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+4    A traditional game of hand eye coordination complicated by the additional requirement to be good at bookkeeping......... or in fact a traditional game of bookkeeping complicated by the additional requirement to have good hand eye coordination. And Boy – isn’t ...    47 MB    Views 2405
+5    This App is free and works with the Sponsored version of Budget Challenge named H&R Block Budget Challenge found on and contains features to support the scholarship contest for high school students. Budget Challenge is an awardwinning and patented program ...    5 MB    Views 3647


+20    Video is everywhere: TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets. With so many online sources to search, and with so many devices on which to view, finding relevant video can be time consuming and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be, thanks ...    9 MB    Views 6131
+12    Forbes presents the Intelligent Investing iPhone Application, a series of feature stories and video conversations with the business and investment world’s most respected minds. Watch Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes, a video series of rare oneonone interviews with financial luminaries ...    806 kb    Views 8790
0    Level II CFA Exam Audio System, 2015 Edition Listen to the Audio Series while you: • commute to/from work • exercise • travel Running Time: 24 Hours Learn anytime, anywhere NOTE: This app does NOT expire. And, this Audio app will be updated for future ...    694 MB    Views 6568
+1    臺灣證券交易所 多媒體服務平台「證交所影音雲 TWSE Video Cloud」App    16 MB    Views 2890
learning aat external line accept training study
+8    If you are studying by distance learning, or are planning to, then where do you sit your AAT Computer Based Tests (CBTs)? Most colleges do not accept external candidates. Which ones do? Which training providers accept external candidates and where ...    1 MB    Views 2644
networking time learning education games maps participants event events create meeting custom
+19    SpotMe is the app for highstakes events. The app is a container for SpotMepowered events, providing a platform for transformative meeting activities. SpotMe keeps participants engaged through icebreaking, networking, knowledge sharing, and brainstorming. The SpotMe app powers events of all sizes ...    17 MB    Views 5822


learning safe financial user
-4    SAFE is a user driven financial education/career development learning tool. SAFE uses real financial values specific to each user to create an experiential learning environment that includes lessons (w/quizzes) bill pay (tuition, housing, books, etc.) and discretionary spending (choices). SAFE ...    19 MB    Views 3034

Learn & Invest

-6    Thank you for downloading LEARN & INVEST mobile application. In our application, we will provide you with the latest news going around the world. We will be posting videos as a learning method for all the investment plans and all the ...    38 MB    Views 1089
exam tools twitter email learning iphone cfa level study institute los pass allen
+11    Level II CFA Exam AllenNotes: 2015 Edition What's On the Exam CFA Institute provides you with Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) for the June 2015 Level II CFA exam. We provide the answers to EVERY LOS in our Level III Readings ...    12 MB    Views 5182

Shaw Consulting

business learning consulting coaching development process
-9    OUR SERVICES: Process Consulting and Business Development Strategic Plans and Business Research​ Organizational Development Viritual Consulting and Coaching Leadership Coaching Shaw works with your company as a partner to help develop the best solution. Whether it is transformational change or a ...    27 MB    Views 77


school students statistics frequency lessons data understand easy questions
+5    STATISTICS is the complete App for anyone wanting to master STATISTICS. Our App is geared to High School students wanting to brush up on stats. “iTeachers” aim to provide easy to understand lessons using new age technology, taught the old fashioned way. WHY ...    27 MB    Views 5304
video service
-8    Isotop video service    10 MB    Views 4860
investing iphone invest lessons learn stocks start ready years
+13    Learn by Rubicoin is the FREE App that teaches you how to invest with simple zerojargon bitesized lessons on your iPhone. Lessons There are no quizzes or spreadsheets, just 37 lessons designed to teach you the fundamental principles of investing in the ...    6 MB    Views 2888
learning money kids calculator bills games coins application game
-1    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Meet your first guide in a universe of coins and bills. The multipurpose and extremely topical app Learning Coins For Kids will teach infant businessmen a money art. It can substitute cashbox, currency calculator and even a ...    106 MB    Views 5785
management exam learning cima revision official performance topics opportunity pricing systems budgeting
-6    CIMA Official Revision P2 provides examfocused, concise revision notes that help you remember key topics and theory. Covering the entire syllabus for P2 Performance Management, this is the perfect reference in the lead up to your CIMA exams. It is fully ...    2 MB    Views 6001
Related Apps video demand forex supply examples trading application free tutorials
0    Now Available with Live Updates The 1 Forex Supply and Demand Educational App. This free (yes, free) application gives you the information you need to learn how to use Supply and Demand in Forex trading. With video tutorials ...    5 MB    Views 5727
-1    We have collected All of the most used Mathematics and Statistics terms, definitions and abbreviations, and put them all together into this one allinclusive App. Wherever you feel puzzled by any the language or jargon, the App is your powerful ...    17 MB    Views 8014
school students lessons step easy understand qualified
+8    QUADRATIC EQUATIONS is the complete App for anyone wanting to master QUADRATIC EQUATIONS. Our App is geared to High School students wanting to master Quadratic Equations. “iTeachers” aim to provide easy to understand lessons using new age technology, taught the old fashioned ...    25 MB    Views 2927


