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NSE Mobile for iPad

+29    NSE's Trading system on iPad provides a revolutionary application suite featuring comprehensive trading and market monitoring platform. We offer real time streaming quotes, with simple and user friendly interface for all type of users. It provides the freedom to trade ...    3 MB    Views 8361


+1    英皇金融集團有限公司(「英皇金融集團」)主要為香港客戶提供優質貴金屬及外匯買賣服務。英皇金融集團屹立香港超過三十年,憑藉穩固根基、龐大網絡及專業團隊,深受客戶信任。英皇金融集團提供多元化交易渠道,包括傳統電話交易,以及24小時網上及智能手機交易平台。集團著重網上交易系統的安全性,透過嚴密監管,確保交易平台高效而穩定。英皇金融集團共有18間門市分行,遍佈港、九、新界,零售客戶基礎龐大。 英皇金融集團旗下成員機構,包括英皇金業有限公司 (「英皇金業」),提供全面的貴金屬投資服務;而英皇金融集團(香港) 有限公司為香港證監會認可持牌槓桿式外匯金融機構 (中央編號 : ACJ776),為客戶提供槓桿外匯買賣服務。 網址: Emperor Financial Services Group Limited ("EFSG") specializes in providing precious metals and forex trading services to customers in Hong Kong. Over the past three decades, EFSG has established a strong presence in Hong Kong ...    1 MB    Views 7686


market time trading real top touch
+27    Jupiter MPro unleashes the power of touchtrading for the convenience of dynamic investors anytime, anywhere Capitalise on the extraordinary iPhone technology for you to access realtime trading and be in control of your stock investments. Stay with the market, TouchTrading on ...    10 MB    Views 1872

ETNA Trader

+8    ETNA Trader is a customizable mobile trading platform that can be white labeled by brokerdealers and banks. The application is part of ETNA Broker suite but can be integrated into existing trading infrastructures as well. For demo purposes please download ...    9 MB    Views 8917


+27    MarketMaster, the most comprehensive product of mFINANCE, is dedicated to providing 24x7 Forex and Bullion realtime information, including charts, news, analysis, economic data, currency converter, volatility/price alert and forum. With this comprehensive app on forex and bullion, you can get ...    19 MB    Views 3843
Related Apps stock information hong kong services kgi mobile trading securities view
-3    KGI HK Mobile Trader (AAStocks) is the official mobile securities trading and information platform offered by KGI Hong Kong. It provides Hong Kong securities trading and information services and allows you to access the latest market information wherever and whenever ...    16 MB    Views 3983

T1 MT4

time market trading account access spreads live mobile transparent
+1    Take control of your T1 MT4 account "on the go". Access realtime charts, quotes and market data at any time and from anywhere. Key Features include: Trade from an intuitive user interface Manage all types of trading orders View realtime rates ...    5 MB    Views 2286

Sigma Trading

Related Apps time trading traders detailed real view asset
+15    Description: The true multiasset functionality of Sigma Trading is available for iPhone and iPad Gain access to all the major asset classes such as Stocks, CFDs, FX, Futures and Commodities. Real time trading. View level 2 quotes, advance charts and scanners. An intelligent order ...    10 MB    Views 3222


Related Apps time platform mobile pro account information trading itrader version clients
+8    Access your trading account anywhere anytime at your convenience through your mobile device. Enables you to trade forex and commodities from one multiproduct online trading platform, rich with analytical tools and live market information. Experience mobile version ProiTrader now. • Streaming ...    9 MB    Views 9403


+2    From now on, tracking investment performance will be so much easier Manulife App is an innovative tool to keep track of the performance of your investment in Manulife Hong Kong, including all mutual funds, investmentlinked assurance schemes and MPF funds, any ...    1 MB    Views 6427


email software gold kong hong price hours stores current trend buy entry
-4    Life, many people want to know the price of gold in Hong Kong, in particular, we want to see Hong Kong Hong Kong to buy gold or gold and jewelry, when we go to Hong Kong in order to facilitate ...    921 kb    Views 9432
Related Apps ipad time trading account live trader platform real information
-5    LION iPad Trading Platform is the iPad version of the LION Trader platform by Hirose Financial UK Ltd. It allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version. Simply log in with your LION Trader username ...    5 MB    Views 7952
securities limited company kong customers hong resources
+30    Fulixin Securities Limited has been approved by the Securities and Futures Commission licensed to carry on Type 1 (dealing in securities) regulated activity, also the participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company ...    7 MB    Views 6042
stock market time trading ideas watchlist patterns shows indicators
+13    Stock Trading Ideas delivers handpicked trading ideas based on technical indicators, support & resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, divergences and chart patterns. We scan the entire market for stock reversal and continuation patterns and share these trading ideas with you in a ...    4 MB    Views 4268

