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My Shopping List HD

+4    Nowadays, regular Shopping has become common in our lives. Either it may be Cosmetics, Fashion, Food, Drink, Clothes, Home Appliances, Books, Furniture, or Interiors etc. If any one’s getting married then will have a lot of shopping things to do and ...    1 MB    Views 6011

Wear Converter

+7    Wear Converter is useful to convert unit. How many pounds are in a kilogram? Conversions are tough. Unit Convertor makes them easy Quickly convert values for the following measurements and save common conversions for quick access: Length, Temperature, Speed, Time, Volume, Angle, ...    813 kb    Views 8488


+10    iLOANcalc The Loan Repayments Calculator is intended to provide a general overview of what your monthly repayments may be depending on the repayment frequency requested, which is dependent on the term and interest rate. Calculator Assumptions Length of Month – Months are of ...    476 kb    Views 354
+3    Need to know information about DRGs? DRGs are Diagnosis Related Groups that are the basic units for which hospitals are paid by Medicare and Medicaid for healthcare services. The MSDRG system is the current version of the DRG system that hospitals ...    2 MB    Views 8550


+2    AllCalc is an allinone compilation of several frequently used calculators, including calculators for Tips, Sales Tax, Sale Prices, Amortized Mortgages, Body Mass Index (BMI), and Wages. Also included are numerous unit conversions. AllCalc includes: Calculators • Amortized Mortgage • Body Mass Index (BMI) • Tip • ...    790 kb    Views 5906

Payoff! Auto

loan interest payoff enter rate length compare keypad auto fields
-4    Payoff Auto is a simple, useful tool to figure out all of the info you would need when contemplating a new car loan, including: • Monthly Payment • Payoff Date • Total Interest Cost • Total Loan Cost • Compare Loan Length vs. Interest Rate The ...    7 MB    Views 364


numbers lottery systems sum averages number high
0    LottoMate is average based lottery number generator. Features Instantly generates set of numbers then calculates its averages. You can hold numbers (aka power numbers) up to 3. (number of selections are depends on lottery systems) Filtering : avoid set of numbers ...    4 MB    Views 3670

Milken Institute TV

videos video institute conference summit length full
+5    Milken Institute's MItv is an overthetop (OTT) mobile TV service that brings you fulllength videos of keynotes and conference panels of the world's most influential leaders in business, government and society. Milken Institute's MItv is loaded with more than 600 video ...    7 MB    Views 230

Eolide Calculator

calculator measure converter convert functions length unit
-3    Calculator and converter multifunction Functionalities : + Scientific calculator General arithmetic functions Trigonometric functions : cos, sin, tan Others functions : 1/x, log, exp, x, , π, x² + Currency Converter Convert more than 150 currencies Update the rate of the day (need ...    7 MB    Views 1032

iBuy Wise

+7    iBuy Wise is a manual price comparison app that has its own unique features in addition to essential functions found in only three other excellent apps of a similar type. Some of the unique features are as follows: • Share individual comparison ...    288 kb    Views 9704
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