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Smart Tax Estimator

0    Tax season can be filled with questions we can help Download our FREE app KNOW YOUR TAXES: Get a quick estimate of your 2014 federal income tax refund/owe anytime. Estimate your 2014 income tax refund/owe by completing simple information. Comprehensive App estimates Earned ...    1 MB    Views 8581
calculator tax finance mortgage savings contact estimate financial information
+10    The FinanceCorp Mortgage Calculator App is an app made simple for on the go calculations. It contains a number of calculators such as: •Income Tax Calculator; •Property Stamp Duty Calculator; •Savings Calculator; •Repayment Calculator; •Target Wealth Calculator, and more. This app will assist to give you quick ...    8 MB    Views 8457

Tax Apps Sampler

apps tax clients information constantly
+14    Here at Tax Apps we want to help you by giving your clients up to date and useful information that is readily available. This helps you stay ahead of the competition and shows your clients what a proactive practice you ...    5 MB    Views 719

Mattioli Woods plc

tax budget information financial including services data plc
+2    Budget and tax data from Mattioli Woods plc, one of the UK’s leading providers of pension consultancy, wealth management and employee benefit services. Download our FREE app today to experience quick and attainable financial information. Main features include: UK tax rate data ...    2 MB    Views 1840

Tax Tips

tax taxation capital easy duty facts information carry
+2    Hassans proudly presents a FREE app that will allow you to carry key Gibraltar tax facts at your fingertips. The app will make it easy to refer to Gibraltar tax facts and carry out tax calculations for the current financial ...    15 MB    Views 7663

Schedule E

tax schedule year report expenses income fill information summary
+14    Schedule E App categorizes Income and Expenses, for Real Estate Rental or Royalties, into the Categories used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There is an included module for calculating Mileage. Summary, Detail and Mileage Reports can be viewed or ...    8 MB    Views 5656
+8    Barclays CFD and Financial Spread Trading App for iPad The CFD and Financial Spread Trading App is an essential tool for managing your trading account, while providing full, secure access to trade global markets wherever, whenever. The Barclays CFDs and Financial Spread ...    NAN    Views 1577

Maven Accountants

tax time tools accountants information future clients financial calculators
+9    This powerful new free Finance and Tax App has been developed by the team at Maven Accountants to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The Maven Accountants App is designed to be ...    8 MB    Views 4386

HL Investment Times

investment research tax personal news invest give information times investments financial decisions
-3    Improve your investment decisions with one of the UK's leading investment publications packed full of expert comment and opinion, investment ideas and taxsaving tips. The Investment Times will give you access to: Independent investment research you won't find elsewhere The ...    NAN    Views 3247
+10    Budget and tax information from Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants, the fastest growing full service firm in Accounting Age’s Top 40. This free app provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. ...    5 MB    Views 8041

Tax Planner

tax business bills date sheet information cash checklist planner company organizer
+7    Tax Planner enables you to plan a tax payment, keep a log of your bills, invoices and ledgers and track your income, create balance sheet and cash flow reports. Using this app you can plan, list and manage all your tax ...    19 MB    Views 6283
Related Apps social tax security people calculator income information austria calculation sheet technology
-1    Calculate how match you have to pay for social security and taxes The SV & ESt calculator determines the maximum amount of social insurance and income tax for selfemployed people in Austria for the current and the last ten years. It calculates ...    2 MB    Views 607


tax time personal accountants latest information team
-4    This powerful App has been developed by the team at HFM Tax Accountants to give you key financial information at your fingertips, 24/7. Now you can have instant access to your latest business and personal accountancy facts, dates and calculators. Using ...    28 MB    Views 2416
tax twitter office business information grant chartered
+4    TThis App provides you and your business with the most up to date UK Tax rate information for the current and previous year. Download this App to have easy and accessible information immediately at your fingertips. We have all the latest ...    2 MB    Views 9280


tax finance application information rates taxation compliance income india disclaimer
+4    Top Free Finance App Featured Finance App By Apple Tax India is first of its kind application. It serves as one stop solution to all the taxation aspects. Tax India provides ready reference for the following aspects of direct and ...    22 MB    Views 4495
Related Apps tax information calculators
+15    Calculators including income tax for current and next years, loan repayment and interest calculators. Tax tables and other useful information. Tax tips. General information about Saward Dawson.    1 MB    Views 3067

