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+2    This lite version app offers weekly Forex Trading Signal for EUR/USD currency pair. Users can use this signal as information, review their trading strategy and make their decision in opening FOREX trade. Trade signal is updated when opportunity arises and ...    5 MB    Views 1250
+14    Reached 1K users in such a short amount of time Pro version is 50% off for a limited time Thank you for your endless support Our Simply Receipts Lite version was designed to give you a taste of the ease ...    388 kb    Views 9146

EB Manager

+14    Electricity Bill Manager Lite •EB Manager Lite is a easy to use app to organize your monthly electricity bills in a simple and effective way. Using EB Manager you can, •Create and manage your EB accounts of home, office and business places. •Add ...    3 MB    Views 5014

Cashflow Lite

0    Cashflow Lite is an income and expense tracking app that may help students, couples, or individual keep track of their daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cash transactions. With elegant charts and easy transaction tracking and details management the app ...    6 MB    Views 5319
+2    Savings Plan Lite allows the user to estimate how much money can be saved over a period of time. Enter your beginning balance, interest rate, monthly contribution (if applicable), length of investment and select how often interest is compounded. The use ...    416 kb    Views 7586

Debt Snowball+ Lite

time debt snowball paying faster lite interest highly
+10    In order to give you a chance to try Debt Snowball+ for free, we have created a LITE version with a limit of two debt accounts. If you like it, please consider purchasing our highly rated Debt Snowball+ from the ...    8 MB    Views 3805
8610338 lite
-1    אפליקציית הסליקה מבית "יעד סליקה ונאמנות" גרסת Lite מעוניינים לחייב כרטיסי אשראי ישירות ממכשיר האייפון? זו האפליקצייה בשבילכם. באמצעות אפליקצייה זו ניתן לחייב את הלקוחות שלכם ולקבל אישור מיידי מחברות האשראי על העסקה. המערכת תומכת בכל סוגי חברות האשראי (ויזה, מאסטרכארד, לאומי קארד, ...    264 kb    Views 7579
+21    iRichLite 快速簡易記帳軟體,沒有太多複雜的介面 ,只保留計帳最基本的元素。 快速的記錄你的消費項次及金流,每月檢視消費項次及金流幫助您掌握消費習慣。智慧型手機有高度的機動性,馬上消費馬上就記下來,快速的記錄消費內容才能有效的發揮記帳的目的。 功能介紹: 快速記帳頁面:簡易且直觀的記帳介面,選擇消費項目輸入金額搞定。 帳戶資訊:帳戶的金流檢視,現金帳戶、儲值帳戶、預付型帳戶以及投資帳戶。支援不同帳戶幣別帳戶及合計。(匯率自動更新,參考Yahoo匯率資訊,實際匯率請依銀行公告為主 ) 消費記錄:快速檢視消費項次金額檢視,三日帳、月帳、消費者類別分類檢視。 消費習慣分析:依類別項次分析消費習慣比例,每月、季收支分析。 優惠計算機:幫助使用者分析商品"單位"價格,商品折扣優惠省下多少,讓您的每一筆錢都能花在刀口上。 (Pro版無項次限制) 匯出記錄:使用者可依需求匯出消費記錄,由電腦檢視消費習慣及分析。 (Pro 支援匯入)    4 MB    Views 7747
+5    This is a report whether Moving Average can predict change stock price or not. The research used 6 years data in Tokyo Stock Exchange. LITE edition    1 MB    Views 6420

Tax Assistant Lite

0    Tax assistant Lite is a handy calculator that allows you to calculate your income tax liability. This is from the same developer that made Freelance assistant and is part of the range of apps aimed to make accounting easy. For a limited ...    122 kb    Views 2892
0    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Powerball by historical results Powerball Lotto Lite analyzes the results of the last 25 draw days of multistate Powerball. It generates the numbers based on 222 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have won the ...    9 MB    Views 4024
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-1    Car Loan Dashboard Lite, The Premium Auto Loan Planner. Car Loan Dashboard Lite works with all currencies within the iPad. Are you looking to buy a new car? Do you wonder how much you can afford to pay for a Car Loan? Have ...    4 MB    Views 6784
snowball agile debts repayment features version multiple lite track financial
+9    The Lite version is being relaunched with a completely new outlook. All the primary features of the regulare version of Agile Snowball. InApp purchasing allows for upgrading to all features of the full version such as saving and multiple snowballs. Features: • Track ...    2 MB    Views 2888
calculator currencies dollar lite major krone real rates conversion
+4    An indispensable tool for your financial transactions. iCurrency Lite is the free version of i Currency app and allows you to perform conversions between 20 major world's currencies, meticulously updated in real time, taking the conversion rates from Yahoo Finance. ...    4 MB    Views 6310