learning rate financial swap interest trade practice step derivatives
+14    Interestrate swaps have become an integral part of the fixedincome marketplace and have proliferated over the years. They are by far the most popular derivative in the market. This mobile application is an interactive learning experience of Interest Rate Swaps and ...    11 MB    Views 7961
kids games learning money food math coins coin change dollar pay buy fun
+22    1. 10,000+ EDU Purchased by Schools around the US 2. 9 interactive games about USD coins learning, counting, paying, making change, matching and etc. 3. A quarter rewards for each correct answer, with the rewards kids can buy food in the store, ...    17 MB    Views 7757
learning und der die einen finanz tool
+16    Zweimal wöchentlich werden Kurzvideos zu spezifischen Finanz und Anlagefragen ausgestrahlt. Daraus entsteht eine Videothek als LearningTool für den Aufbau des Finanz und Anlagewissens für Jedermann. Die App ist direkt verbunden mit der LearningPlattform, welche die Videos in Gefässe für ...    36 MB    Views 9407


Related Apps learning property commercial center based location easy
-3    At Coldwell Banker Commercial, United Realtors our primary focus is to provide a Professional, Reliable, and Consistent Commercial Services to all of our existing and future clients and customers through our expertise, market knowledge, and superior, unmatched service. With CBCUR you ...    36 MB    Views 8876
+6    Discover How To Start Your Own Wedding Videography Business It is a little known fact that WEDDINGS are the 1 growing industry in the WORLD Every year, billions upon billions of dollars are spent on Weddings. Here are just a few statistics ...    366 kb    Views 3433
calculator dictionary learning insurance categories mortgage terms loan principles quiz
+1    A comprehensive handbook for commerce students, teachers and finance experts which includes more than 4000 terms, around the field of “Insurance & Mortgage” stacked neatly in 13 categories to make your financial knowledge strong. Insurance dictionary is developed to overcome ...    21 MB    Views 6099
stock learning market lessons step basic
0    Stock Market Learning Lessons, Step by step guidance for beginers, who are interested to stock investing, learning basic fundamentals and stock trading. This learning material covers the basic stock lessons, advice to beginers, stock market risks, and some stock valuation tricks.    106 kb    Views 9010
+23    Welcome to the Everything About Bitcoins course This course serves as an introduction to Bitcoin for anyone interested. This course, taught by Charles Hoskinson, features over 41 lectures and 6+ hours of free video content. At the end of it, you will ...    18 MB    Views 2435

Learning Numbers

learning numbers
-1    This is a Excellent Application on Learning Apple iWork Numbers. Includes a helpful practice exam and video training tips.    393 MB    Views 8094


investment learning work model technical service stocks foreign indicators recommendations
-4    TheSmartInvest is a unique iPad/iPhone app that combines the power of technical analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning for investments in securities; stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. Most importantly, it does this in such a simple way that you don't ...    1 MB    Views 9205

Learning Accounting

learning accounting
+1    This is a Excellent Application on Learning Accounting, From Beginner to Expert, This is Good if your trying to Start a Business or Earning your CPA, Includes Video Training Course    541 MB    Views 357