Benson Wood

business tax information essential source wood
-9    The Benson Wood App is an ideal companion for any business owner or manager based in the UK. This class leading FREE app delivers essential information, inapp support and tools to make managing your business less stressful. Within the app you ...    8 MB    Views 3076

Regency Partners

Related Apps tax calculator stamp partners income duty information data
+12    The Regency Partners App contains a number of calculators such as: • Income Tax Calculator FY2014; • Property Stamp Duty Calculator; • Savings Calculator; • Vehicle Stamp Duty Calculator; • Loan Repayment Calculator; • Net Growth, • Due Dates Reminders, and more. This app will provide you with ...    13 MB    Views 6133

TaxCal Thai Lite

+12    This application will help you calculate your tax in thailand and suggest how much investment and donation that will reduce your tax to zero or lowest.    3 MB    Views 365


+13    Calculate UK R&D Tax Credits and R&D Tax Relief.    NAN    Views 4357

Pay Calculator

calculator tax pay weekly monthly information basis feedback yearly jobs
+1    SUPPORT FOR THE 2015/16 TAX YEAR. Pay calculator is a fantastically versatile app that gives you the information you need without bogging you down with pointless charts and graphics. Designed from the ground up to be fast, safe and small, Pay Calculator ...    NAN    Views 8312
Related Apps planning tax apps information financial guide professional rates super reference
+14    A+ Apps Financial Planning Reference Guide is a comprehensive range of rates, figures, formulas, and references for the professional Financial Planner. It contains information in the following sections: Tax Rates Tax Offsets Super Contributions Super Withdrawals Termination & Leave Payments Income Streams Social Security plus… Please note, the information in ...    NAN    Views 7220

City Tax

+13    Use This Free App To Calculate Flat Tax    327 kb    Views 7717


Related Apps tax time accountant information return simple send free questions
+15    Tax return headache? The answer’s right in your pocket StrykeTax is a mobile and tablet based app that lets you lodge your tax information with your accountant using your mobile device in only 10 minutes Take pictures of your crucial Tax documents ...    NAN    Views 9470
-2    UK REAL SALARY CALCULATOR 2015/16 What do you really earn each year? Easily calculate your real takehome salary for the NEW 2015/16 tax year Calculation accounts for: • Annual gross salary • Basic, Higher and Additional tax brackets • National Insurance • Student loan repayments • Private pension ...    NAN    Views 8140

Tax Express

tax kpmg information romania
+14    TaxExpress is the new mobile application from KPMG in Romania, which helps you keep up to date with your fiscal obligations. The app gives you daily information about what you need to file, as well as their order and deadlines. ...    17 MB    Views 4126

WI Revenue

tax property twitter information check revenue status unclaimed file free
+15    WI Revenue mobile app allows Wisconsin taxpayers to use a number of our popular taxrelated online services found on the Department of Revenue's website, such as: •Refund Lookup Check on your state tax refund status •Unclaimed Property Check for unclaimed ...    13 MB    Views 212
+12    More than 200 downloads for the first week, the best payrise calculator app with a simple and stylish design Change your mindset and calculate how much money you can make in 2015 Want to know your net income after a pay rise ...    578 kb    Views 3554


tax news courses accounting regulations users micro taxation information
+18    此App是中税网集团旗推出的一款基于移动终端的财税课程学习产品,含财税微课程、财税资讯等财税方面的相关内容。财税微课程拥有十大课程体系及百门经典课程,全年将增加到千门课程,并且每周都将推出免费课程。财税资讯为财税用户提供专业、及时、海量的国家税收法规、地方税收法规、财税案例时评、财税专家咨询、财税资讯信息等,来满足广大财税用户对财税资讯和财经金融信息的需求。 This App focuses on providing accountancy and Taxation learning programs which created by, including updated Accounting Microcourses, Accounting and Financial news and regulations. The Microcourses consist of ten curriculum systems and one hundred classic courses, throughout the year will ...    1 MB    Views 5255
photo news tax services read latest financial leave enquiries reviews information pinnacle
+3    Pinnacle Financial Consultants is located in St Marys, NSW. Since 1985, we have been providing a wide range of financial and accounting services to our new and regular clients. Our long experience and knowledge of the industry has driven adaptation ...    12 MB    Views 8894

