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+4    Dhaka Stock Exchange(DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) are the main two stock exchanges in Bangladesh. The app connects you with the live and latest information from both DSE and CSE. User can follow their share prices with their mobile ...    18 MB    Views 6681

Our Bills

+25    Bills are constantly coming and money is tight especially during these hard economic times. That is why it is so important to keep track of our everyday expenses. We have created this great new application that will let you keep ...    248 kb    Views 9335
stock voice info stocks latest quotes
+10    Let iSpeakr Stocks help you be hands free and get all your latest stock info. With this app you can: Hear all the the latest stock info for your stocks which includes, stock quotes, news, and gains/losses. Change the voice, ...    3 MB    Views 6307
+11    If it's about your own money, safety is just as important as absolutely easy handling. With the paysafecard app you pay online just as easy, safe and fast as if you were paying cash. Use the practical paysafecard App to ...    27 MB    Views 4792
-1    Get a quick estimate of your 2014 tax refund. It’s easy. Just enter some basic info and watch your refund add up. TaxCaster uses the same tax calculator found in TurboTax. KNOW YOUR TAXES Use an estimate from TaxCaster to get a quick ...    5 MB    Views 4215
french china australia calculator canadian market gold coins prices silver metal info bullion precious scrap platinum
+13    We offer great features designed for the Precious Metal investor, professional and collector all in one easy to use app. If you have any questions or issues please contact us at This is a new release of the app. For existing ...    7 MB    Views 2952
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+3    WANT TO KNOW A STOCK'S PRICE APPRECIATION POTENTIAL? NEED A COMPREHENSIVE, UNBIASED VIEW? This application can help you answer these questions quickly and definitively, using sophisticated quantitative models. ( 70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ) Now, you don't have to ...    118 kb    Views 3256

My Expenses Pro

bills application information applications constantly expenses added bill paid add
+18    Bills are constantly coming and money is tight especially during these hard economic times. That is why it is so important to keep track of our everyday expenses. We have created this great new application that will let you keep ...    314 kb    Views 5211

Swiss Forex

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+1    Swiss Forex application provides you with the most uptodate foreign exchange market information in the realtime. You will have rich set of FX tools including quotes, charts, news, calendars and even video reviews provided by Dukascopy TV studio. The application ...    14 MB    Views 9903


0    The Generali Corporate app is meant to provide our key stakeholders with the Groups’ core package of info while on the move, both online and offline. Its main features include: press releases and press kit webcast and financial results with latest ...    4 MB    Views 4416


banks city bic deutsche information bank
-7    Information on all german banks at your fingertips: Name of the bank Bankcode BIC Zipcode City Features: Includes database with more than 20.000 Entries Search a Bank by zipcode, city, bankcode or BIC. Add banks to favorites (makes managing your favorite banks as easy as it ...    713 kb    Views 2209

True Potential

financial adviser contact access details firms information true powered
+23    Use this application to view your portfolio performance data, contact your financial adviser, share documents and access revolutionary impulsesave technology. This application is available to all clients of True Potential powered firms. Your access details are the same as your personalised ...    3 MB    Views 4502

IFSC India

banks bank data application india database internet send ifsc info
-6    Tired of searching for your Banks IFS Code or MICR or any other info on the internet ? Stop right there and Read On : IFSC India is your complete bank info guide having all the data related to ALL the ...    22 MB    Views 8233
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-7    The Precious Metal Coin Price Calculator gives you The latest gold coin prices including mint issued gold bullion coins from all over the world, older US and European Semi Numismatic gold coins ( see complete list below), numismatic gold coins The ...    955 kb    Views 3712


information date economic sources
-6    Use Inferno to watch the US National Debt climb upwards while the US Gross Domestic Product slides. Will the US recession turn into a depression? Inferno displays the most up to date information to keep you informed of key economic ...    829 kb    Views 6149

