 1710


tax deloitte
+4    uktaxmobile gives you the latest insights and information from Deloitte’s UK tax specialists. Publications Podcasts Dbriefs webcasts Articles Tax rates and allowances UKBudget twitter feed Deloitte office locator and Deloitte contacts    9 MB    Views 886
Related Apps tax income high conference strategies individual
+11    The 2013 AICPA Conference on Tax Strategies for the HighIncome Individual features an allstar cast of prominent tax experts and thought leaders sharing their timely insights, solutions, and personal experiences, focusing on the latest income and estate tax changes that ...    10 MB    Views 3297

Tip & Tax

Related Apps tax tip
+14    Tired of tipping on top of tax? Tip & Tax lets you easily choose one of three tip rates you can set and optionally back out the tax. All that and you can divide the check between up to ten ...    1 MB    Views 2109


-1    Rowleys App provides you with some key tax information, useful tax calculators and relevant technical news to keep you up to date; all in one App.    NAN    Views 4580
+5    Bank Windu Mobile Banking on Mobile Apps offers you the simple and easy way to: Check your account balances. View your Account Summaries, Transaction History, etc. Transfer Funds to Other Account or Local Banks. Transfer Online Real Time Pay Utility Bills, Credit Card Bills, ...    6 MB    Views 4374

Kinsey Jones

+12    The Kinsey Jones Chartered Accountants mobile phone app provides useful tax tables, tax savings schemes and more. There are a selection of tax calculators, from net salary to capital gains tax to stamp duty.    13 MB    Views 6187
+1    Included are sessions on how tax regulations affect your business clients. You will receive the technical knowhow from standard setters. The focus is on helping you serve your clients as a trusted advisor, so that you can offer them topnotch ...    10 MB    Views 6469

Better Haves

+25    Better Haves is a budgeting app based on the tried and tested envelope budgeting system. It is the first budget app designed with couples in mind, but it can also be used for individual budgeting. Key features: THE BEST FREE ENVELOPE BUDGETING ...    5 MB    Views 5211
-2    A simple tax calculator for independent contractors. Coming soon: persistent storage for tax data.    3 MB    Views 4714

Tax Card 2011/12

tax 2011
+13    Tax Rates for UK 2011/12    5 MB    Views 5764

Tax Pros

-9    Come to the pros who know. A pro with a game plan. Tax Pros With the TaxPros App you can schedule your appointments, check the status of your refund and coming soon Track mileage and receipts    19 MB    Views 8331


+1    This is the super easy tax converter. Japanese consumption tax has been changed to 8% from 5% on on April 1, 2014. This app will help you to convert the taxincluded price between the previous "5%" and current "8%".    3 MB    Views 6761

Tax in a Flash

+26    Tax in a Flash: Brings a fresh study method to your work. Now you can review your knowledge of individual federal income tax in a convenient and highly portable iPad Application. Tax in a Flash: Brings flash card style questions and ...    4 MB    Views 1583
+2    Never forget who owes you how much, keep track of your borrowed or lent money Do you have to deal with borrowing money a lot whether you take it or give. Well this is exactly an app for you. Whether you ...    9 MB    Views 6312


+9    Investorside members constitute the world's leading investment research firms that provide individual and institutional investors with ideas and recommendations that are untainted by investment banking, consulting or researchforhire interests. Our members cover the entire spectrum of research methodologies, markets, and ...    6 MB    Views 7493


investment investors people investing members individual decisions insights making crowd
-5    CrowdVest. Rapid. Collective. Insight. At CrowdVest, we have one objective in mind ... to rapidly harness the investment ideas of many, many individual generalist investors and to reflect the collective investment insights back to members. Up until now, individual investors have been ...    6 MB    Views 4519
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0    Insa Portfolio Management System clients and their customers now have worldwide secure access to online valuations of their portfolios via the iPad. Users are able to select individual portfolios or consolidate all. INSA for iPad provides: • Display of individual investments ...    4 MB    Views 20


+3    TaxGalicia gives you the important and updated information on Spanish Tax with a calendar that allows you to add key tax dates on your agenda.    7 MB    Views 116
social tax chinese insurance payment individual base calculate number
-5    Conpak CPA Limited designs a brand new, easy and convenient individual income tax calculator for individual. Functions 2014 updated tax payment parameter of cities Forward and reverse calculation GPS for the city located to obtain the base number of the social ...    2 MB    Views 5430

