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+19    Trusted Binary Options Signals app helps you predict the market trading binary options with LIVE trading signals sent directly to your iPhone/iPad, in the app you will be able to get live rates on hundreds of different assets. Our system analyzes ...    10 MB    Views 922
+4    Are you looking for an indication of costs of a proposed development? Perhaps you are seeking to gain some insight into price movements within your local market as compared to others? Or are you looking for some expert construction market commentary from ...    NAN    Views 7424


news market
+26's free app puts breaking, actionable stock market news at your fingertips. Get instant access to Wall Street's top analysts and thinkers. Set up custom alerts to track news on your stocks (i.e. AAPL) and other key market areas (i.e. ...    24 MB    Views 9282

Agent News

news agent
+2    วารสาร Agent News จัดทำและเผยแพร่เฉพาะภาย ในบมจ.เมืองไทยประกันชีวิต เพื่อเป็นสื่อกลางในการสื่อข้อมูลข่าวสารความเคลื่อนไหวของบริษัทฯ ให้ ฝ่ายขายรับทราบอย่างกว้างขวาง และเป็นการสร้างความสัมพันธ์อันดีระหว่างฝ่ายภายในและฝ่ายขาย ของบริษัทฯ    10 MB    Views 5949
news english
+12    此应用程序收集和浏览最新的财经英语,商务礼仪美语和英语考试新闻。 精选每日财经头条,中英文双栏显示帮助您的英语水平一日千里。 学习英语,订阅RSS是一个方法,每天收集一些最新内容给你看,既不浪费 时间,也没有压力,可以在工作之余锻炼锻炼英语。这些都是热门,都是精华。 This Application collects and browse the latest English stock market news, etiquette Business English and English test news.    25 MB    Views 5334
+28    Public Accounting Report is now available on the iPad Public Accounting Report is leading provider of competitive intelligence for public accounting firms and the profession. It is renowned for its straight reporting and analysis of the news, developments, and trends that ...    4 MB    Views 2871

Maxus TI for iPad

Related Apps business intelligence strategic data platform complex process
+10    As a part of GroupM Wpp Holding, Maxus iMBI is focused in providing Business Intelligence solutions and Tech Strategic Consultancy. We strongly believe that being able to consult, process and manage large volumes of complex data quickly and efficiently, in ...    58 MB    Views 9147


management business intelligence suite analysis enterprise data mobile
-3    GUSOS Mobile Business Intelligence delivers management information from operational data of the GUSOS Suite right on your iOS device. GUSOS Mobile BI is the perfect tool for the analysis, reporting and visualization of business information. This app relies on predefined cockpits ...    11 MB    Views 882

BD Vision for Phone

intelligence data clients global profiles asset side markets solutions financial
+16    We’ve combined the industry’s best institutional contact and holders data, and BD Vision’s workflow tools, with the flexibility and convenience of mobile accessibility all instantly synched with your BD Vision account Know Your Clients and Prospects: „„ Get instant access to ...    5 MB    Views 7376
0    Plimsoll financial analysis reports provide all the information you need to increase your knowledge and authority over any industry or market, no matter how complex, anywhere in the world. This free App is based on the latest UK company data and ...    5 MB    Views 6730
radio news financial talk live
+2    Personal & Business Finance Talk Radio Live Dozens of the best Financial News Radio Stations hand selected and streamed live via Edge, 3G and WIFI to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Catch up on the best financial talk radio, and news ...    2 MB    Views 2488
Related Apps news deal daily report
+20    The Deal Mobile app offers users intraday transactional news as reported on by inhouse senior financial journalists. Features include PDF reports of The Daily Deal, Corporate Control Alert, The DealFlow Report and The Life Settlements Report; video interviews with top ...    7 MB    Views 2767

