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+14    GAB is a collective of shows that are produced by the Global American Broadcasting Network. Giving you great talk shows like: "The Small Business Advocate Show with Jim Blasingame", "Smart Money Talk with Mike Robertson", "The Index Investing Show with ...    24 MB    Views 5996

Denom Master

+18    Features This app is simple currency converter. You can get answers by tapping number, currency and unit. Usage Input amount you want to calculate on input pad of bottom screen. Then select following options on right area of input pad. type of currency: 円(yen) or ...    742 kb    Views 8696

B&E Calc

+14    A basic, easy to use, and straightforward calculator. Provide integrated calculation and calculation history, which can be check and reuse . Support gestures Operating: slide down on the screen, show the result; slide up, empty input; slide to the right ...    395 kb    Views 1413


-2    How to use: input deposit amount input interest rate (%) Input number of months that you want to deposit (<=360 months) Touch "Calculation" button and results will show in details table. You will know your investment into bank after period of ...    136 kb    Views 7375

IR Show HD

+24    IR Show App provides you with current investor meeting materials right onto your mobile device. View all the latest presentations and reports instantaneously with alerts and reminders to notify you when posted. App includes: Annual reports Investor presentation slide deck Survey with immediate polling ...    6 MB    Views 228
0    Introducing Profit Builder for your iPhone. This FREE APP will allow you and your staff to calculate gross margin per hour for every billable hour in seconds Simply input your variable costs (taxes, workers comp, VMS fees, etc). Then input ...    3 MB    Views 1904


+8    AgPriceBook is a tool that provides farmers the ability to anonymously post and view farm input prices within a userdefined geographical location in Canada. Users can post, view and receive notifications for farm input prices. The app is designed to ...    7 MB    Views 2151
+15    Inverse Tax Calculator, easiest to use, only need one input Just input salary, inverse compute automatically, tell all of the information with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Support the new tax rate that ...    1 MB    Views 5824

Speedy Ledger

history deposit withdrawal screen ledger chart input features automatically
0    When you click the start date of the chart screen, then date selection screen will appear. A household that Difficult and complicated to use, Drop it Try a simple and easy to use household. The speedy ledger is simply Deposit / Withdrawal History ...    1 MB    Views 4586
+9    Auto Finance Professional is the comprehensive auto finance application. App displays easy to understand graphs and charts. Amortization input data is saved and retrieved later. Key Features: 1. Amortization 2. Comparison 3. Lease 4. Lease vs. Buy 5. Hybrid BreakEvenPoint 6. Whatif Analysis 7. Amortization input data is ...    2 MB    Views 7165

Currency Calc HD

Related Apps history calculator time calc currency input delete version application calculation
-8    "Currency Calc HD" is a calculator can see the history of the calculation for Finance. Wants to reinvent the calculator made this app. To avoid mistakes many people make two calculations. Using this application, by checking the input history, allowing accurate calculation ...    662 kb    Views 5608


Related Apps input month report book list spending category keeping save
+17    Quicker, Clearer, Easier. Bookkeeping is a Personal finance management app which lets you track your daytoday spending. it offer a faster input method and clearer reports for you, no financial terminology. KEY FEATURES Quick Input : number, description, category, and save, 4 step to finish ...    3 MB    Views 6132

Show Me Da Money

Related Apps money show
-8    Your workplace is full of time wasting people and activities. But there is one good thing: You are still GETTING PAID SHOW ME DA MONEY counts the money you are making as you sit in mindnumbing meetings or engage in conversations with total ...    2 MB    Views 8785


index show
+11    This product is show US dollars index,Oil Index etc. In real time.and show finger signal When reach buy or sell point.    5 MB    Views 3514