Buy House Or Rent

house tax rent money mortgage information estimate buy purchase renting
+23    Are you trying to decide whether to BUY a house in order to take advantage of tax deductions and equity accumulation? Then this app helps you decide whether buying a house is more (or less) economical than renting. The app calculates ...    3 MB    Views 6067

Pro Tax Accounting

tax time personal pro accounting latest information team
+3    This powerful App has been developed by the team at Pro Tax Accounting to give you key financial information at your fingertips, 24/7. Now you can have instant access to your latest business and personal accountancy facts, dates and calculators. Using ...    8 MB    Views 4429

Prepare Us App

tax information check prepare
+6    With the Prepare Us App if you are a Pablo E. Duverge's Tax Office Client, now you can check your status, download a copy of your last tax return and check your basic information. You can also find us, email ...    8 MB    Views 5608

Hanlim Accounting

Related Apps tax accounting information
-6    Time for AUSTRALIAN taxreturn. ( not for other countries) You can estimate your 2012 taxrefund by using this simple app presented by Hanlim Accouting. You only need to know, Your total income Tax withhold ( already paid from your salary ) Your ...    3 MB    Views 3170


+9    This is the super easy tax converter. Japanese consumption tax has been changed to 8% from 5% on on April 1, 2014. This app will help you to convert the taxincluded price between the previous "5%" and current "8%".    3 MB    Views 6761
Related Apps tax business email personal solutions phone savings information quality contact scan
-9    At Keith Stoller Tax & Business Solutions, it is our responsibility to understand your business and personal tax situation from the ground up, to gain insight into your changing needs, to forge longterm relationships built on integrity, quality, teamwork, harmony, ...    11 MB    Views 4126

Longhill Accounting

Related Apps tax time personal news tools accounting latest future information
+2    This powerful new free finance and Tax App has been developed by the team at Longhill Accounting to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The Longhill Accounting App designed to be a ...    38 MB    Views 1348
+16    The Intrinsic Taxbriefs App provides users with instant access to the latest tax news, UK tax rate data along with useful tax and financial calculators. This free app provided by Intrinsic is continuously updated with all Tax information, rates and data ...    1 MB    Views 7105

Schedule C

business tax schedule income expenses categories information give cost
-2    Schedule C App is for Small Businesses to accumulate the Income, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), and Expenses into IRS Categories. The IRS has various categories that they want Income, Cost of Goods Sold, and Expenses Items applied to. Use ...    8 MB    Views 5652

Tax iT Pro

Related Apps tax pro
-6    Tax iT Pro is a sales tax calculator let you easily calculate total & final price for every perches when you shop and travel around the world.    2 MB    Views 2663
Related Apps tax reference rates pdf estate investments information clients
+15    Developed to help financial professionals plan for their clients, Touchstone's Tax Reference is simple to use on the go. Based on our popular reference sheet, this app puts important tax rates and information at your fingertips. It includes the same valuable ...    3 MB    Views 262

EU Tax Law

+12    More than 1000 EU Court of Justice judgments on direct tax, indirect tax and social security    43 MB    Views 8184


tax time file information
+3    Be proactive with your taxes this year The FileIt app helps you to organize your tax information ahead of time with documenting and tracking your mileage and expenses for your personal and business accounting needs prior to tax return time ...    3 MB    Views 3562
+11    This app is tax calculating personally for British.    216 kb    Views 3239

Tax Tips for iPhone

tax taxation capital facts duty carry information easy
-9    Hassans proudly presents a FREE app that will allow you to carry key Gibraltar tax facts at your fingertips. The app will make it easy to refer to Gibraltar tax facts and carry out tax calculations for the current financial ...    9 MB    Views 1541


+7    Sales tax calculator convenient and intuitive. Get the Dutyfree from the all inclusive tax. Customize your rates.    6 MB    Views 6146

