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+1    CrowdVest. Rapid. Collective. Insight. At CrowdVest, we have one objective in mind ... to rapidly harness the investment ideas of many, many individual generalist investors and to reflect the collective investment insights back to members. Up until now, individual investors have been ...    6 MB    Views 4519
0    Pocket Agent gives mobile access to State Farm insurance and financial information, and allows customers to manage their policies and accounts anytime, anywhere. Pocket Agent lets you: • View insurance policy info • View insurance card • Contact your agent • Search for an agent ...    34 MB    Views 2137

My Retirement Tools

+4    Manulife presents: My Retirement Tools a collection of tools that can help guide you to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want. The tools included in this application are: Savings calculator estimate how much you should save to reach ...    6 MB    Views 4972
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-1    How much is that cup of premium coffee really worth? Are you shortchanging your retirement? Originally coined by financial columnist and author David Bach, "The Latte Effect" (sometimes called the "Starbucks Effect") refers to the dent in your retirement savings due ...    326 kb    Views 4802
investment retirement market planning calculator money stock investing time store services 401 advice registered mutual
-2    Overview Are you confused about investing in the stock market? Unsure how you’ll provide yourself with enough money to live comfortably in retirement? Receiving professional investment advice for your work retirement plan shouldn't take hours of preparation and timeconsuming ...    19 MB    Views 8445

HDFC securities

investment ipad stock investing time trading markets securities hdfc experience powerful
+2    Experience the Next Generation Trading App . The all New HDFC securities iPad Trading App by HDFC securities Limited, is easier to use,easier to navigate with latest markets update, investment ideas, real time charts, and more— best optimized for your iPad ...    13 MB    Views 6501
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+3    Investments in Real Estate and Housing Market presents this days once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your equity. You can do it too Here you'll learn all you need to know before you invest yourself, you'll be amazed how possible ...    1 MB    Views 5721
investment research market investing videos apps news time tools investors morningstar data portfolio premium current
+11    For millions of investors, is the first choice for independent investment research and insights. Now you can experience the best of our flagship website on your iPhone. Our app gives investors access to comprehensive investment data covering stocks, mutual ...    9 MB    Views 6163
property investing tax investment money house guide profit information opportunities
+12    ➠ SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW Investing in property liens in Canada is a proven way to make fantastic returns. As with any investment there are risks and pitfalls to avoid and this book will guide you through them and ...    8 MB    Views 6426
+8    ➠ SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW There's no doubt that if you become a real estate investor you are on a proven path to wealth. More millionaires have been created from property investing than any other method. There are pitfalls to ...    8 MB    Views 8364

Vanguard for iPad

research market investment investing ipad news funds account mutual etfs review visit plan employer
0    Longterm investing is now even easier. With this free app for iPad, the tools you need to securely manage your Vanguard accounts are at your fingertips. Now available – Logon is simpler with a new, streamlined process. – Visit Settings to sign up ...    21 MB    Views 7093
investment school management investing growth markets book emerging years russia
+3    Check 2 min summary of the book on Youtube. This free version includes intro and 1st chapter. Other chapters may be purchased separately. This book is for those who are interested in enhancing their investment portfolio. After living and investing for ...    5 MB    Views 2380

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stock investing investment blue date chips information years chip
+5    New Feature added Never miss an exdiv date again with this new reminder feature. Simply set the date you wish to be alerted so that you can make your move. A blue chip is defined as a stock in a ...    5 MB    Views 7629
investing investment personal money time account automated manage returns based service protection
+13    Betterment is the largest, fastestgrowing automated investing service, helping people to better manage, protect, and grow their wealth. Use Betterment’s smarter technology to manage your investments in a customized, globallydiversified portfolio. With Betterment’s mobile app, you can safely and securely: • Access ...    49 MB    Views 6562
investment stock investing security application fair evaluation stocks auto provide
+24    Valuebook is an app including stock analyzer and stock screener for value investing. You can manage the fair value and relative value of stocks in your hand, and It helps you to explore the great company with good price anytime ...    11 MB    Views 7819