HNZ e-Trader

time real trading features online trade
-3    Hantec (NZ) Company Limited (HNZ) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hantec Group, with the license of New Zealand Financial Service Providers (Register No.:FSP148004). HNZ offers a variety of foreign exchange and bullion trading services, providing online trading platform, real ...    4 MB    Views 6881

StratX Markets

time markets trades trade assets simple trading
+4    The StratX Markets free App provides live and direct access to traditional markets including stocks, commodities, currencies and indices right to your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you want. The platform lets users trade the price fluctuations of chosen assets ...    5 MB    Views 8043


candle stock chart index technical kong stocks hong book demand term weekly
+2    香港股票圖冊 (HK Chart Book),為讀者提供四項恒指數及其成份股票的技術分析圖表,透過精心挑選的技術分析指標,和獨家提供的相對動量指數(Demand Index),讓讀者可以快速溜覽香港主要股票的走勢,港股圖冊全面覆蓋市場指數及相關行業的走勢,並利用橫、直模式分別顯示陰陽燭(Candle Stick) 及高低收棒狀圖(HiLo Bar chart) ,讓讀者有更充裕的工具來分析股票動向,其他技術分析數據還包括: 成交量(Turnover) 相對強弱指數(RSI) 移動平均匯聚背馳指標(MACD) 隨機指數(STC) 移動平均線(SMA) Hong Kong Stock Chartbook has covered the daily and weekly charts for 4 Hang Seng Index and their constituent stocks trading in Hong Kong Exchange. We have chosen reliable technical indicators ...    NAN    Views 8717
market finance futures bright smart hong global kong options features phone
-4    iPhone版MegaHub期貨交易平台直播耀才財經台, 由郭思治 (郭Sir) 及專業財經分析團隊親自醒您投資貼士, 更即時接聽觀眾電話, 助你洞悉市場先機, 抓緊每個致勝機會。 主要功能包括: 現場直播耀才財經台節目 香港期貨/期權及環球期貨買賣服務 (新增快速交易指示及即時成交記錄圖表) 即時查詢戶口結餘及買賣情況 香港期貨/期權及環球期貨(外匯、指數、貴金屬、能源、農產品、食品及債券)報價 耀才最新推廣優惠詳情 各分行地址及聯絡電話 告示板 Our new iPhone version for Bright Smart Securities MegaHub futures trading provides the latest updates of Hong Kong and global market futures via our exclusive “Bright ...    5 MB    Views 4970


+26    EFXPhone is the iPhone version of the popular EFXTrader platform by EFX. EFXPhone allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version. Simply log in with your EFXTrader username and password to access your trading account, ...    4 MB    Views 7572


stock market investors analysis kong price view hong system sell
0    ABZY is a brand new toolset to view the Hong Kong Stock Market. It is based on all innovative concepts which would excel most conventional technical analysis tools. By adopting extensive data mining and patterns analysis, the ABZY market view would ...    NAN    Views 184

Ava Trader for iPad

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-9    Ava Trader is advanced yet easy to use trading application for the iPad. Get FREE access to realtime market data and practice trading using our free 100,000 demo account. You can also trade realmoney by becoming an AvaTrade client and ...    5 MB    Views 4969

