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+3    HOW QUICK CAN YOU MAKE THE MONEY FLOW TO YOUR POCKET ? ARE YOU FAST ENOUGH ? You start totally broken. Then just start swiping as fast as you can and follow the stocks of money pile up. Initially hundreds and as ...    10 MB    Views 5561


+13    AbaSmart ERP goes mobile AbaSmart from ABACUS is the innovative way for futureoriented companies have access to their information and data anytime, anywhere over the Internet via iPad. Report and Management Cockpits A wide range of reports, lists or management cockpits which ...    14 MB    Views 4706

10BII Calc HD

0    Now iOS7 compatable 10BII Calc HD is a business calculator featuring over 100 builtin functions for business, finance, mathematics and statistics. Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, discounted cashflow analyses, TVM (loans, savings, and leasing), bonds and depreciation using a ...    4 MB    Views 2060
+4    The “iDTE 2.0 Good Dynamics Edition” version of iDTE will only work if your organization is currently using the Dynamics product from Good Technology ( If you are not using the Good Dynamics product, please install “iDTE 2.0” instead. DTE Axiom ...    18 MB    Views 7027
+29    DirectFN Retail for iPad The power of DirectFN – on your iPad DirectFN is the pioneer in providing real time market data, market moving news and other tools to analyse the markets in the Middle East Region. DirectFN brings you the latest in ...    29 MB    Views 6077
+1    Manage the Data Usage on your device in Real Time. Now a Universal App with full iPad support Data Monitor will manage both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and WiFi data usage in real time from your device. This FREE app ...    4 MB    Views 3634
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+4    Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPAD: You start your simplified tax return and complete it entirely on the iPAD. The files are transferable from iPAD to PC or Mac. Right now you can try our ...    13 MB    Views 1214
Related Apps ipad business time online exact access insight receipts financial invoices anytime
-3    Exact Online is the online business software. You can work completely in the cloud. With Exact Online for iPad you have 24/7 worldwide access to your key financials and account information. Features like invoice scanning help you operate even more ...    7 MB    Views 1791
business ipad time markets financial cnbc moneycontrol application indian economy
+23    The Moneycontrol app is your gateway to all critical realtime information about the Indian and global markets through your iPad. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find this ...    13 MB    Views 8356
+12    Account Book Free for iPhone and iPad is an intelligent tally book. After a careful analysis of customers' accounting habits, we found that most of account records are about regular consumption like daily living, constant refueling in a fixed filling station, ...    9 MB    Views 7592
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-6    WE are where YOU are Manage your finances anytime, anywhere, and when it’s convenient for you, all from your iPad. Whether you’re traveling, moving away, or just don’t have time to visit the bank, Mobile Banking brings the bank to ...    40 MB    Views 5492
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+19    J.P. Morgan DataQuery is a crossproduct application for analyzing & charting of historic financial data. The interface is available for the web, iPad and as an addin for Excel. The visualizations available are line and regression scatter plots with options ...    19 MB    Views 3580

ActTrader - iPad

ipad time acttrader account trading live real trades information charts open
-1    ActTrader iPad is the iPad version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. ActTrader iPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in ...    5 MB    Views 3737

DFN Touch for iPad

ipad time market tools touch information markets directfn announcements symbol
+14    The Power of DirectFN – Now on your iPad... DirectFN is the pioneer in providing realtime market data, news, announcements and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the European, Middle Eastern, North African and Central ...    24 MB    Views 5512


time iphone ipad goals savings progress enter finances easy financial track
+12    Keep track of your financial goals and savings on iPhone and iPad buying only one App. SPECIAL NEW RELEASE PRICE It’s quick and easy for you to enter your goals, make deposits or withdrawals and monitor their progress over time. With ...    12 MB    Views 9306


iphone tax calculator ipad time results calculation function input button browser
-9    This iPhone / iPad calculator app. The main features are: 1) a simple calculator for business without mathematical function features. But provides with the tax calculation and computation time, instead. 2) the cooperation between PC and iPhone Using a web browser, you can copy ...    436 kb    Views 2749