Propina Lite

+17    Ahora no tendrás problemas dividiendo la cuenta entre tus amigos, con Propina Lite es fácil y rápido.    3 MB    Views 4844
forecast voyage lite estimator calculation database
+9    Argo Voyage Estimator Lite is a decision support solution for analyzing chartering scenarios and optimizing profitability independent of location and in offline mode. Argo Voyage Estimator Lite analyzes any combination of cargoes, vessels, routes, load, and discharge ports. The solution is ...    8 MB    Views 519
management office sales cloud smart information orders customers lite view systems
-6    Cloud Smart Sales is a customisable cloud based application for creating sales orders and invoices. It connects directly to your office systems and acts as a gateway between your sales teams mobile devices. Cloud Smart Sales allows you to   Create orders, ...    NAN    Views 1496
investment wisdom tony support version lite don wall
-3    This is the Lite version of Investment Wisdom of Tony Gray Investment first looks not so hard, but in reality, only a few people have succeeded in the stock market. And Tony Gray is one of these few successful investors. This ...    6 MB    Views 1162
0    418db3878a Income Calculator Lite App is here to help. Income Calculator Lite App makes it easy to analyze your expenses. This app has ability to create your own set of categories. You can also customize suitable payment Modes, categories, Expense Date, Expense ...    18 MB    Views 4240
lite counter
-1    小役くん Lite(iCounter Lite)は、主にパチスロ(スロット)専用の確率カウンタです。 八つの項目の数を同時にカウントすることができます。 開始数と現在数を入力すると、ゲーム数と各小役の確率を自動的に計算して表示できます。 データを自動保存できます。 Lite版は一つのカウンタしか持っていません。 iCounter is mainly a counter for Slot games. Lite Version has only one counter .  以下のiPhoneアプリが同時発売中:  ※ パチスロSlotアイムジャグラー設定推測 ※ パチンコ キン肉マン 確変判定 ※ パチンコ グラディエーター 確変判定 ※ パチンコ 北斗の拳 確変判定 ※ パチンコ 花の慶次〜斬 確変判定 ※ 小役くんiCounter    55 kb    Views 6912
demo adsense month account lite information quick interface support
-7    beAdSense Lite is powerful and beautiful AdSense (readonly) client. Lite version key features: 2step verification login support Quick earnings information of Month total Month summary Autologin on startup Currency configuration Beautiful interface All in one interface (quick access to all information) ...    6 MB    Views 5208
candle history chart quotes indicators lite seng hang data
+7    StockChart (lite) allows traders to monitor worldwide quotes and study them with many popular indicators. Stock Chart lite also supports intraday and EOD history data. Quotes & Markets: NASDAQ Nikkei225 S&P500 Shanghai Hang seng KOSPI Hang Seng FTSE 100 Yahoo, Goog, ...    8 MB    Views 3061


stock apps version lite full top download picks chat featured
+4    TPSLITE Featured in What's Hot, Top 10 Paid Apps for November 2011, 5 Star Rating What are you waiting for? Are you a serious trader and want daily featured picks? Download the Full Version as it comes more equipped for your ...    52 kb    Views 6706

eInvoice Lite

card sale authorize net mobile select lite enter credit customer
-8    Mobile eInvoice Lite allows you to create customers and inventory on your iPad. You can also sale products and services to customers and collect credit card payments thru gateway services. Detailed Invoices are then mailed to the customer. You ...    326 kb    Views 4189