TD International

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0    Invest internationally with ease and confidence. With the TD International app you will gain access to an international investment platform serving thousands of international and expatriate investors, and offering the services and safety of a solid Luxembourgbased bank. Stay in touch with ...    NAN    Views 9321
investing market stock investment money information wealth choices learn intelligent financial
-6    The pursuit of riches is what many of us are after. Investing in valuable assets is a way of securing that wealth for our future. Putting your money into an asset with a possible risk factor may be a bit ...    27 MB    Views 3843
singapore investment award life prudential financial 2014 protection savings years
-7    Khew Zong Jie Financial Consultant Prudential Singapore, an indirect whollyowned subsidiary of UKbased Prudential plc, is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore. We have been serving the financial and protection needs of Singaporeans for more than 80 ...    13 MB    Views 9510
+24    Key features: • Direct access to market commentary • Ability to follow preferred investment strategies and international investing experts • Fund information and performance details • Convenient filtering of market insights and materials • Access to interactive charts • View and share content via email App content: ...    11 MB    Views 7203

Dogs of the Dow

investment strategy investing dow stocks portfolio year
0    With this new DOGS of the DOW App: investing in North America's easiest, most popular & consistent investment strategy just got easier. Stresstested with over 100 years of proven performance, the Dogs of the Dow strategy has shown that anyone can ...    7 MB    Views 1942
investing investment property calculator tools money real estate mortgage free learn
+5    Free investing in real estate course We will teach you how to Invest in Real Estate and earn real and big money doing that like the smart investors. RealEstate investing property zillowmania Buying property as an investment is a big deal ...    4 MB    Views 3332

TD (Canada)

apple banking canadian iphone investing time investment access watch bill quick bank payments
+7    The TD app provides quick, easy, convenient and secure access to your TD chequing, savings, credit, and investment accounts on your iPhone and now with your Apple Watch – all at a glance with Quick Access. By clicking "Get", you ...    NAN    Views 776
investment planning market management news investing services portfolio mobile financial
+13    Optimist Investment Services is an Investment Portfolio Management Firm. Our range of services extends from basic Tax Planning to Investment & Portfolio Management Services for Companies and Individuals. Our service bouquet includes Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning and Investment Planning for ...    18 MB    Views 2396

Invesco US

market investing investors investment access funds manager insights fund asset
+16    Access Invesco fund information, portfolio manager insights and more with our free iPad app. Products: •Browse mutual funds,unit trusts, exchangetraded funds and money market funds by asset class, or search by name, symbol, CUSIP or ticker. •View detailed fund information, including prices, performance, ...    35 MB    Views 6267
+5    A DIY energy (electrical) efficiency application that is simple and persuasive, helping you find real electrical utility savings. Within a few minutes, you can assess energy consumption by appliance, it has a very useful energy savings financial payback analysis section, ...    5 MB    Views 2399
stock market investing investment video management time people learning invest watch learn investor
+1    Always wanted to learn how to invest like the world's greatest investor, Warren Buffett? Then let this simple investment course teach you the fundamentals of Value Investing the investing philosophy that has made Warren Buffett the richest investor in the ...    18 MB    Views 4462

529 Calculator

tax investment investing time calculator college savings 529 state costs
+1    AARP COLLEGE SAVINGS SOLUTIONS FROM TIAACREF Calculate your college savings goals and learn what you need to do now to help meet them. With the College Savings Planner from TIAACREF, you can learn more about what college may cost when and where ...    5 MB    Views 3896