Split Bill Ratio

Related Apps pay bill screen result input amount cell select total split
+13    [Application Summary] When you split bill in party, there is often a situation like... "We want to calculate roughly 10 each." Or "Boss should pay a lot, subordinates pay a little, and I'll pay remainder." This is an application program that calculates such a splitting ...    607 kb    Views 4367
Related Apps car calculator family budget email loan payment amortization loans data show save input
-3    Car Loan Budget Calculator Free is smart, easy to use and simple calculator, it can be a good famulus if you are going to buy a new car or work as a car factor. Just input some basic data such as, ...    2 MB    Views 7319
stamp australia property email iphone calculator loan repayments duty mortgage show graphs calculations
+27    Still the 1 Mortgage App for the iPhone Since it's release in 2010 tapMortgage has been the 1 Mortgage, Loan and Stamp Duty Calculator for iPhone in Australia Now Featured in the "Made in Australia" Section of the App ...    2 MB    Views 7202
profit employee hour works company input margin
+25    Introducing Profit Builder for your iPhone. This FREE APP will allow you and your staff to calculate gross margin per hour for every billable hour in seconds Simply input your variable costs (taxes, workers comp, VMS fees, etc). Then input ...    3 MB    Views 409
0    Enter any of your car expenses within SECONDS. Userfriendly menu, detailed statistics, and various reminders are there for your convenience. Monitor your expenses and keep all your car details in one place. Now your car is spread out before you Fast ...    12 MB    Views 2341
Related Apps money calculation amount input number tap currencies easy world automatically
-1    The ultimate app CashOfWorld of denomination calculation It is easy to calculate the major currencies of the world Corresponding to the major eight currency of the world , it covers the majority of the population on the earth US dollar Euro ...    15 MB    Views 8793
calculator formulas notes offers input variables
+6    eng.Notes 1x1 is not purely a calculator. An integrated formulary offers an evergrowing number of formulas from mathematics and finance. You can also create your own formulas by defining input variables and combine the results with a formula and input ...    12 MB    Views 3958

IR Show

reports latest investor show
+3    IR Show App provides you with current investor meeting materials right onto your mobile device. View all the latest presentations and reports instantaneously with alerts and reminders to notify you when posted. App includes: Annual reports Investor presentation slide deck Survey with immediate polling ...    6 MB    Views 2198


calendar location input event date events account project recorded
-4    Need help to remember your expense? The daily input of expenses is troublesome. It should have been recorded briskly every day For you who grieve at the end of every month. FifthbExpense enables easy input from Apple Watch. Only tap TWICE( a account and ...    3 MB    Views 5528

Coin Watcher

price coin deliver show usd current watcher
+7    Want to know what the Bitcoin price is doing, at a glance? Tired of the current much to complicated offerings? Here he comes to save the day Coin Watcher will stop at nothing to deliver you the latest price simply and ...    7 MB    Views 8529

Loan Calculator UK

-2    CALCULATE how much your personal loan will cost you SEE your monthly repayments over time using loan calculator LEARN how much you will pay in interest FIND a better loan for you with a loan calculator Thinking of taking out ...    458 kb    Views 234


input commission show
+3    10% of all download proceeds go to KW Cares This handydandy calculator will track your upcoming closings and show your expected commission for each. During setup, the app allows you to input your Royalty and Cap amounts. As you ...    955 kb    Views 3132


records income supporting mode input
+8    Features: 1. The first maid expense tracking app for iOS 2. Cloud Supported You can check out records on different smartphones by same login. Maid inputs records, employer can see in realtime 3. Streamlined input workflow reduce redundancy and save time 4. Intrinsic and ...    9 MB    Views 3940

Instant Compare

0    Making decision when shopping has never been that easy This app helps you to choose the best offer among different packages. Simply enter the price and unit of each package and the app helps you to make the right choice. Key features: ...    101 kb    Views 1179
show manage invoicing
+3    Introducing Freelancer the new way to manage invoicing for freelancers in the live event industry. Users are able to manage their show bookings, rate charges, and client lists. Freelancer will manage your show data, track miscellaneous expenses, and will remind ...    5 MB    Views 3582
Related Apps calculator gst price zealand pricing cost added input displayed
+5    Do you run a business or provide a service in New Zealand? Are you always calculating what value GST is? OR are your curious on what the pricing was before GST was added? WHAT THIS FREE APP DOES: This app will help you calculate ...    1 MB    Views 2419

Lifdek Cost Savings

savings cost input summary final pdf professional internal categories
-8    The Lifdek Cost Savings App. figures cost savings specific to the Lifdek Pallet System. The cost savings are summarized by each category and the final summary may be emailed in a professional pdf format. FEATURES: •Simple data input •Fully functional internal formulas •Currency input •English ...    3 MB    Views 4977

