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+5    With Mortgage iCalculator, you can quickly and easily figure out how much that new house will cost or figure out how much you can save by refinancing. If you know the purchase price, interest rate and down payment amount, you ...    5 MB    Views 5177
+15    If you are involved in any aspect of Commercial Real Estate (brokerage, lending, leasing, management, etc.) you will find the Commercial Broker Toolkit extremely useful and easy to use. We designed the app to provide simple, easy to follow inputs ...    3 MB    Views 7632


+26    BEOSinvest has received the award "real estate idea 2012" from AIZ With BEOSinvest The Property Quick Check, you can decide within seconds whether a real estate investment makes sense. Use the preset assumptions or customize your own calculation ...    9 MB    Views 8483
Related Apps payment loan monthly
+8    The easiest way to figure out monthly payment of your home mortgage loan Key in the loan amount, interest rate and scroll the term of the loan desired, you can instantly get the monthly payment.    31 kb    Views 4294
Related Apps property rental tax rent investment costs rate loan purchase view
+16    Are you looking for an investment/rental property and want an EasytoUse app to do quick evaluations of feasibility? Are you tired of the detailed finance apps that require you to manually type in all the various costs/amounts via the keypad? ...    3 MB    Views 6885

Rental Calculator

Related Apps rental calculator
+22    A simple tool that help you to calculate your rental income. You just need to simply input all the rental details as well as expenses The calculator also take in consider of your share of the flat    6 MB    Views 7300


mercury loan
-1    The Mercury IPad App is bought to you by Connective Services Winners of the Best IT Platform at the Australian Broking Awards, 2011 App features: Financial tools and calculators for the Mortgage Industry Search for loan products, calculate loan costs ...    28 MB    Views 5234

My Total Property

+1    ABOUT MY TOTAL PROPERTY My Total Property app delivers a unique full property management, legal and financial reporting service all in one tool. We have created this app using 15 years of property management and financial expertise delivering a speedy, concise and ...    5 MB    Views 6771

Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator loan
+25    Use this calculator to calculate any aspect of any loan. Leave one field blank and it will solve for it. Future versions will include loan amortization tables.    36 kb    Views 7357

Rental Manager

-6    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    734 kb    Views 6736

Rent Me

+9    Do you rent equipment? Camera? Lighting kit? Editing system? For many filmmakers, this is a common practice. However, do you know how rentals are priced? If you don't know how rental items are priced, then you might be paying too much ...    4 MB    Views 648


Related Apps loan determine
-6    Use this Simple Loan Calculator to determine your payments on a loan. Or you can work the other way round and determine your loan size by entering your payment, interest rate and time period. Enter 3 informations and let the ...    68 kb    Views 609
rental rent property listings sites desktop
+19    Post to the Zillow Rental Network and all the top rental sites—for free Property managers, landlords and rental agents who have come to love Postlets on the desktop can now have Postlets on the go with the Postlets App. The app, ...    17 MB    Views 2892

Auto Loan Calc

Related Apps car loan auto
+4    A Free Auto Loan Calculator. Find out how quickly you can pay off your car or how much car you can afford.    2 MB    Views 9949


property home green rental market rent ratio estate real debt signals buying metrics coverage
-6    Real Estate application that gives you all the financial metrics you will ever need when buying or selling a home, flip property or rental property. It generates simple traffic light signals, a green light means buy and a red light ...    15 MB    Views 394