Forex Tutorial

learning ipad forex application comments start lessons
+1    ► What is FOREX? Let's start learning FOREX with "Forex Tutorial" application. This application is designed to help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and special abilities to become a successful trader in the foreign exchange market. Fact now and start ...    40 MB    Views 4457
time software learning automatically created signal chart currency simple minutes
+2    Expert Advisor of the PC version is the MetaTrader4 trading system FX (Ki foreign exchange margin trading) No. 1 simple EA created a (EA) It is an application that can be automatically created. Create comfortably at any time, it was automatically created ...    717 kb    Views 8840
video banking relationship barclays manager review face
-1    Barclays Video Banking The Barclays Video Banking app allows Barclays customers to discuss their financial goals with their Relationship Manager facetoface by video from anywhere in the world. To use the app, you must be a Barclays customer and have booked a ...    NAN    Views 9213
video videos lessons minutes modules total easy step quick bitcoin hour
+14    Easy video lessons designed to teach average, nontechnical people the benefits and basics of how to use Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. 5 hours and 5 minutes of material in 66 quick, easy lessons. Also includes ability to record and ...    22 MB    Views 9195

M.Video IR Library

Related Apps video library search mobile documents results download archive
+10    M.Video IR Library is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (financial statements, pressreleases, presentations etc.) are optimized for mobile devices. In addition to the ...    10 MB    Views 4070

Money and Me

Related Apps money learning people success head set life learn understanding limits
-8    Discover How Rich People Relate to Money and Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs About Getting Rich “Getting A Handle On Youir Money Requires Some Knowledge… But Do You Have The Tools And Understanding You Need?” "I can't be wealthy", "I can't have a ...    285 kb    Views 8420
-9    iBillionaire provides access to the investment data and strategies of the world’s most successful, selfmade billionaires. Our mission is to help you become a better investor by following and learning from Wall Street’s best. We break down and analyze the investment ...    24 MB    Views 8742
learning entry double study line account materials traditional aat credits
+4    If you’re learning Double Entry or just want to brush up on your knowledge of Debits and Credits, Double Entry Downpour is the game for you. There are 52 account items falling from the sky at an increasing speed and ...    12 MB    Views 9937
audio time exam work learning twitter reading car travel series cfa study level quality material allen
+4    Level III CFA Exam Audio System, 2015 Edition Listen to the Audio Series while you: • commute to/from work • exercise • travel Running Time: 21 Hours Learn anytime, anywhere NOTE: This app does NOT expire. And, this Audio app will be updated for future ...    622 MB    Views 7223


business china entrepreneurs networking ceo singapore learning eagle company success
+1    ABOUT MOC CEO CLUB We teach entrepreneurs how to manipulate capital and IPO their company within 3 years. We connect them to venture capital funding. MISSION A noble self mission to encourage growth among fellow entrepreneurs through networking, continuous learning and brand recognition. DESCRIPTION About ...    23 MB    Views 9560


learning penny
+6    This is a Excellent Video Training Course on Learning About Penny Stocks. This course will teach all the tricks and methods utilized by the most successful penny stock traders in the industry to cut your learning curve drastically and have you ...    202 MB    Views 4338
Related Apps exam time learning twitter questions cfa testbank question level subject option
+19    "How To Pass Your Level II CFA Exam The FIRST Time." The 1 Level II CFA Exam Testing iPhone app. Continually updated for 2015 "TestBank was the key to my success. There are a lot of CFA exam questions and the explanations ...    10 MB    Views 8035
tax video dictionary people flashcards language lessons sector put learn definitions
+2    We have collected All of the most frequently used Tax terms, definitions and abbreviations, and put them all together into this one allinclusive App. Wherever you feel puzzled by any the language or jargon, the App is your powerful dictionary ...    36 MB    Views 5912
video economic terms term lessons methods glossary
+1    This is the Glossary of Technical Terms Used in Econometrics from introductory to advanced level. The App features: no internet required, offline dictionary 1000+ terms and definitions cheatsheets for essential understanding video lessons for extensive and enhanced learning fun flashcard to ...    19 MB    Views 2294

Astana Forum 2014

video 2014 live forum
+3    This application will provide you live video from Astana Economic Forum 2014 Live video will be available may 2123, 2014    15 MB    Views 5523

