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PowaTag (Indonesia)

+10    PowaTag is an app that allows you to make payments using your phone in an easy and secure way anywhere, anytime. Getting started is easy 1. Download PowaTag. 2. Set up a profile. 3. Link up a payment account. Indonesia customer support Telephone: (021) 55 777 ...    NAN    Views 6254


+19    Save money using this app when couponing. Get your bottom pricing on product from different stores with this app. Features: Building shopping list base off stores See coupons that are available to help reduce price Tips on how to help reduce ...    8 MB    Views 3964


+4    PriceNotes is the easiest way for recording product prices [Feature] • When you go shopping and find a product you really want to buy, please STOP Use PriceNotes to record the product price and then leave the shop. Think again and again ...    2 MB    Views 8738

Sum Me - Bill Me

sum prices don quantity items item price
+2    A simple app to quickly sum the total prices of some defined items by their prices and quantities. You don't have to remember each item's price, you don't have to multiply the price with the quantity, you don't have to sum ...    2 MB    Views 7385
-1    Flip it quickly provides you with an estimated market value for any item. Search by keyword, UPC code, or ISBN number to find out how much you could expect to buy or sell your item for. Flip It recognizes and filters ...    8 MB    Views 4872

Compare Price Pro.

compare units price auto gal pro item
+1    Compare Price Pro. lets you fast and easily compare the cost of many products no matter their package quantities, sizes or units. The perfect tool for priceconscious shoppers Feature Auto compare when add new item Auto filter units in same type for ...    6 MB    Views 9448

Kin Exchange

-3    Kin exchange company is company that provide foreign exchanger service which use Thai Baht as main currency to exchange. We locate at Hatyai which in Songkla province , Thailand. We expect this application would help you plan your journey and ...    4 MB    Views 5674
+23    If you shop at grocery stores or other retail shops and need to stay on a budget, this app is for you And staying on your budget is even easier when using the companion app extension for the Apple Watch Watch ...    3 MB    Views 9876


+12    Did your grandmother leave stickers on her paintings, jewellery and tea sets...saying who is to get what when she passes on? If she didn't, the chances are she probably left an argument behind along with her most prized possessions. This is ...    1 MB    Views 1631

Tip-Shop Calculator

+3    Personalize TipShop just the way you like with 17 vibrant color themes This calculator helps you TIP and SHOP with style and ease. Simple as that.    730 kb    Views 893
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-1    Mobile Administrator for Tomatocart is a packetclient of server applications for iPhone/iPad. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage Tomatocart, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you eShop. Mobile Administrator for Tomatocart includes: Viewer ...    4 MB    Views 9795


money features game shop
-9    Come join Max the Monkey as he learns how to trade Maximise your money in this addictive game, through trading bananas, gold, oil, equities and bonds. Do you have what it takes? In this game you have the chance to learn how ...    61 MB    Views 5737


money bills virtual load buy pay shop bpi globe
-3    GCash lets you store money in your Globe/TM number, turning your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. This means you can use your phone to conveniently, quickly, and safely make your important financial transactions all at the speed of ...    15 MB    Views 791


shopping items prices list price item notes store lowest register
-7    Do not forget to buy the shopping and you? This app is to prevent the application to help you remember buying. You can register store/prices/notes for different items. Therefore, all registered as the price listed in a variety of your supermarket flyer, to calculate ...    657 kb    Views 9723
card photo map tab payment date show shop passcode statement credit balance
-2    This application is ideal for people who have credit card. It will help you easily decide on that question. "Which card should be used" Tab details: [Home] TAB:Show list of card information such as credit limit,amount of all payment, balance and ...    7 MB    Views 3580


log bid item
+27    TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY APPLICATION Want to bid on an item? Download the app and right after you login, immediately begin bidding on items How it works... 1.) Log in using your name and email (after you login once, ...    27 MB    Views 4107
shopping money time items list item lists sort shop date
+10    LITE VERSION The shopping lists are limited to 5 items. Create easily your shopping list and save money and time with EcoShop QUICK ACCESS: Add items on your iPhone using your predefined lists and copy functions or using your Mac/PC. More than 300 items ...    2 MB    Views 6449