Loan Plus Lite

-6    NEW Version 1.2 Update 1. 월 상환 금액은 얼마가 적절한가? 계산 기능 추가. 주택 대출의 최초와 최후의 고려사항은 월 상환 대출금입니다. 이에 대한 내역을 전문 재무사들이 추천하는 방식으로 결정해 드립니다. _____________________________________ 안녕하세요. More Than Smart입니다. Lite 버전과 정식 버전의 차이점 광고를 제외하고는 모든 기능은 동일합니다. 대출과 관련된 어려움을 ...    2 MB    Views 4569
loan documents isignroom delivery electronic version lite
+3    iSignRoom: eClosings LITE This is the LITE version of iSignRoom: eClosings In this free version users may close test loans registered in the Digital Delivery eSignRoom (CA environment) NOTE: You cannot close a live loan with this app ...    4 MB    Views 7234
currencies premium custom rate purchase features upgrade lite
0    The very first currency converter of the App Store is back Curry has been rewritten from scratch and is now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Quick overview of Curry’s features: PERFORM fast conversions with a simple and intuitive design ...    4 MB    Views 4996

Thai Book Bank Lite

-7    Thai Book Bank Lite 1.0 บันทึกเลขที่บัญชี ชื่อบัญชี ประเภทบัญชี สาขา แสดงสัญลักษณ์ธนาคาร (Logo) ส่งข้อความ SMS ให้ผู้อื่น ลูกค้า คัดลอกเพื่อนำไปวางในโปรแกรมแชทต่างๆได้    4 MB    Views 9450

Overtime Calc Lite

Related Apps work calendar overtime ability add adding values easy event lite
-8    Overtime Cal application enables you to easily control your work together with overtime. It also allows you to remember your work done in the past and proper accounting for your employer. The opportunity to add a new event to the ...    4 MB    Views 183

Ittou Gai Lite

profit information housing lite
+28    "Ittou Gai Lite" is an application which only inputs the easy housing information on profit real estate, and loan information, and conducts analysis of the income and outgo of a profit housing from various angles, such as cash flow and ...    242 kb    Views 713
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0    PocketMoney gives you the most features, at the least cost, in an effective user interface. Find out why says: "The app is easy to use that in fact, it is fastbecoming my mostused app on my iPad." Need to track ...    9 MB    Views 5810
stock retail business ipad time reading iphone management email sales customers inventory printers product reports transactions point lite
+4    Octopus Retail Point of Sales Lite – Point of Sales system
 Default user; username – admin password – admin Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily sales, know your stock inventory and yet still be able ...    10 MB    Views 6351

Carnage Lite

stocks lite track
-1    Carnage Lite is the average investor's answer to the complexities of the stock market. Now, like Wall Street traders, you too can have a tool that uses sine waves to track stocks and make recommendations based on the bullish or ...    6 MB    Views 8301

Account Book Lite 2

Related Apps accounts fixed account record book data lite items system automatically
+7    Here comes Account Book Lite 2 Account Book Lite 2 is more useful and smart than version 1. What’s new: Add iCould backup to prevent your data from being lost; Relayout interface, more intuitive and concise; Support digital keyboard, more beautiful We design the app for ...    16 MB    Views 1711


+10    iShopLite App is the simplest way to calculate price x quantity. Please support my app by downloading it today. I will add more functionality soon    4 MB    Views 7094
Related Apps monthly payment mortgage calculate lite
+30    1.Mortgage Calculator:Monthly payment calculate quickly and simply. 2.Monthly Payment Detail:List detailed monthly principal and interest. 3.Monthly Payment Chart:Understand the contributions pressure changes. 4.Comparison:Find the best solution and save money. 5.Share:Calculate results share with friends by Email or Line. Support housing agency and bank tools. Lite version ...    20 MB    Views 7977

LegalDoc Lite

dei lite
+3    InfoCert, leader italiano per la conservazione a norma dei documenti digitali, ha sviluppato la prima app che permette la visualizzazione dei propri documenti, conservati a norma, in mobilità. Per utilizzare l’app è necessario aver acquistato LegalDoc LITE dal Negozio InfoCert. Di seguito ...    1 MB    Views 2390
+12    Keep track on all spending during your trips. Easy enter prices, taxes and tips Different reports Send report by email in Excel format This is lite version of Travel Expenses    2 MB    Views 7356
property cash flow payment lite expenses price buy
+7    Long term real estate investors instinctively know if a property has positive cash flow or not. But what about the rest of us? BTD Lite was built to answer that question. Now you can be the confident investor. Features include: Analyze the ...    178 kb    Views 6266