Cfa formula lvl 1

learning time search formula cfa formulas fast function tests
0    Tired of 20 page formula sheets that are difficult to navigate and easy to misplace in your pile of notes? The cfaformula app is the answer to your woes. Equiped with: •Over 250 formulas and descriptions. •A fast and efficient search function. •6 multiple choice ...    21 MB    Views 5397
finance learning education concepts 101 economics field intended definitions review learn
+2    Welcome to 101 Concepts Economics & Finance 101 Concepts Economics & Finance provides you with 101 valuable concepts picked from the vast field of economics and finance for you to learn and keep for reference, right at your fingertips. The main purpose ...    7 MB    Views 2236

Finance 2.0

learning finance education financial markets learn securities designed professional earn
-8    The course is designed for investors and traders, newcomers to the financial markets, or anyone currently working in the finance industry interested in the big picture of global capital markets and investing. SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions offers training material and professional ...    7 MB    Views 5026

Mutuals Funds

investing video funds mutual step started invest
0    This is a Excellent on Learning How to Invest in Mutual Funds, A simple and basic step by step guide to get you started in investing in mutual funds Everyone wants to invest, however very few people end up doing so. ...    264 MB    Views 9814


business learning managers program bookkeeping statements chapters accounts chapter entry post double credits
0    Finally master debits and credits EasyAccounting explains the basics of doubleentry bookkeeping simply and clearly in 44 compact chapters. This great app teaches the basic principles and procedures of doubleentry bookkeeping without referencing any specific laws or regulations, so people all over ...    NAN    Views 5933

Citi Velocity

research market search video videos news citi velocity latest rates
+23    Citi Velocity Kindly note, this application is only available for Citi's Institutional clients Citi Velocity Mobile provides access to Citi's proprietary ideas, our worldclass research and a wealth of knowledge to keep you connected with the market at all times. Key features ...    33 MB    Views 7122

Budget Challenge

Related Apps students money budget challenge bills time management learning program card real pay national world
-3    This App is free and works with the Paid version of Budget Challenge (20/student) found on Overview: Budget Challenge is an awardwinning and patented program that actually SHOWS young people how to manage money in a real life setting. We use ...    5 MB    Views 265
banking video people dictionary industry lessons terms
+4    It is perfect for all people who wants to possess the understanding of banking industry practice, laws and regulations. It is made for professional or students in banking industry and general readers to familiarize themselves with the language. For better ...    61 MB    Views 9564

Traderlink Chart

video news tuoi dei con trader titoli
+4    Tutta l'informazione economicafinanziaria a portata di mano, ovunque ti trovi, in qualunque momento. Un'applicazione gratuita semplice e veloce da scaricare. Quotazioni e grafici, Tutta la Borsa Italiana, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Spread, Bpt, indici di mercato e molto altro. Grafici con ...    8 MB    Views 1892
children kids creative learning school money 2012 home time savings skills tasks bank financial
+7    "This iPad app wants to teach children about financial basics, without making it dry and boring. A tall order, but Goldstar Savings Bank may just have nailed it" Stuart Dredge The Guardian "GoldStar Savings Bank offers a unique and innovative ...    4 MB    Views 5895
time exam learning flashcards testbank questions series pass test performance
+13    100% Pass Guarantee... "When you purchase any Series 6, 7, or 63 TestBank today, you will get 100% of your money back if you fail your exam." Easy to use. Take FINRA TestBank for a FREE test drive. Play to Win These are ...    34 MB    Views 3707
investment learning market investing stock time stocks free bonds pick investor
-6    Wouldn’t you like to get Great return on your money? Wouldn’t you like to know how the big shot investors do it? Would you spend the time to learn? DOWNLOAD NOW: A FREE Stock Market Investment course 1. Starting from the basics Bonds, Stocks, ...    23 MB    Views 6269
people language video learning dictionary futures securities learn lessons sector
0    We have collected All of the most used Securities and Futures terms, definitions and abbreviations, and put them all together into this one allinclusive App. Wherever you feel puzzled by any the language or jargon, the App is your powerful ...    21 MB    Views 7992

Accounting Raiders

learning traditional additional levels complicated bookkeeping game aat materials item
+5    A traditional game of hand eye coordination complicated by the additional requirement to be good at bookkeeping......... or in fact a traditional game of bookkeeping complicated by the additional requirement to have good hand eye coordination. And Boy – isn’t ...    47 MB    Views 5636
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