Let's Split It

Related Apps split check item assign items
+7    Free for a limited time Tired of figuring out how much you owe at the restaurant when the check comes? Then Let's Split It is your you Just take a photo of your check and then assign a person's name ...    11 MB    Views 7751


+11    Prical helps you shop faster & within budget A very simple app to help you quickly find out how much an item is after tax and discount Save your items in your shopping list to help you find your total & ...    5 MB    Views 3954

Go Go Gadget

spending future buy item
+4    This app helps you control your spending for gadgets and other nonnecessary budget items. You can define your monthly spending limit and add things you want to buy. It will propose a minimum waiting period before you should buy the item ...    4 MB    Views 7917


calculator cost calculate item
-1    ShopCount is a simple calculatorbased app. It helps you to calculate the expected total cost (in your local currency) of items in your shopping trolley in an easy to view listed format. Add item details or calculate the cost of ...    1 MB    Views 1908

Easy Price Compare

item units save user compare
+13    Save money by comparing prices of different package sizes to find the best value. ・Simple user interface, optimised for quick data entry. ・Instantly see which item is better value and how much you save. ・Store oftenused item details for future comparisons. ・Compare items by ...    712 kb    Views 5293
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+10    osCommerce Administrator is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage osCommerce shops which work within osCommerce module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at your eShop. osCommerce Administrator includes: osCommerce ...    NAN    Views 5404


remember simple application due version categories items item
+3    Have you borrowed something and you forgot who from? Have you ever lent an item to someone and then you couldn't remember who it was? Do you forget to return books, rented movies or other things? Do you a simple way of keeping ...    270 kb    Views 9212
+15    하나N Shop 서비스 '스마트폰/태블릿 PC'와 '카드리더기'를 결합하여 가맹점에 필요한 주문결제, 매출관리, 금융관리 등을 제공하는 가맹점 전용 스마트 금융 서비스 서비스 이용대상 영세 자영업 / 배달 및 방문 판매업 식자재, 생필품 등의 납품결제 현금영수증 발행이 필요한 세무사 등의 전문직 수리 서비스업 / 보험업 / 용역서비스업 주요기능 신용카드 결제 현금영수증 ...    3 MB    Views 5407

Salla's Bill Buddy

Related Apps buddy bill total working item pay simply free
-2    Bills buddy is the essential postdinner/lunch app that gives you fast itemised recieptstyle lists letting you know almost instantly wht you need to pay. Everyone's been in a situation where one member of a large party is designated driver ...    9 MB    Views 181

The Mortgage Shop

Related Apps home mortgage find rates loan shop loans
+3    Are you looking to buy your first home or refinance your current home and want to determine your mortgage options. At The Mortgage Shop, we can help find the right solution for your lending needs, using our extensive panel of lenders ...    24 MB    Views 6113

Term Life Insurance

+14    Term Life Insurance Quotes Instantly; Are you paying too much for your term life insurance? Shop multiple carriers in the US for the lowest cost term life insurance products for yourself or your family, with this easy to use term ...    16 MB    Views 2040
wifi sale tablet shop 514007 044 small support buy
+3    โปรแกรมค้าปลีก ใช้งานง่าย ครบถ้วนด้วยพื้นฐานของธุรกิจร้านค้าประเภทซื้อมาขายไป กระบวนการ สินค้า : ข้อมูลสินค้า รูปภาพ จำนวนสต็อกสินค้า ราคา และรายละเอียดสินค้า ผู้ค้าส่ง : บันทึกข้อมูล ที่อยู่ ผู้ค้าส่ง ลูกค้า : บันทึกข้อมูล ที่อยู่ ผู้ค้าส่ง ซื้อเข้า : บันทึกการซื้อสินค้าเข้าร้าน เพิ่มสินค้าเข้าสต็อก ขายออก : บันทึกการขายสินค้าให้ลูกค้า พร้อมกับพิมพ์บิล รายงาน : วิเคราะห์ข้อมูลยอดขาย กำไร ชาดทุน ทางด้านบัญชีและการเงิน ระบบPOS คุณสมบัติ พิมพ์บิลออก printer ผ่าน WiFi ทำงานบน ...    11 MB    Views 2884