MobiStox Lite

portfolio charts track stocks features unlimited watch lite lists
-8    MobiStox is a personal portfolio tracker that provides realtime stock quotes. Track U.S. Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds. Features Include: Charts and news for all stocks Set up alerts to be sent via email/SMS Create watch lists Track your portfolio Mock ...    294 kb    Views 1021
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-7    Road Trip is the fastest and easiest iPhone application for tracking your car's mileage, fuel economy, and maintenance expenses. Unlike other "lite" applications, Road Trip Lite does not limit the amount of data you can save. You can use Road Trip ...    6 MB    Views 2794

DSETracker Lite

Related Apps stock time portfolio lite button press price refresh latest
+14    DSETracker Lite allows users to get real time price of stock/shares from Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Users can also maintain their Stock Portfolio in DSETracker Lite. Press the Refresh button any time to get the latest price from DSE server ...    1 MB    Views 2299

ExCurrency Lite

time currency list exchange rates base lite table precision
+8    DESCRIPTION: ExCurrency Lite is a currency convertor application with flexible spreadsheet style presentation that supports all 159 currency exchange rates around the world. ExCurrency Lite saves you more time converting different currencies at once and presents you with the simple scrollable ...    10 MB    Views 750

Money Buddy LITE

Related Apps money education pre buddy analysis lite version
0    Master your money Money Buddy is the ONLY money app that comes with highquality education, preconfigurations, powerful analysis and data exporting. KEY FEATURES: Easily see where your money is going. Is your vacation fund getting drained by Frappuccinos or your daily commute? Quickly ...    12 MB    Views 5554
+2    แอพ นาทีทอง Lite แอพสำหรับดูราคาทอง สิ่งที่เรามีไม่เหมือนคนอื่นคือ เราสามารถดูราคาทองที่เปลี่ยนแปลงประจำวันได้ครับ และ แน่นอนว่า (สำหรับตัว PRO) เราสามารถแจ้งเตือนคุณเมื่อมีราคาทองอัพเดท สามารถดูราคาทองย้อนหลังได้ไกลๆๆมากๆๆ ถึงปี 2547 โน่น กราฟ ต่างๆ (เดี๋ยวจะอัพเดทตามมาอีกเพียบ) ไม่มีโฆษณาให้กวนใจ ขอบคุณครับ    4 MB    Views 5848


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-8    The Validate Lite tool has been developed by Apply Financial Ltd for SWIFT as a simple mobile tool for payment professionals who need to validate single IBAN’s, SWIFT BIC codes and National ID’s. Validate Lite will check these payment requirements ...    2 MB    Views 2656

CorrectCharts Lite

finance time research history websites returns lite version return date
-1    Developer's note2015 The CC Lite version serves as a fully functional demo for CC Pro and Returnfinder [one word] as well, and it works smoothly for iOS6, iOS7 only [not iOS8]. A simple way to see the apps functionality in ...    770 kb    Views 3641
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-5    รองรับการแสดงผล iPhone 6 แล้วครับ โปรแกรมสยามโกล์ดไลท์(Siam Gold Lite) คือ โปรแกรมรายงานราคาทองคำที่เชื่อถือได้ เพราะเราอ้างอิงราคาทองมาจากแหล่งข้อมูลที่น่าเชื่อถือไม่ว่าจะเป็นสมาคมค้า ทองคำ หรือ Kitco หากคุณเป็นผู้ที่สนใจในการลงทุน ทองคำ คุณต้องไม่พลาดที่จะมีโปรแกรมนี้ เพราะทุกสิ่งที่นักค้าทองต้องการรวมอยู่ในโปรแกรมนี้แล้ว ไม่ว่าจะเป็น ระบบแจ้งเตือนเมื่อราคาทองคำมีการเปลี่ยนแปลง, การแสดงราคาทองคำปัจจุบัน พร้อมทั้งข้อมูลราคาย้อนหลังถึง 15 รายการ, Goldspot ที่แสดงราคาทองต่างประเทศ ที่มีการซื้อขายโดยใช้เงินสกุลดอลล่าร์ กราฟราคาทองคำ ราคาเงิน และราคาทองคำขาว ที่สามารถขยายใหญ่เพื่อดูได้ชัดเจนยิ่งขึ้นได้ อัตราแลกเปลี่ยนค่าเงินบาทเทียบกับเงินสกุลต่างๆ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นดอลล่าร์สหรัฐ เยน ยูโร ความสามารถใหม่ สำหรับ เวอร์ชั่นนี้ เกมส์จำลองการซื้อขายทองคำ แบ่งปันราคาทองให้เพื่อนๆ ดูผ่านทาง ...    16 MB    Views 6065
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+13    Here comes Account Book 2 Lite HD Account Book 2 Lite HD is more useful and smart than version 1. What’s new: Add iCould backup to prevent your data from being lost; Relayout interface, more intuitive and concise; Support digital keyboard, more beautiful We design the ...    7 MB    Views 4969