+9    Tap into your investments with the Fidelity app. The app helps you follow the markets, monitor funds and check your account from wherever you are. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR INVESTMENTS • Securely view all of your accounts and investments • See total returns, ...    NAN    Views 5190
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+3    Are You Ready to Discover the Astonishing Secrets of How to Make Massive Profits in Real Estate Investing? Did you know that real estate has created more millionaires than any other investment vehicle? Well, it’s true. Of course, you can't just jump on ...    345 kb    Views 4707
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+10    The most sophisticated yet userfriendly app available for the iPad and iPhone to evaluate singlefamily, multifamily, and commercial real estate investments, structure mortgage financing, and determine pricing based on valuation metrics. Differentiating features from other real estate investing apps: Ability to ...    18 MB    Views 2969
investing investment retirement stock market money investors trust invest
-9    Discover Why Trust Deed Investors Almost Always Beat Stock Market Gamblers In Earnings Dear Smart Investor... High return, low risk? Not in the stock market. One thing is for sure, while there are many differences between Trust deeds and other types of investments ...    293 kb    Views 7416
retirement investment lifestyle tax investing forecast market planning easy plan growth savings financial track dow 500
+28    RETIREMENT IS IN YOUR FUTURE. BUT HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO RETIRE? The unfortunate fact is that 62% of people are not financially ready for retirement. QuickPlan provides you with an easy to use financial planning and forecasting tool to assess ...    5 MB    Views 8988
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-3    Track all your investment accounts for free, or let SigFig invest for you in a low cost automated ETF portfolio, in one secure personal finance app. See why people use SigFig to manage over 300 billion: “The datadriven financial planner of ...    24 MB    Views 7365
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+1    UBL Funds Smart Savings app is a convenient and easy application that gives you access to your investment account anytime, anywhere. With its easy to use interface and design, you can make transactions round the clock, check your investment portfolio and ...    8 MB    Views 863
investing investment tax bonds bond safe mutual funds free
+13    Learn about Municipal Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Fixed Income Investing, Municipal bond mutual funds, and how tax free investing works. Read about what municipal bonds are, why they are a good investment, why they are a bad investment, historical defaults, and how ...    NAN    Views 7526


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-1    Julius Chen – Financial Consultant Prudential Singapore, an indirect whollyowned subsidiary of UKbased Prudential plc, is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore. We have been serving the financial and protection needs of Singaporeans for more than 80 years. ...    16 MB    Views 2643
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+4    Gain access to Morningstar's proven approach to dividend investing with Morningstar DividendInvestorfor iPad. Editor Josh Peters is dedicated to helping investors meet their realworld financial objectives by uncovering and recommending highquality U.S. stocks that pay large, reliable, and growing cash ...    9 MB    Views 9884
+26    Get Morningstar’s favorite widemoat U.S. stocks on your iPad. Download the Morningstar StockInvestor for iPad app for free and receive our howto investing guides at no cost or obligation. Then subscribe for 10.99 per month. If you currently subscribe to ...    9 MB    Views 8788
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+26    Invest internationally With the TD International app you will gain access to an international investment platform serving thousands of international and expatriate investors, and offering the services of a Luxembourgbased bank. Stay in touch with your investments Monitor your accounts and balances ...    NAN    Views 4809
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+1    This is a basic investment calculator that will also let you see what you could be saving/earning by cutting out some of those unnecessary common expenses, like a daily cup of coffee purchased from a local coffee shop, buying lunch ...    11 MB    Views 6357
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+7    Discover the Best Investment Ideas and Tips Investing can be an emotional roller coaster for many people. This holds true whether you are investing in real estate, gold, the stock market, your own business, or whatever you consider your investments to be. There ...    352 kb    Views 3220


stock investment market investing ipad company growth fair earnings future price
-4    Description This App addresses two key investment concerns of any investor: 1) Provides a tool that allows you to determine the Fair Value stock price of a company. 2) Provides objective and quantifiable estimates for the impact of a broad market ...    8 MB    Views 3501
investing investors research ipad investment morningstar fund access analysts mutual subscription strategies
+1    Gain access to Morningstar's proven approach to fund investing with Morningstar FundInvestor. Download the app for free and receive our howto investing guides at no cost or obligation. Then subscribe for 10.99 per month. If you currently subscribe to Morningstar ...    12 MB    Views 9706
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+8    Classic quantitative value investing strategies (for the US stock market) including: 1. Joel Greenblatt’s Magic Formula (The Little Book that Beats the Market). 2. Benjamin Graham’s Stock Selection for the Defensive Investor (The Intelligent Investor). 3. Joseph Piotroski’s FScore with Price to Book (the classic 2002 ...    219 kb    Views 2963
card time investing bitcoin coinbase users spending habits grow link savings
+23    Buy a cup of coffee for 3.25 and automatically convert the remaining 75₵ into bitcoin. New users get 5 just for signing up Watch your bitcoin stash grow as you link your spending and savings habits. Lawnmower is the easy ...    37 MB    Views 9226