WinTick Mobile

time market signals trading commodities forex futures mobile stocks
+16    Not all the trading signals are created the same or equal. Now you can access our best timetested and awardwinning AbleTrend trading signals anywhere and any time by mobile devices. Based on the awardwinning and timetested AbleTrend trading signals, WinTick Chart ...    20 MB    Views 1514


stock time options hong kong forex poems futures real call
+5    POEMS Mobile is tailormade for our clients to gain access to a multiproduct trading platform. In POEMS mobile you can get realtime quote and create your own portfolio instantly for a basket of products including Hong Kong Stock, Hong Kong ...    24 MB    Views 4980
Related Apps stock market time news breeze trade real trading portfolio order kong
-8    Now you can trade and monitor your stock portfolio anytime, anywhere while enjoying FREE real time quotes with Breeze Trade Now you are empowered to grasp every investment opportunity and have it synchronized with your online account real time. Here are ...    20 MB    Views 2362
+10    Stock Trading Simulator is a powerful tool that helps you maximize your trading profitability by allowing you to gain screen time at top speed. This is the ONLY app that allows you to trade historical stock data with all the following ...    342 MB    Views 4227


Related Apps ipad time trading trade ios financial orders phone
+3    Trade with your iOS smartphone or iPad CloudTrade is now available on your iOS phone or iPad absolutely free of charge. Trade currencies with any brokerage firms that use the CloudTrade trading platform. With this application, you can control your account ...    12 MB    Views 1350
2012 productivity report annual kong hong
+29    Hong Kong Productivity Council’s 2011‐2012 Annual Report, titled ‘An Orchestra Performing Excellence for 45 Years’, is available for iPad download. Symphony orchestra is selected as the theme for the annual report. Conducting a symphony orchestra is used as a metaphor for ...    71 MB    Views 6685
+14    Stock Trading Ideas delivers handpicked trading ideas based on technical indicators, support/resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, divergences and chart patterns. We scan the entire market for stock reversal and continuation patterns and share these trading ideas with you in a very easy ...    4 MB    Views 6476
market stock time stocks signals trading technical trade number average
-8    The Most Powerful Trading Model Ever Built Stock Signals Pro provides automated trading signals based on complex technical criteria for all US stocks. AMAZING RETURNS Average return per trade: 2.0% Average trade duration: 11.7 days Highest gain: 286% Number of ...    4 MB    Views 9101
investing stock research market investment hong kong stocks method
-8    Stock research is critical to investing success, but gathering all that information can take hours. With MarketSmith Hong Kong, you’ll know the strengths and weaknesses of individual Hong Kong stocks in minutes—based on concrete facts. The app summarizes the data essential ...    24 MB    Views 4805
Related Apps stock time trading ios application account real mobile
-8    RKSV Mobile is our powerful iOS variant of RKSV's NEST trading application. You get the same excellent feature set of our desktop trading application, all fully synchronized with your RKSV account in real time. Enjoy streaming realtime stock quotes and full ...    2 MB    Views 5243

Vantage FX for iPad

Related Apps ipad time vantage trading forex account ability free real traders
-1    Combining powerful functionality with an easy to use, intuitive interface, Vantage FX for iPad gives traders the ability to trade Forex, commodities & indices 24 hours a day. The app functions on a realtime twoway connection with Vantage FX’s awardwinning MT ...    5 MB    Views 5126

Top Buy

market time trade smart trading buy top share real experience
+3    Receive a daily share trading buy recommendation for the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Our recommendations change in realtime with the market. What is Tradesmart? Trade Smart is a tried and tested system for share market investors with little to no trading experience. ...    771 kb    Views 7298


Related Apps market stock chinese investment trading hong financial kong
-2    「SHKF eMO」 是新鴻基金融集團(「新鴻基金融」)的官方流動交易應用程式,提供專業的港股交易服務,更可直達我們的期貨交易以及新鴻基「匯款易」環球網上匯款平台。 「SHKF eMO」是免費的應用程式,毋須註冊,功能包括即按式實時港股報價、港股市場資訊、獨家新鴻基金融市場評論、股票/ETFs/認股證/牛熊證、虛擬投資組合、監察表、港股互動技術圖表、十大港股成交升跌/成交量、世界環球指數、新鴻基外匯即市外幣匯率、港股到價提示等。 全部功能皆支援簡體中文、繁體中文及英文。如果您已於新鴻基金融集團開立港股交易帳戶,更可登入交易平台即時查詢帳戶結餘和遞交各種有關款項、股票及股東權責等指示。 投資涉及風險。投資者應明了所有投資均涉及風險,故在作出任何投資決定前,應詳細閱讀有關之風險披露聲明。 SHKF eMO is an official mobile trading application provided by Sun Hung Kai Financial (“SHKF”). SHKF eMO provides professional securities trading services for the Hong Kong market with direct linkages to our futures trading platform “FMO”, and ...    20 MB    Views 717