CT Tax Check

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+10    This utility provides an estimate of your calendar year 2010 Connecticut State Income Tax. It can be used prior to or during preparation and as a final check of your results. It can save you time working through form CT1040 ...    153 kb    Views 1595
0    Financial planning with Manulife odyssey finanza Estate planning with Rockwills (Singapore) Pte ltd and Rockwills (Malaysia) Pte ltd Provide estate planning services in Singapore and Malaysia. 9 years experience in insurance and estate planning . 1) personal Insurance and investment planning 2) business insurance and succession ...    21 MB    Views 4259

Tax in / Tax out

tax price include
+5    When you buy, does the price include tax or not?? Only you input the price on the tag, [Taxin/Taxout] instantly culculate the price(include tax or not) Just try the Coooool App    806 kb    Views 9353

TaxCal Thai Lite

+11    This application will help you calculate your tax in thailand and suggest how much investment and donation that will reduce your tax to zero or lowest.    3 MB    Views 365

Stock Position

+1    Stock Position downloads and analyzes market price data of a portfolio of stock assets (NYSE or NASDAQ). It lists the current market price of the individual assets and the portfolio, graphs the price (over the past 10 years) of individual ...    4 MB    Views 3486

TaxAid App

+23    Individuals having simple tax affairs that include salary and wages and a few deductions totalling less than 300 then TaxAid is the ideal solution for tax lodgment. If, during the year, received payment from Centrelink such as Newstart Allowance, Austudy ...    7 MB    Views 3343


+5    VAT Calculator is an easy and convenient tool for calculating the value added tax on products and service. This app is optimized for the Swedish market with tax percentage of 6, 12 and 25%.    576 kb    Views 5697

Tax Pay

+19    An app that is made for the citizens of India to simply calculate their income tax based on few important categories as well the capital gain for the property they own.    3 MB    Views 3734

Stock Slots

stock time tools slot math market money investment portfolio slots stocks entire individual answers
+5    Stock Slots is a revolutionary new way to track the performance of your stock portfolio, IRA, or 401(k). It provides a set of gamechanging tools that make monitoring your investments and making smart investment choices clear, intuitive, and fun. Traditional stock ...    17 MB    Views 7996


0    Sales tax calculator convenient and intuitive. Get the Dutyfree from the all inclusive tax. Customize your rates.    6 MB    Views 6146

Save On Bills

bills save individual savings guarantee implied
-3    The Save On Bills app introduces you to how you could save money on the essential services that you are currently using Download the Save On Bills app now and get this information direct to your IPHONE, IPOD Touch, or IPAD. The ...    NAN    Views 7277
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+18    With Handelsbanken’s mobile app you can access your Individual Online Banking accounts conveniently from your mobile device. Handelsbanken’s mobile app is available for iOS 6.0 and above. The following services are available: View your account balances and transactions Make transfers between your ...    3 MB    Views 2858
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0    The Secret of Success is an important selfhelpl book written by author William Walker Atkinson. Before the movie, this book spelled out the true secret to individual wealth and prosperity. A Course of Nine Lessons on the Powers of the Individual Toward ...    843 kb    Views 8642

Taxcal Thai

tax thai
+5    Thai's Tax Calculator This application will help you calculate tax that you will paid and suggest how to reduce to lowest possible by investment and donation.    3 MB    Views 6245

CPA Xpress

+12    CPA in your Pocket Whether you are a tax professional, business owner or just someone who is interested in taxes. This app provides a simple tax calculator to calculate the taxes on your taxable income based on the IRS tax rate ...    2 MB    Views 383

S4 Tax Tools

Related Apps tax financial
-2    S4 Financials’ Tax App provides you with up to date UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news.    4 MB    Views 6641


time facebook twitter records export record store settings individual
-6    Working at home and don’t know how to measure your working time? Or do you just want to doublecheck your company’s time accounting software? Get iJobber now and start tracking your worthy time iJobber is the most intuitive and simplest time tracking app. Perfect ...    1 MB    Views 188
Related Apps tax pay
+14    Ever wanted to know how much tax you have to pay? Ever wonder where all that money goes? Want some tips on how to reduce how much tax you pay? This simple little app will calculate your taxes, how much you will have ...    180 kb    Views 5646


investors portfolio investor allocation individual create asset control protected
0    Create and control your own bespoke portfolio "iProtect Serious Investors Only Need Apply" AppleCraver BEGINNERS USE BASIC MODE. ADVANCED INVESTORS/ADVISORS USE FUND MODE. iProtect is a new tool with which you can create your own tailormade, capitalprotected portfolio. There is a mistaken belief ...    2 MB    Views 7781
retirement portfolio 500 bonds retire expense based factors results individual
0    Learn how to retire strategically with a portfolio of the S&P 500 stocks. This app gives the retired individual who wishes to hold a mix of short term treasury bonds and an ETF which mimics the S&P 500 the ability to ...    20 MB    Views 7993