AK&M News

Related Apps news russian agency information
+14    AK&M Information Agency is a leading independent provider of Russian real time political, economic, financial and stock market news and comprehensive information on Russian Capital Markets. AK&M app provides a convenient client with userfriendly interface, which allows you to read agency's ...    NAN    Views 2170
Related Apps business news industry equipment
-6    Сheck out Business Equipment Industry news that could affect your investment, using your watch. If headline catches your eyes you can continue to read the full article on your iPhone The app does one thing and does it well: it provides ...    290 kb    Views 1752


intelligence information portfolio key counter find signals algorithms
+26    With the Sigmaspecto app, you can log in to your Sigmaspecto account from your iPhone or iPad. Sigmaspecto enables you to monitor and find early signals and information about your trading partners, portfolio companies, clients and other key counterparties in realtime ...    3 MB    Views 6637
Related Apps news wireless industry communications
-9    Сheck out Wireless Communications Industry news that could affect your investment, using your watch. If headline catches your eyes you can continue to read the full article on your iPhone The app does one thing and does it well: it provides ...    255 kb    Views 3456
Related Apps news daily financial
0    The InvestmentNews Daily iPad app is the financial advice industry’s first and only realtime news app. This free app is the most efficient way for financial advisers to access news and information – anytime and anywhere – about their business and ...    14 MB    Views 5383

Gather Tech News

news tech technology
+3    Gathering all the technology news you care about One universal app for iPhone and iPad puts all the latest technology news in one spot and at your fingertips. We gather it for you In either abridged or extended formats, we deliver up ...    1 MB    Views 5338


+2    Stay Ahead of the Competition For people who earn their money with breaking news, dasPing is the ideal web page monitor. dasPing gathers, manages, and delivers real time business intelligence to your iPhone. Web Page Monitor for your iPhone You know first about ...    NAN    Views 7312
intelligence job search interview executive data markets approach
-8    Interview Intelligence is a dedicated App developed by headhunters for candidates that require assistance with applying and securing jobs directly in financial markets Our DNA is Executive Search. Advising and successfully placing 100's of people over the last 20 years. Interview Intelligence ...    54 MB    Views 7296


news law bond
+27    Bond Adams are one of the leading law firms in the Midlands (UK) in terms of our quality of work, reputation of delivery and level of success. This free application provides the user with instant details of the many areas of professional help available ...    16 MB    Views 2112

QuayCU News

Related Apps news articles including delivered
-9    Updates and gourmet news delivered directly to your pocket by us, Quay Credit Union. News articles, analysis and commentary covering a range of interests including financial markets and business are sourced from the worlds largest local and international news agencies. ...    NAN    Views 7593
property news view world journal
+8    World Property Journal is the premier online destination for Property News and Listings across the Globe. The WPJ app provides an easy and unique way to view uptotheminute Real Estate News, market information and view vacation, residential, and commercial properties ...    14 MB    Views 4019


news currencies world indices application
+9    This application allows users to get mobile access to the following information products and services: News Promptly updated economic news feed containing more than 100 most important materials on a daily basis Articles Analytical reviews with comments of market experts about the ...    6 MB    Views 8007
-4    ATMonitor shares trading intelligence, news and opinion. It also provides constantly updated directories of algorithmic service providers, EMS/OMS vendors and MTFs as well as market data, connectivitylatency, trading and analytics software listings. Proprietary AlgoSelect and BrokerSelect tools are designed to ...    1 MB    Views 1552

JMW News

Related Apps news articles page delivered
+5    Updates and gourmet news delivered directly to your pocket by us, John MacKenzie Wilson Nominees Pty Ltd. News articles, analysis and commentary covering a range of interests including financial markets and business are sourced from the worlds largest local and ...    NAN    Views 9692


personal news
+13    OttOmoney is your personal tools for: Biz News: Uptodate news on investment, business, economy, and personal finance My Stuff: Locationbased information regarding your wise spending for both selected providers of goods and service ,and discounts IT IS FREE    3 MB    Views 7729
+3    Introducing Databox for Enterprise, the Mobilefirst BI Platform for decision makers. Go beyond data visualization – stay on top of your business, get notified when something needs attention and take action instantly. Databox features an awardwinning mobile interface for iOS that ...    14 MB    Views 4421

InstaNews FX

market news financial informed
+4    Do you need to be informed on significant events in financial world? High quality selection of Forex market resources and news is collected specially for you. Informative illustrations and match more. Use our application to keep informed about everything on the ...    24 MB    Views 157
intelligence investors monitor workflow corporate global investor view side asset data relations clients
-3    Now use Ipreo BD Corporate on your iPhone. We've combined the industry's best institutional data and BD Corporate's intuitive IR workflow tools, with the flexibility and convenience of mobile accessibility all instantly synchronized with your desktop BD Corporate account. Track Your ...    5 MB    Views 2465
intelligence industry fund
-4    Fund Industry Intelligence delivers news, data, analysis, business strategy, and sales and marketing leads to mutual fund industry leaders.    11 MB    Views 5660