Sense Cart

shopping video family email facebook shop product capture cart remember details enter
+22    Going shopping from shop to shop? Missing out on deals when doing shopping? Going on a tour or visiting another country and doing shopping? Then you will need the Sense Cart app. Sense Cart is a real world shopping assistant app ...    3 MB    Views 9258
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+12    Did you ever shop at Sams, Costco,WalMart,Carrefour,or online at Amazon? Then SaveMore may help you to save money SaveMore lets you compare products in different sizes and even in different packs. The comparison calculator shows the unit prices directly. You even ...    2 MB    Views 9728
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+6    Personalize TipShop just the way you like with 17 vibrant color themes Swipe Rounding round tips and totals up or down to nearest HALF DOLLAR OR WHOLE DOLLAR amount with a simple swipe Calculate tips before or after tax. It's up to you Customizable ...    730 kb    Views 6792
buying auto shop tool credit
+8    Buy. Sell. Shop. Elevations free Auto Buying Tool is a onestop shop for your vehicle buying, selling and financing needs. Search from our extensive database of new and used vehicles Apply for an auto loan fast and easily List your car ...    2 MB    Views 2023
shopping money time items item list lists purchase date shop sort
+10    Create easily your shopping list and save money and time with EcoShop QUICK ACCESS: Add items using your own predefined lists or using your Mac/PC. More than 300 items are already in. WHICH ITEM IS RUNNING LOW ? ECOSHOP KNOWS... Reuse items for your ...    2 MB    Views 6702
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+13    just SPENT is the quickest and simplest way for tracking your expenses. Create and manage costs the most intuitive way you can think of. Always know how much money you’ve spent today, yesterday, the month or the year with our smart bookkeeping ...    5 MB    Views 6896


shopping price items list shop unit add item decisions
-8    Record, compare, and monitor prices on everyday purchases with Shoppee. Make shopping lists and check off items as you shop. Save money by making informed purchase decisions. Using Shoppee is easy. Start by adding stores that you visit. Then, add items ...    527 kb    Views 1224
photo budget money work family receipt amount spending data shop supermarket
+11    The PayReco is a very easy and quick your personal expense manager. Taking a receipt photo, or inputting amount using keypad on the spot is only thing you should do This simplicity makes you keep managing your spending. PayReco clearly shows your spending pattern with ...    22 MB    Views 842
+11    "Mobile Administrator for VirtueMart eCommerce" is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage VirtueMart shops which work within CMS Joomla module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you ...    2 MB    Views 4202

WordPress Viewer

search work apps view shop administrator module products manage viewer application
-1    WordPress Administrator is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage WordPress shops which work within WordPress module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at your eShop. WordPress Administrator includes: WordPress ...    1 MB    Views 6502


Related Apps price item
+9    A handy utility to quickly and easily calculate the price of an item based on the percent the retailer has discounted the item. Features: Up to 2 discounts can be calculated on any given price Save discount calculations for later Quick ...    341 kb    Views 8234
cost item shop
+15    Shopify Shopify is that brand new iPhone app that gives you real time updates as to how much your weekly shop will cost. Ever got to the checkout at a supermarket and been horrified by the bill? Don't let this happen again, you ...    2 MB    Views 3304
sports card virtual time academy visa rewards points purchases shop credit
+21    The Academy Sports + Outdoors Visa App gives you onetouch access to apply for and manage your Academy Sports + Outdoors Visa. If approved for instant credit, you can shop right now and earn rewards points for all your purchases. ...    17 MB    Views 3596
budget entered item stay spending
-7    Quickly keep track of your spending as you shop. Stay on Budget keeps a running total of items as you enter them. You can edit any item you have previously entered, thus preventing incorrect totals. You can delete any item ...    5 MB    Views 4932

Sum Machine

email sum machine total easy item youtube
+4    Check it out on youtube Shopping on a budget? Purchasing for a party? Taking simple inventory? The Sum Machine can help ease the burden of losing track of your calculations on your pocket calculator all the time (I know I do). Enter the price ...    202 kb    Views 5646
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+10    "Mobile eCommerce Administrator for WordPress" is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage WordPress eCommerce shops which work within CMS WordPress module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at ...    1 MB    Views 5723
application price compare items item
0    Compare Price is an application, That will help in the decision to buy for geting a cheap item.This application can tell the price per unit and can add mutiitems. For buying a cheap item and for all kinds of items. If you ...    2 MB    Views 7366


