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+4    Calculate what you pay including tip Have you gone out to dinner with friends and want to pay all the same? Did the waiter gave you good service and want to leave a good tip? Settle Tips With this application ...    1 MB    Views 7234

Stock Tree

0    Stock Tree brings the stock market to life By visualizing the performance of any stock as a living tree, anyone can relate to the performance of a stock at a glance. Features: Stock value is represented as the number of leaves on ...    13 MB    Views 8451


0    This app provides traditional Checkbook functionality. Lets you set up accounts and then add transactions to the individual accounts. Great for keeping up with your bank accounts, student loans, car loans, or any other thing you want to keep track of. Optimized for ...    6 MB    Views 9479

PeopleWare MOBI

leave mobi staff status
+14    PeopleWare MOBI is the mobile extension of the integrated Payroll, Time & Attendance, and Human Resource Management suite called Accsys PeopleWare. Employees can Browse through payslips View leave history Apply for leave Clock into an area using geolocation and QR tags Managers can ...    1 MB    Views 3910
+6    Tip percentage calculator and survey. There are many apps on the market that will do a simple calculation for a tip, but what percentage do you leave the server? This application uses a simple, customizable, survey to determine how much ...    716 kb    Views 2227
+8    Don't you hate it when you are finished with your meal or drinks and ready to leave and now the server is nowhere to be found? Then this app is for you Features: Set how long it should take to leave ...    5 MB    Views 5115


-1    NPSBANK is a full service company that gives your business the tools and advice you need to succeed. The NPSBANK app allows to view our extensive list of products & services, watch product demonstration videos, connect with our social media pages ...    14 MB    Views 3679


+4    This is a mobile version of membership management solution. Easy to use,efficiency,and low cost. If you are working in service industry,please take a look and you will find this app may do it well to replace traditional PC/Web solution. *Support many ...    23 MB    Views 9258

myTip Calculator

Related Apps calculator leave percent tip calculate
+10    Leave the pen and paper at home myTip Calculator is a convenient and fast way to calculate how much to leave for your waiter/waitress. The simple design gives you the advantage over other similar apps by allowing you to calculate ...    37 kb    Views 5976

kCalc Juros

+6    Who ever became suspicious when buying a car or any other financing, if interest rates that they are telling you are the really ones? Do the math in your head? Impossible Now you can leave all that suspicious behind The kCalk ...    922 kb    Views 5137


-4    MyELS allows you to keep track of your vacation and sick leave balances on your mobile device. You can check your current and future leave balances, see an annual summary of your leave balances by month, view future accruals and ...    8 MB    Views 9358


Related Apps magazine internal leave information employees
+9    Commerzbanker is Commerzbank's employee magazine. In the media mix of internal communication, it complements the intranet, which mainly provides readers with the latest information. It is primarily aimed at all active employees, as well as colleagues on parental leave and ...    6 MB    Views 193
time money invoices track reports create contractor helper expenses leave
+5    Track time, track leave, record expenses and create stylish invoices and reports with ease. Do you need to invoice clients for your time or for materials they are purchasing? Do you want to see how many hours you are working and ...    8 MB    Views 3360

Project Helper

tracker time project leave projects helper record bug
+9    The mobile companion app for Project Tracker has arrived. Project Helper lets you synchronize with any instance of Project Tracker (v3.0.2 or higher) that is available on your local network. It gets all the active projects and you can then ...    1 MB    Views 4806
claim information applicable leave disability access check report status view
+15    Now you can access your disability claim activities through your smartphone or tablet simply and securely. You can: • Report a shortterm disability claim • Register for access to the online portal via your mobile device • Check the status of your disability ...    3 MB    Views 8899
cards home security wallet account works device loyalty leave
-1    LoopPay is fast, easy and secure. Carry and pay with thousands of mag stripe credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards, including Starbucks, Macy’s, Walmart and Target. Use LoopPay and leave your wallet at home. What Makes LoopPay Unique It’s the only ...    50 MB    Views 2059

Johnston Associates

tax read services contact record keeping reviews leave johnston send
+1    Johnston Associates is a Public Accounting firm located in Brookvale, New South Wales. Established in 1993, we offer services to small & medium businesses,& specialise in the establishment & management of SMSF's. If you're looking for an accounting firm that ...    13 MB    Views 8910
news photo service services read professional reviews leave send bookings client
+3    P. Liddy & Associates is located in Cronulla, New South Wales. We are a chartered accountancy practice offering competent, prompt, professional service in the traditional areas of auditing, accounting, superannuation, tax and management consulting services. Our services are available for ...    12 MB    Views 4088
+6    Pinnacle Financial Consultants is located in St Marys, NSW. Since 1985, we have been providing a wide range of financial and accounting services to our new and regular clients. Our long experience and knowledge of the industry has driven adaptation ...    12 MB    Views 8894

Unum Customer

medical personal claim leave disability forms customer manage status
-2    Unum Customer: Easily manage your disability claim or leave 24/7 on all your mobile devices. As a Unum disability insurance policyholder, you can use the free Unum Customer app to conveniently manage your claim or leave 24/7. This app makes it ...    11 MB    Views 5669
web office service leave employee requests application employees
-2    SybizLeave is a free Employee Self Service Application for payroll that allows employees to request & manage their leave applications/requests and view Leave Accrual balance information. This application communicates via a web service with the Sybiz Visipay Payroll application & database. With ...    NAN    Views 6806

Gratuity Helper

tip leave
+14    Are you out and about somewhere and need to leave a tip but not sure how much to leave? USE THIS FREE APP This app will easy figure out how much to tip d664c80a88    245 kb    Views 2147

Xero Me

xero leave requests request employees manage businesses check pay previous
0    Xero Me is for employees of businesses who use Xero to manage payroll. Xero Me allows you to check your pay history and manage leave requests from anywhere. Spend less time filling out paperwork and going through the manual leave request ...    NAN    Views 1494
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