FXTroll for iPad

Related Apps time ipad real trading chart trade view simple easy understand
+17    FXTroll is an application for Forex trading on iPad provided by Infinity Space Inc,. It will synchronise all of your trading transactions from your PC version of FXTroll in realtime by loging in using the same ID and Password. FXTroll features ...    NAN    Views 5331
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+2    With Commonwealth's Mobile Profile application, real estate professionals can get immediate property information on their iPhone or iPad. By entering a property address, owners' name, assessor's parcel number (APN) or search nearby properties, Commonwealth's Mobile Profile can provide real time ...    6 MB    Views 7888
+24    Interest Calculator for iPad is a simple, easy to use calculator that evaluates the interests from a deposit using the following parameters: a. Principal, b. Time Period, c. Interests Rate, and d. Annual Additions A distinctive feature is the ability to independently compute the time ...    368 kb    Views 5905
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-6    Limited Time Sale 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW Calculator for iPad done the right way Optimized for iOS 9 Calculator Pro for iPad is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. You can enjoy using a standard calculator for basic operations ...    67 MB    Views 3886


ipad management business time pos mobile operations store register sales
+9    Let’s make Point of Sale mobile and fun Run your POS operations on your iPad from any location with the easy to use iPad mobile POS app by ERPLY. Are you a store owner that wants the power of POS without ...    1 MB    Views 9593
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-3    Stock Flip Quote brings you Real Time live stock quotes in a unique clocklike style and instantly turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a beautiful and convenient stock quotes displaying board. This specially designed Stock Flip Quote displays stock quotes ...    14 MB    Views 7008
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+22    Budgets Expense Tracker is also available for iPhone Where does the money go? Create your Budgets and keep to them Buy 'Budgets Expense Tracker for iPad' 'Budgets Expense Tracker for iPad' logs your purchases against your ...    20 MB    Views 2370
iphone ipad time fill cost ups manager motor csv file integrated
+6    Designed for anybody owning one or more motors (boats, planes, agricultural machinery, etc.), the Boat Manager application allows you to monitor, in detail, fuel consumption in hours or miles, expenditure, maintenance and basically everything related to them. For each motor, input ...    15 MB    Views 1238

Easy Comptes iPad

-5    NEW Easy Accounts for iPad is available and synchronizes via iCloud Easy Accounts is a personnal finance management app. Enter your expenses and incomes in real time, set up your recurrent transactions (such as your salary, bills, rent or mortgage) ...    4 MB    Views 6958
banking security ipad personal time internet logon registered account information services
+13    Express Logon for iPad is a quick logon tool that uses our new, secure logon process to give you faster access to your Internet Banking account through your tablet. How does it work? • By taking you through a simple device registration ...    NAN    Views 1092
Related Apps ipad time trading account live trader platform real information
-2    LION iPad Trading Platform is the iPad version of the LION Trader platform by Hirose Financial UK Ltd. It allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version. Simply log in with your LION Trader username ...    5 MB    Views 7952

NSE Mobile for iPad

+3    NSE's Trading system on iPad provides a revolutionary application suite featuring comprehensive trading and market monitoring platform. We offer real time streaming quotes, with simple and user friendly interface for all type of users. It provides the freedom to trade ...    3 MB    Views 8361
Related Apps time running gps ipad device offline works internet subscription tracking
+5    MobileTime is a cloudbased employee time clock that offers GeoFencing, GPS Tracking and Facial Recognition. MobileTime is designed to work at fixed locations as well as your mobile workforce. MobileTime also works offline in cases where a device is not ...    9 MB    Views 8741
time ipad irr interest tab rate calculate investments
-8    Download Coller Capital’s FREE IRR HD App for iPad to calculate the internal rate of return and interest rate for all of your investments Coller Capital’s Free IRR HD App was specifically designed for the Private Equity industry and specifically designed ...    946 kb    Views 7539

Vantage FX for iPad

Related Apps ipad time vantage trading forex account ability free real traders
+19    Combining powerful functionality with an easy to use, intuitive interface, Vantage FX for iPad gives traders the ability to trade Forex, commodities & indices 24 hours a day. The app functions on a realtime twoway connection with Vantage FX’s awardwinning MT ...    5 MB    Views 5126
Related Apps banking ipad security personal time internet login account registered services
-4    Express Login for iPad is a quick login tool that uses our new, secure login process to give you faster access to your Internet Banking account through your tablet. How does it work? • By taking you through a simple device registration ...    NAN    Views 7505
iphone ipad time account book accounting categories records expenditure data view
-5    Account Book for iPhone and iPad is an intelligent tally book. After a careful analysis of customers' accounting habits, we found that most of account records are about regular consumption like daily living, constant refueling in a fixed filling station, shopping ...    11 MB    Views 4166

Wage Calculator

calculator ipad time wage display retina universal calculate designed easy graphics
+7    Wage Calculator is the app that calculates your income (before tax). It can calculate what your hourly rate is, what you should be paid, and even how long you worked. But now it does more...Wage Calculator can now calculate how much ...    5 MB    Views 4537