BOOM Mobile Trading

stock market investors shanghai monitor china singapore trading view mobile kong hong online platform securities
-5    BOOM has been offering international stock trading services with its proprietary “one account, multimarket” online trading platform. It’s never been easier to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of trading across Asia and U.S. with your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. With ...    7 MB    Views 4640
Related Apps time market trading country customize forex hours volume day
+5    World Forex Market Hours FREE (WFMH) There are no "exchanges" on which spot Forex is traded, so there are no opening or closing "bells" to signal the beginning and end of trading each day. Trading continues around the clock in every ...    4 MB    Views 16

OT Trend

time market apps trend data indicator trading answers set intraday
+1    Buy, sell or hold ? Overbought or oversold ? Trending up, down or sideways ? OT Trend will give you the answers. It will tell you days, even weeks in advance, at what level to set up your trades. It will allow you to discover ...    7 MB    Views 5863


+1    SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL BULLION (H.K.) LIMITED ("Success Bullion"), a member of Success Universe Group, specializes in providing precious metals trading services. With highly experienced professionals and wellestablished worldwide network, we are committed to providing superior and flexible precious metals trading services ...    6 MB    Views 5828

Trading Signals

market time signal signals trading type trade profits strong confident
+4    WinTieWin Trading Signals are algorithmgenerated trading signals for timing the buying and selling of equities that track the price movement of the S&P 500 Index. The signalgenerating engine was developed over many years and has produced steady profits for almost 20 ...    5 MB    Views 2042

IVC Stocks DOTcom

time stock market stocks start game stop trading
+3    IVC STOCKS DOTCOM TIME LAPSED TRADING Who says you can't replay the past? Relive the Dotcom boom and bust, and get it right this time Learn to beat the market How? You can play and replay the same stocks and same time period, as ...    2 MB    Views 3082


stock securities services kong trading account hong stocks 852
-5    華南永昌證券(香港)流動港股買賣交易應用程式向客戶提供港股買賣及資訊服務,可有效掌握投機機會。 香港股票實時及延遲報價服務 香港股票交易 查詢帳戶交易記錄及帳戶結餘 本地及環球指數 股票圖表分析 二十大股票排名 指數成份股 行業表現 如閣下已擁有華南永昌證券(香港)網上交易帳戶, 即可使用現有的登入名稱及密碼登入華南永昌證券(香港)流動港股買賣交易應用程式。如閣下想開立帳戶, 請致電本公司客戶服務熱線 (852)2293 4588 Description OneStop Financial Services by Hua Nan Securities (HK) Limited Hua Nan HK TradeMobile provides Hong Kong securities trading and information services. You are able to utilize our full range ...    17 MB    Views 3911
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+27    mFINANCE – a free real time Gold, Silver and Forex markets information center This is an mobile application that provides 7x24 Gold, Silver and Forex real time information, which include charts, news and analysis. With such an comprehensive apps on forex ...    14 MB    Views 144


email software gold kong hong price hours stores current trend buy entry
-7    Life, many people want to know the price of gold in Hong Kong, in particular, we want to see Hong Kong Hong Kong to buy gold or gold and jewelry, when we go to Hong Kong in order to facilitate ...    835 kb    Views 2571

QPI-Mobile HK

chinese stock news major hang seng charts listed kong hong
+21    realtime streaming Hong Kong stock quotes service prices of all listed Hong Kong stocks and major Hang Seng index futures, Hang Seng family indices, stock market news and listed company news major features include intraday charts, daily candlestick charts, ...    4 MB    Views 4141

iTrader 8

time instruments real itrader stocks days forex demo trade trading
+9    iTrader is a realtime trading application, which provides streaming quotes & charts of Forex and Stocks instruments, charts, trade news and enables realtime trading in financial markets. iTrader allows to trade currencies (Forex), stocks, commodities, indices, metals and agriculture instruments 24 ...    3 MB    Views 877