TaxFreeway 2014

tax ipad software rental employment canadian return user cra income netfile planner returns
+18    NEW IN THIS YEAR New CRA Netfile option: Send form T1135 (Foreign Income Verification Statement) directly to CRA. The new income splitting for parents: (Schedule 1A Family Tax Cut). CUTTING EDGE CANADIAN TAX SOFTWARE STREAMLINE YOUR TAX FILING World’s first fully functional personal ...    12 MB    Views 9042
investing property money rental work ebook real estate wealth guide investments income
-8    This guide, Real Estate Investing Everything You Need To Know will provide you with the information you need to get you on the road to acquiring wealth. If you're looking for a sure fire way to make lots of ...    665 kb    Views 3267
Related Apps property investment tax investors government rental incentive find year free
+11    NRAS is an acronym for National Rental Affordability Scheme. A property investment initiative passed into legislation in 2008. NRAS creates significant and substantial advantages for property investors, with the Federal and State government providing a substantial financial incentive tax free each ...    11 MB    Views 5018
-5    This app allows you to calculate repayments on loans. Users can configure the loan amount, interest rate, duration, and the currency of the loan. The app calculates the monthly repayment amount and the total amount repayable over the period of the loan.    539 kb    Views 9245

iROI Free

investment property calculator rental real roi estate free version
+11    Need a great Income Property Calculator? Want to calculate the ROI on a real estate investment, but can't find an investment property calculator that meets your needs? iROI is your answer This is the FREE version of the popular iROI app ...    159 kb    Views 679
Related Apps loan payment
-8    Easy to use “loan calculator” has the following features: •Calculates monthly payment and total interest •Provides a graphical view of loan amount remaining over the loan term •Comparison of loan pay off with and without any additional payment    163 kb    Views 3924

Loan Calc 2 go

enter loan numbers
+20    The loan calculator 2 go. Bring it when you look for your new home. It is easy to use and quick to enter numbers into. The keyboard is in the app with big keys, and you also have a slider ...    23 MB    Views 9082
rental including www
+3    Ramirent's app with push function gives you access to the latest news, including press releases, financial reports, stock quotes and other company related information. Everything quickly and easily right into your mobile device. To discover more, download it for free. If ...    19 MB    Views 6619
rental property rent roi cash years appreciation calculations loan equity
0    Thinking of buying a rental property? This App will estimate yearly ROI calculations based on the specifics of the property and loan. Quickly view calculations for each year, up to 30 years, by using the slider control. The following inputs may be ...    194 kb    Views 8757


+4    Mortgauge. A simple sleek iOS 7 looking mortgage calculator. Enter in your desired loan amount, interest rate, and years of loan repayment and Mortgauge will tell you how much you will need to repay in months, fortnights, weeks and days ...    239 kb    Views 1268


shopping rental investment sale china urban party stock property company center industry type commercial estate
-2    哥伦布商业股份有限公司(股票代码:831112)是一家专业从事社区型购物中心定位、设计、招商、运营的全流程第三方服务商。公司以“为客户创造价值”为己任,坚持合作共赢的理念,通过行业资源整合,为投资者创造更大的投资回报,为商家带来营业额的稳定提升。 Columbus Commercial Limited Liability Company (stock code: 831112) is a professional thirdparty service provider engaged in entire procedures including positioning, design, investment, operation for community shopping center. The company takes “create value for customers” as its duty, insists the concept ...    10 MB    Views 1179

Real Estate Pro

property house rental investment real estate built afford application study
+10    There are over thirty functions included in this app. Welcome to your Real Estate Decision Support System for Residential, Commercial, Investors and Property Owners. If you are a realtor, a real estate student, an investor, a buyer, a real estate owner, ...    10 MB    Views 6485

ACG Loan Calculator

+5    Calculate loan repayment and compare loans. Switch between different currencies. Create a PDF document of the loan information for easy sharing.    5 MB    Views 9018
Related Apps calculator loan monthly
+1    Loan Calculator calculates monthly payments for home mortgage and auto loans. It also has an affordability calculator so you can see how much you can buy based on the monthly payment you can afford.    2 MB    Views 2343


rental receipts receipt printer send summary create device compatible
+17    ezReceipt makes quick work of sending a simple html based receipt to anyone via email. Receipts can be generated easily and saved for future use which can be especially helpful with repetitive tasks such as sending out monthly rental receipts. With ...    534 kb    Views 3602
rent rental photos history property business personal payments track payment expenses landlord tenants tenant invoices
-7    Manage your daily landlord business create and send rental invoices to tenants, track rent payments and expenses, keep track of tenant balance and payments history, get instant financial reports, useful reminders for payments, expenses and invoices due as well ...    7 MB    Views 1084
Related Apps calculator loan payment
+6    Easy to use loan calculator with builtin amortization table. Great for figuring out monthly payment for car loan or home mortgage. Provides you with total loan costs and a payment schedule.    209 kb    Views 1817