Teneo Intelligence

research intelligence solutions
+2    The Teneo Intelligence App brings our research and risk products to leaders and decisionmakers by providing tailored, actionable, rapid and wellinformed research solutions to strategic problems and opportunities. The insights and analysis that underpin these forwardlooking solutions are the combined ...    7 MB    Views 5281
business intelligence economic reports free oxford countries read markets country
+20    Oxford Business Group is a global publisher and consultancy producing annual investment and economic reports on more than 30 countries. Every business intelligence report is based on incountry research by experienced analysts. Oxford Business Group delivers tomorrow's growth markets today.
 The global economic landscape is ...    54 MB    Views 823


Related Apps news full financial gold
+18    First gold news is a fusion of multichannel financial information source, full range tracking the latest industry financial direction, dynamic display the details of trading activities of app, it has hundreds of the most authoritative analysts straddle aspect, realtime updates ...    17 MB    Views 9386
intelligence module insight listen analyse show detailed data
0    The Audience Insight App allows myInvestis clients to access a condensed view of their myInvestis dashboard onthego via the phone/tablet. Features include: Dashboard to see the summary of Intelligence, Listen and Analyse modules Detailed Intelligence module to show top companies, page ...    8 MB    Views 7767
investors intelligence market iphone ipad london trading account spread betting markets trade
+9    Our free mobile trading app gives you the power to trade thousands of global financial markets wherever you are. Investors Intelligence have been providing trading ideas, model portfolios, key trading signals and market timing services since 1947. With our iPhone and iPad ...    14 MB    Views 9842

Gather Finance News

news finance
+18    Gathering all the finance news you care about One universal app for iPhone and iPad puts all the latest financial news in one spot and at your fingertips. We gather it for you In either abridged or extended formats, we deliver up ...    1 MB    Views 8693
-8    Reboard is a universal mobile Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting tool for business and decision makers. It is designed to provide easy access to company data and KPI´s. Managers on the go can retrieve and present all essential and relevant ...    5 MB    Views 4513

china news org stories read
+9 Read China news on the go. offers wideranging, uptotheminute news about China and a wealth of information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture. Features: l Access the latest news from wherever you go. l Automatically download stories on launching the app. l ...    3 MB    Views 8314
news business malaysia bloomberg
+25    Get business/economic/finance news and market information from trusted news and media professionals. Access Bloomberg TV Malaysia 24Hour Live TV Streaming news coverage and video updates on the latest business trends and developments in Malaysia.    NAN    Views 5230

Follow The Coin

news currency digital
+21    We are the home page for digital currency. View realtime digital currency news now. Features Include: Up to the minute news updates Daily breakdown of the top headlines Chat with other Bitcoiners BTC charts, trackers and price indexes Bitcoin viral photos ...    15 MB    Views 2002
stock news blog market media investors social intelligence stocks coverage data
+5    MarketBuzz is a news and social media intelligence tool for stock market investors, giving retail investors the news monitoring tools that were until now only available to hedge funds and quants. The MarketBuzz data center monitors thousands of news, blog and ...    7 MB    Views 2013

Business Money

business finance money market banking news intelligence subscription commercial period renewal current
+9    Business Money: bringing business and money together since 1993 Business Money is the industry journal in commercial finance and business banking. Published since 1993, on the basis that good financial judgement is a skill that requires a blend of economic, market, ...    5 MB    Views 8543

The Motley Fool

+4    Stock information and investing advice from The Motley Fool. App features include: Top stories in financial news News coverage on Financials, Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Consumer Services, Media & Industrials Ticker search Motley Fool Money and Market Foolery podcasts Offline reading Saving ...    5 MB    Views 8302


stock intelligence shake pick provide
-1    Istockshaker on Iphone makes stock investment decisions using the science of artificial intelligence (AI). Istockshaker "Shake Me" provide ranking of a stock by using the most advanced artificial intelligence methods. Istockshaker is a completely adaptive computer system without human intervention, and ...    1008 kb    Views 8342


+9    Applicazione ufficiale del canale satellitare JusticeTV. Tramite questa App avrete la possibilità di: Consultare le ultime news di JusticeTG Ricercare nell'archivio delle news di JusticeTG Inviare richieste alla trasmissione "Amico Avvocato"    3 MB    Views 9160