David's Tax Service

Related Apps tax customers david kansas information service
+22    For David's Tax Service in Kansas customers, or prospective customers, we provide a checklist of information you'll need for filing your taxes through our services, and information for following up with the IRS and the Kansas Department of Revenue to ...    1 MB    Views 8644

Tip & Tax

Related Apps tax tip
+22    Tired of tipping on top of tax? Tip & Tax lets you easily choose one of three tip rates you can set and optionally back out the tax. All that and you can divide the check between up to ten ...    1 MB    Views 2109

Deloitte Ecuador

tax news calendar information application deloitte enables
+14    The Deloitte Ecuador application enables clients and contacts to view publications, articles and studies and provides a useful Tax Calendar for managing monthly tax obligations". This application incorporates a range of Deloitte’s information, including Legal News, Official Gazette, Audit News, IFRS ...    5 MB    Views 1780

The Tax Shop

tax business accountant contact phone savings save quality information solutions scan
+5    At Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGovanni & Weddell LLP, it is our responsibility to understand your business from the ground up, to gain insight into your changing needs, to forge longterm relationships built on integrity, quality, teamwork, harmony, commitment and innovation, and ...    12 MB    Views 2890

2015 WSFGD Tax App

Related Apps tax reference financial rates scenarios calculators estate information group
+3    Developed to help financial professionals plan for their clients, W&S Financial Group Distributors' Tax Reference is simple to use on the go. Based on our popular reference sheet, this app puts important tax rates and information at your fingertips. It includes ...    5 MB    Views 1040

Tax Toolbox

tax personal gst paye calculate advice information
+5    Ever wished you could calculate GST, personal tax, PAYE, and provisional tax at the click of a button? Now you can with the FREE Wise Advice app. This New Zealand designed app allows you to: Calculate or remove the GST component ...    4 MB    Views 8289
Related Apps tax financial data information
0    The Gemini app provides you with instant access to UK tax and financial news and data along with financial planning and tax calculators. Our FREE app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate ...    6 MB    Views 9103
profile tax email work access client clients information contact connect intuit data
+29    Instantly view your client tax return data with the touch of a button. ProFile Connect allows ProFile users to securely access and view their client data and tax returns from their mobile device. ProFile Connect provides you with instant access to your ...    NAN    Views 607
Related Apps tax iphone clients intuit information online access returns contact file
+14    The Intuit Tax Online Mobile App is your musthave companion for this Tax Season Collaborate with your Clients, gather documents and gain secured, instant access to your Clients’ Tax Returns, efile statuses and contact information on the go with your ...    11 MB    Views 7063
tax calculator partners expenses income 2015 information calculations eligible
-4    Callaughan Partners Tax Calculator allows you to get an indication of your tax liability for the tax calendar years 20142015 and 20152016. Key in your income and expenses and the Callaughan Partners Tax Calculator will calculate the following; Taxable Income Medicare Levy Medicare ...    NAN    Views 8288

Sales Tax Scanner

tax email receipts information planner sales scanner financial internet users
+20    What is it? The Zonnins Sales Tax Scanner © is an iPhone app that allows users to take picture of their receipts and automatically stores the sales tax information and sums it for easy reporting on your tax returns. This replaces ...    26 MB    Views 4222


email tax invoices estimates support products clients easy information services payments
-3    Create quick and easy professional estimates and invoices UbikInvoice is the perfect tool for small companies, businesses, freelancers and contractors that have to create estimates and invoice. Be the first to send an estimate and increase your chances of closing the deal ...    22 MB    Views 7550
Related Apps calculator email tax payment loan mortgage pro fast loans monthly interface information
+13    Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" List Mortgage Calculator Pro is a quick and easy to use calculator for brokers, realtors, and home buyers. Within seconds, you will be able to calculate the monthly payment for a mortgage, car payment, credit ...    872 kb    Views 3123

ZIP to Sales Tax

Related Apps tax rate sales zip city code information state county data
+5    This app allows you to calculate precise sales and use tax rates data using a US 5 digit Zip Code or Canadian Province abbreviation. Simply enter a valid 5 digit US zip code and get the current sales and use ...    3 MB    Views 5069
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