GQs Tax Pros

tax refund info
+16    GQs Tax Pros app allows you to start your tax refund or request info from a tax consultant. It is user friendly and your info is secure. Keep an eye on your tax refund and get a text message when ...    5 MB    Views 1531
time claim assistant step info scene save relevant
+8    Shannons Claim Assistant helps make lodging a claim fast and easy. With the Shannons Claim Assistant app, you can collect the relevant claim info at the scene of an accident to send it on to Shannons. Our claims team will then ...    15 MB    Views 9661
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-7    Trulia’s toprated real estate app makes searching for a home easier than ever. With just a tap, you can see homes for sale or find apartments for rent near you. "Best way to house hunt, hands down" Refine your home search by ...    58 MB    Views 7321
+9    This is an Application for viewing timely disclosure information of Japanese companies Sorry, but the support language of this application is Japanese only. (This is NOT localized to any other languages other than Japanese.)    6 MB    Views 5446


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+6    Million Dollar Identity Theft Protection backed by proactive monitoring of your identity risk evaluation score. We monitor and protect you 24/7 by scanning more than 350 billion identity elements. In the event your identity is stolen, our certified fraud resolution ...    1010 kb    Views 8105
property search scheduling photos client clients info appointment mls properties
+3    AgentFlux is the easiest way to manage and communicate with your client. The app is unique and is the only one in the market connecting agent and client, while improving the experience of property search. Additionally, it seamlessly integrated with ...    16 MB    Views 2759
car time insurance claim info step relevant scene damage
+12    Just Car Insurance iClaim helps make lodging your claim fast and easy. With the Just Car Insurance iClaim app, you can collect relevant claim info at the scene of an accident, to send on to Just Car Insurance. Our claims team ...    NAN    Views 123
profile risk planner dynamic client technology profiler online distribution information
+4    As a Dynamic Planner adviser, you will already be familiar with Distribution Technology's market leading Risk Profiling technology, and now you can use it whenever and wherever you want, on your iPhone or iPad, either online or offline. This beautifully simple ...    19 MB    Views 6482


information account lines encryption number application
+5    In Dubio is reference application for passwords, accounts, or any kind of information. In Dubio means “in doubt” of whether you remember the information correctly. For this purpose it maintains a list of items with a undefined number of ...    346 kb    Views 6363

Claims Buddy

+29    Bingle Claims Buddy helps make lodging a claim fast and easy. With Bingle Claims Buddy app, you can collect the relevant claim info at the scene of an accident to send on to Bingle. Our claims team will then be in ...    12 MB    Views 6538

Bank Islam

banking bank mobile info www
-9    Bank Islam iInfo Get our Mobile App Convenience at your fingertips with Bank Islam iInfo Features include: 1) Branch Locator 2) Latest Promotion 3) Financial Calculator 4) Rates 5) Prayer Times 6) Doa of the Day 7) Contact Us Download the FREE app now Get our Bank Islam iInfo & TAP Mobile ...    6 MB    Views 2163
Related Apps time claim accident assist info relevant step damage save
-2    Suncorp Accident Assist helps make lodging a claim fast and easy. With the Suncorp Accident Assist app, you can collect relevant claim info at the scene of an accident, to send on to Suncorp. Our claims team will then be in ...    18 MB    Views 5357
-7    Find Homes Up to 50% below market value Imagine locating properties that are in foreclosure near you right on your phone Bank foreclosures are properties that have defaulted on their mortgage payments and are repossessed by the bank. In order to ...    15 MB    Views 7953

Info Contabil

din pentru info credit debit
-7    Info Contabil este o aplicatie intuitiva si usor de utilizat pentru economisti, manageri, antreprenori sau studenti realizata cu scopul de a va ajuta sa respectati legislatia si sa evitati amenziile neplacute. Indiferent de domeniul in care lucrati Info Contabil va ajuta ...    22 MB    Views 9006


Related Apps iphone information loan current latest application
+5    With NJAR mobile application you can look up the latest news and information from the New Jersey Association of REALTORS as well as current loan information, market rates and links to information on FHA loan limits and guides. This application requires ...    338 kb    Views 6387


market iphone application current information members data change month
-9    With the NSBAR Stats mobile application you can look up Market Data for various regions in the state of IL and then share it with one or more individuals. Market Data includes Median home prices for the current month, previous ...    351 kb    Views 4680