HFM Editions

news intelligence market people investors business managers management family research fund hedge latest analysis issues
-1    The app is free to download and includes access to the latest and past editions of the HFM (Hedge Fund Manager) family; •HFMWeek •HFMTechnology •HFMCompliance •CTAIntelligence About HFMWeek HFMWeek is the leading resource for current global hedge fund news. Through its daily news ...    3 MB    Views 1067

Pink Finance

Related Apps news finance date
+27    Every Dollar Makes a Difference Welcome to the Pink Finance App Here you can find your borrowing capacity, mortgage repayments and loan costs. Perfect for the home buyer, if you are refinancing or a property investor. Up to date information with calculators ...    12 MB    Views 6836
Related Apps news electronic industry equipment
+1    Сheck out Electronic Equipment Industry news that could affect your investment, using your watch. If headline catches your eyes you can continue to read the full article on your iPhone The app does one thing and does it well: it provides ...    280 kb    Views 5956


news stocks
0    MobileStock is an application which makes tracking stocks easy and at your finger tips. It gives you the latest updates on variation in stocks of your interest with news highlights about them. You can also share the news with your ...    4 MB    Views 7167


news economy articles
-9    RSS reader on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Presents a fast way to browse Economy News articles across Greece from different categories. Serves news articles from cache when there is no Internet. Page or article opens up immediately. Easy access to your ...    279 kb    Views 5002
news business
+26    Buley's Business News for iPhone and iPod devices. Scan, save and share news by company or sector for all publiclytraded companies.    351 kb    Views 6789
business tools management intelligence design excel dashboards box companies account minutes included
-8    The control of your business in the palm of your hand, design your own Dashboards or Balanced Scorecards. It is synchronized with Excel through your personal cloud account ( An exclusive tool of big companies, now in the IPAD with an easy ...    37 MB    Views 1723


-9    A monthly publication targeting the interests of china's New Rich stratum and devoted to covering news and information of the fortunerelated topics. The magazine aims to deliver the message that "Wealth is a means to achievement and freedom". The editorial ...    9 MB    Views 4834

Stock Panorama

Related Apps stock news calendar intelligence time social earnings portfolio stocks information dividends eps events
+23    Stock Panorama brings what 'matters' to an investor’s portfolio combination of 'relevant and key' market data, analyst opinions and social intelligence all on your mobile device. For each stock in your portfolio, Stock Panorama 'follows' key events (earnings, ...    14 MB    Views 3124

SEB Active Trading

Related Apps news active seb trading application
-4    Stay on top of the market and get the latest news from the SEB Active Trading analysis team. You get: Quotes from the Nordic exchanges International Indices Graphs and news Exchange rates Personal watch lists The application caters to active clients of ...    NAN    Views 3582

The Canmaker Mobile

news edition mobile
+18    The Canmaker Mobile edition offers breaking news on the metal packaging, canmaking and filling industries, presented to you in an iPhone friendly way. Use this edition for the latest industry, company and innovation news. Login with your subscriber information for even greater ...    4 MB    Views 2395

china finance news

Related Apps rss china news finance push
0    china finance news rss push 注意: 下载app后,请选择分类进行订购,这样才能收到push. rss 订购来源 华尔街日报,新浪财经,人民日报 可以按照分类来订购不同子分类 可以设置不同通知音调 通知方式 1。你首先选择分类,订购成功后,系统返回给你订购成功 2。一旦订购成功后,服务系统一旦收到有最新的rss 内容标题,就会通过push 方式发送到你的手机。 注意: 服务时间是你下载订购的一年内。 1.建议订购的分类不要超过5个。 2.push 功能有占用流量,如果使用iphone ,请检查流量。 3.请打开push 服务。 联系邮件: 我們其他類似應用 quick rss for china (中國新聞),push rss( 美國新聞),臺灣新聞,香港新闻.    3 MB    Views 827

Investor news

Related Apps news latest
+5    Easy to use app for the latest news regarding investing and business. Enjoy as it gets updated daily with the latest articles. RSS reader, we do not claim to own the content. Have fun    39 MB    Views 6455


intelligence network opportunities professionals members
0    Goldwire Information Club is an online intelligence network for professionals who advise private investors and business leaders. We help a globally dispersed membership swap intelligence on underappreciated opportunities and developments across industry and finance worldwide. The focus is intelligence on hidden opportunities ...    5 MB    Views 3846
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