Financial Calc

Related Apps financial calc loan
+3    Financial Calc is an application using which you can able to calculate your Loan EMIs, Refinance calculation, Loan affordability and Return on investment.    2 MB    Views 6530


-3    Brookes Union RentSmart app is the perfect companion when you are looking for a place to live. RentSmart calculates what a rental will really cost you. It helps you to keep a record and compare costs of rental accommodation you have ...    3 MB    Views 3848
rental calculator yield
+2    The easiest to use rental yield calculator suitable for all countries. Calculates Net Annual Rental Yield. Relevant in the following professions: 1) Realtor 2) Real estate agent 3) Mortgage banker 4) Conveyancing Lawyer 5) Home owner or landlord 6) Tenant If you find bugs, do drop us an email ...    1 MB    Views 9157

Sibor Sor Rate

+27    This Apps provides the latest Singapore SIBOR and SOR rates. It also provide a loan calculator for calculation the monthly payment, interest payable for a mortgage loan.    1 MB    Views 1682
Related Apps finance loan
+5    Providing you with all the tools you need to secure your dream home, and keep you informed about hot mortgage deals. Features: How Much Can You Borrow, Loan Repayment and Stamp Duty calculators Daily finance, property and interest rate news Get ...    12 MB    Views 5182

Smart Loan

+5    Provide a variety of modes loan calculation, Compare different banks with different conditions, and give you the most suitable suggestion, Convenient and smart for choosing the lending bank. Loan spreadsheet results can be sent by email.    1 MB    Views 8397
Related Apps finance loan
-1    Providing you with all the tools you need to secure your dream home, and keep you informed about hot mortgage deals. Features: How Much Can You Borrow, Loan Repayment and Stamp Duty calculators Daily finance, property and interest rate news Get ...    12 MB    Views 5049
property rental tax iphone ipad time excel calculator bills landlords income reminders set book expenses properties log
-9    Downloaded in 78 countries Property Management and more made simple The iPhone App Review Watch Property Log Book in action on A must have app for Property Owners, Landlords or Investors who like to stay on top of ...    26 MB    Views 5530

Lease Gen

rental lease
+4    Build your rental lease in minutes. Say goodbye to complicated lease process. Just a few easy steps and rental lease is ready for you. Good tool for landlord.    4 MB    Views 7772

Rental Manager SP

Related Apps property rental time report real easy estate agent
0    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    2 MB    Views 2910

Foreclosure Genie

property rental investment tax years cash rate hold selling appreciation data
+2    You are an investor , you want foreclosed properties. You need this app. It contains everything you need to determine what to pay, how much you with make and how long it will take you to get your money back. ...    584 kb    Views 8576


Related Apps rental insurance buy independent policy policies worldwide contact
-1    iCarhireinsurance – Use this groundbreaking app to save up to 60% on the costs of car hire excess insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) policies for use with rental vehicles worldwide. Instead of paying up to £15 (€18, 20) per day ...    NAN    Views 2155

Simple Loan

Related Apps loan simple
+18    A simple calculator to determine the monthly payment for a loan. Just enter the loan amount, the term, and the interest rate and calculate a car loan, mortgage, or any other loan. Optimized for the iPhone 5, 5s, & 6.    2 MB    Views 9504
Related Apps rental search property family home map browse apps multiple usa real estate town mls
+29    MLS Real Estate Rental USA is a multiple sources Real Estate Rental property search agent from This App is able to search for all kinds of rental properties apartments, condos, townhouses, single family homes, duplexes and multiple family ...    11 MB    Views 7000