Note Buying App

investment money software investors iphone investing business note buying real estate profit calculates 000
+10    Terry Bontemps “40,000 Profit In One Hour” Note Buying App is the best real estate investing software for flipping houses from your iPhone in the world Terry Bontemps “40,000 Profit In One Hour” Note Buying App is a real estate investment ...    20 MB    Views 7971
investing finance people language video dictionary learning flashcards investment lessons put
-7    We have collected All of the most used Investing and Financial terms, definitions and abbreviations, and put them all together into this one allinclusive App. Wherever you feel puzzled by any the language or jargon, the App is your powerful ...    23 MB    Views 7326

EmpireOption Pro

time market web investment investing binary platform operations account options term graphics
+4    EmpireOption ProTrader Welcome to EmpireOption, the safest, simplest and most advanced Binary Option investing platform in the financial market. With our new and improved ProTrader application you can operate from anywhere, and enjoy new functions that enhance the experience of mobile trading ...    19 MB    Views 884

Total Return Free

investment stock time investing return total rate calculates investments commissions dividends today
+8    If you prefer an ADFREE app, consider buying Total Return instead. Transferring your data between Total Return Free and Total Return is very easy. Have you ever wanted to know how much you’ve actually gained from your stock, mutual fund, 401(k), or ...    3 MB    Views 9714
investing market investment stock investors china time educational home account minimum access securities country trade
+29    Passport by DriveWealth puts the US Stock Market in your pocket. The Passport investing app is available worldwide and allows you to invest for as little as 2.99 per trade. You’ll also have access to stock ratings, educational resources, and ...    3 MB    Views 3868

ayondo markets

investing investment tax health iphone markets trading risk account trade platform funding trades
-1    Experience our new investment and trading platform, TradeHub on your iPhone. TradeHub allows you to trade on the go, monitor your open positions and more. Once you download the app, discover all the benefits of trading and investing on our ...    4 MB    Views 5337
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-1    Solve finance and business equations with this accurate, powerful, and easy to use calculator. With save & load function for future reference & comparison purposes. "…Now I don't even take my HP financial calculator along on ...    8 MB    Views 6377
money banking australia investment news search browse home investing anz grow share super account open
+12    Created exclusively for iPad and iPhone, Grow by ANZ is an innovative banking and investing app that makes it easy to manage your money together, with banking, super and share investments all behind a secure 4digit pin. Get started easily By installing ...    NAN    Views 9663
investing investment video business forbes intelligent financial steve series
-7    Forbes presents the Intelligent Investing iPhone Application, a series of feature stories and video conversations with the business and investment world’s most respected minds. Watch Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes, a video series of rare oneonone interviews with financial luminaries ...    806 kb    Views 8790


calculator investment apps ipad history software savings interest calculated capital rate dynamic financial functionality
-4    Financial Mathematics forward and back for interest and Savings Calculator... These apps Series for Financial Mathematics allows the charge of interest, final capital and the most common Variables of each calculation method. The exceptional of this software is that it is able ...    8 MB    Views 2055


investment heat incentive savings produce version details years simple
+2    From the makers of the hugely successful iSolarPayback comes iBiomass. The essential app for installers or salesteams who wish to see how an investment will perform over the lifetime of the UK's new and unique Renewable Heat Incentive. Use the app to ...    NAN    Views 5302
investing investors research ipad investment morningstar access analysts etf strategies subscription newsletters
+9    Gain access to Morningstar's proven approach to ETF investing with Morningstar ETFInvestor. Download the app for free and receive our investing guide at no cost or obligation. Then subscribe for 15.99 per month. If you currently subscribe to Morningstar ETFInvestor, ...    12 MB    Views 8898
investing investment market time london banking services additional securities insurance cash protection
+2    About AutoShares The process of managing investment related brokerage and retirement accounts requires a great deal of time and effort. Staying focused on it all can be tedious and time consuming. And, due to life circumstances, plans and opportunities may be ...    32 MB    Views 8497
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+11    Ever wonder how long it would take to become a millionaire? Could you become a millionaire investing just 20 per week? How long would it take a good size nest egg to reach 1M? COULD YOU BE A MILLIONAIRE? helps you answer these ...    44 kb    Views 8816
investment investing personal family advisor financial intelligent friends portfolios portfolio ideas
-1    Clipper Advisor helps you make global investing easy, intelligent, and fun. With Clipper Advisor, you can allocate your assets across the globe, perform a check up on your current portfolios, and monitor and rebalance your investments. You can also talk to ...    17 MB    Views 4751
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