Forex Tools

Related Apps tools time market forex trading economic trade risk
+7    FxPro prides itself on providing you with the best forex trading tools in the industry; we want you to be up to date and wellinformed so that you can make the best decisions every time you trade. Our mobile app ...    5 MB    Views 7630


time real hong 2277 kong options quote
-6    PHK PATS is tailormade for our clients to gain access to a derivatives trading platform. With PHKPATS, you can get realtime quote and create your own portfolio instantly for a basket of products including Hong Kong/Oversea Futures and Options. Powerful features ...    6 MB    Views 9198


Related Apps time account trading live open trades real information
0    EFXPad is the iPad version of the popular EFXTrader platform by EFX. EFXPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version. Simply log in with your EFXTrader username and password to access your trading account, ...    3 MB    Views 2714


Related Apps stock investment china services hong kong trading clients
+3    ICBC International Holdings Limited (“ICBC International”) is the whollyowned investment banking subsidiary of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Committed to provide comprehensive, convenient, efficient and secure securities investment services to our corporate and individual clients in People’s Republic ...    9 MB    Views 350

PunkTrader HD

stock time career trading game trader movements price profit
+21    A stock trading game that will allow you to test your trading skills on historical stock market price movements. PunkTrader will randomly pick one of the 20 most representative stocks and take you to 9:30 am WallStreet time at the ...    16 MB    Views 8369
Related Apps investment management singapore market ipad research ubs wealth application client hong kong access
-7    Stay connected to your investment goals while on the go. The UBS Wealth Management app is a new digital offering that provides Wealth Management clients of UBS Singapore and Hong Kong with access to UBS Wealth Management while on the go, ...    29 MB    Views 120
management services united kong hong brokerage
+28    Established in 1993, Emperor Capital Group Limited and its subsidiaries is a renowned Hong Kong based brokerage house providing a wide range of financial services including brokerage services for securities, futures and options traded on the exchanges in Hong Kong, ...    2 MB    Views 1131
Related Apps time sberbank charts real mobile trading
+3    Sberbank Mobile Trading allows you to get access to the brokerage services of Sberbank of Russia from your iPhone and iPod Touch on the go. With the Sberbank Mobile Trading App you are able to: watch realtime quotes monitor your portfolio, orders ...    822 kb    Views 9936

RiskMonitor HD

monitor market program time risk account clearing position trading server
+4    The Object⁺ Risk Monitor is intended for clearing houses, clearing members, traders, brokers and other financial institutions that make decisions based on the management of risk. It allows monitoring the positions and P&L of your traders in real time. The program ...    1 MB    Views 7458


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+10    BinaryPlus for mobile is now available With this dedicated application, you can make trading of binary option smooth with a simple interface and easy to operate touch panel Even if you are at home, on the way to the office or going ...    4 MB    Views 1340
time market signal trading analysis traders signals opportunities providers
+5    SnappTrader is a signal notification platform for traders. It allows you to outsource your analysis to get trading advice and receive signal alerts from professional traders, analysts and automated algorithms. The app is designed for people at all levels of ...    7 MB    Views 5345

FXTroll for iPhone

Related Apps time iphone trading real chart
0    FXTroll is an application for Forex trading on iPhone provided by Infinity Space Inc,. It will synchronise all of your trading transactions from your PC version of FXTroll in realtime by loging in using the same ID and Password. FXTroll features ...    NAN    Views 5930


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+4    Trade from anywhere with Tradeville iPhone application. This application offers the best features from Tradeville’s trading platforms. Trade with: •Free realtime quotes •Breaking market news •Markets: BVB, International Exchanges (companies such as: Apple, BMW, E.ON, Heineken, Daimler, OMV, Microsoft) •Orders: market, stop, limit •The same watch ...    5 MB    Views 7356


Related Apps tax calculator income calculation hong kong
+11    THE ONLY FREE INCOME TAX CALCULATOR IN HONG KONG. Taxmate is yet another income tax calculator, but it provides the users with a beautiful and userfriendly interface, which hugely facilitates their income tax calculation. Taxmate aims to integrate income tax calculation of ...    2 MB    Views 3222
investor relations association kong hong information professional date
-9    The Hong Kong Investor Relations Association App offers analysts, journalists and members uptodate information about HKIRA – optimized for the iPad. So you'll always be up to date. HKIRA is a professional association comprising investor relations practitioners and corporate officers responsible ...    5 MB    Views 6581
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