Secure Tenant

rental tenant secure easily
-8    Secure Tenant is an innovative and flexible way to pay your rent. Easily share your rental payment amongst housemates, connect with agents with available rental properties fast via our integrated tenancy application form. Easily setup you rental payments using our paperless ...    4 MB    Views 700

FHA Loan Matcher

+18    FHA Loan Matcher provides lenders with the ability to refinance consumers to a lower rate of interest despite that fact that they owe more then the homes current value.    7 MB    Views 5005

Loan Calc NZ

property rental sale loan calculate additional payment ratio savings yield lending
+1    Great tool to calculate loan to value ratios, loan repayments, additional payment savings and gross rental yield. Loan to value ratio (LVR) and loan required: Calculate what lending you require and your loan to value ratio. Loan to value ratio is what ...    1 MB    Views 9847


loan calculate
+3    EasyLoan is an app that will let you quickly calculate loan payments for up to 3 different loan scenarios. Simply enter the loan amount, interest rate and term. Then press the "Calculate" button and the loan payment is computed. There ...    1 MB    Views 188
rental rent card product payments simple latest application making products place
+5    Own your favorite products by renting and making low periodic payments. RentDelite is a simple and affordable way to own the latest tablets, TVs, computers, electronics and more at affordable payments without any longterm commitments or interest fees. Find your Product ...    896 kb    Views 4769

Rental Investment

rental investment property properties easily calculate version buying
+2    Rental Investment app is for landlords who currently own or are planning on buying one or more investment properties. The app allows you to easily calculate all expenses related to buying and maintaining properties, paying mortgages, taxes, insurance, and HOA. Similarly, ...    23 MB    Views 7309

Cement Gold

Related Apps tax property rent rental purchase expected return calculations calculate real estate income
+3    Cement Gold the only gold FINDER in the real estate market. Calculate the purchase and lease of real estate and calculate the potential cash flow and the expected return. This is how the app work: Detection of objects, in addition ...    81 MB    Views 7753
Related Apps finance loan
+1    Every thing you need to go and house hunting and to keep informed about hot mortgage deals. Features: Borrowing Capacity Guide, Repayment and Stamp Duty calculators Get finance news daily Get a loan health check Apply for a loan Browse properties ...    14 MB    Views 3430

EMI Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator loan emi
-2    Its Simple Mortgage Loan Calculator. Calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Home Loan/Housing Loan/Car Loan/Personal Loan easily.    327 kb    Views 9044
loan monthly
0    Looking to buy that new car, boat, or house or just looking to get a loan? Need to know how much the monthly payments will be? This app can help Simply dial in the loan amount, interest rate, and the ...    129 kb    Views 2530
Related Apps property tax investment rental time sale cash annual properties irr flow rate return
+27    Investing in rental properties is serious business. You need a tool that can help you evaluate whether a property fits your investment criteria. Quick ROI for Rental Investment Properties is designed by Real Estate professionals specifically for real estate investors. ☛☛☛☛ ...    173 kb    Views 8703
property search sale rental camera rent landlords dubai alerts set latest properties
-4    Over 30,000 of the latest property listings from all the real estate brokers in Dubai and UAE. Search thousands of the latest Dubai property listings for sale and rent, using this very easy to use specialized app from Property Portal. Easy ...    29 MB    Views 9277


property investment money rental analysis decision income smart purchase
+12    Smart Property Analysis (SPA) • Is an innovative yet user friendly system that analyzes investment property • Helps the investor achieve a better forecast and enhance decision making • Aids the analysis of profitability and investment risks in commercial and residential rental income ...    285 kb    Views 6303
rent rental search apartment time maps iphone homes find
+15    “This has saved me so much time and energy” “This app works. No other way of putting it. Try it out and you won't be disappointed.” “SO MANY PLACES TO RENT Definitely a great download” Looking for an apartment or house for rent? Trulia ...    45 MB    Views 3604
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