shopping currency shop means checkout
0    Take control at the checkout with Shoperator Never worry you're spending too much the next time you go shopping. On the fly, Shoperator eliminates checkout surprise by showing how much you are actually paying. The builtin "whatif" calculator makes it easy to ...    3 MB    Views 1947
edelmetalle und shop mit sie dem
-9    Kaufen und Verkaufen Sie Gold, Silber, Platin und Palladium bequem und sicher mit der App zweier starker Partner. Finanzen100, Deutschlands führendes mobiles Börsenportal, präsentiert Ihnen den Ophirum EdelmetalleShop als App. EdelmetalleShop: In wenigen Schritten zum Edelmetallkauf so einfach war ...    NAN    Views 9101
books item chart support income experience expense
+10    EasyCost Tracking your cost very easy. Simple to use, but very powerful Beautifully designed, nothing more and nothing less. Featured by Apple as "What's Hot" Key Features: Finish your accounting in 3 seconds Multiple books for your ...    7 MB    Views 4505

How Much Each

price item cheapest
+16    Need to know how much you are paying for one item? This app will do Unit Pricing for you. 

Just put in the price how many you get for that price and the number of boxes (if more than one) ...    159 kb    Views 3051

RewardsNOW Loyalty

program cards search shop website rewards points main street phone enter
+10    Now you can access your bank or credit union’s rewards program right from your phone. See your account history, available points, and redeem points for eGift Cards from places like JC Penney, CVS, LL Bean, TGI Friday’s, Chili’s, and more. ...    2 MB    Views 4549
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+5    "Mobile Administrator for VirtueMart eCommerce" is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage VirtueMart shops which work within CMS Joomla module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you ...    2 MB    Views 5230

Discount Dialer

discount tax price item currencies 999 taxes
+4    Dial in the price, then dial in the discount. Discount Dialer will automatically calculate the discounted price, add in the tax, and even convert it into a different currency for you Quick and Easy No need to press enter. The Sale ...    103 kb    Views 9053

Shopping Discount

shopping discount pay price item discounts
+2    Are you shopping? Many offers with discounts? But what is the final price after discounting and how much are all my purchases? Use this application and in seconds you will know how much you are really going to pay Simply enter the ...    22 MB    Views 7628


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+4    진짜 스마트한 어플이 나왔다. 쿠폰집 아직도 종이쿠폰 쓰세요? 지갑은 여전히 뚱뚱한가요? 이제 쿠폰집 애플리케이션으로 스마트폰에 최적화된 쿠폰 서비스를 경험해 보세요. 쿠폰집 애플리케이션은 다음과 같은 기능을 제공합니다. 1. 스탬프 다양한 업종, 수많은 지역의 보석같은 상점들을 만나보실 수 있습니다. 주소, 위치, 연락처, 오픈시간 등 상점의 기본정보부터 ...    NAN    Views 4833


money time loyalty save points savings merchant shop
-1    Get fantastic savings without the need to use lots of different loyalty cards and vouchers. All of the LolliPoints merchants near you use the same app to allow you to engage with them and then use the points to save ...    4 MB    Views 6157


Related Apps shopping business mobile shop purchase easy www
+10    FREE MOBILE SHOPPING APP AND QR SCANNER Shop with your mobile – online, from ads and in stores. The amount is deducted directly from any of your registered debit/credit cards and a receipt is stored digitally in the app. HOW TO GET STARTED: 1. ...    22 MB    Views 4027

Magento Updater

Related Apps search work apps view manage shop administrator products orders notification edit
0    Magento Updater is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage Magento eShop and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you eShop. Magento Updater includes: Magento Updater application with which Administrator ...    3 MB    Views 6167

Which Price is Best

measure price units item unit scroll intuitive choose comparison
+8    Which Price makes price comparison simple, particularly when stores go out of their way to use different units of measure for the same type of item. Just enter the price and number of units for each item, and use the scroll ...    554 kb    Views 5648
coupons magazine family work deals shop great local savings live
+16    Take, Shop + Share and REDEEM directly from your device thousands of 50% OFF DEALS + FREE LOCAL COUPONS from your favorite businesses advertising in CLIPPER MAGAZINE. CLIPPER MAGAZINE is created and published for 29 states across the U.S. mailing to ...    11 MB    Views 4332
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