Apia Claims Assist

Related Apps time claim claims assist info step relevant scene
+24    Apia Claims Assist helps make lodging a claim fast and easy. With the Apia Claims Assist app, you can collect relevant claim info at the scene of an accident, to send on to Apia. Our claims team will then be in ...    13 MB    Views 9678


interest rate info products schemes bank locations
+5    A guide to Bank's Locations, Schemes, Products, Rate of Interest etc. ============== Download SyndGuide app to your smart phone and explore Bank's Locations, Schemes, Products, Rate of Interest etc. ============== Features: Product Info Promotions and Campaigns News and Events Interest Rates ATM/Branch/eLounge Locator Contact ...    6 MB    Views 1790
gold info
-8    수있는 선택의 통화에서 귀금속 가격. 당신이 움직임에 따라 귀금속 자산 및 시장 가치의 변화의 포트폴리오를 구축 할 경우 추적 할 수 있습니다. 금 가격 차트와 금 시장 경보 이메일    5 MB    Views 5464

2 Pounds 50

money iphone apps keyboard expenses pounds information expense optimized hassle tracking
-8    This application was born from personal experience in the attempt to rein in my expenses which I failed to do using the existing iphone apps due to complicated expenses input. To facilitate quick expenses capture "Two Pounds Fifty" is optimized ...    NAN    Views 5142

Optus Mobile Usage

Related Apps time email usage website mobile cap information check issues
+1    Keep track of your call and data usage throughout your monthly billing cycle for Optus iPhone cap plans using Mobile Usage. It couldn't be simpler Version 3.0 has been released and supports the new Optus website format. Some people have reported that they ...    1 MB    Views 4892


information section list
+1    A complete check list for Mergers and Acquisitions; based on many years experience of corporate transactions in the US and UK, M&AChecklist provides 13 sections (including Financials, Tax, Litigation etc) where due diligence needs to be carried out prior to ...    458 kb    Views 6849
+17    What is esmart? esmart is software that is able to present the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) directly on your mobile device. esmart present to provide convenience for customers who want to faithfully BNI Securities equity transactions independently. Using Equity Trading application ...    4 MB    Views 4067
farm card management investment bills search investing state bank agent insurance pocket view claim info pay
-1    Pocket Agent gives mobile access to State Farm insurance and financial information, and allows customers to manage their policies and accounts anytime, anywhere. Pocket Agent lets you: • View insurance policy info • View insurance card • Contact your agent • Search for an agent ...    34 MB    Views 2137

Eurobank for iPhone

banking security tools news calculator accounts application corporate access atm investments information
+6    Welcome to Eurobank's branch on iTunes Now, online banking has never been easier. Download the Eurobank mBanking application and transfer money between your Eurobank accounts, pay bills, find an ATM near you and much more, while you are on the move. Our ...    2 MB    Views 7747

Forex Info by RTFX

Related Apps market management news calendar forex account info trading free asset performance
+4    RTFX Forex Info is an entirely FREE app developed by RTFX Ltd, a fully regulated European FX service provider, to provide you with Realtime Forex market information. Stay informed and keep track of the most important currency quotes, read the ...    5 MB    Views 8042

Auto Buyer

Related Apps car program money buyer auto save amount information calculate calculations monthly
+12    Need a new car? Our Auto Buyer program is the perfect app for you. It combines the many financial tools and key safety and mileage information you need to decide on which car you wish to buy. Auto Buyer brings ...    7 MB    Views 2318

VAT Info Pro

Related Apps email vat results member national info pro share
+11    This application allows you to verify the validity of a VAT identification number issued by a EU Member State. For the purpose of the verification, your request is sent to the national database via a secure Intranet service connecting national Customs ...    741 kb    Views 3702

Cut Expenses

money iphone keyboard apps expenses information cut times hassle enter tracking
-3    Have you ever wondered where did all the money go? This application was born from personal desire to rein in spending which I failed to do using the existing IPhone apps. All of them had complicated expenses input requiring too much ...    1 MB    Views 94

CIL iClaim Assist

time cil claim assist info step relevant damage vehicle
+3    CIL iClaim Assist helps make lodging your claim fast and easy. With the CIL iClaim Assist app, you can collect relevant claim info at the scene of an accident, to send on to CIL. Our claims team will then be in ...    15 MB    Views 4178