Related Apps ipad time trading trade ios financial orders phone
-3    Trade with your iOS smartphone or iPad CloudTrade is now available on your iOS phone or iPad absolutely free of charge. Trade currencies with any brokerage firms that use the CloudTrade trading platform. With this application, you can control your account ...    12 MB    Views 1350

GMIMarket for iPad

Related Apps ipad time account trading live acttrader open trades information charts
-2    GMIMarket is the iPad version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. GMIMarket allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in with your ActTrader username ...    5 MB    Views 3851
bills time ipad tracker bill payment record due payments assistant standing
+2    Bill Assistant Tracker & Reminder for iPad also available, designed specifically for iPad Featured in The Independent UK Newspaper Scored 4 Stars on Bill Assistant keeps track of your bills for you. You can see which bills are due ...    19 MB    Views 1630
+2    HOTS iPad adalah aplikasi perdagangan saham online handal, yang selalu dapat memberikan akses informasi Real Time dari Bursa Efek Indonesia dimanapun Anda berada dengan iPhone anda. HOTS iPad memungkinkan Anda untuk melakukan monitoring investasi secara Real Time dan perdagangan online dan ...    10 MB    Views 2570

CellSwipe for iPad

Related Apps ipad card time web free reporting transaction payment credit line
+19    CellSwipe turns your iPad into a credit card terminal. CellSwipe allows merchants to take credit cards anytime, anywhere in realtime using their iPad. You can feel secure knowing your customers sensitive card data is never stored on the iPad. CellSwipe's user friendly ...    2 MB    Views 6206
time market news ipad real streaming quotes financial activity
+26    QUODD Financial's iPad App brings together streaming realtime quotes and dynamic market monitors with premium news, fundamental data, research, earnings estimates, filings and major market events. Subscribers to QUODD Equity+ are able to login using their desktop credentials and see the ...    3 MB    Views 9624
ipad time financial cashflow user values present functions screen cash
+16    The CashFlow Financial iPad app performs computations most commonly encountered in the financial, banking, and insurance industries. The functionality of the app allows the user to perform tasks routinely done with special purpose calculators such as TI BA II Plus ...    8 MB    Views 2651
Related Apps time iphone ipad currency smart currencies converter rates data google beautiful easy
+4    Introducing the Smart Currency Converter currency without the conventional confusion. FEATURES 92 OF THE WORLD’S MOST COMMON CURRENCIES. The Smart Currency Converter is the ultimate tool for any frequent traveller. Our featurepacked tool lets you convert to and from 92 currencies ...    3 MB    Views 4862
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-1    Express Sign in for iPad is a quick sign in tool that uses our new, secure sign in process to give you faster access to your Online Banking account through your tablet. How does it work? • By taking you through a ...    NAN    Views 6707

Carpe Diem Mobile

time iphone ipad mobile capture professionals
+6    Carpe Diem Mobile for iPhone and iPad is a powerful module specifically developed for the needs of busy service professionals. It helps mobile professionals such as lawyers, accountants and consultants instantly capture billable time as it happens using a familiar ...    3 MB    Views 8600
clock stock market time iphone ipad quote mode color streaming price screen
+22    ▪ Want to turn your iPad / iPhone / iPod into a very special streamingstockquote clock? ▪ Want to monitor stock market and view large ClockStyle and fullscreen streaming quote while doing something else around? Now you've got this handy Stock ...    14 MB    Views 7865

MSM touch for iPad

Related Apps market ipad news time stocks price touch information
+2    Experience MSM touch for iPad which delivers an excited opportunity in accessing the Muscat Securities Market through your apple iPad. This application offers you realtime market data, charts, news, and much more to analyze the performance of your favourite stocks ...    34 MB    Views 9509
time exam ipad iphone learning cfa test level important designed
-8    Buy only ONCE: This is a "universal" app, meaning that it will run on your iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch, simultaneously. The strategy and science behind our app CFA Training Level 1 Traditional textbook studying is highly inefficient because it treats all ...    6 MB    Views 2419
Related Apps business banking time ipad kbc accounts online mobile isabel
+8    KBC Mobile Business Banking for iPad The KBC Mobile Business Banking app lets you do your business banking wherever and whenever you like. You can check the balance on your accounts, transfer money in real time between your own accounts or ...    21 MB    Views 577


time budget email ipad sales estimates meeting customer estimate
+9    Salez Toolz creates an estimate right in front of your client. Clients make decisions that change the price and performance until they have a budget that works for them. Sales are a numbers game, the more estimates you put out ...    65 MB    Views 7286
Related Apps ipad time research market scotia accounts real markets quotes
+4    Scotia iTRADE for your iPad. By pressing the button above or by downloading the Scotia iTRADE for iPad app published by Scotia iTRADE, a division of Scotia Capital Inc., you consent to the installation of this app and to future updates ...    27 MB    Views 1307