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tax hand
-7    Deloitte taxhand gives you instant information and insights from Deloitte’s tax specialists, globally. The app allows you to keep uptodate with the latest tax news, rates and commentary anytime, anywhere.    32 MB    Views 2502

Make More Money

money personal guarantee income implied individual
+15    The Make More Money app introduces you to a way that you could make more money than you are currently making Download the Make More Money app now and get this information direct to your IPHONE, IPOD Touch, or IPAD. The Make ...    44 MB    Views 8481
mobile application identity individual
+5    TrustX is an application that allows individuals to prove their identity using their mobile phone or tablet. It is a mobile authentication application which provides a number of different options for verifying an individual's identity: something you have (a mobile ...    8 MB    Views 378


family expenses shared friends expense individual event members
-9    Managing your shared expenses has been made easier. Peck provides simplest way of handling shared expenses with friends and family. You don't have to worry about logging expense in a notebook or in an excel spreadsheet and then calculate who owes ...    6 MB    Views 4787
quote disability insurance tool request individual quotes free
+14    Individual Disability insurance just got easier with DIBroker West’s latest instant quote tool. DIBroker has developed the first DI request tool available for free, to insurance and financial planning professionals. It is not designed for public use; this app will ...    3 MB    Views 7578
Related Apps tax assistant
+2    Bellpenny’s Tax Assistant  Free, easy to use App provides an assortment of tax tools to help with business and personal taxation.   Useful features include:   A spectrum of tax calculators  Handy Tax tables  Tax tips    Financial Newsfeed    3 MB    Views 5158

Budget 2013 Tools

budget tax 2013
+27    Budget 2013, salary calculator, car tax benefit and budget summary and tax tables.    1 MB    Views 244

Document Uploader

tax document
0    Document Uploader is an online service which allows you to photograph and send your tax documents to your H&R Block tax professional.    NAN    Views 3170


-6    Easy to use tax calculator. Tax rate can be modified with one click.    174 kb    Views 9003

Daon IdentityX

mobile individual identity application
-2    IdentityX Uniquely You IdentityX is an application that allows individuals to prove their identity using their mobile phone or tablet. It is a mobile authentication application which provides a number of different options for verifying an individual's identity: something you ...    11 MB    Views 3665

Tax Calculator +

0    Now this version is for only US and India. In this app you can calculate Tax and maintain your expense and budget. User friendly app easily you get perfect result.    877 kb    Views 2159

ITS Mobile

Related Apps accounts individual household mobile view
+9    The ITS Connect Mobile App provides secure access to all of your ITSmanaged accounts. Get a snapshot of account values at the household level, or drilldown to view individual accounts and their underlying positions grouped according to asset class. You ...    506 kb    Views 1535

Libertas Mobile

mobile individual account clients
-9    The Libertas Mobile App allows clients to view: Current account values Underlying investments grouped by asset class within individual accounts Both household and individual account performance Numerous reports for specific date ranges up to the previous day's market close This app ...    3 MB    Views 1198

Fox Door

business mobile individual
+10    Foxdoor opens the doors for any business or individual to transfer funds securely, conveniently and timeeffectively through mobile and online. Foxdoor creates secure environment for you to monitor your transaction through your mobile and make sure third party has received ...    3 MB    Views 1728


+3    Calculate UK R&D Tax Credits and R&D Tax Relief.    NAN    Views 4357


tax gps
+3    The Rawlinsons mobile phone app has many useful calculators on it. For example, it can help you to work out how much income tax and national insurance you will be paying, or how much that new company car will cost ...    15 MB    Views 3129


salary based calculation calculations taxes individual calculate amount deductions
+27    Maskorot application helps you to calculate salary amount based on various taxes and deductions. Just choose one of the available calculation methods, input the salary amount and in a moment our app will show which taxes has to be paid. Calculation ...    5 MB    Views 1102
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