IL Stock Picker

stock news information section great application picker owner list
+22    IL Stock Picker is a financial App that provides stock quotes, Stock news and limited portfolio management. It was designed and developed with the intent of simplicity, usability and portability. This application provides a great way to get stock data quickly ...    48 kb    Views 5472


business resources ideal city invest info open
-1    Invest In Alicante App ALICANTE OPEN FOR BUSINESS ALICANTE IS A GLOBAL CITY WITH THE RESOURCES YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO GROW. Boost your business by relocating to an area packed with resources, facilities and opportunities, open to the world. Alicante is an ...    104 MB    Views 8709
market steel metals metal information watch
+17    MetalFirst Market Watch allows you to keep track of the realtime global Metal and Steel market prices, news and trading alerts information while on the go The information including more than 200 metal and steel products: Ferro Alloys, Stainless Steel, Base ...    2 MB    Views 5923

MSC Office Malaysia

office sale rent building malaysia status city info
+11    This MSC Office Malaysia app offers a onestop center for everyone who is looking for MSC status building in Malaysia, MSC office for rent in Malaysia, MSC office for sale in Malaysia, or MSC status requirement in Malaysia, We are ...    34 MB    Views 8797

Loan Manager

business car program personal loans loan schedules amortization information interest total remaining
+26    Loan Manager is an easy to use program to keep track of multiple loans for personal or business purpose. It's an useful tool to calculate monthly payment when you need loan for your car, house or business. This program can ...    70 kb    Views 714
Related Apps travel money dollar gold krone silver live currency exchange commission dollars info
0    Travel Money is a unique currency conversion tool giving you the latest exchange rates on all major currencies,live gold and silver prices and commission calculator to tell you exactly how much commission you are being charged. Please contact for customer ...    589 kb    Views 8273


language credit loan info touch questions cash repayment price
-5    viaCredit is a professional and allembracing loan calculator. Credit agreements should be in terms of payments by the debtor, completed in a variety of types. viaCredit will give you answers to the following questions: What is the cash flow for a ...    3 MB    Views 6614

Canone TV

servizio info puoi tramite del nella
+14    Canone TV è l’applicazione dedicata al servizio di rinnovo del canone televisivo da parte di utenti privati. Si scarica gratis, è facile da usare, è sicura nei pagamenti con carta di credito, postepay o Conto BancoPosta. Scopri le funzionalità di Canone ...    NAN    Views 6734

BB&T Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking security mobile deposit check account information checks free carrier
+4    BB&T Mobile Check Deposit is FREE. BB&T Mobile Check Deposit Deposit checks right from your smartphone. Download the free BB&T Mobile App and start depositing checks as soon as you get them, from anywhere. Sign your check, snap photos of the front ...    5 MB    Views 8204


Related Apps information file wireless network account backup track
-6    iTracMoney is a simple money management application designed to track your daily income and spending. Track your assets with three different account types, Cash, Bank Account, and Credit Card. Backup your information in either a CSV file (sent via email ...    304 kb    Views 1286

Kcast Gold Live!+

market iphone london information live gold metals fix notifications
+3    Kcast Gold Live ™ + for the iPhone brings critical market information to your fingertips. Get live spot prices for gold, silver and other precious metals; charts and data; quotes for indices, oil, mining stocks and currencies; the London Fix; ...    14 MB    Views 7558

Financial Aid

money school financial aid options information
+12    Finding the money needed to attend school is stressful. You have lots of questions and you want to make sure you get all the money you can to cover the high costs of attending college. This app will help you ...    261 kb    Views 2386


shopping items shops lists application information control buy easy add
+3    iCompras is an application to control all your shoppings in an easy and fast way. Features: Easy and fast. Just you need. Make your shopping lists to buy the items in order to save your money. Make some lists of items ...    669 kb    Views 4712


iphone ipad security account payment quote ipod information mercedes financial benz services
+5    The MercedesBenz Financial Services (MBFS) Application for the iPhone, iPad™ and iPod touch mobile devices allows existing MercedesBenz Financial Services' customers to view detailed account information, make a payment, or obtain a payoff quote on an existing MercedesBenz Financial Services ...    10 MB    Views 6164

LockBox Pro

wifi security time iphone data version pro import backup free export information
-4    LockBox Pro lets you store and protect sensitive info such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, pin numbers, private notes, and any other secret information on your iPhone or iPod Touch. NEW Version v1.2 fixes a bug that sometimes causes ...    947 kb    Views 603
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