Land Agent for iPad

Related Apps business property ipad time land agent reports clients information client real american
+21    American Eagle Title Group and Buffalo Land Abstract are proud to introduce a custom developed and powerful new real estate analytics tool to the market. Meet the American Eagle “Land Agent”. The Land Agent is a proprietary technology that gives ...    4 MB    Views 12
Related Apps calculator iphone simulation ipad time savings plan calculations questions
-6    MarkMoneyPro is a unique tool to calculate loans or mortgage loans in just a few steps or to prepare savings or withdrawal plans. MarkMoneyPro also has a compound interest and inflation calculator for general calculation of capital development. MarkMoneyPro was developed ...    11 MB    Views 8065


Related Apps ipad card time ile transactions information atm view
-2    CEPTETEB şimdi de iPad’de Üstelik Dünya’da ilk defa ATM’den QR kod ile kartsız para çekme özelliği ve Çizerek PIN girme özelliği Türkiye’de ilk defa CEPTETEB’de. CEBTETEB iPad uygulaması ile bankacılık işlemlerinizi her an, her yerden, hızlı, pratik ve güvenli bir şekilde ücretsiz ...    NAN    Views 9041
stock time ipad advisor real portfolio store indicators trendline
-8    "SCBS Stock Advisor for iPad" โปรแกรมวิเคราะห์หุ้นอัจฉริยะบน iPad ผู้แนะนำการลงทุนอัจฉริยะ พร้อมระบบแจ้งเตือนแบบเรียล์ไทม์ จาก บล.ไทยพาณิชย์ โมบายแอปพิเคชั่นใหม่ล่าสุดจาก SCBS เปรียบเสมือนผู้แนะนำการลงทุนส่วนบุคคลบนมือถือ ติดตามคุณไปทุกที ด้วยระบบค้นหาหุ้นตามเงื่อนไขที่คุณสนใจทั้งข้อมูลพื้นฐาน และ สัญญาณทางเทคนิค พร้อมข้อมูลประกอบการตัดสินใจครบครัน อาทิเช่น ราคาเป้าหมาย งบการเงินของหุ้นรายตัวย้อนหลัง 5 ปี สามารถตั้งค่า Indicators ลากเส้น Trendline แนวรับ/แนวต้าน ง่ายๆได้ด้วยตนเอง พร้อมระบบแจ้งเตือนแบบเรียล์ไทม์ แม้ว่าคุณไม่ได้อยู่ที่หน้าจอเทรด ดาวน์โหลดได้แล้ววันนี้ผ่าน App Store และ Play Store ผู้สนใจสามารถทดลองใช้ได้ฟรีได้ 7 วัน Functions 1. Advisor: ผู้แนะนำการลงทุนอัจฉริยะ ...    54 MB    Views 7061
Related Apps market time news ipad information stocks summary price details top orders
+14    MubasherTrade UAE for iPad Mubasher is the pioneer in providing realtime quotes, online trading, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in Dubai Market. MubasherTrade is the latest addition to the world class Mubasher software ...    34 MB    Views 1276
Related Apps ipad market time news stock directfn information real exchange
+3    DirectFN iPad For Bangladesh The Power of DirectFN – on your iPad DirectFN is the pioneer in providing realtime market data, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Middle Eastern, North African and Central/South ...    38 MB    Views 8243


ipad time account trading live acttrader information trades charts open
+2    ActPad is the iPad version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. ActPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in with your ActTrader username ...    5 MB    Views 4895
Related Apps ipad time meeting cost participants meetings total mode meter
+6    You have too many meetings? You spent too much time? Yes, but time is money each meeting cost you. With the iMeeting Meter you can calculate and control the real price of a meeting, tracking the cost of each participant. You can control ...    5 MB    Views 3645
ipad time grow rich book life create hill success
+4    Think and Grow Rich right on your iPad This is Napoleon Hill's classic book and alltime bestseller. Think & Grow Rich offers a lifealtering experience. The words and secret found in this book have helped to create many of the ...    1022 kb    Views 2178
Related Apps calendar time tracker market ipad indicators economic reports economy times releases
+2    DAILY US ECONOMIC CALENDAR, MAJOR INDICATORS, CHARTS and ECONOMIC REPORTS The US Economy Tracker for iPad app allows you to track the pulse of the US economy by putting actionable economic data at your fingertips. If you are an investor, trader or ...    3 MB    Views 1286
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