KRCN 1060 The Biz

show 1060
+30    1060 AM KRCN & Radio Colorado Network are your financial marketplace. find guidance with your pocket book. From mortgages, stocks, bonds, ETF, commodities, and technical analysis, to controlling your debt, we cover it all. Listen to great live shows like: ...    26 MB    Views 8157
Related Apps ipad calculator input payment loan
+22    1. Can calculate monthly payment, down payment, purchase price, interest rate, years. 2. Prohibit illegal Input . 3. Prohibit meanless input. 4. Big input button, easy to use. 5. Undo function. Design for: iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Retina, Resizable iPad. Support:    322 kb    Views 3050
Related Apps calculator family house email payment loan amortization data loans save show input total
-9    Mortgage Payment Calculator Free is smart, easy to use and simple calculator, it can be a good famulus if you are going to buy a house or work as a realtor. Just input some basic data such as, house value, down ...    7 MB    Views 9898


currency row input change functionality selection calculations operations
+5    Converd is the most futuristic, intuitive, lightweight and easy to use currency converter you’ve ever seen. First of the kind multifunctional currency converter with aim on blazingly fast calculations. It supports 32 currency rates, so it can be used more than in ...    2 MB    Views 5259

Tax Calculator

tax calculator price including excluding support display copy key input
-8    "Tax Calculator" is a calculator app useful for calculating sales tax. This calculator can be used in the same manner as general calculators. From a calculation result, a price including tax, price excluding tax and the amount of tax are displayed automatically. (The ...    547 kb    Views 8230


time user steps input asian underlying variables option
-3    The OPM App provides option pricing across numerous models for the following option types: Vanilla, Binary, Barrier, Lookback and Asian. Viewing pricing variance across many different models provides a useful reality check. Please be aware that the exotics may take a minute ...    1 MB    Views 5456

Home Loan Cal - EN

+10    Use this app to determine the monthly payments of home loan, auto loan or other loans. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Features:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::Monthly Payment Calculator::::::: Monthly payment Interest paid Total paid Show monthly payment table :::::::Loan Terms Calculator::::::: Loan terms Interest paid Total paid Show monthly payment ...    1 MB    Views 8094


portfolio information input plan simply future perfect
+2    Build and perfect your dividend portfolio with Dividender, the DRIP calculation suite for iOS Simply input your stocks and shares, and Dividender will give you all the information you need Stock details are automatically updated with the most uptothesecond data available, ...    2 MB    Views 1982


cards business spending category spendings tags show remove month application
+7    A simple application everyone looking for to keep their spendings by Payment Type, Tag and of course by spending category. In addition, it will show you the spending in 'RED' color if the current month spending exceeds the average spending ...    399 kb    Views 2666
history input category simple region easy format
+4    Start the app, choose category, and input price. Simple, right? :) Features Easy, fast, and exciting household accounts Brand new simple interface All design is optimized for iOS7 style Awesome motion and effective sound How to use History can be modified by touch like input. (Memo and cost can change, category ...    2 MB    Views 5375
calculator tax extra precision input calculations phone watch memory
0    DESIGNED FOR EXCELLENT USABILITY, the app for the Watch ● provides large buttons (not more than 12 buttons on screen). ● provides distinct feedbacks for the input actions. ● shows the results together with the input operands (Shows also "3 x 4" for ...    4 MB    Views 2933
Related Apps show debt loan
0    show percentage graphically. show how many months does pay up the debt loan.    31 MB    Views 3331
discount tax sale calculator today assistant clear widget input main
0    Discount Assistant is a clean and handy calculator that helps you find out the exact price to pay for an item with discount and sale tax. Discount Assistant also has Today widget which can be enabled in Today view of Notification ...    2 MB    Views 2909
radio planning financial focus show
+26    Financial Focus delivers quality information about financial planning, investments, wealth management and retirement planning. Financial Focus Radio Show likes to have guests on that are entertaining and bring good advice on specific topics to our audience. You can listen to ...    8 MB    Views 5089


calculator section input function
+26    CalculatorApp is a powerful calculator that includes different calculation modes. Whether you want to compute acceleration into meters per second or calculate square roots there are several screens to choose from. It includes a normal calculator with many scientific calculation ...    3 MB    Views 2934