Devall Lite

lite percentage keys find large version
+14    Devall Lite is the FREE version of the full app Devalluator It's a neat little app designed to make calculating percentages fast and simple. The lite version provides the basic function to work out what the percentage off a given value is. All ...    917 kb    Views 1166
calculator discount sale percentage give lite
+3    Haggle calculator is an application to calculate discounts. Everyone should try and haggle when making purchases, as often the seller would be happy to give a discount to make a sale, the trouble is, the will often say something like "i ...    603 kb    Views 8158

Easy GoDutch Lite

Related Apps multi dutch calculate lunch lite easy
+29    Calculate how "GO DUTCH" in complex situation. For multiparticipants and multievents with someone attend this event but absent from another....etc. A,B and C went to have lunch. A paid the bill and B bought 3 cups of drink by cash. After lunch, ...    487 kb    Views 9286

Currency Lite

Related Apps currency exchange great lite
+8    Currency Lite provides uptodate exchange rate information for over 130 currencies and countries Great for when you travel abroad and need to calculate the latest exchange rates. Great for forex traders    4 MB    Views 6507

ChequeTrack Lite

cheque bank lite track
-4    ChequeTrack : Never leave your Bank cheque untraced & manipulated. Use Cheque track to keep track of all your bank issued cheque by providing just a few details with the photo of Cheque. The app stores all your cheque data ...    2 MB    Views 3884
time budget apps iphone expense daily manager expenses lite categories easy payment
+1    Can't handle your daily expense? Daily Expense Manager Lite is here to help. Daily Expense Manager Lite is the simplest way to manage your personal finances and daily expense. This application helps you budget and track your spending. Floworiented interface to ...    735 kb    Views 1770

MobileBooks Lite

business iphone running product version track lite catalog customers contacts
0    MobileBooks Run your business from the iPhone. NOTE: MobileBooks Lite is the free version of Mobilebooks. While there are no restrictions on use, any PDFs created or sent with this version will indicate that the Lite version is in use. Reviews: "This is ...    949 kb    Views 7434

My Car Loan Lite

car twitter loan lite report input easy currency amount view
+13    My Car Loan Lite, the free version of the innovative car loan calculator My Car Loan. Have you ever wondered how much a car loan or finance deal is really costing you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could play around with ...    3 MB    Views 9600

Stock Finder Lite

Related Apps stock news finance watch list stocks check top lite finder
0    Stock Finder Lite helps you to find and track stocks, get the top finance news, charts and more. Features Market summary organized by region Manage your watch list with the instruments you care about. Track stocks, indexes, currencies, commodities and more. ...    17 MB    Views 4912

Mon Compte Lite

money account bank manage features operations lite
+13    Fast, fun and very easy to manage your bank account. My Account will help you to know how much money you have and how much you will have on your bank account 3 main features : 1. Income and expense calculation 2. Pointing ...    13 MB    Views 404


+8    すご収支Lite パチンコとパチスロの収支管理アプリです。 すご収支のLite版です。シンプルな操作が特徴です。 一見シンプルですがかなり拡張性あるように作っています。 得意な機種、良い店分析に役立てて下さい。 1.1.0で以下の箇所の修正をしてあります。 1.店名/機種の操作方法を変更しました。 2.新規>新規の方法を変更しました。 (投資が0の時にクリアするようにしました。) かなり楽に打てるようになりました。 フル版への移行をお勧めいたします。 (カレンダー・グラフもついています) また、ご要望などあればお気軽にお知らせ下さい。 なるべく対応させて頂きます。    614 kb    Views 6862
Xhamster Strategies Volatility Xvideos Multiple Pinoy Xnxx Find Ipad Hclips Exchanges Stock Tube8 Calculator Data Beeg Amount Taxes Drtuber Accounts Incomes Tnaflix Bills Information Redtube Accountant Phone