My Car Loan Lite

car twitter loan lite report input easy currency amount view
+21    My Car Loan Lite, the free version of the innovative car loan calculator My Car Loan. Have you ever wondered how much a car loan or finance deal is really costing you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could play around with ...    3 MB    Views 9600

Sum Calculator

calculator input press button sum method data numbers add
+4    <Features> A calculator application which performs addition and subtraction with speech input, keyboard input, and paste input. The data displayed on Input Screen is reusable on the other applications, like Excel and Numbers with copy & paste method and search & ...    27 MB    Views 800

Split - Pay Equally

email input split optional price
+27    Split makes it easy to divide costs for things such as meal tabs, vacations, rent, and more. Select a Category Input the Name of the business, location, etc. Input the Total Price Input the Tip (optional) Input notes related to ...    209 kb    Views 1591

History Calc

history time calculator calc input line delete version currency
+8    "History Calc" is a calculator can see the history of the calculation. Erase the history line by line, the only app. To avoid mistakes many people make two calculations. Using this application, by checking the input history, allowing accurate calculation once. In ...    8 MB    Views 3389

Finance Pal

Related Apps calendar outgoings view fields income show
+13    This app allows you to customise and create your own financial tracker. You can add, edit and delete fields to match your own requirements. Unlike many similar apps, there are no predefined titles for income and outgoings. The user has complete ...    355 kb    Views 6213

My Paycheck

paycheck show
+3    Ever wondered where the money in your paycheck goes before you see some of it? My Paycheck will show you how much of your paycheck is going to various taxes. The best part of My Paycheck is that it will ...    265 kb    Views 8113

Compare Mortgages

options loan show payments mortgage payment switch graphics
+1    Shopping for a mortgage ? Overwhelmed by those many options. This tool allows you to easily translate the different options of loans and mortgages to make them comparable. If you have a loan providing you with a monthly payment and you ...    2 MB    Views 7953


simulation market strategy definition input order orders trading strategies
-9    What is TradingTuner ? It is a software application for trading strategies analysis and tuning. Who is it for ? Students, Teachers, Scholars of Economics and Operational Research, Traders and anyone interested in Quantitative Methods for Finance. How does it work ? TradingTuner simulates the ...    4 MB    Views 108


calculator calculate currency rate show exchange click country line
-8    When you travel or on business abroad, this app will help you very usefully. 1.It can show the time offline all around the world. 2.It can show the currency rate offline for every country. 3.It can be show the exchange rate and compare ...    272 kb    Views 653
stock calculator dividend expected input increase grow edition
0    MAKE YOUR CAH GROW Download stock drip calculator gold edition for many extra features such as currency selection, graph, and email option. By investing in a dividend reinvestment plan, your earnings can increase substantially. Just input your stock dividend information and watch your ...    2 MB    Views 1101

Time Value

time interest payment rate monthly cash calculated input variables
+11    This application calculates following 5 variables. 1. Present Value (PV), 2. Future Value (FV), 3. Payment, 4. Time and 5. Interest Rate variables when other variables are supplied as input. Time can be supplied in years. x12 switch can be turned on to indicate monthly payment. Interest rate ...    97 kb    Views 3665
Related Apps input easy accounting backup device payment entries user moment
-6    Easy Accounting. You do not need to use accounting knowledge. The application is specially designed for easy handling. For example, with just two clicks you can input the entries you enter often directly or from input now screen to save time. Structured by ...    8 MB    Views 9184
tax support pay salary easy net incoming input data button
-3    The most cool backboard style calculator, New tax rate support with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Support the new tax rate that passed on June 30, 2011. Support new exemption 3500 ...    6 MB    Views 2954


calculator potential savings show electronic
-1    The Firstb2b mobile app includes how we tackle EDI with our innovative solutions. The Firstb2b EDI calculator will show you, your potential savings from implementing EDI or Electronic invoicing. The calculator will show you five independent evaluations of the potential ...    9 MB    Views 8525
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